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April 2, 2015

Trevor Noah Enjoys Stereotyping African-Americans, Too

Trevor Noah Enjoys Stereotyping African-Americans, Too

Trevor Noah

by Yvette Carnell

Soon after Trevor Noah was selected to take over Jon Stewart’s role at The Daily Show, interested parties and observers began digging through his Twitter feed. For the most part, all they found were bad jokes, some about Jewish girls as well as how finding a white girl with a big booty is something like a fairytale.

But as Sean Jacobs noted in 2012, Noah doesn’t reserve this sort of comedy solely for non-minorities. He does, in fact, get a kick out of stereotyping African-Americans as well:

After doing some decent jokes about the economy (comparing America’s economy to the “credit of a black man”) and riffing on his background — his mother is black, his father white –Noah, oddly, proceeded to tell jokes about what he called “the whole African-American thing.” What followed–in what was supposed to be a mock “African-American accent”–were some tired generalizations and stereotypes of African Americans about language, black people’s names and of African Americans “trying really hard to reconnect with Africa.” Halfway through I could not bear it anymore with the exaggerated mannerisms, including “walking” like African Americans and their supposed relation to gun play, etcetera. I assume there was to be some irony or edginess in there. That it would lead to someplace interesting. But I could not find it. (Some of the better African-American comedians riff on these same topics, including the “unsayable,” but at least with pathos and sympathy)  I suppose I can’t see funny or get a good joke. I couldn’t help recall Steve Coogan’s advice for comedians: “Comedy can’t always be safe, and sometimes entertainers need to challenge social orthodoxies. But ‘saying the unsayable’ is different from simply recycling offensive cliches.”

Also, as The Washington Post’s Wendy Todd observes, Noah separates himself from African-Americans:

“Because he continues to separate himself from African Americans by his repeated use of ‘they’ when making fun of us, Noah should go walk around St. Louis or Cleveland. He’d find out quickly that he’s not viewed any differently than us… It’s all too acceptable to disrespect people of color in this country, especially African Americans, even when you’re also a person of color. Not only did Noah get away with these routines, now he’s being rewarded for them.” 

And isn’t anyone going to admit the obvious? That Noah’s, well, not funny?

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19 thoughts on “Trevor Noah Enjoys Stereotyping African-Americans, Too

  1. anthony4422 says:

    Not uncommon for foreign born Blacks to distinguish themselves from African Americans as if somehow they are better, different, or perceived different.  Usually one stop by the police — checks their clock and brings them back to reality.  My take has always been, if foreign Blacks are so much better, smarter, different than American Blacks, why is it that the vast majority of Blacks in the home country (e.g South Africa, Nigeria, Jamaica,) are destitute.

  2. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    I saw several of his sets and didn’t find them offensive or insulting to Black people. I do marvel at the Black folks who are attacking this young man sing to songs that denigrate Black women and the race. Where was the “outrage” when Jay X stands before thousands of White folks calling us niggers and our womenbitchesandho’s.This faux anger is laughable.

  3. eliwas999 says:

    Black peolple born in America are more African than Mr. Noah ‘s father who is a  white colonialist settler whos ancestors raided and subjugated an entire race of people. Keep in mind  this guy  Noah was ” chosen” to replace John Stewart on The Daily Show. Think about who is doing the choosing .

  4. Rick Manigault says:

    Yvette you are the Sister of Sisters and have one of  the only real black websites but I take issue with this column, this idiot has no business on the Daily Show at all, the hook nose bastard put forth some good points at times and was better then MSM but only an American can be an official host on the daily show, comedy is just that and we need stay above the nonsense when it comes to who says offensive jokes, We are the masters of funny so this man is using his bloodline as best he can.

  5. TinaSue says:

    I don’t like foreigners, who think they know us, poking fun at our culture.  They don’t understand the nuances, and often end up being offensive.

  6. buddhaallah says:

    anthony4422 The comparison between those colonized throughout the diaspora and
    those raised in the belly of the beast mistakes wealth or lack there of
    with third world exploitation or lack thereof. It’s ludicrous to pit the
    descendants of those kidnapped from Africa 4 or 5 centuries ago with
    those whose descendants have never or recently left the homeland. We
    battle against each other because we’re taught to believe that we’re all
    different, while a master puppeteer pulls international strings. There
    are NO shows with predominate casts depicting people of color which does
    NOT support white supremacy/privilege and/or demeaning stereotypes.
    Trevor Noah must merely be added to the list of a myriad coons sometimes
    referred to as House Servants.

  7. History1 says:

    anthony4422 I believe that you are putting all blacks into one category by stating what you have stated concerning other blacks.  You identify yourself as an African-American, yet criticize and make a blanket statement about the Caribbean which is also located in North America.  Is this what your Jewish media has taught you when they show other parts of the world?  It is apparent that you have not traveled much, and you’re conditioned as to what’s shown to you on mass media.  The places you have referenced are not destitute as you stated, and have natural resources, etc. They are wealthy, middle, and low income areas as in any country in the world.  However, I bet you would never dear say this about a European country which has stagnant economies/impoverished in which your Jew media will never show.  I will never subscribe to this and certainly don’t need to be educated by Jew mass media.  I have seen some Africans dislike black Americans, and I’ve seen some black Americans dislike Africans so, lets be honest about this matter.  Individuals identify themselves with there culture, race, etc., What is wrong with that?  My people (English speaking Caribbean-Americans  have contributed to black struggles in this country as well (slave labor in the US, Europe, etc.) –Just to name a few Marcus Garvey, Louis Farrakhan, Shirley Chisholm, Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, KRS One, Heavy D, Claude McKay, Clive Campbell aka Kool Herc, Malcolm X (Caribbean-American/black American), etc.  All blacks in the US are not just African-Americans.

  8. anthony4422 says:

    History1 anthony4422 For the record, I have traveled throughout the Cariibbean, have never been to Africa however.  The places themselves are rich in resources yes, noticed I referenced the PEOPLE, not the places.  And the reason why the majjority people are poor is because those countries have let whites control all the resources.  Except for a few puppet leaders, whites control the resources.  And the only reason I would not say anything about impoverished Euro countries is because they are of no concern to me.

    And lastly, I am not putting all Blacks into one category.  Where above did I say that?  But I am saying that foreign born Blacks (not all) somehow come across like they are different and sometimes better.  But they are no different than us.  Marcus Garvey is one of my heroes, but guess what, he was REJECTED by Jamaica.  He is revered now, but back then he was ridiculed.  That is why he left Jamaica and came to the U.S. His own people rejected him.  Even after he was railroaded by the US Govt, he returned to Jamaica to get rejected a second time, left and spent his final days in Europe.  Jamaica ought to be ashamed the way they treated one of the most remarkable Black men to ever live.  Say what you want, but that is the truth.

  9. History1 says:

    @anthony4422  Read what you wrote, you referenced people, places and used the term destitute. You failed to refute what you stated, and went on to discuss topics that has no relevance to what was discussed earlier.  There you go making blanket statements again, “Jamaica rejected Marcus Garvey”.  Typical….when one is boxed in a corner this is what they come up with, no facts, just blanket statements.  Garvey traveled a lot in those days, and yes he went to the UK on several occasions just like Malcolm X traveled to the UK, it had noting to do with what you said, mind you he had a British passport which he received by default.  His birthright brought him and his wife to the UK on several occasions, not your false allegations.  Garvey traveled the world to educate blacks.  Some tom-blacks in the US, ie.,( WEB dubois, I guess he forgot his Caribbean heritage, wanted to be white so bad, and had the nerve to move to Africa, and is buried there);  and the US government railroaded Garvey.  The Jamaican government has nothing to be ashamed of; the government never rejected Garvey nor did they assassinate him unlike the US government assassinated Dr. King.  On the other hand, many tom-blacks (some NAACP members, and others including the US government) REJECTED Dr. King, and railroaded him in the latter of his life. Furthermore, I’m accustomed to intellectual, fact-based, research discourse not this back and forth foolishness. Read and study economics, world history including the history of the Americas before making false remarks.  As a English speaking Caribbean-American, I will continue to practice my culture, blackness, etc.

  10. anthony4422 says:

    History1  “why is it that the vast majority of Blacks in the home country (e.g South Africa, Nigeria, Jamaica,) are destitute.”  That is what I wrote.  If it is not clear that I am talking about the PEOPLE, then I suggest a course in Englinsh comprehension.

    And your attempt to revise history will fall on deaf ears.  I guess the truth hurts.  Garvey initially wanted to do his thing in his homeland.  But Jamaicans were too busy getting brainwashed and sucking the breasts of Mother England that they paid him no mind.  So he left and went to the U.S.  If you want to believe otherwise, hey that’s on you.

    Where did I reference the Jamaican Govt?  It is YOU who need to improve reading comprehension skills.  I never said anything about the White-Ruled (although there are Black faces that serve as puppets or the Queen of England) Jamaican Govt.  It was the PEOPLE, who rejected Garvey.  At least in the U.S. the people accepted Garvey (despite sell outs and self haters like Du Bois) even though the US Govt tried to hate on him.  It matters not what the Govt does as long as the PEOPLE are with you.  Garvey raised most of his money for The Black Star Line in the U.S. from Black people.  So there is your history lesson for today.  I suggest you take your own advice and own up (if you are Jamaican) to the fact that your people did in fact reject him during his time.  Read books on Garvey and you will see that what I said is correct.  
    On a positive note, I applaud your continuance to practice your culture and Blackness.

  11. History1 says:

    anthony4422   For the record, I don’t need a disenfranchised black to have an impute on my comprehension skills–check your spelling and grammar.  I know exactly what you wrote.  Typical crass, vulgar, boorish behavior–I’m not going to stoop to your level. Perhaps that is why some Africans, and other blacks perceive you as such, and are in fact different.    Why do you have a problem with others perceiving themselves as different as you stated earlier?  Moreover, when they did so, that is when you resorted to word ‘destitute’, to describe them, and places. Maybe, you don’t know nor comprehend what you wrote.  You stated, “Garvey raised most of his money for The Black Star Line in the U.S. from Black people”.  From which blacks?  He raised money from many blacks worldwide, and blacks from the US are not all black Americans–Some of us do not identify as African-Americans. What are you going to claim now that black Americans invented Hip-Hop?  I digress….What amuses me is that you claim to be an expert on other black history, and not one on your own. That is why I said you don’t know history. You stated that ‘Jamaica’ rejected Garvey, that includes the government in case you didn’t know.  Look here, as a black from the suburbs, there is nothing for me to be hurt about.  I believe you’re the one that is hurt with the way you responded, making up false statements about other blacks you know nothing about.  For the record my people are Caribbean-Americans, other blacks who know their history, has a sense of self, and basically any decent human being.  Go and deprogram yourself from your conditioned mindset.  
    Do not write me any further, go and subject your women to your crass language; That is what you are accustomed to.

  12. anthony4422 says:

    History1 anthony4422 Ok let’s try this elementally, “why is it that the vast majority of Blacks in the home country (e.g South Africa, Nigeria, Jamaica,) are destitute”– The subject noun is “Blacks”, it is NOT the country or countries  The adjective is destitute, modifying the noun. so destitute is linked to “Blacks”– and when I meant Blacks, I meant the people.   I care less about grammar and spelling than I do about getting a point across.  I know you have NEVER, EVER made a spelling or grammar error so I apologize for not being as perfect as you.

    I don’t have a problem with anyone perceiving themselves as different so as long as the “difference” does not infer that they are somehow “better”.  Because better they are not.  And if you dispute the fact that the majority of the people in those countries are not destitute, I am open to any evidence.  Living in a country rich in resources, whether it be diamonds, crude, bauxite, fertile soil, whatever, does not matter if the People in those countries are poor and being exploited by whites (many of which are Jews) for those resources.  And that is what has and continues to happen in those countries.

    Garvey did raise money from many Blacks, but he raised MOST of his money from American Blacks, and while not all Blacks that live in America are African-American, MOST of them are and were during that time.  MOST of them were members of the so called “disenfranchised” tag that you eloquently have given us.   As if somehow Caribbean Blacks were not.  Just because their slaver masters had a tad bit more etiquette  in dealing with his slaves vs the more barbaric American slave master (the former would use a CLEAN knife to cut open the belly of a female African slave).

    And if you dispute or have evidence to the contrary of my claim that Garvey was rejected (not once but twice) by Jamaicans, I am open to such.  And when I said Jamaica, I meant the people.  If you can’t comprehend that, I don’t know what to say. Almost every Black leader in America was rejected by the Govt,, but yet they still were effective because they had the hearts of the PEOPLE.  Leaders like Garvey and Malcolm were prime examples.  Read John Hope Franklin’s book “Black Moses” or any other book on Garvey and my statements will be collaborated.  Jamaicans wanted no part of Garvey’s plan, so that is why he came to the US. If they did, he would have had no reason to leave.  He wanted to uplift his people, but since they were so preoccupied being    He also planned to meet with Booker T Washington to learn from him but he died just before GArvey arrived.  This is all documented, I am not pulling this out of my ….

    I love how you put it, “as a Black from the suburb”,,  I guess being from the suburb  makes you feel good huh?  I bet it makes you feel superior?  Well, for the record, I live in the “suburbs”, but I do not, nor do ever need to use that as some pedestal or trophy of who I am.

    And lastly, I wont write anymore, but if are such a proud Caribbean, why don’t you try and convince your country and those others in the vicinity, to stop being a modern day slave colonies to their imperial masters in Europe.  Why does the Queen of England still  need to have her hand in Caribbean affairs.  Break those shackles.

  13. TinaSue says:

    anthony4422 History1 
    You can’t argue with “arrogance.”
    Once Blacks fought for the rights to move to the suburbs and not be “redlined” or have their homes firebombed, they should have demanded that THEY are the beneficiaries.  Stop being nice to others and let them benefit from your struggles.

  14. anewshiningtime says:

    I’ve never believed in the idea of saying whatever you like and hiding behind the excuse of being an edgy comedian. Words have impact regardless of the speaker’s intent. Say something crazy to the wrong person and you’ll learn that lesson.

  15. muchets00 says:

    TinaSue anthony4422 History1

    Just for a bit of context. I was born and raised in Africa (Zimbabwe) and I have travelled the world, including living in America for a while…I now live in Australia..

    anthony4422 you made an assumption that ‘most’ black people in Africa are destitute…well you have no idea what you are talking about… you have clearly mentioned that you have never been to Africa so I am guessing most of your knowledge about Africa comes from the mainstream media outlets out there, or maybe some sort of literature. Now that is like someone only talking about America when something happens at Marcy Projects in Harlem and showing the living conditions there. You would never know that there are other sides to the New York areas where people live decent lives and others very good lives.

    All this to say not most black people in Africa are destitute. Is there a large number of poor people? Of course there is but there is an even greater number living great lives. The reason you never hear about those people is because their stories do not sell newspapers or get the ratings up for your chosen news source.

    The other thing to note is that not all Africans aspire to be Americans… They might at first but once they find out more information about America they are more than happy to be who they are. That is not to say they think they are better off than African Americans as you guys like to call yourselves. It is simply them realising there is actually nothing wrong with their culture, and they (we) are damn proud to be African….

    Travel the world more if you can… it will open your eyes to possibilities and opportunities you never realised existed….I guess you don’t know what you don’t know right?

  16. muchets00 says:

    “Black peolple born in America are more African than Mr. Noah ‘s father……” And you point is?

    Mr Noah is still a lot more African than all these black people born in America you are talking about. You sort of crashed your own point without even making a point there mate

  17. anthony4422 says:

    muchets00 eliwas999 somehow your logic escapes me.

  18. anthony4422 says:

    muchets00 TinaSue anthony4422 History1 And just a little bit more context, I too have traveled the extensively although I have not visited Africa.  My “assumption” as you call it was not an assumption.  I came to that conclusion based on several things.  GDP per capita as recorded by several source (World Bank, CIA data etc –I’ll leave it to you to research such if you wish), as well as  conversations I have had from people who have lived, visited and continue to frequent the African continent.  Just because someone has not lived in a country or visited, does not disqualify them from making a statement regarding a country or continent.  And for the record, Marcy Projects is NOT in Harlem, it is in Bklyn but that’s ok. Andyou need not have to live or visit NYC to know that, a simple Google.

    So instead of assuming that my statement was an assumption, next time simply ask what am I basing my statement on.  And as for your country, the former Cecil B Rhodesia, the per capita consumption is a mere $732 (according to one of my data sources) that is an annual number.  So enlighten me on how  most people can be living good with that kind of per capita consumption?  It sounds like you had it good.  And perhaps many of the people that make up the corrupt regime over there have it good as well.  But they are more than offset by the vast majority who are poor.  If you have data REAL data to the contrary, I would love you to share it with me.  Simply living in Africa does not make what you saw where you grew up indicative of the whole city, country or the continent.  Did you actually do research on the standard of living throughout the country to come to your conclusion?  Or did you simply say, well people where I live are all doing good so therefore Africans are doing good.  If so, your attempt at inductive reasoning has many flaws 

    If you are so proud to be African, why are you living in Australia?  Let me guess, Black pride from a distance right?  Cant knock your hustle for real bro.

  19. Rick Manigault says:

    This SOB is here promoting gun control.

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