About This Black Woman Defending Eric Casebolt

About This Black Woman Defending Eric Casebolt
June 11 17:21 2015 Print This Article

In a video that has gone viral, a black woman defends the behavior of a McKinney, Texas cop who resigned after video of his abusive behavior was made public.

Officer Eric Casebolt is seen yelling profanities at the black teens, throwing one bikini wearing girl to the ground, then drawing his gun on teens.

Kisa Jackson defends his actions in a YouTube video.

“You should teach your children that when the police arrive to the scene, you stand there and you wait for instructions,” she explains. “You don’t know what’s going on. The police officer does not know what’s going on.”

The woman says Casebolt was right to target black kids because they were running.

“Everyone is in an uproar they [restrained] the black kids and not the white kids. The white kids weren’t running. The black kids were,” she said. “And I’m black by the way.”

“You cannot pull away from an officer. At that point, that’s a threat,” she continued. “So, he had every right to detain her, from ‘any means necessary’ from Malcolm X.”

In the following video, BreakingBrown Founder Yvette Carnell and Dr. Boyce Watkins deconstruct the woman’s argument.

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I'm sure this woman will get lots of thumbs up from White people.

When the cops beat her on her head, she'll feel different.



GREAT post you and DR. WATKINS are my favorite people!

WHEN you deal in information as we do , you find these black people on the net , some have permanent YOUTUBE  sites usually right wing type websites find these black people and post their rants to justify their clearly savage behavior.

REMEMBER WWW means world wide web , this means everyone in the world is watching just how savage and uncivilized white AMERICA is.

TO a people like white AMERICANS who were raised to believe that they were the best and supreme beings on the planet, these stories and videos are very disruptive to their psychology!

THIS is why I and other black websites should keep posting every shooting , beating and every abuse these beast commit and hopefully the shame will cause them to act like human beings !



@ROBERT JORDAN So your answer to white supremacy is to "shame" them int acting right? You have got to be kidding me! The only answer to white supremacy is black empowerment. There is no cure for evil , there is no reasoning with people who dont operate from a rational base. White supremacy is more of a religon than anything else. You cant intellectualize with zealots. Black people better stop being lazy and and start building. Black POWER is the only thing that can protect you.