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August 19, 2015

Here Are 2 Questions Shaun King Should’ve Immediately Answered After Being Attacked by the Right Wing

Here Are 2 Questions Shaun King Should’ve Immediately Answered After Being Attacked by the Right Wing

by Yvette Carnell

Black Lives Matter organizer Shaun King is being attacked by the right wing–The Daily Caller and Breitbart–over his racial identity. According to reports, both of King’s parents are listed as white on his birth certificate.

As King explained in a series of tweets, his family, like many, is messy and has its own share of skeletons. King declined to explain his biracial racial identity as a way of shielding his family from hurt and/or embarrassment.

It is obvious why King, a longtime anti-police brutality activist, is being attacked. The questions that remain center on how King should’ve handled the attack and how much race matters in the fight against police brutality, racial profiling and mass incarceration.

In the following video, Benjamin Dixon and I discuss the Shaun King ‘controversy’. Keep in mind that the video was recorded prior to King addressing the attacks in his Twitter feed.


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22 thoughts on “Here Are 2 Questions Shaun King Should’ve Immediately Answered After Being Attacked by the Right Wing

  1. Rick Manigault says:

    This Brotha Shaun is not black. Great video from Yvette and B Dixon. The focus of such a group would make me want the leaders and foot soldiers to be black. The reason white lives matter offends so many goes back to the whole purpose behind the phrase. White party girl goes missing on a booze cruise and the world comes to a stop, Black sorority sister disappears and wont get a mention until they think the killer might have abducted a white girl in a similar situation.

    George Soros and the psyops handlers of this group Black Lives Matter are the very white devils/Zionist/Lynchers BB readers point out as the enemy on a daily basis.

  2. Johnw11 says:

    I know of Shaun King’s work. It is good work. He is not a troll.
    It is interesting how racists forget their own “one drop rule” when it is convenient for them to do so.

  3. Rick Manigault says:

    If Yvette and B Dixon determine the man to not be black I agree. My step grandfather was biracial and when you looked at his father you had no question. Failure to answer two  questions shows This man is a fraud.

  4. Rick Manigault says:

    Johnw11 I know you just love Shaun’s made up story about getting jumped by a group of whites when he got his behind kicked by one man. You always seem to have a soft spot for those who come out on the bottom of fair fights. This liar said he was jumped by a group of white men and could not go to school for a year. Why no medical records? Even in 1995 police would have expelled and arrested all of them for gang assault. I read the Facebook post and find that too many of my people are will to buy BS. 

    My little cousin in Charleston SC was imprisoned at 13 years old over jumping somebody at school. People going to jail for gang assault is the reality of the what happens so This story makes me despise this hoaxer.  Shuan King is a dirt bad liar and those who believe him are like those whites who go around crying about knock out game.

  5. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    Vijay Chokalingum , Rachel Dolezal , and now Shaun King. How many other “undercover brothers” are out here and why are they keeping their racial identity a secret? Could it be that many whites are taking the advice that Sun Tzu gave in the book THE ART OF WAR by using ESPIONAGE , DECEPTION , and SPYING to gain an advantage over ones enemy so you can defeat him? Black folks are so quick to forgive white folks and let stuff like this slide. Ben  and Yvette are talking like this stuff is funny. While you NEGROES are playing around , your enemy is waging WAR on your a**es ! The white supremacist must be licking their chops at how weakly  black people respond to these situations.

  6. Rick Manigault says:

    HANNIBAL the VICTOR This is funny in a way. We just had another identical situation happen and people used to try to pass for white. Look how things have changed. These groups are all founded and controlled by whites so the co-opting of skin color was the next step.

  7. AMAC7210 says:

    Hannibal.. I totally agree with you, historically we have given the Caucusoid a pass when they appear to be doing something good for us but we forget they have Never done anything without utilimately benefitting themselves.. Like the NAACP.. This guy is a 100% Caucusoid he maybe Rachel brother… Perpetrating a Fraud they should be totally ignored..

  8. Johnw11 says:

    The world in which we live is a complex one. But it is “paying attention” and “critical thinking” that simplifies complexity, and facilitates formulation of contradictions — the uncovering of Trolls and hypocrites.
    For example, while it is true that race is a predictor of economic well-being and political power because, consistent with white supremacy’s operational goals and objectives, whites the world over are on average better positioned in those regards than are Blacks as a rule, it is also true that discerning contradictions in observable behavior is a predictor of whether or not one is troll, or manipulator, and in some cases simply confused. 
    Note the article states that “right-wingers,” i.e., overt racists, are attacking Shaun King; accusing him of being white like them.  This may or may not be true, but what’s it to them? If revealing King’s race is good for Black people, then it would be the only good thing these right-wingers have ever done for Blacks. Therefore, their manipulative motives should be obvious. Unfortunately, for the manipulative white supremacist race hustlers and their acolytes, large numbers of people of all group identities are supporting Shaun King because of his work — not his race.
    As one prominent BLACK writer once wrote, regarding the question of whether Black scholars should use white scholars as literary references: “Good is good, no matter where it comes from.”
    I don’t know, and, frankly, don’t care if King’s white. I do know that he looks as if he has at least “one drop” of Black blood somewhere in his linage, and that’s all that’s required to make him Black– according to his manipulating accusers’ own prescription of race designation. Such is the foundation of white supremacy, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing explains in her brilliant analysis of the white psyche in relation to dominant / recessive genetic matters, those with “one” drop of Black blood are considered Black because the white recessive genetic survival structure cannot otherwise be sustained.
    That being said, when we view King’s work in comparison to some who are criticizing him, and do so within a context of critical analysis (given that the observer is aware of King’s work), we find that he was doing research on the murder / lynching of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, et al., that revealed cover-ups and overlooked facts that were very significant in reinforcing the public narrative that the lynchers should be punished. On the other hand, those supposing to “out” him were / are supporting the lynchers. Thus, their need to muddy up King and make him insignificant is clear.
    That brings us to the question of trolls and the confused. When one pays attention, trolls basically “out” themselves.  People who encourage Blacks to support white/ racist / fascist groups –and mock the murder of Trayvon Martin — while on the other hand criticizing King (often by bringing up stuff of no relevance, literally insane like) are obviously trolls. It is best that they are ignored.
    Finally, it is an obvious reflection of confusion and hypocrisy for any Black person with an uncontrollable propensity to falsely accuse Blacks as a group of being “stupid,”  etc., to find fault with King for being white — if he is– despite his contribution to Blacks’ quest for justice.
    I have never read one line of King’s writings where he — in support of racism / white supremacy — referred to Blacks negatively. On the other hand, I have sadly  read many anti-Black assertions in support of white supremacy by some Blacks who are now criticizing King. Some of them are possibly aware of their behavior, others probably not.

  9. Rick Manigault says:

    AMAC7210 Some would say forgive him because of his “good works”. I say to hell with this fraud.

  10. Rick Manigault says:

    Johnw11 You should send Rachel Dolezal flowers and candy.

    Trayvon is an obsession to people who have know understanding of the world around them. Cop kills man who got into a car accident for no reason Breaking Brown readers know the case, Cops Planted a gun on another man in St louis after shooting him in the back and people are believing the pigs. The very mention of little Trayvon takes the death of innocent blacks and clouds it with the haze of out an control attacker who picked the wrong guy to pounce on. 

    I would ask my fellow commnters to debate on other sites and see the role little Trayvon plays in the murder of Innocent blacks. You bring up Trayvon and loose the argument. Trayvon is the retort of of those who justify the murder of cigarette tax evaders or people just walking down a project hallway. I can destroy anyone in a debate about Ramarley Graham or Danroy Henry but bring in Trayvon and the discussion goes down the toilet. This albatross on the necks of my community will continue to haunt us until we let it go.

  11. AMAC7210 says:

    Bro Rick … I totally agree with you… its crazy how some of our people praise these perpetrators. I’m remember a lot of people loving Clinton and Gore saying they were down with our struggle. Now people are realizing both of these guys were frauds. Some people don’t know that Al Gore Sr. who was also a senator was one of the biggest racists in the 60s. The old saying like father like son. Until we learn SELF and SELF WORTH we will continue to get Bamboozled..

  12. Rick Manigault says:

    Climate scam is the new manifest destiny for blue dogs like Gore.

  13. AMAC7210 says:

    Johnw11  John your commentary is eloquent in nature but I’m confused.. are you supporting or trying to discredit him. Historically the Caucasoid has always been a TRICKSTER everything that they’ve done was to benefit them… No different than these two recent perpetrators (Rachel and Shaun). Rachel was profiting off our culture then when she didn’t get her way then she pulled out the Caucasoid Card to benefit her.. Shaun appears to be doing the same thing putting on the black face to get a free scholarship.. You mention one prominent black writer said he didn’t care what color he was  the Caucasoid wants you think this way that why  frauds like William Lloyd Garrison and the NAACP use this strategy to gain our trust while dogging us at the same time. As Neely Fuller has said over and over it the Caucasoid will do everything he can for power and control even killing his own. The few thing the Shaun the Fraud has done is miniscule… now some Blacks are viewing his a..z as a savior or a fighter for our rights… I view him as a opportunist no different than his forefathers… I’m not going to glorify or praise him at ALL as far as I’m concern his can take his Caucasoid a..z back to the other side of the fence.. We don’t need them to validate or make us feel worthy.

  14. Johnw11 says:

    AMAC7210 Good to hear from you again! I’m supporting Shaun King because of his anti-lynching advocacy, not his race, whatever his race might be.
    While I agree with you regarding the historical (and contemporary) deception most whites have perpetrated against Blacks, I don’t see any harm in a white person advocating / speaking out against Blacks being murdered and abused. Do you?
    And as far as William Lloyd Garrison goes, Frederick Douglass would disagree with you. Martin R. Delaney, given his philosophical disputes with Garrison, would likely support in part what you are saying, but not in total. Nor is King on the same level of prominence as Garrison was as an abolitionist.
    The point I’m making is Shaun King, no matter his race, has made a contribution to the modern anti-lynching movement (hence “good is good, no matter where it comes from”). And I’m certainly not going to denounce him at the behest of right-wing racists who have done Blacks no good. That should not be too hard to understand at all. I’m not saying that King is going to lead me anywhere. I’m saying that I value research, and his is good. That shall remain my position.
    Neely Fuller’s observations deal with a “system” of white supremacy, not individuals. He said that “most (not all) white people hate Black people. If you understand that, then you need understand little else. If you do not understand that, then all else you understand will only confuse you.” That has its context for sure, but I don’t see how an anti-lynching advocate has anything to do with that.
    Dr. Welsing, basing her analysis of racism / white supremacy on Fuller’s observations, explains that white supremacy is a “system” supported by the “functional majority” of whites. That’s where my analysis of racism is grounded. I don’t need to walk around huffing and puffing about hating all white people and that sort of thing. She advises, and I concur, that hate is useless.
    Instead, I spend my time LOVING Black people, researching and explaining what the “system” of racism / white supremacy is doing to the Black people I love, regardless the “color” of the instrument it uses to achieve its goal – objectives. That’s why I’m always on this site defending Black people as a group against lies being told on them by both Blacks and whites.
    I also seek to serve as a clarifier between reality and fantasy on a variety of issues relevant to the well-being of Blacks.
    Good to hear from you, thanks for the feedback.

  15. Johnw11 says:

    AMAC7210  Also, are you aware that you are on this site calling a white racist troll “brother,” who is pretending to be Black?

  16. Rick Manigault says:

    Pretending to be black? Telling other people what to say yet again. Why do you care about other commenters speaking civilly to each other? because you cannot obviously.
    Remember when you said ” I hope no one agrees with him” you are the ultimate group thinker.
    On this issue the only one defending this fraud is you. A white man steals scholarships and engages in hoaxes and Johny has to defend him.
    On the issue of who is black, look at how positive and uplifting my words are, while all you do is preach black inferiority and defeatism. I have discussed my background a bit. I don’t know who the hell you are. Probably a Shaun King style white man with extreme animosity. Try to say one positive comment, it would do that Caucasian soul of yours some good.

  17. AMAC7210 says:

    Wow… I feel the tension between the two of you.. Let me say I have gain a lot of insight, respect and knowledge from both of your commentaries along with a few others such as Watchful and Hannibal. I never sense either of you were perpetrating to be a fraud. We should be able to agree or disagree on some topics and respect each other opinions. One of the problem with our people we look at things through the same lense I.e. Voting Democrat or being beat down for not believing in Western Religion…Let’s not follow the plan of some of the black churches when some members get disgruntled then break off and start a new church instead of working through and reslolving the issue. If we’re on this site with the purpose to share our knowledge and insight let’s do this.. We need to do everything we can to awaken our people who unfortunately are still sleeping and being controlled by the Caucusoid.

  18. Rick Manigault says:

    AMAC7210 I Love The whole Breaking Brown family. No tension at all. When everybody agrees we are all wrong.

  19. AMAC7210 says:

    Bro. Rick keep sharing your knowledge, insights and opinions.

  20. Johnw11 says:

    AMAC7210  You say you “learn” from me. I consider that an honor. But learning is just that — learning.
    “Paying attention” is probably the first step in the learning process. By paying attention, we are able to focus on environmental stimuli and note, based upon what is already known, discrepancies and contradictions.
    When it comes to studying racism / white supremacy, we must go beyond slogans and “concrete thinking” and study the culture of its adherents and practitioners, their language / vernacular in referencing Blacks in order to avoid the “deception” of which you have eloquently noted.
    Racists have certain terms they use to describe Blacks. One of them is “subhuman.”  So when an individual, in the process of supporting a racist cause — supporting the psychopath Zimmerman, for murdering Trayvon — uses that term to refer to a Black person who disagrees, then those who understand “word- choice associations” would note that term’s consistency with the racist mindset / terminology as CLUE # 1. I’ve never known of a case where a Black person, in angry disagreement, refer to another Black as “subhuman,” particularly on matters regarding racial justice, some other names, yes, but not that one; CLUE # 2.
    Statistical decision making also must be done: according to polls, the vast majority of Blacks think Zimmerman is guilty of murder, and should be in either state or federal prison, while the vast majority of whites thinks he did the right thing, CLUE # 3.
    Other clues of “entryist” racist agent provocateur trolling include (1) in addition to supporting Zimmerman, a quickness to agree with profound racist attacks on both Blacks and whites who are identified with legitimate anti-lynching activities such as Shaun King, even to the extent of making-up stuff; not only in this case, but also others. (2) Accusing Blacks (Min. Farrakhan) of foolishness such as “trying to start a race war,” while urging Blacks to support white fascists (e.g., Oath Keepers and other associated hate groups) who are, unlike Min. Farrakhan, armed and dangerous and have openly declared “race war” on Blacks. (3) Giving Blacks crack-pot advice such as “always confront the police on the scene.” ( Vintage agent provocateur behavior.) Fortunately, the brilliant sister TinaSue checked the troll on that foolishness and correctly stated that Blacks should stay alive and seek justice in court. The troll immediately trolled back in agreement with her. But no one’s convictions are changed in less than a minute (a major CLUE). So what was the point, and what was going on psychologically when the troll made the irresponsible comment in the first place? (3) Urging Ferguson protesters to abandon their peaceful anti-lynching campaign and join the Oath Keepers (avowed enemies of Blacks) and take up arms, a move that would certainly lead to the protesters’ annihilation, with full support from the mass white society including the Oath Keepers themselves (again, vintage agent provocateur behavior).
    I could go on and pointing out discrepancies and contradictions, but I will not. Suffice it to say that there is no “tension” between a troll and me. I’ve stated many times that I do not talk to trolls, other than a one-time demand that they “not talk to me.” I do, however, reserve the right to talk about trolls. Please do not equate my lack of respect for trolls with any disagreement I may have had with you, Watchful, Hannibal, or anyone else with whom I’ve disagreed on this site. 
    In closing, please keep in mind that the premise of your comments regarding King is based in recognizing historical “deception” of Blacks by racists. All I’m saying is it is necessary to learn the contemporary culture, terminology, and behavior of racists to avoid being deceived in the Here and Now. And when a suspected deceiver slips up and references Sun Tzu, who wrote a handbook on deception  “Art of War,” and one still doesn’t get it, despite all the other obvious evidence available when one “pays attention,” then one can only blame one’s self  for not previously paying attention when finally recognizing that one has been deceived.
    To LEARN to avoid being deceived, one must “pay attention” and discern discrepancies and contradictions. And then accept, not deny, them when noted.
    That concludes my feedback on this topic.

  21. Watchful says:

    As far as I’m concerned, the entire so-called Black Lives Matter ‘movement’ became suspect once it was revealed who was funding them. I try my best to always follow the money.

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