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July 27, 2015

Nobody Protected Black Churches After Charleston, But Armed Citizens Flocking to Guard Military Recruitment Centers

Nobody Protected Black Churches After Charleston, But Armed Citizens Flocking to Guard Military Recruitment Centers

After nine black people were slain at Emanuel AME in Charleston, more black church members began wondering whether they should take up arms to protect themselves. There is a rich tradition of armed resistance in the black community, and atrocities like the one in Charleston S.C. call upon the wisdom of self-defense.

Among mainstream Americans, however, only a few, such as Joe Arpaio and his “posse”, planned to place armed guards outside of black churches.

Although Americans didn’t rally to support black churches in the aftermath of Charleston, many are showing up to defend military recruiting centers after four Marines in Tennessee were shot and killed earlier this month.

From USA Today:

Armed civilians are volunteering to guard military recruiting centers across the USA after last week’s attacks in Tennessee.

Dennis Kelley of Walton, Ky., an Army veteran sitting Wednesday in the parking lot of the U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Center here with his friend and Navy vet Jerry Peterson of Union, Ky., said he would be back every day until the government allows service members to carry guns at work in this country.

And don’t think that this is an isolated incident, since people have also volunteered to protect recruitment centers in Washington, Tennessee, Texas, Michigan and North Carolina.



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13 thoughts on “Nobody Protected Black Churches After Charleston, But Armed Citizens Flocking to Guard Military Recruitment Centers

  1. nadraenzi says:

    Local law enforcement, despite being paid by Black tax dollars, doesn’t necessarily prioritize our institutions as they traverse their beats.  That said, the volunteers we see guarding recruitment centers value those places in the wake of sudden violence.

    Given our daily attrition rate, Black volunteer guards should be part of the urban landscape.

    It’s up to Black people to guard our churches & school bus stops & parks in high crime areas & special events. In short, the BEST security for the Black community will come from WITHIN the Black community. In guarding, we can also be in the streets mentoring those most at risk of becoming victims or victimizers.

    I call it ” Free Security ” and have done it for 20 years. Citizens on Patrol, armed or otherwise, isn’t a White thing- it’s the right to do against threats!

    Please Google Black groups like Concerned Black Men, MAD DADS,, Detroit 300, Detroit Batman and his armed patrol called Detroit Street Watchers and  the Peace Keepers, among others,

    That Which You Love- You PROTECT!

    Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black
    Free Security Activist
    SWS, Security Within SELF organization founder
    Uniting the Protection Wing & the Prevention Wing of The Black Community..

  2. Rick Manigault says:

    Black people like the ones in Charleston practice an MLK style  pacifism that leads them to lay down in the face of racial attacks. How much time did we spend on MLK and nonviolence in school? I told the story about growing up visiting my low country folks and how they hated and were unforgiving towards Malcolm X while they love the man who “gunned down 9 people”. Twisted logic.

    At the same time the local blacks lead by my fathers highschool teacher James Clyburn are rabbid anitguners and want nothing more than a disarmed populace for the upcoming banker slaughter of the “useless eaters” as they call us.

  3. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    Why is Yvette waiting for white folks to protect black churches? She should be mad at the cowardly black men across the nation who wont protect black institutions.

  4. queenofmeanest says:

    And this action surprises you?  Sheesh

  5. hdroadkingpd says:

    Wow! This is an example of the “Black Intellectual Thought”? If all of the Marines and the sailor were black, and attacked and killed by a terrorist that does so with no color in his eyes – would you feel the same way? Why not protect your neighborhoods by the number one killer of blacks through violent crimes – other blacks? Always looking to blame someone else and not take responsibility – sometimes when a baby cries – you have to ignore it, otherwise it becomes dependent and understands at any noise someone will come to take care of them.

  6. hdroadkingpd says:

    nadraenzi What an incredibly ignorant opine! Stop worrying about guards, and start educating on responsibility, I find the “Prevention Wing” quite funny!

  7. queenofmeanest says:

    Look racist pig, you are in no position to be telling black people to do anything, when you commit criminal acts yourself.   You are white and your subspecies have been killing blacks for over a hundred years.  So pig, clean up your back yard before you tell anyone else to do so.

    bTW, the black intellectual thought you white trash keep harping on are black men screwing your white women.

  8. Rick Manigault says:

    Don’t feed the pigeons.

  9. Mike Henry says:

    queenofmeanest hdroadkingpd

  10. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    Mike Henry The next one of your white supremacist brothers that attacks a black institution should be met with a hollow point round to the forehead. This will be the last time i respond to one of your posts.

  11. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    hdroadkingpd black institutions , including churches should not be “no gun zones” and should be protected by well armed and well trained black MEN ready to fight to the death any white supremacist that seeks to destroy property or harm black people.

  12. hernanday1 says:

    hdroadkingpd Actually the number 1 killer of blacks in America are white doctors and nurses, the number 2 killer is white drunk drivers, the number 3 killer are white kidnappers who snatch their organs and the number 4 killer is white racism.  Black on black crime is all the way down at number 5.

  13. Trueletter son says:

    Protecting the black churches is the duty of black men or the adult male members of that church.

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