The ‘White Race’ is Really Nothing But a Members Only Club That Must Be Eliminated

by admin | September 29, 2015 3:51 pm

by Lee Elner

If we are to have social justice in this country, the White race must be eradicated. I imagine there is now coffee spit on some keyboards, and I think I just heard sphincters snapping shut like rat traps.

Let me explain.

That reaction underscores how f*cked up the debate over race and White supremacy is, in this country. Many who are engaging in the debate don’t actually understand what Whiteness and the White race are. Consequently, many of us lack the linguistic and cognitive tools to even have the discussion.

The White race in America is not an ethnicity, it has nothing to do with genetics or even, really, with pigmentation. The White race is a social club, and membership is conferred on certain ethnicities in order to buy them off, secure allegiance to the ruling class and the status quo.

White race membership is a social club privilege assigned by the ruling and political class

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Not every group with White race membership was a member from the start. The Irish, Italians and Jews were late admissions. I expect Hispanics to be admitted fairly soon. Membership confers certain privileges not extended to non-members. It is assigned by the ruling class as a political decision, based on the political and financial clout of the prospective member group. There are two schools of activism in response to White supremacy (White supremacy being what we call the differential privileges meted out to the White race social club membership.) Some are agitating for membership in the club.

If you understand that the White race is a social club and White privilege is its membership benefit, then the true nature of respectability politics, Black and Brown capitalism, and much of what is deemed “Identity politics” comes into sharp focus. This is the activist approach that is knocking on the door of the club and asking for admission into the membership, for a designation of Whiteness. It does not actually propose social change. To the contrary, it actually keeps the ruling class in power. That is the purpose and function of the club. Then there are those, like me, who want to disband the club, padlock the doors of the clubhouse and burn that motherf*cker to the ground. That is why I say we must eradicate the White race.

Calling for its eradication is no different than calling for the eradication of the KKK or the National Socialist Party. It does not mean that those now carrying the “White” membership card need to be killed or harmed. It is a social arrangement that must die, not the humans. They just lose their membership cards when the club is disbanded. Those who are responsible for founding and running this club? They’re the ruling class, and they set this whole thing up to fuck us all. They’re a different matter. Just a tiny number of sociopaths. They have names, faces, addresses, and they need to be on the receiving end of some justice. That can’t happen until the White race is eradicated, though.

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