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May 20, 2015

Obama Signs “Blue Alert” Law to Help Catch People Who Threaten Cops

Obama Signs “Blue Alert” Law to Help Catch People Who Threaten Cops

by Yvette Carnell

For the better part of this week, the mainstream media has been piling praise on President Obama for taking steps to demilitarize local police. Totally ignored by everyone except the Capitol Hill press, however, is a bill Obama signed on Tuesday that would, according to The Hill, “create a national alert system to help authorities find people who kill, injure or make imminent threats against police.”

The bill was overwhelmingly supported by both parties and is named after the two New York police officers who were gunned down in December. The new system would alert police to “active and credible” threats against police officers.

“It’s important for us not only to honor their memory, it’s also important for us to make sure that we do everything we can to help ensure the safety of our police officers when they’re in the line of duty,” Obama said during the signing ceremony.


As advocates against police brutality demand the threshold be lowered for prosecuting police officers, Obama and lawmakers are doing the opposite; making it easier to catch those who threaten police officers, even though data shows that police work is not getting more dangerous, as The Washington Post‘s Radley Balko pointed out last year:

Policing has been getting safer for 20 years. In terms of raw number of deaths, 2013 was the safest year for cops since World War II. If we look at the rate of deaths, 2013 was the safest year for police in well over a century. At the current pace, we can expect to see a 17 percent increase in on the job law enforcement fatalities this year over last year. That would put the total number of police officers who die on the job this year at 117, making 2014 the second safest year for cops in terms of raw fatalities since 1959. It would also put 2014 as the safest year for fatality rates in over a century. You’re more likely to be murdered simply by living in about half of the largest cities in America than you are while working as a police officer.

It is, however, getting more dangerous to criticize the police.

In 2012, Thomas G. Smith was arrested by the Arena Police Department in Wisconsin for calling police officers racist on Facebook. Smith had accused the police of being racist after the department thanked the community for helping to apprehend two black kids.

After making the comment, Smith received a call from police asking if he had indeed made the critical post. Once he admitted making the comment, police came to Smith’s home and arrested him.

Prosecutors alleged that Smith’s speech could incite violence and was not protected by the Constitution. Although an appeals court eventually cleared Smith, he filed a lawsuit claiming police continued to harass him even after the ruling.

And recently, Ebony Dickens of Georgia was arrested for sharing a Facebook post about killing white police officers.

So while police continue to gun down unarmed suspects, the Obama administration and lawmakers continue to obsessively focus on ways to protect police.


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11 thoughts on “Obama Signs “Blue Alert” Law to Help Catch People Who Threaten Cops

  1. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    Are you black people learning this “game” yet? You cotrol politics with your MONEY not your VOTE!  Black people want to vote and have politicians whisper “sweet nothings” in their ear. Put together some political organizations designed to promote your interests and fund them. That is how you get politicians to do what you want. But i bet blacks will show up to the polls in 2016 and vote for Hillary Clinton with big goofy smiles on their faces  thinking “it will be better  this time”. Any group of people with that mentality deserves to go the way of the Do Do bird.

  2. Rick Manigault says:

    This bill is in honor of hoax. Two cops from another jurisdiction on a “Terrorism Drill” which is always the tell, get killed by a guy from Baltimore that told them he was coming, tweeting all the way.  Just like the Ferguson cop shooting which is so fake they wont even talk about it anymore.

  3. vampirehunterg1 says:

    HANNIBAL the VICTOR God I hope not.

  4. BigWood1 says:

    Black people- Stop Making Threats against cops. It is ‘ACTION’ not words that is most effective.

  5. JanineAddison says:

    Ok,if the president is passing laws on people that talks about killing cops,but my feeling is,frist he chould have put a law that if a cop or any person who is surpose to surve and protect and thay dont,should go to prison, not lose there jobs or moved to another kind of job of lose there retirement money,thay should go to PRISON. so pass that law.

  6. yosef ben israel says:

    This reminds me of the dilemma that was faced by Pontius Pilate, governor of Judea during our Lord’s “trial”. Pilate wanted to release the Son of God, but was fearful of being charged a traitor to Ceasar, who was a madman. Remember who led the demand for our Savior to be killed? The religious leaders of the Israelites. In fact they threatened Pilate at John 19:12-15, declaring their allegiance to the Roman Emperor.  (Mark 15:10, 11) 
      We must remember Obama is the current governor of America and has to obey his masters, thus the import of these new laws that enshrine the right of the police (actually the KKK in blue) to the protection of the state, while leaving the people defenseless. 
        We are deep into the “last days of this wicked system”. The end is near and so is our deliverance, family. Shalom.

  7. williebobo2009 says:

    HANNIBAL the VICTOR This is so true.   I have a associate who is an lobbyist and he knows that money talks and BS walks.  Praying is good but you must also get off your butt and do the work.  We are programmed to work and be productive but we are also being attacked by special interests and the big businesses and government.  

    Power is not with the people, it is always with Government and Business.  They are one and the same.  Follow in line or they will destroy you.  

    You saw what happened in Ferguson, Cleveland, Baltimore, Atlanta, they attacking the black family structure and people are falling for this trap.

    The President knows what his role is and of course you have to be careful because this people have a lot of power and money.  If they want you dead there is nothing no one can do about it.

    The lies will keep rolling no matter who is in office.  Republican or Democrat knows the power of the elite.  Ask Bill Cosby, you see how they turned on him with a quickness.  As long as he was obeying them they protected him and now these same people are trying to crucify him in the media.  He broke codes and now he must pay the price.  It is like joining a gang, you get initiated in a gang.  You have to do something that they can hold against you if you get out of line.  Unfortunately for Bill it is the women that he had on the side.  If someone rapes you, you do not want money, you will want justice and their behind would be behind bars.

  8. Chris40 says:

    HANNIBAL the VICTOR True dat on your post!!!! Here’s a new Black organization that is trying to do what you suggested:

  9. Moabite137 says:

    Chris40 HANNIBAL the VICTOR No…we need to take money out of politics and fund all campaigns publicly. You make no sense! With 12% of our population being African Americans they can never compete with the numbers from other demographics and still would basically be ignored or ineffective. Taking the money out of politics puts all politicians on the same level and eliminates the pay for play system we currently are saddled with. #MoneyHasEvilTies

  10. marcusinsd says:

    Moabite137 Chris40 HANNIBAL the VICTOR Minorities must make coalitions to create a substantial voting block.  It need not be a majority, but it must be sizeable enough to prevent or hinder what the majority wants.  Money is power and if a minority has few assets and small income, the minority must create a coalition with supporters to create sufficient power, income and wealth, to get what it wants.  The people of color as well as progressives, liberal women, and gays could unite to form a sufficiently powerful  minority block if they could coordinate on just a few basic concepts that would benefit all.  Now, each group is isolated and as such powerless.  Individual strands are weak.  Intertwined, they become a very strong rope.  It takes coordination and could be done through church leaders who have the resources and skills to navigate such a coalition.  But, it would require reeducation to show what needs to be done by all.  I suggest using the Nordic Countries model because it has been proven to be effective and could easily be copied, discussed, disseminated and then become the “constitution” or platform for the new coalition.  It could be called something like, “The Best Deal.”

  11. marcusinsd says:

    We need a system that identifies institutional racism. 
    We must realize that racism starts at the top.  If it isn’t addressed and corrected at the top, the rank and file will act accordingly.  
    We need independent civilian police review boards with power to indict and cause prosecution of those undesirables who commit police brutality.  
    We need a policy of Zero Tolerance for Police Brutality.  Police brutality causes most of the problems.
    We  need to end police militarization because that is form of police brutality. 
    I believe there are many very good police officers, many average cops, and too many undesirables on every police force.  
    We need to have a system that turns cops into good police officers and weeds out the undesirables.  


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