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June 18, 2015

Black Pastor Says Killing of 9 Blacks at Church Was Anti-Christian, Not Racist

Black Pastor Says Killing of 9 Blacks at Church Was Anti-Christian, Not Racist

The terrorist who opened fire during Bible study at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina has been arrested unharmed. It is already being called a hate crime by most, with the exception of one black pastor who was interviewed on Fox News.

Bishop E.W. Jackson blamed the shooting on “the rising hostility against Christians because of our Biblical views.”

“Nine people dead… it’s sad but it’s the world that we live in,” added Jackson.

A Fox anchor then commented that it was “extraordinary” that this slaying was already being called a hate crime.

This theory being peddled by Fox News makes little sense when you consider the words of the shooter.

Sylvia Johnson spoke to WIS-TV about the shooting: “At the conclusion of the Bible study, from what I understand, they just start hearing loud noises ringing out … and he had already wounded, the suspect already wounded a couple of individuals.”

Johnson says someone who was in the church revealed to her what the shooter offered as his reason behind the killings.

“You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go,” Johnson said the survivor told her.

The shooter was identified as 21 year old Dylan Storm Roof, reports an FBI spokesperson.





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50 thoughts on “Black Pastor Says Killing of 9 Blacks at Church Was Anti-Christian, Not Racist

  1. AlanCarter says:

    reads like hate to me.

  2. Rick Manigault says:

    Fox news being Fox news. This massacre only benefits Fox if it’s anti Christian. Similar to how the other networks are pushing gun control.

  3. AMAC7210 says:

    This is another example of our people being brainwashed with BS western religion… The Caucasoid has done a masterful job of using his religion to enslaved us from a mental aspects.. I’ve been watching some of these prayer vigils on TV where blacks and white are praying together…how sweet… These are the same Caucasoid back in the 1900’s who went to church on Sunday morning praising their Jesus but in the afternoon gathering up a few black people and lynch them during a PICNIC.. .. Malcolm told us back in the 60s praying and marching won’t do a damn thing for us other than assisting the  white man to further control and manipulate us through his Western religion.. Hannibal said this recently we all need to join the NRA and reap the same rights they’ve been taking advantage of for centuries…. I for one has submitted my application to carry… As for this pastor he is being used by his massa telling Blacks to pray and everything will be okay… When are we going to wake the foocck up…


  4. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    AMAC7210 I wqasgoing to post acomment until you stole all of my words right out of my mouth.

  5. AMAC7210 says:

    HANNIBAL the VICTOR AMAC7210  Hannibal as you can see your commentary has had a positive impact on me..

  6. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    AMAC7210 Alot of black folks just wanna talk. Its nice to see you are taking ACTION. Peace brother.

  7. TinaSue says:

    Black people need to stop this Christian foolishness: praying and forgiving.  The only reason to call the Police would be to ask them to bring a body bag to pick up the corpse of their White racist brethren.  That’s the attitude all Black people should have.
    White people only understand violence.

  8. KathyWilsonJones says:

    I hope he reads these comments. You. Sir. Are an idiot! It’s “servants” like you who deter me from the church. And, you let Fox News use you. Why? 15 mins of fame, ’cause you’re certainly not helping anyone but perhaps yourself. Shut up!

  9. CraigHill3 says:

    To some, what we believe is a mystery because it doesn’t happen in the time they think it should…. However for us who believe the WORD is TRUE we’re on track! THAT SAME WORD SAYS, “things will get worse before they get better, it’s all about part of the ETERNAL plan! For us who believe in that plan, we have no fear, for in the end we win! Rev. 6:9-11

  10. TariqWilliams says:

    This Bishop EW Jackson is just your typical, run of the mill, dime a dozen garden variety uncle tom, self hating, house N-word.

  11. berdellfleming1946 says:

    ” there are none so BLIND as those who will not see”

  12. DonWarren says:

    Rick Manigault Fox news is the worse thing that can happen to television.  That network is make for the prejudice dirty south.

  13. GermaineMontgomery says:

    A paid Faux News house negro does not not represrnt the black community! The racist Dylann Roof stated that he murdered 9 black people because they had to go for taking over the country and raping their women. That is racist rhetoric right out of the KKK play book. So for any news media or any other house negros, the killer is proud to be a racist and has ties to white supremacist group.

  14. samjones sr says:

    When Fox has a rent a negro for the night, you know they are feeling the heat for all the underhanded racist things they promote. As well as that negress who claims to be the niece of Martin Luther King

  15. AMAC7210 says:

    WTF is going on.. I’ve been watching CNN and almost every family member is going to forgive this racist B for killing their family members less than 48 hours after it happen… How can this be.. I honestly believe that the people in the South particularly in SC have been enslaved so long they don’t know what they’re doing.. The mother of the brutha who was killed in N. Charleston by the cop is also forgiving him.. Brutha Watchful, John or Hannibal what insight do you have on this.. I know they’re being brainwashed with this western religion.. I find it amazing that we’re so quick forgive the Oppressor but we have a hard time forgiving our own… HoTep!!

  16. newwayne1 says:

    hes wrong about it being against christianity just as the shooter was wrong in thinking blacks will take over..i will say this though..moral degradation is at an all time high in the USA….God has been pushed out of the places where He’s needed the most..I hope atheist and liberals are happy..

  17. RolandBurritt says:

    newwayne1 Your anger is misdirected. Atheists and Liberals have been fighting against racism for decades now. We do not fight to take away your right to worship in a church, or in your home. We fight for equality and secularity because a society where the government and religions are separate from each other is best for both government and the religion(s) it presides over.

  18. AnthonyJohnson4 says:

    TinaSue Damn, you are one sick brainwashed racists fool!

  19. queenofmeanest says:

    A stupid response to a very serious incident.  Atheists and Liberals?  That’s a laugh considering the person that committed the crime is a CHRISTIAN.
    From now on talk about what you know and not what you do not know and that ain’t much buddy.

  20. queenofmeanest says:

    It is the worst case of Stockholm Syndrome that I have ever seen.  This religion has such a hold on these people to the point that they believe that they are forced to believe in something just to justify their existence.  

    As for forgiving our own, it is a form of insanity.

  21. queenofmeanest says:

    AnthonyJohnson4 TinaSue 
    No she is not.

  22. Johnw11 says:

    As I have said before, despicable people like this preacher are not “crazy” in the true sense of the concept of psychosis (lost of contact with reality). Instead they, like the terrorist / racist murderer Roof himself, are sociopaths / psychopaths; meaning they are crazy only in the sense that they have no morals, sense of guilt, love, shame, etc. But make no mistake, they are fully aware of their actions.
    So when media and other apologists claim that Roof is crazy — it’s a lie. He knew fully what he was doing, planned it and carried it out with no remorse. He did not think his actions were wrong because of his hate for those he was acting against. Thus his hate justified his actions in his racist mind.
    Consistent with a psychopaths’ ability to charm and fake sincerity, he sat amongst the worshippers for an hour or more, when they said “amen,” he said “amen.” When they said “thank you, Jesus,” he said “thank you, Jesus.”
    Then he told them he hated them because they were a threat to his white survival and killed them like the savage he is. This belief, as false as it is, that Blacks are “taking over the country” is grounded in the core white supremacist ideology of white victimhood. While they declare the real victims, Blacks, as non-victims. (NOTE: people who claim as a behavioral pattern that they are victims when in fact they are not, is a form of mental illness = victomology. The same is true of real victims who “deny” their victimization.)
    The two fundamental untruths driving the racists false beliefs that Blacks are “taking over the country” are (1) the election of a mixed race president in 2008, and (2) the 2010 U.S. Census Report that falsely claimed that whites will become the “minority population” by 2030 or so.
    First, President Obama has not “given all the country’s wealth to Blacks,” as the racists claim. President Obama has, in fact, given all the country’s wealth to Wall-Street which is 99% + white. Blacks have suffered more from this wealth transfer than any other group. (NOTE: the covering up of this fact by the media and Black leadership, provides an informational vacuum for such dangerous racist propaganda to thrive, causing Blacks to pay a double price).
    Second, the fact that population experts (both on the right and left) have discredited the false Census claims of whites becoming a future minority is never discussed in mainstream “information” spheres. Many Black leaders even push it as factual. This failure to correct the false assumption provides an additional vacuum for the racist demagogues to convince uninformed whites of what is fundamentally a lie.
    Not only are Blacks not poised to “take-over” the country’s population, but are projected to have the smallest population increase in the coming decades than any other group.
    The preacher, an operant conditioned hustler, is of the very ilk pushing the idea on Black victims they should “forgive” their victimizers (even when no forgiveness is sought by the psychopaths). For their efforts, such hustlers are rewarded like Skinner’s lab rats.

  23. coda khan says:

    There are plenty of Toms to go around.

  24. berdellfleming1946 says:

    AMAC7210  It is their strong Christian belief and faith.Thier walk goes with their talk. What would Jesus do?
    They are  models of what he would do.

  25. Rick Manigault says:

    I would also include msnbc and cnn

  26. Rick Manigault says:

    That negress is the leader of the real black lives matter movement, cut her some slack.

  27. Rick Manigault says:

    When I used to visit my family a few blocks away from that Church they would say things that would make you cringe.
    I remember as a young man in 1992 I read the autobiography of Malcolm x and tried to discuss it with them. They despised Malcolm for daring to hate the oppressor and worshiped MLK for being a lap dog.
    Why would you forgive a person that killed 9 people in your circle within 48 hours? You see the praying and getting together yesterday that occurred on the streets of Charleston? The whites were madder than the blacks when the judge said think about the killers family.

  28. Rick Manigault says:

    Atheist are proven right about religion when you tell people they have to worship some made up deity just because you say so. I believe in God by wAnt nothing to do with Ceasars Church of satan, intolerance is always at home in the Christian church.

  29. AMAC7210 says:

    Johnw11  Bro John as usual thank you for your insight and perspective I knew you would bring it….. HoTep!!!

  30. AMAC7210 says:

    Rick Manigault  Bro Rick I know this has to be particularly frustrating for you.. Even some of your family members have been blinded and can’t see the truth…HoTep!!!

  31. AMAC7210 says:

    queenofmeanest AMAC7210  Queen thanks so much for your perspective I will definitely be looking into the Stockholm Syndrome that your mention… HoTep!!!

  32. AMAC7210 says:

    berdellfleming1946 AMAC7210  You’re probably right but I’m willing to wager that some of these people will hold a grudge for years against a family member for doing something trivial but will forgive and honor the Oppressor… HoTep!!!!

  33. TinaSue says:

    queenofmeanest AnthonyJohnson4 TinaSue 
    That Anthony Johnson4 person is the old JunkBond person with a new name after he was banned from this site.

  34. queenofmeanest says:

    TinaSue queenofmeanest AnthonyJohnson4 
    Hmmm.  Typical.  Isn’t he the pot calling the kettle black?

  35. TinaSue says:

    queenofmeanest TinaSue AnthonyJohnson4 
    He has nerve enough to use Dr. King’s photo as his Avatar.

  36. queenofmeanest says:

    TinaSue queenofmeanest AnthonyJohnson4 
    Maybe, Y vette should block him at his IP address.

  37. AMAC7210 says:

    Tina are you serious… How did you find this out..

  38. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    AMAC7210 I am not going to waste my time trying to convince coons , scared ni**as, bed wenches , goons and hood rats to be about black empowerment. I am simply going to get together with black folks of LIKE MIND and get down to the business of empowering ourselves. The aforementioned negroes can die a slow death as far as im concerned. Not only do they have no usefulness to black society , they are detrimental to black society. They are just as much your enemy as the white supremacists. They should receive no aid or mercy from the rest of us.

  39. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    TinaSue They also understand MONEY. I agree with you about guns and defending ourselves physically. Our economy should be our first line of defense and guns our last.

  40. Johnw11 says:

    AMAC7210 Thank you for your kind feedback.
    I’m in agreement with your earlier observation that Blacks would be better off learning to “forgive” each other. In fact, grudges and vendettas are at the root of almost all interpersonal violence amongst Blacks. Although most of it is propelled by poverty and the stress of not having anything, Blacks’ learning to forgive each other would go a long way in countering the social / cultural “engineering” that “shapes” and reinforces environmentally induced fratricide in an attempt to normalize it among poverty-stricken Blacks. 
    In my mind, the key sociological fact to remember is that beginning with chattel (formal) slavery, Blacks have been socialized (trained) to forgive whites — regardless the transgression– but to hold on to petty grudges against each other for the longest time.

  41. AMAC7210 says:

    Bro. John keep sharing we all learn from your insight and perspective .

  42. Rick Manigault says:

    Johnw11 Can I get forgiveness for my opinion on a certain issue? Also that other thing I said?

  43. HaroldlClayton says:

    Bishop E.W. Jackson exemplifies the ‘willing’ ignorance that plagues black folks ‘churchanity’ ! First and let me state this historical and archeological discovery from the Upper Nile region called the Shabaka Stone. This stone records nascent inscriptions of the Logos Theology often attributed to the Greeks as recorded in Johns Gospel 1:1, though not framed nor syntactically structured as John 1:1 it nevertheless predates by more than a half millennia indicating that the Kushite people i.e., we black folk had deep spiritual knowledge of the Living God that preceded Euro-American evangelization if the Truth would ever be told !!!!!

  44. Johnw11 says:

    AMAC7210  Again, thank you for your kind feedback.

  45. Johnw11 says:

    Rick Manigault  Actually, I see no need to forgive you for calling me a “subhuman” in response to my disagreeing with your contention that Trayvon Martin’s murder was justified. It was not the name calling on your part that bothered me, I’m quite familiar with puerile emotional outbursts. It was the consistency of your word-choice- association with white supremacist ideology in reference to Blacks–“subhuman”– that caused me to question whether you are Black or an “entryist” troll.
    I offer no forgiveness to you, primarily because I don’t know who you are.

  46. Rick Manigault says:

    Worth a try

  47. newwayne1 says:

    RolandBurritt  there is no anger in my post..only to say the pastor is wrong in his was about hatred that roof had is why he killed them..not that they were christian..

  48. newwayne1 says:

    queenofmeanest i suppose you think its conservatives trying to eliminate God everywhere huh? No..its liberals and atheist and any chance they can..You cant be that ignorant or blind not to see it in different social sites or on the news..

  49. newwayne1 says:

    Rick Manigault No one tells them they “have to believe” It is a choice..but I would rather be wrong in believing if there is no God then to wrong if there is..

  50. newwayne1 says:

    GermaineMontgomery you dont have to call him names because he’s wrong..i agree to that he only killed them out of hatred..not because they were christian..

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