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June 3, 2015

Over an Hour of Surveillance Video Deleted After Cop Shot Teen 16 Times

Over an Hour of Surveillance Video Deleted After Cop Shot Teen 16 Times

Over an hour of surveillance video is missing from the night a Chicago cop shot 17 year old Laquan McDonald 16 times.

According to NBC Chicago, Chicago cops deleted the surveillance footage taken from a Burger King that was only 100 yards away from where McDonald was shot and killed by police.

Burger King district manager Jay Darshane confirmed that police entered the restaurant and erased the surveillance footage. When members of Chicago’s Independent Review Authority arrived the next day to review the footage, they noticed that video was missing.

“We had no idea that they were going to sit there and delete the files,” said Darshane. “I mean, we were just trying to help the police officers.”

McDonald was shot at approximately 9:50 PM and the missing minutes of video from the surveillance footage runs from 9:13 to 10:39.

On the night of October 20, 2014, McDonald was shot 16 times, including nine times in the back.

Cops followed McDonald through the parking lot of a Burger King after receiving a call about a young man carrying a knife.

Police accused the teen of posing a “very serious threat”,with a Fraternal Order of Police spokesman accusing McDonald of lunging at an officer with a knife.

But if the teen had posed a serious threat, why delete the video? The claim that the teen posed a threat was also disputed by witnesses on the scene that night.

Lawyers for McDonald’s family say the 17 year old was walking away from police when he was gunned down. Police claim that they told the teen to drop the knife and only opened fire after he refused.

A witness, however, told police that McDonald was “shying away” from officers and didn’t pose a threat at the time he was shot.

“One witness, this witness told us this was an execution. That’s his word,” said Jeff Neslund, an attorney for McDonald’s family.


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8 thoughts on “Over an Hour of Surveillance Video Deleted After Cop Shot Teen 16 Times

  1. Rick Manigault says:

    Erasing the tape is the same as a taped confession to me.

  2. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    This ridiculous nationwide call for police to have body cameras leaves me scratching my head. Why would you rely on the police to police themselves? Stop being dependent on these MONSTERS for your survival. Every black person i know has  a cellphone with a camera on it. If we can stop posting twerk videos on Instagram long enough to video tape the police every chance we get , the whole body camera debate would be MUTE.

  3. Watchful says:

    And this is y current push now from all those who r calling for police to wear body cameras is so silly. Alotta good it’ll do if they can just erase key portions of whatever might have been recorded.

  4. queenofmeanest says:

    Whoever thought of the idea of body camera must have been on a crack binge.

  5. Watchful says:



  6. BS Antidote says:

    Watchful  The only way it may work is if the video feed was being streamed to an independent, third party repository for storage.  Turning off or tampering with body cams would also have to result in automatic felony charges carrying a minimum of 5 years imprisonment for the officer who does and an automatic life sentence if a citizen is killed (whether justified or not) while the officer’s body camera is turned off or any footage tampered with..

  7. Watchful says:

    BS Antidote 

    Ur proposals sound good in theory, but I’m not sure those in power would ever implement such policies.

    BTW, here’s link to an article dealing with this topic from the mayor and police chief where I live. My guess is, this is probably the viewed held by many, if not most, police departments and city administrators across the country.

  8. EddieDonaHoo says:


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