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October 15, 2015

Cop to Black Family: “I Don’t Have Time For This Because All of You Are a Bunch of Stupid Bi*** A** Nigg***”

Cop to Black Family: “I Don’t Have Time For This Because All of You Are a Bunch of Stupid Bi*** A** Nigg***”

A Louisiana deputy who allegedly hurled the “N” word at African-Americans while out on a routine patrol was arrested this week on an unrelated charge.

According to KATC, West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Shane Lofton was arrested on a simple assault charge for allegedly threatening to kill another deputy.

Lofton, who has been with the department for less than a year, was already being investigated for allegedly insulting an African-American family in need of help.

Idia Anderson and her sister Barbara told WBRZ  that a relative was trying to jump start their car when the officer pulled up.

“Flipped the lights on, get out, I need registration and driver’s license,” Barbara Anderson recalled Lofton saying. “Really behind booster cables. There was no traffic coming. He was the only one sitting on the highway.”

What happened next caused the family to file a complaint against Lofton.

“I don’t have time for this because all of you are a bunch of stupid bi*** a** nigg***,” Anderson recalled him saying. “I said who are you talking to…who are you talking to?”

Another person at the sheriff’s office said Lofton had also used derogatory language during a traffic incident.

“I told him give me my license back,” said retired police officer Kevin Sterling. “I’m not going to entertain that. Then he replied to me and said i was a bi***.”

After being arrested, Lofton was only in jail for 20 minutes before he was released on bond.


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7 thoughts on “Cop to Black Family: “I Don’t Have Time For This Because All of You Are a Bunch of Stupid Bi*** A** Nigg***”

  1. Watchful says:

    Well let’s face it, that’s standard operating procedure for many white cops these day when confronting our ppl. They really feel emboldened these days with their open hostility towards us. What’s even more sad is that I hear us saying the exact same thing to each other on an almost daily basis. We shouldn’t expect to receive respect from our enemies when many of us don’t even respect each other any more than they do.

  2. AnthonyQuatroni says:

    Boy those steroids are a bitch. . . .and so is he. . .

  3. AnthonyQuatroni says:

    Watchful  Us white people (I’m Italian), are in just as much danger from these crook thugs these days. If you’re not “blue,” you’re the enemy and fair game. I feel for you people, however, since our government seems to be on some campaign to arrest as many people of color as possible, to further their pathetic loser careers. We need to band together and fight this crap, it’s the only way to run these pieces of government-sanctioned garbage out of the towns and cities of this country.

  4. Watchful says:


    While I can agree that it also happens to white ppl, too, Anthony … I can’t agree that it happens ‘just as much’.  But, I do agree that we all have to work to bring a permanent end to this kinda use of excessive force on the part of so-called ‘peace officers’.

  5. Johnw11 says:

    So the roving ragged racist psychopath was in jail for only twenty minutes. Now he’s free to continue being a public safety threat to civil society; even has a legal weapon and the law on his side, as he roves through Black neighborhoods.  I see.

  6. DeborahPhillips2 says:

    Is this Thug related to the president at Missouri? They have the same last name or should I say former president of the college in Columbia Missouri.

  7. TeilaKDay says:

    Johnw11 You’d think gangs would start shooting rogue cops like this as opposed to shooting each other.

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