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August 12, 2015

“Black ‘B***h,’ We Don’t Want You Here”: Ohio Woman Receives Racist Letter, Truck Set on Fire

“Black ‘B***h,’ We Don’t Want You Here”: Ohio Woman Receives Racist Letter, Truck Set on Fire

An Ohio woman says she is on edge after finding a racist note and having her car torched.

Nicole Rhodes claims that in the last three weeks, there was a racist note pegged to the door of a building that her family owns, then on Monday, her 2006 F-150 suspiciously caught fire.

“Black ‘B***h,’ we don’t want you here,” the note read. “Don’t get burnt up in there.”

Rhodes told WKBN that she is in the process of moving her Youngstown, Ohio hair school to another location because the situation has become unbearable.

“I’ve had this building for 3 and a half years,” Rhodes said.

“I’m now getting letters on my door saying, ‘Black “B,” we don’t want you here. Don’t get burnt up in there,’” Rhodes explained.

Rhodes says she won’t allow the harassment to stop her from reopening her beauty school.

“So frustrating and that type of frustration is what makes most people stop doing it,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes adds that she doesn’t want to be around that type of hate.

“I don’t want to encourage at all, no type of hate. That’s what this is,” Rhodes said.

Youngstown Fire Department Investigator Alvin Ware suggested that someone had purposefully set Rhodes’ car on fire.

“Burning my truck up and threatening my family, that’s not cool,” Rhodes said.

There are currently no leads in the case.

Watch the video below:





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8 thoughts on ““Black ‘B***h,’ We Don’t Want You Here”: Ohio Woman Receives Racist Letter, Truck Set on Fire

  1. JeffreyPerot says:

    she should have had video.  This could not have been a total surprise.

  2. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    Hey black folks! Keep “doing you” and not operating within a code of conduct with other blacks and this is what happens. If you negroes think you can survive america by cooperating with like minded blacks in a spirit of teamwork you are asking to get your butt kicked by white supremacy.

  3. jillabuss says:

    HANNIBAL the VICTOR: Write your name down.  There is something so great in this existence  Your brain will never comprehend it. Your name has been written down by so many forces it pays for You to take note of it, because tomorrow You may wake up with a new one. You, your mind, body, and soul is the reason there is so much chaos in the Universe. The negative energy You exude, unites with those same energies from others like you and exhibits itself in destruction. You have already been Defeated.

  4. Johnw11 says:

    This incident proves the point that “owning businesses” will not shield Blacks from racism.

  5. JeffreyPerot says:

    Johnw11 Thats not even a comment worth mentioning.  If your sense of optimism is from the  “half cup empty” skew of things, you’ve gotta burnish your skew.

  6. annawmurry says:

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  7. Johnw11 says:

    JeffreyPerot  What in this world are you talking about? Please spare me the  “half cup, empty” or “full” cliché nonsense. Regardless how one views a “cup” or “glass,” if it only contains half its volume capacity, then all one can get from it is what’s in it, which is half of its volume capacity. Whether one views it as half full or half empty is basically irrelevant.
    I am in the business of pointing out discrepancies of paradoxical and other types of irrational thinking. And since some people like to ignore history, what better opportunity to point out discrepancies than examples in the here and now?
    I agree with you in terms of “Optimism,” but I’m sure you will agree that there’s a difference between “optimism” and irrational “magical” thinking.
    Thanks for your feedback.

  8. Gudfada says:

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