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May 27, 2015

Jay-Z Needs Your Help to Pay His All White Tidal Staff [Video]

Jay-Z Needs Your Help to Pay His All White Tidal Staff [Video]

by Yvette Carnell

In what was supposed to be a blistering diss of the white goliaths in the tech world, Jay-Z blasted YouTube, Google and Spotify in a rap song. This was an obvious attempt by the rapper to inject race into his marketing campaign and leverage his blackness as a tool for selling a bullsh*t product that no one’s interested in buying. In the song, Jay-Z goes all pro-black on us, but his Tidal staff looks…well…white.

On their Facebook page, Vitamin Q posted the following caption to the picture of Jay-Z’s mostly white Tidal staff:

Last week #JayZ told you that you don’t support black while his wife poured 25k into a pool. Here’s the staff at #Tidal. Who is it again that doesn’t support black? How many black employees do you see here? I know for a fact #Spotify got at least two (shout out to Mjeema Pickett), but I don’t see ANY here. Do you?

The strategy of using race to galvanize blacks and line one’s own pockets is a strategy often used by the black elite, so Jay-Z’s last ditch effort to promote his floundering music streaming company comes as no surprise. It seem that now, however, blacks aren’t all that interested in being used by the black elite for cashflow, but ignored when it’s time for black millionaires to stand up for ordinary black people. (And the timing of news that Jay-Z had allegedly posted bail for Baltimore rioters was more than a little suspect.)

This Instagram sort of sums it up:

Jay-Z tidal

Watch BreakingBrown founder Yvette Carnell and Dr. Boyce Watkins discuss Jay-Z’s leveraging of blackness in the video below:



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11 thoughts on “Jay-Z Needs Your Help to Pay His All White Tidal Staff [Video]

  1. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    When i look at wealthy blacks , the first thing i look for are what institutions ( financial ,educational ,health , political) have they built that empowers black people. The fact that Jay and Beyonce bailed out some protesters is a nice gesture. But nice gestures are  not the same as empowerment.

  2. shbkyn8898 says:

    The retards are the only ones we see wealthy, no black conscious, just want to love and give thanks to whites for allowing them a change.  These people have been methodelogly selected because they do things and say things to put their race down.  It is not in the least their talent, I know many rappers better than JZ, many black females rappers dancers, better looking and better educated than Beyonce, but Ba and Jay, had better qualification for the job they do.

  3. davidjcu says:

    You know that Jay-Z didn’t build Tidal from scratch. He bought Aspiro an existing streaming music company and rebranded it. The author needs to do some real journalism, it took me 5 minutes to find out this information. As Jay-Z knows nothing about the operations of a company like this, he most likely kept everything and mostly everyone intact. Remember “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man”

  4. anthony4422 says:

    For every dollar the Black man in entertainment makes, the Jew that is fronting him makes 4-5.  Now that is what I call Black leverage.. smh.

  5. Watchful says:


    Couldn’t have said it any better myself.  They’re all just puppets of the Zionists.

  6. pc3015 says:

    davidjcu its surprising with how “educated” with you five minute feat of “impossibility” , you didnt know,research the fact or think about the fact that corporate mergers and buyouts happen ALL THE TIME. And more times than not the company will create and bring in their own teams and get rid of the previous owners employees either in part or altogether. So if Jay Z wanted to claim this boo hoo about race and asking the black community for help he could have hired in some black ppl if he really wanted to. And even if he doesnt know about the business he has ppl he pays to know things about the business that he doesnt so his agenda could have been met if he intended to hire some ppl that looked like him or his wife. Let’s not make excuses for a man who is uber rich and literally has endless resources at his fingertips. Saying he doesnt know anything about the business is a copout. The kind of money he has can afford to pay someone who does know the business.

  7. ErikHovdahl says:

    picture is taken in Oslo, Norway, where their main office is, and–
    Norway has a population of 98% white people.. so he may well have to find a black person to work for him here. and should be lucky to
    find one, there is only 60.000 unemployd people, mostly between jobs. So
    this picture is representativ for a norwegian population without any
    discriminiating angle to it. Love and peace!!

  8. Jonhlee01 says:

    ErikHovdahl Seeing how high the black unemployment rate is in the US why is his main office in Norway.

  9. EirikKristoffersen says:

    Quite simple. Tidal is an existing company bought by Jay C, under a promise that he wouldn’t close down the head office in Oslo.

  10. pc3015 says:

    EirikKristoffersen I dont know how true what you’re saying is but if it is he pretty much sold out. Jay Z had all the leverage in this deal and clearly the company wasnt doing well under previous ownership. Its a bit ridiculous to think that someone is going to tell you what you can do with your business after you give them bags o’ money for it. If that really did happen it sounds like they punk’d him or he used it as a way to have a lame excuse for not bringing his office to the states. When a company is bought out it is not standard practice for previous owner to be able to dictate to new owner where and how he runs his business. Suppose Jay Z was able to locate headquarters elsewhere that was cheaper to operate due to location. He pretty much gave the old owner a right to tell him he couldn’t increase his profits in that way if the opportunity were to present itself. That is bad business practice if it is true. I am curious if you have a link or website you can direct us all to where you got that information

  11. EirikKristoffersen says:

    If you Google Jay Z and Wimp you’ll get tons off hits in Norwegian. Wimp have been the largest streaming service in Norway since its launch in 2010 and didn’t have any economical problems per se. It was sold (and had its name change to Tidal) in a bid to reach an international market, which the company originally didn’t have the muscles to do itself.
    Being a ridiculously expensive country to do business from, it is common practice over here to include a clause that the Norwegian jobs will be kept when Norwegian companies sell their shares. If not, all our jobs would be in China by now…
    That said, I couldn’t care less about Jay Z or wether he has “stayed true” or not, I do however fervently hope that he’ll not mess up too bad, as Wimp (or Tidal as its known internationally) is the only streaming service with a decent selection of black metal and lossless audio quality.

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