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October 2, 2015

Black Fire Captain Who Allegedly Called Firefighter “Little White Boy” Loses Job

Black Fire Captain Who Allegedly Called Firefighter “Little White Boy” Loses Job

The Denver fire captain who allegedly called a white firefighter “a little white boy” has been terminated on the grounds that he’s an unprofessional bully.

Capt. Harold Johnson was accused by his Denver Fire Department supervisors of mistreating his subordinates and being more concerned with himself than his team. In an interview with CBS Denver, Johnson denied the allegations.

“Your repeated use of racial epithets; your pornographic and sophomoric comments at work; your demeaning treatment of women; your commitment to your personal cellphone over your duty to your crew and citizens; and your inability to tell the truth have no place in the Denver Fire Department of the Department of Safety,” read the termination letter sent to Johnson on Tuesday.

Johnson served with the department for 21 years and when asked about the allegations, said “Nothing is further from the truth.”

According to the letter, Johnson’s actions “could have led to disastrous results for you and your crew. Contrary to departmental policies, you left active EMS scenes to use your cellphone for personal calls. According to your coworkers, you either left the building or made these personal calls in close proximity to crew members and persons being assisted. On other occasions, you made and received personal phone calls while on a fire rig responding to a call. When you engaged in this conduct, you were inattentive and unavailable to assist others with their work”.

Johnson admits to using his work cell phone to make personal calls when his son was going through a rough time, but denies the other allegations.

“I never put my crew in danger — never,” said Johnson.

The letter also points to a racial component to Johnson’s firing, allegations that he referred to white firefighters  as “little white boy” at least 10 times.

“In addition to calling a Caucasian firefighter ‘little white boy,’ you doubled down on your unprofessionalism toward your colleague by telling this firefighter to go to the store to buy you chocolate crumb cake,” the letter read.

According to the letter, the department tried to correct Johnson’s behavior with a performance improvement plan in 2010.

Johnson claims the department is trying to “rid black men from positions of power. Its systematic.”

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3 thoughts on “Black Fire Captain Who Allegedly Called Firefighter “Little White Boy” Loses Job

  1. Watchful says:

    It’s quite possible that both sides have made legitimate claims in this case.

  2. jayray24731 says:

    white people are evil

  3. queenofmeanest says:

    Definitely.  This man should know better. He is living in Colorado, one of the most racist states in this country.  In some ways, Colorado is more racist than the south.  Stupid idiot.

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