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May 21, 2015 Bought Out by Latino Media Bought Out by Latino Media reports that has been bought out by Univision, a network which boasts itself as “the largest Spanish-language broadcaster in the US.”

Graham Holdings Company (NYSE: GHC) announced today that it sold The, an on-line magazine focused on news, opinions, culture and entertainment from the perspective of African Americans, to La Fabrica, a division of Univision Interactive Media, Inc. The Root launched in 2008.

“Donna Byrd, publisher, and Henry Louis Gates, co-founder, established The Root and made it the success it is today. We are extremely proud and grateful for all they have accomplished, and we are excited for the new growth opportunities today’s sale gives them,” said Donald E. Graham, Chairman and CEO of Graham Holdings.

The sale was confirmed at as well.


“This bold new partnership between Univision and The Root underscores the ties that have long bound people of color together throughout the Western Hemisphere and is a sign of even greater levels of communication, collaboration and exchange between these culturally vital groups of people,” said Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.

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6 thoughts on “ Bought Out by Latino Media

  1. vampirehunterg1 says:

    Smells suspicious.

  2. TinaSue says:

    I was just looking to see if this site had a story about The Root being sold to Hispanics!
    What the heck is wrong with Black people?

  3. Watchful says:

    Very few of the so-called ‘blk websites’ r blk-owned.

  4. RickyBrainFittedJones says:

    How long has been part of Graham Holdings Porfolio? The website has only been around since 2008. So did it have the means and backing out the gate to become the #1 black website by default? I personally have never went to the site before I heard of this ‘news’. I don’t see this as a ‘loss’ actually. Can you tell me that TheRoot or the other site through Huffington Post has better or more context directly for and about us than breakingbrown, yourblackworld, atlantablackstar, and so on….truly black owned and ran outlets.

  5. UNIVISION is owned by HAIM SABAN he;s JEWISH, these large LATINO stations aren’t owned by  HISPANICS either!

  6. HaroldlClayton says:

    I would spew sarcasm …. but, I’ve seen us as a Afrikan people continue our downward spiral into a social/cultural morass of illusory inclusiveness and the promise of Amerikkkan exceptionalism via the long promise/process of integration and it ain’t worked yet ! You can’t blame that on Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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