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October 5, 2015

Members of the Black Elite Wanted to Sterilize the Black Poor [Video]

Members of the Black Elite Wanted to Sterilize the Black Poor [Video]

During every abortion debate, someone inevitably points to Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger and her role in eugenics programs. In so far as the black community is concerned, Sanger’s past is viewed as evidence that she wanted to sterilize black women. Fair enough. What’s often omitted from the conversation, however, is how many members of the Black Elite shared her goal of using black eugenics to weed out genetically unfit black people.

In an essay at Black Agenda Report, Pascal Robert describes the support for eugenics by these “race managers”:

What many don’t know is that DuBois’ Talented Tenth, who made up the first Black Mis-leadership class, were often Black Eugenicists who believed in selective breeding and Black population control through birth control techniques including forced and voluntary sterilization of poor Black women. These techniques would be used to purify the race of its “dysgenic” types as a means of racial uplift.

In Search of Purity: Popular Eugenics and Racial Uplift Among New Negroes 1915-1935,” by Dr. Shantella Y. Sherman illustrates the tragic history of how some of the early 20th Century Black Mis-leadership class fully supported eugenic theory using racial sterilization couched in language supporting birth control to limit the ability of poor Black women to have children. A veritable who’s who of early 20th century Black history from W.E.B. Dubois, Mary McCloud Bethune, Charles Drew and more were supporters of this widely supported Black Eugenics movement to basically rid America of the Black poor.

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31 thoughts on “Members of the Black Elite Wanted to Sterilize the Black Poor [Video]

  1. Johnw11 says:

    I have not yet read Dr. Sherman’s book, but I will. I did read Pascal Robert’s article in BAR a week or so ago. He’s always informative — a clear headed critical thinker.
    My only criticism of his article is, while he emphasized the importance of class, and correctly posited that a strict racial analysis often overlooks class significance, he failed to inform readers that Marcus M. Garvey (the ultimate Race man) was the only widely recognized Black leader of that historical period who refused to sign off on Sanger’s obvious genocidal prescriptions.
    What is often not understood is that the Eugenics Movement was / is far more widespread than most people know. It influenced / influences nearly all areas of intellectual thought, and gave rise to so-called IQ and other types of “intelligence” tests fraudulently presented as measures of intelligence, i.e., the quality of one’s “stock.” When all they actually measure — in addition to one’s level of testing anxiety — is one’s culture, socioeconomic status, and experiential (environmental) exposures. This scam denigrates and labels Blacks as “inferior” either directly or by implication to this very day.
    Regarding Blacks and the class question in relation to “middle-class,” or “talented tenth,” Blacks supporting the sterilizing of poor Blacks, that is not surprising.
    In our own day, we hear “made-it” Blacks like Bill Cosby, Charles Barkley, et al. publicly denigrating poor Blacks as unworthy. They, like their white racist counterparts, often make reference to poor Blacks’ “breeding” propensities, e.g., Cosby’s “35 year old grandmothers,” etc.
    That being said, it may be a mistake to “classify” matters as the Black “talented tenth,” versus poor Blacks. The so-called talented tenth were no more talented than the “share cropper,” of that era in which my own heritage is rooted. What they had were opportunities denied other Blacks. Even today, what they have are opportunities denied Lil’ Ray on the block.
    Lastly, what these Blacks had that caused them to take such positions was steady pay-checks from their “liberal” sponsors. The same as today. How interesting it is that today, those liberal sponsored Blacks still support controlling Blacks’ population growth (usually among the poor) via Sanger’s instrumentations conveniently placed in poor Black neighborhoods. On the other end of the pole, there are Blacks who oppose these instrumentations (Black conservatives), while at the same time they support the idea of Black inferiority by claiming that the Black poor are poor, not because of public policies, but their own “lack of personal responsibility.”
    Given this, one must wonder if this is a “class” issue, or an issue of which white supremacist ideology one is being paid by.
    Perhaps when I read Dr. Sherman’s book I will be more clearer.

  2. Rick Manigault says:

    I love Yvette! You cannot get most Americans to admit that “family planning” is the same a “racial hygiene” or that “population control” really means culling the poor. The leaders from 100 years ago were just as selfish as the current crop of minions working to annihilate our best and brightest.

  3. TonyMuhammad says:

    So true YvetteNew…Good read, but too many of our Black political leaders and thinkers are still in the bed with White racists – cloaked under the Democratic Party and its liberalism.

  4. owenw says:

    I sent you a message on youtube regarding the video you posted and subsequently took down regarding this piece.  I amplified Pascal’s parts and was able to follow it.  Please check your message there to find an url where the video with edited audio can be downloaded.  It’s not perfect, but as I said, I was able to follow it.  It would be a shame for others to miss out on the interview because of technical difficulties.


  5. TinaSue says:

    Poor Blacks have always had it doubly hard. Yet, that’s where some of our most brilliant Black people come from.  Too bad those who “make it” look down on their poor brothers/sisters.
    On occasion, the Black person participating in the experiments may not be fully aware of what’s going on. .I think every one should read Harriet Washington’s book “Medical Apartheid.” The Black Nurse working with the Tuskegee Project didn’t know those Whites’ true plans. 
    On another note:   There are lots of good books being written by Black people today, telling our own history in our own words.   Presently, I’m reading “Black Man In A White Coat,” by Dr. Damond Tweedy, right after I finished reading “A Chosen Exile,” by Allyson Hobbs.

  6. SkyChopper says:

    This is a very controversial post. Out of respect for Nelly Fuller Jr. I chose to accept his definition of Justice without questing.
    “Justice meaning, guaranteeing that no person is mistreated and also guaranteeing that the person that needs help the most gets the most help.”
    From time to time I lean towards the concept to “writing people off”. It’s frustrating to see our people willingly contribute to their demise. Being conscious is both a blessing and curse.
    For obvious reasons I tend to limit my time around dysfunctional (excessively non-productive behavior) people. That way I’m not in the position to look down on them. No, I haven’t given up hope on our rise to empowerment. I’d rather spend time with like minded people to achieve some sort of power. In return uplifting those who are ready and willing.
    I’m under the impression that black elites who want to sterilize other backs don’t fully understand White Supremacy. That’s because they aren’t true intellectuals, they only have money. Most white people don’t understand it neither. They are going along with the flow of those who willed power. Based on that notion, it’s up to the small black elites to use their money/power to assist other blacks.
    If you’re conscious, bowing to White Supremacy will not deem you safe. When your number is called they are coming for you. This system also defies they laws of nature. It’s doom to fail eventually.

  7. Watchful says:


    While I agree with u on ur reference to Mr.Neely Fuller Jr, I have to disagree with ur assertion that those so-called ‘blk elites’ u referred to ‘don’t fully understand’ white supremacy. I believe they do understand, they’ve just decided to sellout to rather than fight against white supremacy.

  8. SkyChopper says:

    Sellout in exchange for what exactly? Is the White Supremacy

  9. SkyChopper says:

    Disregard the previous comment. I’m still new to this comment system.
    Sellout in exchange for what exactly? Are the people who refuse to reframe from excessive dysfunctional behavior not sellouts as well?

  10. Johnw11 says:

    TinaSue  “Medical Apartheid” is a good book indeed.
    I agree that many Blacks participating in sterilization experiments are unaware of what they are doing. This includes “guinea pigs” (victims) as well as assistants. Most experimenters keep both “subjects” (now euphemistically called “participants”) “blind” to the nature of the project.
    However, on the other hand, many “elite” Blacks know full well what they are doing. They hate poor Blacks, viewing them as an embarrassment to the “race,” and wish them gone. Pascal Roberts is correct in that observation.
    In addition to the historical Black elites, I’m reminded of Bill Cosby (the date drug rapist) characterization of poor Blacks: “The ghetto people, you know the underclass, they’re holding us back. They don’t want to learn English [the master’s tongue], they don’t raise their children. They just have babies — 35 year ghetto grandmothers– and steal coca cola and cupcakes.”
    And President Obama, in response to the Baltimore protestors : “They are criminals and thugs,” just using any excuse to break the law because that’s all they’re good for. And at his commemoration speech dishonoring Dr. King: ” They [poor Blacks] use the excuse of police brutality to cover-up for their criminality. They cry about ‘racism,’ but racism isn’t keeping them from raising their children.”
    I’m not totally convinced that it is a strictly “class” issue, because all Black elites don’t think that way, and some poor Blacks also think that way. I think, at the end of the day, it’s a variation of ignorance, mental illness, ideology, opportunism (career advancement and “getting paid.”)
    As you well know, the manipulation of Black women’s and girls’ fertility (ability to reproduce) in order to control their fecundity (number of reproductions — children) is as widespread today as it has been historically.
    However, it must be clearly understood — as it probably is by READERS like you– that Eugenic population control of Blacks has moved far beyond the hospital / clinic, pill / injection / pregnancy termination models of the past. While these are indeed still prevalent methods, a modern application now includes sociocultural engineering based in behavioral economics. In this model, disproportionately large numbers of Blacks are deliberately kept impoverished, and legalistically preyed upon and incarcerated in their reproductive years. That’s why nearly 2 million Black men are missing from society, either in early graves, or locked up with other men — can’t “make babies” under either of those conditions.
    Behavioral economics is also the tool used to behaviorally modify poor women to seek out the above mentioned traditional methods because they can’t afford to have children. Of course they can’t, their men are mostly in jail and / or unemployed.
    Sociocultural “modeling” in the form of TV, movies, etc., is being used to push all kinds of “non-reproductive” behaviors on Blacks, e.g., “Empire.”
    See my point?

  11. Watchful says:


    I would answer ur question with a no bcuz it’s my belief that the overwhelming majority of the ppl u refer to as engaging in excessive dysfunctional behavior r not even aware that they’re doing so. I believe if they truly understood the harm of that their pathological behavior was doing to them they would immediately change their attitudes AND behavior as Dr.Frances Welsing has so often stated and begin to behave in such a manner as to bring about the neutralization of, and ultimately, the eradication of the global system of white supremacy. Whereas those blk elites u alluded to know full well that they have sold out their race for a few trinkets, all the while aiding and abetting our oppressors. Now I know Mr.Fuller has said that we shouldn’t refer to them as ‘sellouts’ since they, too, r victims of white supremacy, but I’m still having difficulty adhering to that aspect of his code. Guess I’m still a work in progress. : )

  12. TinaSue says:

    Johnw11 TinaSue  An excellent analysis from you John.
    Their media propaganda is so mentally destructive:  Empire, Housewives, etc.
    Bill Cosby has become the world wide Poster Child for Black men as the Booegy Man Rapist of White women, a continuous theme from Slavery.  The opposite is true (White men/Black women); but White propaganda media rules . Cosby is guilty, so he gets what he deserves. I’m only sorry that he can be used as a Poster Child for ALL Black men, and the image he now projects for our young sons.

  13. SkyChopper says:


    empower ourselves.

    P.S. – I despise
    this comment system. My comments disappeared a few times forcing me to retype
    it over again; it is discouraging.

  14. Johnw11 says:

    TinaSue Johnw11  And that’s an excellent analysis from you. They used Cosby, covering up his rapist behavior for decades, while he gave them propaganda support in their attacks on the Black poor.
    Now since they have President Obama to wage their propaganda against the Black poor, Cosby is no longer needed. So they use Cosby’s own sociopathic behavior to wage propaganda war specific to their “projection” of Black men as rapists, particularly of white women. When, in fact, white men have raped more Black women in a week, than Black men have raped white women in a century.
    Good to hear from you, sister. BTW: you threw down in that Obama reparations discussion. I think you have about 9 or 10 “likes” by now in that one. Congratulations!

  15. Watchful says:


    To me, u’re much too willing to give those ‘blk elites’ a pass,  Sky. Also, I agree with u that many of our ppl have been condition to perpetuate their negative and damaging behavior, but I attribute that as much to the power of the system of white supremacy than anything else. That said, I don’t necessarily disagree with u that it is incumbent upon us to assume responsibility for changing our attitudes and behavior if we have any hope of makin’ any headway in improving our plight.

  16. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful SkyChopper  You should also ask SkyChopper to define “dysfunctional” behavior. The term is relative. What is termed dysfunctional might very well be functional in the adaptive survival sense.
    My point is, as you well know, things are not always simple, as you expressed in your point about forgiving sell-outs because they too are victims of white supremacy.
    I get your point to be that when victims of white supremacy, become instruments of white supremacy for personal rewards, they as a matter of fact become enemies of the Black collective. And that’s the only way I can make sense of it too.
    Also, along that same vein of thought, when Dr. Claud Anderson says, as he did in Powernomics, that Blacks should invest in private prisons as a means of building an economy, I can’t ride with that either.
    And when someone says that the Black elite, by virtual of being elite, is automatically against the Black masses (hence the problem is class only), I can’t ride with that either. Although I know of the class realities of Blacks, which is why, as you know, I often criticize the Black elites and “mis-leaders,” regardless which white supremacist ideology employs them — liberal or conservative.
    My criticism in that regard is usually in response to naïve Blacks who talk about Blacks already having all the resources needed, etc. to “build an economic,” which is laughably foolish given the fact that almost all of what little wealth Blacks have is in the hands of a small slither of Black elites who put their class interest ahead of Blacks in general. They only use the Black masses as collateral for their own careers; building a personal businesses (shop Black), or running for political office, or threatening whites to give them a job or position, or they’ll unleash the Black hordes upon them. That kind of thing.
    And, yes, they know what they are doing when they do these things, including supporting genocide against poor Blacks. Still, I think, class is subordinate to race. Not in many of their views, but in the view of white supremacy.

  17. Watchful says:


    Wholeheartedly agree, John … under the global system of white supremacy, race trumps class everytime.

  18. TonyMuhammad says:

    TinaSue Johnw11  How would either of you know for a certainty Bill Cosby is guilty? White lynch mobs (White controlled media) and kangaroo courts have been publicly lynching Black American men at will. One difference today is the tree and rope have been replaced with mass media propaganda against Black men that reach levels of power, financial resources and social influence once reserved for White men only. 

    Another difference and more importantly in keeping neo-negros in line is that common Black people are invited to part-take in these public picnics (Pick an N-Bomb).

    In the case of the high-tech lynching of Bill Cosby, ya so-called Black folk have been once again “BEEN HAD and HOODWINKED!

    As a matter of fact its almost impossible to know for a certainty on social media platforms – such as this – what race a commenter belongs to or if they are on the payroll of either a “conservative or liberal” – Think Tank Foundation.

    Certainly none of us commoner’s know as a matter of fact – What Bill Cosby did that pissed off other members in the upper inner circle he once belonged?  Why the upper echelons of the Elitist  (Which Bill Cosby had risen) decided to cast him down in the hands of the “Mob” to defame his public personality and life long work. As a matter of fact, the mob of public scrutiny and judgment does not need actual facts they feed on rumors and gossip.

  19. Rick Manigault says:

    TonyMuhammad Bill Cosby is 100% innocent and all of those women are paid liars.

  20. TinaSue says:

    Rick Manigault TonyMuhammad  You and Tony make for a good and lively conversation, even though I don’t agree with much of what you say.

  21. Rick Manigault says:

    TinaSue I agree with you on almost everything. I’m so glad we have a full comment board again. I enjoy sitting back reading these spirited debates. I hate Cosby but have a soft spot for victims of Lynch mobs. My views will likely lead me to the noose one day.

  22. TinaSue says:

    Rick Manigault TinaSue  You’re going to have a hell of a time defending Cosby’s 100% innocence 🙂  They got him!  They’ve pulled out his old LP records of him telling how to use drugs on women to get sex.  Just wait until they bring out his Navy records (You do know about the raping in the military problem?).  The Navy stripped Cosby of his award they had given him. They probably went and had a look at his record and found he had been raping there too.  Cosby’s deposition (lynching) just started yesterday.   He’s a done Duck.
    Someone with a PhD like Cosby should well understand how racism works, and not lose themselves partaking in sex with White women, smoking cigars and thinking they are all that.

  23. Rick Manigault says:

    TinaSue Spanish fly is a mythical drink I heard so much about but never encountered. The fact that a middle school myth is used as evidence proves innocence not guilt. The military rape problem is outrageous enough for me to not care what records they have or what they stripped him of. You know we just blew up a hospital full of volunteer doctors for fun right? 

    That deposition is a farce and the idea that rape claims from 30 years ago have merit runs into a brick wall when you analyze it. Where were you 20 years ago? let alone 30. A person cannot defend themeself from a 30 year old crime so if you did not act at the time I have not interest. 

    That last sentence is spot on.

  24. TinaSue says:

    Rick Manigault TinaSue  I cringe every time they put this little blonde haired blue eyed girl on TV saying she was raped when she was 15 years old at the Playboy mansion.  She says he knocked her out with drugs, and when she woke up naked, he was at the foot of the bed licking her toes.  Just imagine this circus of him licking this little naked White girl’s toes.  All of this mess could have been avoided if he hadn’t forgot who he was.

  25. Rick Manigault says:

    TinaSue Agreed

  26. SkyChopper says:


    am not out to give anyone a pass. If you have not killed anyone or harmed
    women/children, I’m cordial of you. That’s where I personally draw the line of compassion.
    From that point on, you have to continuously earn redemption by be .
    Having said that, there was no right or wrong, only a point of view;
    perspective. I enjoyed hearing the views of others. It’s okay to disagree. Life
    goes on…


    high, drunk, , fighting, stealing, lying,
    cheating, killing, meaningless sex, rape, homosexuality, pedophilia, incest,
    bestiality, etc… I consider dysfunctional to be destructive and non-productive.
    I try my hardest not to overindulge in dysfunctional behavior. I believe the
    actions I listed are relative to the current system of oppression. A few could
    be deemed as survival techniques but where do we draw the line and say enough
    is enough?
    coined the term “Black Elites”? They are just propped up negros by the dominate
    society, like I pointed out in my pervious comment. The Black Bourgeoisie only
    concerned with and pose minimum threat to
    White Supremacy.
    need H.E.L.P.
    to discuss the patterns of our success/strengths and failures/weakness.
    to empower as a group by creating businesses in such a manner we can employ and
    assist ourselves without compromise.
    to understand the basis in which all things are governed.
    to live by a set of physical, mental, and spiritual principles.

  27. Watchful says:


    I get where u’re comin’ from, but I differ from u on the issue of someone killing another person. If the circumstances warrant killing, eg.) self-defense or in instances of justifiable defense of a loved one, then I’m definitely willing to give the killer a pass.

    My problem with ur position is that u seem to wanna place the onus for the dysfunctional behavior that u seem to believe many of our ppl practice, solely on them, while at the same time choosing to ignore, or at least minimize the enormous role that white supremacy has played in both the manifestation and perpetuation of said behavior. Also, u seem willing to give Boulé members like the POTUS et al., a pass for selling out other blk ppl, while I am not. But, u’re right, it is ok to disagree and it’s also ok to critique each others views and positions on issues like these. It’s all part of debating and discussing the issues that we find interesting and/or important in forums like this.

  28. Johnw11 says:

    SkyChopper Watchful Johnw11  I agree with mostly everything you’ve said. You get no argument from me. All I requested was an explanation, and you provided it.
    Just keep in mind that you correctly stated the behaviors you described are caused by the current system of oppression. Therefore, criticism should be aimed at the cause, not the victims.
    You mentioned economics and building businesses. I agree with that as well. All I would add, however, as I’ve stated numerous times before, Blacks already lead the country in business startups, but over 93% of them fail within the first three years of operation. The reason for this is because Blacks currently do not have the economic wherewithal to maintain businesses because Blacks are cheated out of 85% to 95% of their economic share. For example, Blacks constitute 12%-14% of the US population, but only have 0.6% to 1.25% of US wealth.
    Such widespread economic depravation causes stealing and many others of the “dysfunctions” you cited. That’s what I meant by sometimes what is called “dysfunctional” behavior might be adaptive and “functional” for that person. For example, a hungry person stealing to eat, or for some other reason central to their biological or sociological survival.
    That was my point, otherwise I don’t disagree with you at all.

  29. SkyChopper says:

    Johnw11 Watchful

    I don’t know… I guess we’ll pick up on this in another thread some other time. I’m currently drained from a week of stuff (work, school, volunteering, and extra curricular activities).

  30. truthsetter1on1 says:

    This story is a lie. Why would Dubois be in support of black eugenics to get rid of poor blacks when all blacks were poor during his time. He knew why blacks were poor ( because of whites) so he would support white eugenics). This author does not reference any of his speeches or writings to support this claim, just another author who says its so. This is just ammunition for white people to keep us blacks divided and in constant state of confusion. This author is a liar and evil.

  31. Watchful says:


    U can take it or leave it, but here’s an excerpt from Margaret Sanger’s wikipedia page:

    “She collaborated with African-American leaders and professionals who saw a need for birth control in their communities. In 1929, James H. Hubert, a black social worker and leader of New York’s, asked Sanger to open a clinic in Sanger secured funding from the and opened the clinic, staffed with black doctors, in 1930. The clinic was directed by a 15-member advisory board consisting of black doctors, nurses, clergy, journalists, and social workers. The clinic was publicized in the African-American press and in black churches, and it received the approval of, founder of the Sanger did not tolerate among her staff, nor would she tolerate any refusal to work within interracial projects. Sanger's work with minorities earned praise from,_Jr., in his 1966 acceptance speech for the

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