Forgiveness Olympics: Al Sharpton Accepts Apology of Man Who Called His Daughter a N*****

by admin | August 4, 2015 10:40 am

by Yvette Carnell

In forgiveness Olympics news today, Al Sharpton has accepted the apology of a former adviser to Donald Trump who called his daughter a n*****.

Adviser Sam Nunberg was let go from Trump’s team after posting racially inflammatory comments on Facebook.

Sharpton initially blasted Nunberg for describing President Barack Obama as “Kenyan” and “Muslim,” and a 2007 post where Nunberg called Sharpton’s daughter “N—!”

“You would have to wonder why this guy would be comfortable enough to post this on his Facebook and then have that job and not be concerned … that someone that does not have views that are racial would even be open to him being around them,” Sharpton initially told Business Insider.[1] “This appears to me to be very much his persona. This is not a secret.”

That was quick: Al Sharpton forgives former Trump aide who called his daughter a N*****

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Nunberg, however, sent Mr. Sharpton a letter on Monday apologizing and asking for forgiveness. Sharpton quickly forgave Nunberg and explained his reasoning.

“Trump did the right thing” by firing Mr. Nunberg, explained Sharpton, “and the guy did the right thing to admit he was wrong and apologize.”

Sharpton added that he once “forgave a guy who stabbed me once in Bensonhurst.”

“Unlike others who have had accusations, he at least did not deny the gravity of what he did,” Mr. Sharpton said of Nunberg.

Actually, Nunberg had no choice but to own up to it since the posts were unearthed on Facebook. He had little choice but to apologize after he’d been found out.

Still, this is what African-Americans are far too often willing to accept. Remember how gleeful so many blacks were that Clinton apologized for slavery?

Black people loved Clinton because he “publicly called Africa the cradle of civilization” and “apologized” for slavery, said Tom Joyner, when writing about how important Clinton was to blacks.[2]

Even though that apology wasn’t accompanied with a check for all the wealth and labor stolen from blacks throughout generations?

Most conservative (even, especially evangelicals) still haven’t forgiven Sharpton for that Tawana Brawley debacle, but Sharpton acts as a forgiveness machine, doling it out to anyone who needs their conscious soothed so that they can re-enter the fray of American politics with disclaimer, “Hey, Rev. Al forgave me!”  This is part of Al’s role in the public sphere. He knows it. And his racial performative preacher politics have bestowed upon him a life that wouldn’t have been possible without it.

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