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April 22, 2015

Toni Morrison: “My father Was Very, Very Serious in His Hatred of White People”

Toni Morrison: “My father Was Very, Very Serious in His Hatred of White People”

In a recent interview with NPR, acclaimed novelist Toni Morrison credits her Toni Morrison3.jpgmother with teaching her to look beyond race. Morrison says her father’s interaction with the worst kinds of racism led him to hate white people:

[My father] was very, very serious in his hatred of white people. What mitigated it was my mother, who was exactly the opposite, who never rejected or accepted anybody based on race or color or religion or any of that. Everybody was an individual whom she approved of or disapproved of based on her perception of them as individuals.


My father saw two black men lynched on his street in Cartersville, Ga., as a child. I think seeing two black businessmen, not vagrants, hanging from trees as a child was traumatic for him.

That would’ve been traumatic for anyone. And even vagrants don’t deserve to hang from trees. Sadly, what Morrison’s father experienced was not unique. As the Equal Justice Initiative revealed in a bombshell report, Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of
Racial Terror,
the number of lynchings in America have been underestimated by historians.

EJI researchers documented 3959 racial terror lynchings of African Americans in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia between 1877 and 1950 – at least 700 more lynchings of black people in these states than previously reported in the most comprehensive work done on lynching to date.

And EJI also characterized lynchings as forms of terrorism as opposed to isolated hate crimes:

Lynching in America makes the case that lynching of African Americans was terrorism, a widely supported phenomenon used to enforce racial subordination and segregation. Lynchings were violent and public events that traumatized black people throughout the country and were largely tolerated by state and federal officials. This was not “frontier justice” carried out by a few marginalized vigilantes or extremists. Instead, many African Americans who were never accused of any crime were tortured and murdered in front of picnicking spectators (including elected officials and prominent citizens) for bumping into a white person, or wearing their military uniforms after World War I, or not using the appropriate title when addressing a white person. People who participated in lynchings were celebrated and acted with impunity.

So this should serve as some explanation to people who are trying to understand black anger. It doesn’t begin or end with lynchings, but this is as good a place as any to start to understand black resentment.

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20 thoughts on “Toni Morrison: “My father Was Very, Very Serious in His Hatred of White People”

  1. Rick Manigault says:

    Love Toni Morrison but I sure wish she maintained her fathers position when it came to Bill Clinton, take every offensive thing said over the last 20 years and Bill Clinton being the 1st black President is by far the worst to me.

  2. AMAC7210 says:

    Rick Manigault  Rick… Totally agree with you…Sometime we get selective amnesia; I find it insulting we give a few Caucasoid praise or a pass because they give a few select Blacks some attention…

  3. AnthonyAllen says:

    He was a smart man

  4. TinaSue says:

    As the old Negro Spiritual says: “Nobody Knows The Troubles I’ve Seen.”
    Nobody knows the suffering our people actually endured.  The White media papers over it with the “I Have A Dream” feel good for one day of the year.

  5. DeborahMartin says:

    So they tally up the number as 3959 huh?  Since the north has an amnesia about it’s practices regarding slavery let’s see if we can bring that tally up a bit shall we?  Draft riots of 1863 in New York damn city that our ancestor built for FREEEEEE had a lynching by crazed demonic Whites at 27th st & 7th avenue where the famed FIT- Fashion Institute of Technology now stands, SEVERAL at FIFTH avenue and 45th streets where the NY Public Library is just a stones throw because that’s where the Colored Orphan Asylum existed and the little girls being escorted out to save their lives witnessed numerous Black men hung from lamp posts and then all the way downtown built for free by enslaved Africans there’s another lynching noted on Maiden Lane.  I’ve also heard of accounts of lynchings in Battery Park.  So, that tally should come on up to at least 3605 of you only account for those in New York City.  Now there was a trial of a sista who burned down the slaveowners house right here in New York.  She went off in the courthouse according to documented accounts. All of ya’ll documenting the south need to come on upsouth and coutn these too!

  6. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    Many people refuse to understand Black people have every justification to Hate White folks, it’s a miracle more of us don’t. It’s also miraculous that Black folks never became Domestic Terrorist, America is very lucky.

  7. AnthonyAllen says:

    I Agree with you heywood. The reason many blacks dont hate whites is because they believe that book of fairytales whites gave them called the bible.

  8. DeborahMartin says:

    AnthonyAllen : Yes and they are more emboldened than EVER with it. In this new day and age people in general are cracking up and I had one large brotha on the train last sunday just sit across from me and start going on and on about Jesus this and that. Same thing with a Chinese man in the library and an Amish girl at Times square train station handing out free dvd’s about Jesus.  I told each of them to tell me about the details of the slave ship named Jesus.  Each time I spoke about a slave ship that was called the good ship Jesus, each one of them stopped and was silent.  OHHH how that silence was GOOLLDENNNN!  The so called God fearing ones stole us, raped us, sodomized the men called buck breaking, beat us, starved us, killed us and dragged us away from our home in the name of Jesus on a slave ship named Jesus and none of them could answer me as to why.

  9. DeborahMartin says:

    BlackheywoodHeywood In a court case in old New York City, a slave woman was on trial for burning down her owners house. In court she went off and lost her mind.  Slavery ended here in 1827 at least on paper.  Around 1741 our enslaved tortured people burned down what was New Amsterdam.  I’m sure somewhere in that story, the truth of which mulatto gave them away and caused us to stay enslaved. 
     See all those Asians allowed honorary White status and into EVERY strata of American society from Ivy league on down to opening shops in the ghetto and Whites NEVER lose their mind over it?  That right there is where domestic terrorism is going to show itself. They let these strangers into their top schools AND their regular schools, same thing with their colleges and they can partake of the American economic pie with no opposition whatsoever. They run the hospitals and the food trucks, the IT department and the 99 cents stores.  THAT is a recipe for a nightmare.  They can run the exclusive restaurant, the Halal food truck and the damned hospital and no one seems to voice out loud that this could an issue at some point sooner rather than later. They’re now suing the slave built Harvard because too many Blacks are being allowed in.  Nothing like that White privilege huh?  They’re learning this and they’re not liking it and no one sees the collision course this will bring.  They can poison the food, not treat you at the hospital, and cut off phone contact and make computers go dark but not one word is uttered about letting all manner of foreigners up in here that can’t stand America and yet are allowed to observe the places even White folks don’t want to know about.   From corner store to food cart, curry joint to ivy league, the nation, compelled to drag us down while allowing EVERYDAMNBODY else to open up businesses without opposition, will ultimately doom itself via racism.  The question remains, where do we as Black people stand when Whites and their privilege are under attack and how do we navigate this because I’m not dealing with that sort of slavery ever again, period.

  10. TinaSue says:

    DeborahMartin BlackheywoodHeywood  Those are very good observations.  When they get all that Ivy League education, they will use it to do another 9/11.  Whites are arrogant enough to think they can tell all non-Whites what to do.  Who’s to say those people want to be honorary Whites?  Perhaps they are proud of who they are.
    I think the law suit against Harvard will affect Whites more than Blacks.  The Asians have higher scores than Whites, so they should get in based on those highest scores. I think that’s what the law suit is about–the highest scores.  They are really starting trouble if they challenge Whites…lol.

  11. DeborahMartin says:

    TinaSue DeborahMartin BlackheywoodHeywood: The Asians are suing because they feel their higher scores are not considered enough anymore. The Ivy’s now want ‘creativity from their candidates, not just high scores. This need for creativity is basically White folks showing off that privilege and power they have as they panic over the fact that they’ve revealed that they’re aren’t as special as they portray themselves.  They may technically win the lawsuit but the suit was filed because a number of Black students have been admitted into the school and the perception is that they’re not good enough based on a life of honorary whiteness teaching them this falsehood while living that white life in suburban America.
     Also keep in mind some of that beauty supply shop money we generate is putting these kids through Ivy league college and paying the lawyers for that lawsuit.  In the end, they may win the battle  but lose the war where their numbers in top level institutions are diminished significantly and it could be partially based on the fact that the US suspects a number of professors and students from Asia of stealing industrial secrets so they’re now a security risk of epic proportions and it’s already too late.  The reason for admitting so many Black students is to create leaders they can control, deploy them to Africa and use them to battle the Chinese for the natural resources in Africa.

  12. TinaSue says:

    DeborahMartin TinaSue BlackheywoodHeywood  You are correct!  White strategy of pitting the House Slave against the Field Slave (the Model Minority against all the Slaves, Minorities against Minorities) is about played out.
    I recall seeing a news story of this Chinese woman dating this White FBI(?) agent, only to find out later that she was a spy for the Chinese government, and had stolen lots of secrets through him.
    I’ve been in constant conversation with my Black friends, family, and community about buying all this false hair and sending other people’s children to college.  I’ve actually been able to make changes with them.
    In the end, I’m vey optimistic for Africa and us Black Americans.  Think of all we’ve already overcome.

  13. HaroldlClayton says:

    DeborahMartin TinaSue BlackheywoodHeywood

  14. HaroldlClayton says:

    DeborahMartin TinaSue BlackheywoodHeywood  Didn’t they bust a couple of thousand mainly Chinese students cheating at various colleges and universities across the country !!

  15. TinaSue says:

    HaroldlClayton DeborahMartin TinaSue BlackheywoodHeywood 
    Just the past week, the Chinese are being accused of hacking and stealing all of our government employees’ file records.  They are putting all that education to use for the benefit of their own people.

  16. DeborahMartin says:

    TinaSue HaroldlClayton DeborahMartin BlackheywoodHeywood : If they want to curry favor with the American Blacks, then they need to hand over the black hair care industry and reveal all.  After all, many of us are now learning that this place was never meant for use so why even bother to fight yet another war to preserve considering we fell first in the Boston Massacre and EVERY other was for this nation so none of that is of any use to us as a people.

  17. TinaSue says:

    DeborahMartin TinaSue HaroldlClayton BlackheywoodHeywood 
    They will not hand over the hair care industry to us.  Black people have to stop handing over their money to them, and make sure they support only Blacks who are in the hair care business.  There’s no need to buy other people’s hair anyway (unless you lost hair to chemotherapy).
    I was surprised how far other people will go to control the resources coming from the Black community when I read the black hair story book.  You should read this book “Hair Story” by Ayana D. Byrd.  She traces black hair from Slavery to the present. I was shocked that even the government was involved in a decision to help the White hair industry gain control of the lucrative Black hair market, forcing some Black owners out of the business.
    Even the less educated Black people I know don’t like all these other minorities coming into our communities and setting up shop, taking money from us.  The more educated amongst us should tell them what they can do and help them do it..

  18. AnthonyAllen says:

    I stopped my wife and daughters from supporting these asians in our neighborhoods. Its amazing how much effort it took. They are all natural now. I made them search for black women who do nails too. I told my wife you are sending their kids to college while we struggle to send ours . What sense does that make . Thats all it took.

  19. Romeo Burke says:

    Your Father was Right!!!

  20. Rick2i2er says:

    I bet there would be less anti-white resentment if the black median income levels equaled the white.  What do you think?  I would apologize for minority of white people whose racism extended to terroristic lynching, except that I want to promote viewing people (me, and all others) as individuals, not as members of a race.  I am an American and a human being.  I have those in common with all other human beings.  If I apologize to contemporary black people for what a minority of crackers did a hundred years ago, I’m encouraging my fellow citizens who are black to think all white folks are devils.  Those crackers were devils, that’s for sue.  I’d like to think I have much more in common with contemporary black Americans than I do those devil crackers. Their acts were, among other things, American white terrorism.

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