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August 11, 2015

“Racist” Teen Who Stabbed Black Teacher Sentenced to 11 Years

“Racist” Teen Who Stabbed Black Teacher Sentenced to 11 Years

A British teen who attacked his black teacher has been sentenced to 11 years in prison, the Mirror reports.

The Pakistani student reportedly called his Dixons Kings Academy teacher Vincent Uzomah the “N” word prior to the assault.

Prosecutor Jonathan Sharp described the boy as a “bully” who stabbed Uzomah because he didn’t like being disciplined by a black man.

“He approached Mr Uzomah and reached into his pocket but at that point he took out the knife and stabbed Mr Uzomah in the stomach,” said Sharp.

“Mr Uzomah thought he was going to die,” Sharp explained.

The teen then bragged in a Facebook posting, “the m*****f****r getin funny so I stick the blade straight in his tummy.”

Sixty nine of the boy’s friends liked the Facebook status, something Uzomah called “hard to understand” during a victim impact statement.

The boy also reportedly told a student the previous day of his plans to attack Uzomah.

Although Mr. Uzomah says the assault “has left psychological scars on my life and the life of my family”, he added that “my wife and I still find time to pray for the boy.”

The boy was sentenced to 11 years in prison but he will likely only serve three if he remains on good behavior.




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3 thoughts on ““Racist” Teen Who Stabbed Black Teacher Sentenced to 11 Years

  1. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    To hell with this silly African Negro. He doesnt understand why a lot of people praised this boy? He is  gonna PRAY for him? I guess the weak ni**a disease has spread beyond the boundaries of the United States.

  2. TinaSue says:

    Black people need to stop “praying” for people who do them harm.  It’s embarrassing.  How about defending yourself in a like manner?  The more people feel you will only “pray,” the more likely you will be victimized.  Develop an attitude of dying on your feet instead of crawling on your belly like a coward.  If you must die, why not try defending yourself?

  3. MarcusFord says:

    I’ll pray for him at his funeral. He only gets three years for what is clearly attempted murder.  I see that this is a white supremacist district.

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