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May 20, 2015

“I Will F*ck You Up”: Nurse Threatens Sixth Grader, Calls Him Racial Slurs

“I Will F*ck You Up”: Nurse Threatens Sixth Grader, Calls Him Racial Slurs

A Georgia mother is demanding that her son’s school reopen an investigation after witnesses confirm a school nurse shouted racial slurs and profanity at her son.

Witness statements from six children and three adults accuse school nurse Beverly Barnes of yelling profanity and racial slurs at Jason during an October cafeteria incident at Mundy’s Mill Middle School in Clayton County.

Jason’s mother, Tormeka Ezzard, says her heart was “going a hundred miles per hour” as she watched the nurse yell degrading comments at her son on surveillance video.

“The nurse kept asking why he threw it, (and he) was saying, ‘Huh, huh,’” said one of the witnesses. “Then the nurse got mad and pushed his head and was saying, ‘I will knock your lights and I will f*ck you up.’”

“She’s abused my child physically, mentally, and verbally, and no one will help me,” Ezzard told WXIA in Atlanta.

Some of the language used by the nurse is not fit for television, the local affiliate reported during a news segment.

Ezzard is calling on the school to reopen the investigation into the nurse’s behavior. After the initial investigation, the nurse was suspended for two days without pay, but Ezzard says that punishment didn’t go far enough.

Clayton County Public Schools has not released the video due to “privacy concerns”, USA Today reports.

Watch the news segment below:

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25 thoughts on ““I Will F*ck You Up”: Nurse Threatens Sixth Grader, Calls Him Racial Slurs

  1. TheLadySource says:

    She needs to either hook up with Dr. Umar Johnson or go straight to the school board with an Attorney in tow.

  2. EIESOC says:


    In today’s society I’ve witnessed young parents of color,speak to their children in a very abusive manner. I’ve seen the mother or father use words,that as far as I’m concerned are abusive & embarrassing. It could be in the park,a store,wherever.I could only imagine how they speak to their children at home.Apparently these parents have no clue that their being verbaly abusive towards their child.Perhaps they were verbally abused themselves.Or their angry with the father or mother,and they are taking their anger out on the child.Well it’s time to break the cycle.Children have feelings & minds of a child,their growing,learning.What parents say to their children in this stage of development,can have a positive or negative impact on them.I realize that if you try to make some parents aware of the fact that their being verbally abusive to their children,they become very defensive.So how do we solve this problem,I believe timing is everything.Communication with a parent who is verbally abusive towards their child can begin with subtle conversation.Experience is the best teacher.Raising a child with a healthy mind takes patience & tolerance. Parents must understand,the child is learning and growing.Yelling and cursing at child is sign of the parent’s frustration and lack of coping & parental skills.Children need love,guidance,understanding.Yes also discipline,discipline should not be abusive though.Sometimes verbal abuse can hurt a child,more than physical abuse.These parents must be made aware of the damage they can cause their own children to suffer,due to their reckless parenting.Our children have enough to deal with in today’s society,and they need loving parents.Now lets begin to help parents we know,who are verbally abusive to their children, improve their parental skills.We can with understanding,and the willingness to help.Children deserve  to be treated with respect.Children do not benefit from a parent who using “F” words while speaking to them.Actually it’s disrespectful to speak to a adult in that manner,let alone a child. C’mon parents we can do better…..No Violence-Know Peace!

  3. vampirehunterg1 says:

    TheLadySource Dr Umar is the MAN!

  4. AngelMacedon says:

    EIESOC Thank you so much for this response.I could not agree more with your assertions.I must say I admire the  class and patience you demonstrate in your response. I am not so diplomatic. After watching that woman in Ferguson beat her son on tv and then go the news like she was some kind of hero.I am angry as hell.We treat our children like door mats and we stupidly glorify the behavior.A mom on FB said she would drop kick her son in the throat if he were disrespectful and many of her friends laughed in agreement.When I said her comment as not funny,she behaved like the knucklehead she was and threatened me…on FB.This sick,mindless brutality, must end.Corporal punishment is out of control and has turned into some kind of ritualistic dance.The only saving grace is that likely these idiot parents were probably treated this way too,so they deserve some consideration.However,lets not forget who the real victims are ,the next generation.

  5. Chappyricky says:

    EIESOC   Are we reading the same article? What does this article have to do with parental child abuse? Perhaps we should save your post for an article they addresses poor parenting skill and abusive language. In the meantime what do you have to and to this discussion about the Nurse and her unprofessional behavior?

  6. Chappyricky says:

    Even though  the nurse is wrong for going off on the child, I’d like to know about the incident before commenting on the behavior of the nurse. What I do find disparaging is that the Nurse was not suspended until furthered investigations.  Children can drive you to a breaking point. But at no time is it appropriated to put hands on a child and threaten to do them harm.

  7. PwStar says:

    She needs to take her to the Ga, nursing board . As a nurse you aren’t allowed to be abussive to anything with life and doing so can result in losing your license

  8. AnthonyAllen says:

    Hopefully no one is suprised by the comments of this typical racists women. Nor should we be suprised by the lack of real discipline meted out to her. Racism is embedded in everything black people encounter daily. Separation, economic independance, education and armed self defense are the only true answers.

  9. LindaJackson3 says:

    This thug needs to be reported to the nursing board and ordered into counseling.  And if she put her hands on this child, she needs to be charged with assault, locked up, made to pay bail and then tried in a court of law.  I swear.  It’s war has been declared on our children.

  10. Chappyricky says:

    LindaJackson3  Agree!

  11. Chappyricky says:

    LindaJackson3  Agree!

  12. Johnw11 says:

    AngelMacedon EIESOC  I agree with you in large part. The incident of the “mom” attacking her son didn’t occur in Ferguson, however, it was in Baltimore.
    She was crowned “Mom of the Year” by media racists because she was slave-breaking her son. Had the incident occurred under any other circumstances, she would have been locked up for child abuse and those same reporters would have led the charge for her arrest.
    The tragedy is that those who will likely pay for these actions are the future girlfriends and wives of these young guys, particularly if the female becomes aggressive in some way; like “nagging” about household chores or lack of money as wives and mates tend to well-meaningly do. In such cases, all the repressed anger against the abusive mom will outburst and IPV (intimate partner violence) will likely ensue as the mate becomes the substitute mom — the object of displacement for getting back at mom’s abuse.
    In the case of the racist nurse, she should be fired and possibly jailed.

  13. YolandaPage says:

    EIESOC Your comments are valid and I agree with you, however you said nothing to address this particular incident. You don’t know this child’s family. You don’t know about the parenting skills as they relate to this child. You are painting with a broad brush and not addressing this particular incident where a trained professional handles a disciplinary incident in this despicable way.
    Don’t just preach to the choir, speak to the behavior of the ADULT in this situation.

  14. AngelMacedon says:

    Johnw11 AngelMacedon EIESOC It goes without saying that the nurse behavior was wrong.That’s painfully obvious and I felt no need to belabor the point.I felt as if I wanted to respond to what was written from a specific post,so I did.

  15. Johnw11 says:

    AngelMacedon Johnw11 EIESOC  As I stated earlier, I agree with you in part. I think the point others made about sticking to the point of discussion is important too.
    I deviated from the topic to reply to what I believe was your heart-felt concern about physical / emotional abuse of children in some parental relationships. I also thought it important to point out long term social consequences of such behavior specific to difficulties some children have adapting in later life.
    At the end of the day, however, the primary issues facing Blacks have nothing to do with “parenting” but are rooted in poverty. Poverty is maintained in upwards of half of Blacks by people who set public policies based in the same mind-set as the sociopathic nurse who attacked the child.
    Almost 100% of all the undesirable behaviors some folks complain about regarding Blacks are the result of the way people are forced to live. Many of the complaints aren’t even true. Yours do have some truth, but it’s important to always focus on socioeconomic causes when pointing out problems. Otherwise, one will inadvertently aid the  perpetrators of the problems their policies cause by joining them in blaming the victims. 
    As far as the racist nurse is concerned, she wasn’t concerned about the child’s parents, she was concerned only about her hatred of him due to his race. She is unfit to work with Black children (and possibly children of any race).

  16. Johnw11 says:

    EIESOC  Question for you: while I agree with much of what you said, obviously. Are these Black parents you have observed speaking inappropriately to their children poverty-stricken , or are they middle or upper class economically?
    I have observed the behavior in all groups (not just Blacks) and in almost every case (absent mental illness) the parent is overwhelmed by a lack of resources, can’t pay bills, etc.
    In both the short and long terms, the solution is not ending imaginary “parenting” deficits but ending real “economic” deficits caused by economic policies.
    Thus what one witnesses in such instances are parents who are STRESSED- OUT. If there are any classes needed, they are stress-management classes. The problem, however, with such stress-management classes being effective is in the fact that for these parents’ stress is ongoing, never ending.

  17. AngelMacedon says:

    Johnw11 AngelMacedon EIESOC I can see your point but I did not think it was necessary to belabor or elaborate on the obvious.I have worked for 11 years as a mentor and coach in Oakland,Ca., at an urban school.I can count on one hand the number of black parents who’ve lifted a finger to say thank you or contribute.                                                      This behavior is NOT caused by external forces.My point is that we focus so much on every single racist slight as if each is the end of the frigging world, instead of monitoring our own, often times, shitty behavior.        The racism we face today cannot compare to what we faced when I was a child.The racism I faced cannot compare to what my mother faced as a child.Therefore,this child is not the first to face it either.So,can we get real and do more than just complain,complain and complain some more about racism?

  18. Johnw11 says:

    AngelMacedon Johnw11 EIESOC  You seem to be dealing with a personal issue of feeling unappreciated. You must keep in mind that people express “thanks” in different ways. Trusting you with access to their children could very well be their way of saying “thanks” or appreciating you.
    It is best to not overly personalize things. One way to avoid such is to always act within true altruism, and not for personal vindication or verification of self-adequacy.
    On your other point, about “outside forces” not being responsible for people saying “thank you” for whatever you did for their children — I don’t see the connection other than what I’ve already said.
    If you mean that racist public policy is not responsible for the plight of Blacks, then clearly your understanding of systemic racism leaves much to be desired. Your claim that Blacks today do not face the same level of racism as in the past is proof of your failure to understand racism.
    There has been no substantive change in racism. The socioeconomic stats bear that out. They tell us that Blacks are at the bottom of every socioeconomic indicator. Even Blacks in the 1% are at the bottom of that group. The only change in racism has been in style, not substance.
    I become worried about you when you say the racism faced by this child is nothing compared to what your mother faced. I become real worried. It appears that you are in “denial” and is rationalizing that denial by focusing on the shortcomings of Blacks rather than facing the reality of racism. In other words, racism is not the problem — it’s the Blacks. All I can say in the context of this internet discussion is that in order to be psychologically healthy, one must first love one’s self and by extension the group to which one belongs. It is difficult for one to experience the potentials of life while being unhappy with one’s group, and by extension — one’s self.
    One place to begin an understanding that can lead to your achieving balance in your assessment is to consider the question I posed: “were these people you observed talking inappropriately to their children poverty-stricken or middle class + economically?”
    Of course, I already know the answer albeit you avoided answering the question. They Were poor. While you say you did not keep to the subject of the article because its content was already known, you forget that your stereotypical bashing of Blacks is even more well-known as a propaganda strategy of racists.
    Also, if you slow down, relax, think, let the self hatred go, you will accept that poverty is very stressful and people’s reaction to it is also very well-known.
    Take care. I wish you well.

  19. queenofmeanest says:

    Her nursing license should be revoked and that information should be reported to all nursing boards all over this country.  If that was my child, that wench would be like T1000. Part of the floor.

  20. AnthonyAllen says:

    I love your comments . lol

  21. queenofmeanest says:


  22. hernanday1 says:

    Press charges, she threatened your child, make her get arrested.

  23. queenofmeanest says:

    That solution does not work in the real world today.

  24. hernanday1 says:

    queenofmeanest hernanday1 Go file a police report, they are bound by law to investigate.

  25. queenofmeanest says:

    hernanday1 queenofmeanest 
    In what fantasy land?  Cops pick and choose on what to investigate.

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