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July 27, 2015

Black Resident Told to Keep BBQ Smell on His Own Property [Video]

Black Resident Told to Keep BBQ Smell on His Own Property [Video]

We’ve seen driving while black and even walking while black, but cooking out while black is a new addition to the list.

Video shows a man who identifies himself as a neighborhood council official advising a Florida resident that his BBQ smoke isn’t allowed to leave the property.

“I’m only here because of the odor, I’m only here because of the smoke,” the official told the resident.

The official said it’s fine if the homeowner can smell the BBQ on his own property, but the smell shouldn’t leave the property.

“You’re allowed to have it smell on your property, so that doesn’t count, but when I’m on the street, that’s when it counts,” the official explained.

The resident told the official that other people on the street cook-out regularly without harassment.

According to the official, the BBQ smoke is fine so long as it doesn’t bother anyone.

“Commercial barbecue cookers are not exempt from causing a nuisance odor,” the environmental section of the Pinellas County website states. “If a sufficient number of complaints, representing different households, are reported and an Inspector witnesses the problem, they can issue a Warning Letter.”

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38 thoughts on “Black Resident Told to Keep BBQ Smell on His Own Property [Video]

  1. CandiceWhite says:

    What Next?

  2. ileenmcerlean says:

    Could this be any more stupid…………..Sad REALLY!!

  3. BillRice2 says:

    WTF can you expect from a State like Flori-duh run by a Republican fraud? BBQ smoke from whites = good. BBQ smoke from blacks = bad.

  4. KellieWatkins says:

    This article is irresponsible.  This guy, Scotty Jordan, is NOT a victim … he’s just an inconsiderate neighbor.  Nothing more, nothing less.  

    Since September of 2014, the Pinellas county EPA has gotten 15 separate complaints about the smoke/odors coming from Mr. Jordan’s COMMERCIAL GRILLING EQUIPMENT in this residential neighborhood.  The county responded with numerous letters to Mr. Jordan outlining the ordinances for “open burning” and offered suggestions for ways he could minimize the impact on his neighbors to stop their complaints.  They didn’t give him a citation, or a fine; they did NOTHING to him except try to remedy the situation.  He ignored every suggestion.  

    THEN, he gets fined by the city (not the county EPA) for operating Commercial Equipment in a Residential Zone … and basically ignores that too.  

    Now, after almost a year, the county EPA specialist is called to come out YET AGAIN, so he comes out and tries to explain precisely what the problem is.  AGAIN, not giving this guy any fines or citations (which he could have done)  …. and he only came out because they were OBLIGATED to respond to all the complaints against this guy.  

    So now, after being fined by the city, numerous letters from the county, AND visits from the EPA, Mr. Jordan is going to post his video and pretend to a victim of racism???  The only thing he’s a “victim” of is his own stupidity.  I don’t care WHAT COLOR you are, when the city tells you to stop doing something, the county tells you to stop doing something, your neighbors ask you to stop doing something … you’ve got to be a special kind of jerk to keep doing it.  

    There are A LOT of legitimate instances of racism and injustice … this is NOT one of them.

  5. ErvinLevelleBenton says:

    KellieWatkins You said commercial grilling equipment – does that mean they are grilling for a business in a residential neighborhood or is it a regular grill like everybody else owns and is grilling their food for their own enjoyment.  Just wondering?

  6. jamesblacksher says:

    If mr. Jordan, isn’t a victim , then why don’t they complain when the other neighbors BBQ , What mr Jordan should do is, make a deal with the other neighbors and have them sign a contract stating i will stop Bar B Queing if you stop .

  7. Bob From District 9 says:

    Tell the guy with the camera to stop talking. He drowns out what is being said.

  8. Bob From District 9 says:

    Just get a lawyer and sue her. Make it expensive for her to live there.

  9. lkharter says:


  10. GregorioPedroza says:

    Source please

  11. BeatricePearlMoore says:

    Oh please shut up your racist I can see it’s dumb and you Know it y’all would justify y’all ignorance to the grave that Man can BBQ all he wants that lady prejudice and THATS a fact we about to start fighting back start hitting y’all pockets take some of y’all stuff maybe y’all will back up we pulling law suites from here on out we will no longer take this lying down.

  12. BeatricePearlMoore says:

    Shut up

  13. JESS2248 says:

    These guys are arguing with the wrong person. Take this issue to court, and get the rule removed from the books. Those of us with custody of a brain knows what this boils down to, but keep it professional and do not sink down to her level. You’ve been there 40 yrs, she’s been there 3, none of the other neighbors have ever complained of being able to smell your bbq. Take it to court.

  14. JESS2248 says:

    ErvinLevelleBenton KellieWatkins The complaint would make more sense if it was indeed commercial equipment, but if it is not, this is just pure harassment. If Mr. Jordan has lived there 40 yrs and noone complained until this person moved in three years ago, it must not be as bad as the harassing neighbor is making it out to be.He even said the cops AND the fire department had been to his home and told him he was doing nothing wrong.

  15. BoscoMcgraw says:

    He is most definitely a victim of racism. He’s also a victim of having a terrible neighbor. It’s pure pettiness to call in over BBQ smoke. The neighbor calling in needs to move to a rural area on a few acres of land and then she won’t have to worry about smelling bbq.

  16. themisbehaver says:

    KellieWatkins Let me guess, you are the neighbor that keeps complaining.

  17. RoseHill1 says:

    And now we are arguing over bbq smoke how much more stupid can we get in this country ….. next thing we will have to pay a tax for air just to breathe…some people have nothing better to do wit their time or life but to think of something to complain about these are sad sad sad bunch of folks…..and where does the race card come from ??????? do we always have to have the race card pop up it’s not always about race some people are just plain damn stupid

  18. Sandy sully says:

    Uumm dont they know smoke travels through air you cant even see. These ppl are the dumbest ppl Ive read about besides Sarah Palin….So I assume you want the smoke disappateted by the time it leaves the grill. So while everyone is having a great time you need someone waving a broom around in the air to make the smoke disappear.  So you dont get ticketed…shyt I wish someone would tell me that. I would be complaining each time one of my neighbors cooked out,I would also have a camera to take photos of their smoke leaving the property. Then when someone comes and complains about me shyt heres the proof its not just us bitch.

  19. LindaPalma says:

    PINELLAS COUNTY SUCKS!!!!! We have the Stupidest people running this place!! Racist bittie bitch and all the other old hags that live here are the problem!!

  20. MarlaneSpeed says:

    KellieWatkins  How do you stop smoke from traveling.  What is stupid is your response.

  21. EmmanuelNkono says:

    Just tell that bitch to keep her foul body odor from crosing over to your property, period!

  22. lmcdonald11 says:

    Hahaahahahahahahahahah that is hilarious ,What the heck ,he actually came and told him that? I would not have gave him my time .Kick mudd doughboy!!!!!

  23. FadedMaryJaneEdwards says:

    KellieWatkins Your racist, you don’t like anyone that ain’t white! PERIOD!!

  24. queenofmeanest says:

    WTF???????????????????????/  I know that white people are crazy and stupid.  This is a whole level of standard for them.  I would have poured charcoal fluid on him and set him afire and wrote him up about his smell and it leaving his premises.

  25. queenofmeanest says:

    Hey idiot, how do you keep smoke from traveling?  If your home was on fire, what would you do? You and that old bag of dry bones remind of the time I was watching a friend’s house while she was out of town.
    Picture this.
    August 2004
    10:05 a.m. Temp: 109
    I am watering bushes with a spray nozzle.  No water on the sidewalk.  A nosey white woman walks up behind  me and starts complaining about me watering the bushes and claiming that I am wasting water.  I turn the nozzle full blast and turn to her and hose her down.

    Remind you, it is 109 and climbing.

    She walks home and calls the police.  She has to walk 3 long city blocks before she arrives home.  I am still watering the flowers and bushes.  15 minutes later, she and the police arrive.  Police get out of the car.  One officer spots me and says, Oh Schit.  A former high school classmate.  He turns to the lady and asks the 1 question, is this the one that hosed you down?  She says yes.

    Bernie approaches me and asked what happened.  I told him this.  I was minding my own business leaving hers alone.  She trespassed onto the property and inappropriately touched me.  I turned with the hose in my hand.  Bernie asked me if I hosed her down and I say, where is any evidence that she got wet with the exception of the sole of her shoes touched the wet ground.

    The other cop, white, said, case closed.  No evidence of anything happening here.  He told her, lady, next time you approach this lady or trespass on this property again, we will arrest you and then we will add the charge of filing a false police report.  GET IT? NOW GO HOME AND BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE.

    She walked away and both cops said, we know you hosed her down and she deserved it, but next time make sure the next person you hose down is not part of the homeowners association.  Ok?  We don’t want your friend to get into trouble with them.  I said no problem.  Both laughed and said, I wish I had seen her get hosed, she deserved it.

    The moral of this story.  STAY IN YOUR LANE AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

  26. queenofmeanest says:

    ErvinLevelleBenton KellieWatkins 
    Probably a large cast iron pit.

  27. queenofmeanest says:

    Very much so.  Welcome to AMERIKKKA.

  28. queenofmeanest says:

    Mowing your lawn and having gas emission vapor float in the air.

  29. MarlaneSpeed says:

    queenofmeanest  you have me laughing.  They have lost their minds.  This enforcer reminds me of barney Fife from Mayberry!

  30. queenofmeanest says:

    MarlaneSpeed queenofmeanest 
    LOL.  Even Barney Fife had more finesse than this.

  31. MotYarDrappehs says:

    This comment is concerning the BBQ: There is a big different between odor and sent, The neighbor said he didn’t like the odor. He had no valid complaint unless the meat was burned, then he would have a complaint. On the other hand, some people put the BBQ sauce on while the meat is cooking and, yes the sent can be smelt a long distance. In my opinion following the logic, the Neighbor who filed the complaint is looking for ways to make it clear that he don’t like Black people.

  32. annawmurry says:

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  33. queenofmeanest says:

    My kids like the sauce on the meat while it is cooking and my husband accepts it either way,

  34. queenofmeanest says:

    He need to invite her over for a meal and then come up with a way to “F” her up.

  35. ThokozileXaba says:

    White people are insane.

  36. queenofmeanest says:

    ThokozileXaba Insane is a very mild word to describe their mental illness.  As my 15 y.o. twins say, “Mom, white people are experiments that have gone wrong.”

  37. LindaHamilton1 says:

    This is bull for sure, There is no way to stop the smoke form any bbq, This women has a problem that is for sure.

  38. ClarissaPrather says:

    Maybe her house will get sinkholed for being an old bittie!

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