Here Are 2 Questions Shaun King Should’ve Immediately Answered After Being Attacked by the Right Wing

by admin | August 19, 2015 5:17 pm

by Yvette Carnell

Black Lives Matter organizer Shaun King is being attacked by the right wing–The Daily Caller and Breitbart–over his racial identity. According to reports, both of King’s parents are listed as white on his birth certificate.

As King explained in a series of tweets, his family, like many, is messy and has its own share of skeletons. King declined to explain his biracial racial identity as a way of shielding his family from hurt and/or embarrassment.

It is obvious why King, a longtime anti-police brutality activist, is being attacked. The questions that remain center on how King should’ve handled the attack and how much race matters in the fight against police brutality, racial profiling and mass incarceration.

In the following video, Benjamin Dixon[1] and I discuss the Shaun King ‘controversy’. Keep in mind that the video was recorded prior to King addressing the attacks in his Twitter feed.


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