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April 10, 2015

Dear White Media: Stop Asking Black People About Forgiveness

Dear White Media: Stop Asking Black People About Forgiveness

by Yvette Carnell

Walter Scott’s mother said during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper that she forgives the cop who killed her son. This came after Cooper asked her about the clergy as well as the police chief visiting her home. Watch:

There were 1,000 more relevant questions Anderson Cooper could’ve asked the mother of a man who’d been slaughtered by a lying cop. But nope, he opened the door and steered Scott Walker’s mother down the path to forgiveness.

“Because of the love of God in me I can’t be like that…I feel forgiveness in my heart. Even for the guy who shot and killed my son,” she said.

“You feel forgiveness?” Cooper asked again, with emphasis.

“Yes, yes I do,” she said.

I’ve discussed before the “forgiveness olympics”, obviously a pastime among many blacks, but it should be noted how quickly mainstream reporters open that door, in hopes that family members of murdered blacks will pocket their pain and give mainstream society emotional permission to move on.

This is also why I was proud of Jordan Davis’ father for telling CNN that he doesn’t forgive his son’s killer, Michael Dunn.  Watch the CNN anchor insert forgiveness into the conversation with Jordan Davis’ parents at around the 9 minute mark:

I do not, however, understand why that question was even asked. Forgiveness is personal and interpersonal, while racism is systemic. By allowing the media to insert forgiveness into the conversation, we are allowing them to diminish racism, as if it could be eliminated by personal religious preferences. As if occupying the zenith at the tip of the moral high ground somehow erases centuries of racist actions and their manifestations.

And if the cop who filled Walter Scott’s back with bullets gets acquitted, mainstream media will shoulder shrug and say, ‘so what? you already forgave him right? It’s in God’s hands now.’

The obligation is not on blacks to forgive. It is the responsibility of American society to fix, through corrective legislative steps, a system bread and buttered with white supremacy. Once that’s done, then we can work on forgiveness. Until then, we should refuse to engage in such emotive conversations.

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88 thoughts on “Dear White Media: Stop Asking Black People About Forgiveness

  1. eliwas999 says:

    How is this the white medias fault. Every time i look up , black people are forgiving their enemies. The legacy of slavery and institutional brainwashing courtesy of the christian church is at fault for this. Lets put the blame where it should be. We need to shake the mental chains of slavery that have been passed down generation to generation. ” No comment” would have been the most appropriate response to Anderson Cooper’s question.  But alas , black folks have no CODE OF CONDUCT.

  2. Rick Manigault says:

    I was bothered by how many times I’ve heard about not only forgiveness but sympathy for the killers family, I never remember an instance where the inconvenience of the perps family is mentioned at the same time we keep hearing the victims family give respect and prayers, 6 days into this and we have media running stories about arrest warrants, why the hell else would he run?

  3. Rick Manigault says:

    Also Michael Dunn is as good as dead, lets leave him there.

  4. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Two paragraphs in, a LIE:  Anderson Cooper did not “open the door” or “steer” a damn thing.  He asked the lady how she felt about the police chief’s and clergymen’s visit, and she VOLUNTEERED her forgiveness!  

    A few more paragraphs in, another LIE:  Cuomo did NOT “insert forgiveness,” he asked a question on a well-publicized fact going into the interview, that Dunn’s mother forgave the killer, but the father did not. 

    Only you, Yvette, could take an incident where you have every right to feel moral outrage and even vindication, since there is no disputing this cop’s guilt that I have been able to ascertain.  Yet you take this and turn it into a brazenly dishonest accusation about the “white media.”  You could argue that neither shooter in the Dunn and Scott cases deserve forgiveness by the loved ones of who they killed.  I’d certainly argue that’s the case with Walter Scott, and I wouldn’t forgive anyone who took my son’s life in a scenario like that.  But it’s Judy Scott’s decision to make.  And she offered that decision with NO prompting from the “white media.”   She sounds like a kind-hearted, Christian lady, and you, Yvette, are a hate-filled waste of oxygen and bandwidth who doesn’t amount to a boil on her ass, IMHO.

  5. queenofmeanest says:

    I am the type the does not forgive or forget.  This xtian behavior of forgiveness need to go the way of the dodo bird.  People say that is good to forgive.  BULLCRAP.

  6. Roderick king says:

    This is red neck south Carolina. Black people in the south suffer from some kind of stockholm syndrome. The church has fucked up the minds of some of these people. Even after seeing her son shot down like a dog this woman thinks she and her family will get respect from those red necks. I’m sorry for her loss but can’t get behind her capitulation to the very people who don’t give a shit about her behind closed doors. Mlk legacy of forgiving the oppressors has screwed some people’s minds up. Like God going to give you browny points for being screwed over and slaughtered like some stockyard animal. I think fear of having to stand up for yourself is sometimes the motivating factor for people to take the forgiveness attitude. This is the 21st century and hard times are a few decades away. If a united front hasn’t been established in poor and minority communities the next generation of black people will experience life similar to the beginning of the last century. We have to be hard on our own when called for to ensure that we hold accountable those that the media chooses to use to keep us under control. If ever there was a time for action instead of rhetoric that time is now. Someone should point out to this mother that there was 200 so called justifiable shooting by police in south Carolina in the last 5 years. 200 justifiable shooting by police officers in 5 years in a state with such a small population. In England they had 57 killings by policemen in the last 100 years. We have a big problem in this country and its right in front of our faces. It should be very hard to become a policemen and the requirements should be under review by the federal government to ensure the type of law enforcement officials are not abusing their authority. One place to start is to break up theffraternity mindset and hold each individual accountable for covering up another cop’s mistakes. I would stop all federal military equipment going to these departments and would require mandatory psychiatric testing quarterly to help weed out the undesirables. I would set limits on the ages of policemen and have mandatory physical fitness test quarterly also. If you can’t chase down a suspect less than a hundred yards from you you don’t deserve to be on the force. If you can’t cognitively comprise a strategy to apprehend a suspect with little force as possible you need to find another job. These suggestions can work if we as a people demand it. There should be civilian oversight in each city that has power to review their law enforcement agencies to make suggestions and to monitor their police officers. Its time to take the next step in guaranteeing our rights.

  7. junkbondtrader41 says:

    “Someone should point out to this mother that there was 200 so called justifiable shooting by police in south Carolina in the last 5 years. 200 justifiable shooting by police officers in 5 years in a state with such a small population. In England they had 57 killings by policemen in the last 100 years.”
    As are so many “facts” cited on here, misleading. This refers to a little over 200 incidents of cops discharging their firearms, this is NOT 200 killings.
    “Police in South Carolina have fired their weapons at 209 suspects in the past five years, and a handful of officers have been accused of pulling the trigger illegally – but none has being convicted, according to an analysis by The State newspaper.
    The analysis also found:
    At least 101 African-American suspects were shot at, of whom 34 died. At least 67 white suspects were shot at; 41 died. Five were either Latino, Asian or Native American; four of them died.”
    You compare that figure to the 57 police homicides in Britain.

  8. junkbondtrader41 says:

    The UK differential is also a factor of a much smaller population, and if course that only a select few highly trained officers there are even armed!
    Fewer criminals in absolute numbers, fewer guns, fewer armed cops
    What did you expect?? To chalk this up to bloodthirsty “racist” cops alone I is absurd.

  9. Watchful says:

    There’s alot more to this than meets the eye. U have to look at the players involved. Is Benjamin Crump involved… again?  Is Ryan Julison involved … again? Have money deals already been made behind the scenes with the victim’s family? From Trayvon to Michael Brown  and now Walter Scott, we keep seeing the same players immediately turn up on the scene as advisers and/or spokespersons representing the families of the victims. Have these ppl been handpicked to shape the narrative and to arrange payoffs to the families? Questions need to be raised and we need to dig much deeper beneath the surface to see what’s really going on in these cases. Didn’t Trayvon’s parents get a million dollar payoff? Are Micheal Brown’s parents about to get a similar payoff? Can’t help but suspect that the same things is being arranged for the family of Walter Scott. Things r being manipulated by forces unseen, we should not be so willing to accept what we’re being fed by the mainstream media. We must look deep beneath the surface. Y do we keep hearing the parents of the victims say things like ‘we don’t want this to be about race’ or ‘we forgive the person that shot and killed our son/daughter’. Have they been told to say these things as part of payment deals that may have possible been negotiated by ppl like Crump, Sharpton, and Julison who always seem to immediately show up following murders like these? Inquiring minds wanna know.

  10. Roderick king says:

    If you read my post correctly you will notice i said shooting not 200 murders. I also noticed you are white trying to sway the narrative on a black blog either you are scared of black unity or are some paid troll considering how many times you have made post on this comment page. As for the UK it has a larger population than the state of south Carolina and if you really want to be accurate about killings by police officers in a 100 year period I’m sure you will find that the state of south Carolina police probably has killed more than 57 people in the same100 year period than the British.

  11. Johnw11 says:

    I would encourage everyone reading this to read up on the personality / behavior traits of the “psychopath.” The psychopaths, incapable of experiencing forgiveness themselves, invariably believes that if there is to be any “forgiveness,” then the psychopath is  “entitled” to be forgiven by his victims. After all, it’s always the victims’ fault according to the psychopaths’ “rationalizing.”  Therefore, the victim is “morally” obligated to forgive the psychopath and thereby absolve the psychopath of all qualifications for punishment.
    It is, of course, a con game the psychopath plays on those whose morality he sees as an exploitable weakness.  By definition, psychopaths themselves have no sense of morality. While the psychopaths’ victims might view their own morality as a spiritual or personal virtue of strength, psychopaths view highly moral people as suckers.
    When psychopaths operate within the context of race, they are operating within a SYSTEM of racism / white supremacy, operated by psychopaths. And therefore these psychopaths view Blacks (victims of white supremacy) the same way psychopaths operating in a nonracial context view their victims — as suckers. 
    Media personalities are part of that system of racism / white supremacy. Indeed, in role they are its apologists and its veneer — its agents of propaganda. Therefore, as psychopathic agents of a psychopathic system of racism / white supremacy, it is their role to sense weakness and exploit it in the interest of racism / white supremacy.
    I agree with Ms. Carnell, it’s time-out for the psychopaths’ asking Blacks to absolve the racists of qualification for punishment by forgiving them. Once Blacks understand that, unlike themselves, the racist psychopath does not view Blacks’ willingness to forgive as a virtue of Blacks — but as the weakness of suckers– they will stop making a fool of themselves before the whole world by sending the message that it is OK to abuse them because they will forgive their abusers. As one might imagine, such behavior only invites more abuse from immoral people who view the abuse of others as their birth right.

  12. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful  You’re  correct. Their role is to facilitate the victims’ families dropping demands for justice via prosecution of the lynchers by convincing them to pursue money in place of justice.
    The leader of this disgraceful enterprise is the snitch (“CI-7”) Sharpton, who’s role is to take pressure off the Obama administration which couldn’t care less about prosecuting the lynchers.
    By using this approach, Sharpton gets paid twice. Once by the Obama administration for his distraction services, and also by getting a cut of the “settlement” victims’ families receive.

  13. Rick Manigault says:

    Watchful I think the players you mentioned like Crump are in cahoots with the justice department, in conjunction with “black lives matter” protesters they make sure nothing real or concrete is on the table and people just talk about race and policing in a generic fashion, Imagine if the family let Sharpton come down there this would be an absolute circus.

  14. Rick Manigault says:

    Roderick king I remember visiting my family in the Charleston when the Malcolm  X movie came out in the early 90s, they said Malcolm was evil for daring to show anger for oppressors and MLK was great for turning the other cheek. I don’t like to bash people based on the region they come from but you are spot on.

  15. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Roderick king Um, yes, you did say “shootings,” dude.  Which, as I pointed out, there is a qualitative difference.  But your implication was something else, in comparing “shootings” with “homicides,” which is a false comparison.  If you meant to compare South Carolina’s police homicides, you should have used those figures instead.

    My wording was imprecise on the second point, the point was that the UK has a much “smaller population” than the US, not South Carolina.  And again, most of their rank-and-file police do not even carry firearms!  Of course there would be many fewer police shootings.

    I could also note that Britain is still about 90% white, and since crime rate differentials by race hold globally just as they do here, its violent crime rates are accordingly lower, necessitating many fewer per capita violent encounters with police.

  16. Watchful says:

    Rick Manigault 

    Exactly, Rick … and keep ur eye on the attorney representing Mr.Scott’s family, L Chris Stewart, too. We need to look into his background as well.

    Also, the so-called ‘#Black Lives Matter’ campaign is being financed by none other than George Soros, so that oughta tell u just how phony that whole ‘movement’ is.

    And don’t be surprised if Sharpton shows up with Mr.Scott’s family at some point. I believe he’s very much in play in all of this. There is sooooooo much more to this case going on behind the scenes than we realize. The whole thing could very well have been staged. All I can say is stay tuned and dig deeper and try and connect the dots.

  17. vampirehunterg1 says:

    junkbondtrader41 Do you castigate the founder of American Renaissance? Don’t answer, we already know. Besides what’s it what Yvette does with her website?

  18. Johnw11 
    BROTHER please start a blog so websites like myself can post them you’re too big for a comment box!

  19. AMAC7210 says:

    Watchful i like your analysis and i agree that white man is using his self appointed Uncle Toms to control the situation. I felt it was odd for the brother and the mom to remain calm after the shooting which may explain why they’re behaving this way.

  20. AMAC7210 says:

    eliwas999  I agree with you about it being institutional brainwashing; in almost every single situation they’re asking the black person to forgive the perpetrator i.e. OU frat situation as if it was the black person fault for the event that occurred. Everyone is glorifying the mom for being a forgiving person but if you’ve brought up to serve the Mr. Charley that all you know and unfortunately she falls into that category. We have to get away from what God said to do; where is God when her son was getting shot 5 times in the back. Religion was created by the white man in this country and they use it to enslave our people for 400 years and we fall for it almost every single time….It’s no different that MLK telling black people to turn the other cheek while the white man beat our azz.. Are we ever going to get our head from under the hood.


  21. AMAC7210 says:

    Roderick king  Well said and I totally agree with you with the black church and the MLK analysis’s. Regarding your suggestion of not sending military equipment to these cities, town, municipalities etc I would agree however the Government is part of the problem.. This is the same institution the create laws to enrich/benefit the white man at the expense of the black man. I’m in complete support of your statement that we need to take action NOW and stop all this marching and praying nonsense.


  22. AMAC7210 says:

    Johnw11  As usual Bro. John well stated.


  23. AMAC7210 says:

    Watchful Rick Manigault  Watchful thanks for sharing the knowledge about George Soros funding Black Lives Matter’ it’s typical that they’re behind the scene propping up these groups with financial resources to push their own agenda across. Unfortunately most people do not know who is George Soros unless you work for him i.e. Obama..


  24. junkbondtrader41 says:

    vampirehunterg1 junkbondtrader41 As soon as you elaborate on what lie Jared Taylor has told, I’ll be happy to consider the question of “castigating’ him.

  25. junkbondtrader41 says:

    AMAC7210 eliwas999 Why are you using Egyptian when the Egyptians weren’t black?

  26. Watchful says:


    Thank u, AMAC7210 … I’m glad to see that there r others out there who aren’t so willing to just readily accept the ‘official’ story that we’re being fed by the mainstream  media. This is y I listen to, read, and watch alternative news sources, especially those controlled by OUR ppl. As u stated, most ppl aren’t even aware of who the key players r that r working behind the scenes to carry out the agenda of the elite who seek to control our minds with their propaganda. It’s up to us to do some critical thinking and seek out alternative sources of information so we can learn and arm ourselves with the truth.

  27. Watchful says:


    YES! YES! YES!  When I watched the family members of Mr.Scott being interviewed I was almost amazed at how serene they appeared. In fact, the mother almost appeared to have a bit of a smile on her face as that shill for the elite, Anderson Cooper, interviewed her. That is certainly NOT the type of demeanor typically shown by someone who just learned that their unarmed son or brother had been gunned down by a cop. Both the mother and brother left me SMDH. And the lawyer, Mr. Stewart, seemed to only be there to make sure she followed the script. Another person whose background ppl need to look further into is Ryan Julison who also ‘advised’ Trayvon Martin’s family following his murder. He’s a script writer and his job is to define and shape the narrative following these murders involving blk murder victims and their white perpetrators. This shyt  goes alot deeper than what appears on the surface. Ppl need to step away from their emotions and critically examine what is being said and shown to them and ask themselves does everything being presented really add up. I say no.

  28. AMAC7210 says:

    I just looked him up and there is a trail of BS going on……it’s unfortunate how the white man and some of our own ppl take advantage of the ill-informed or misguided to make a profit…… thanks for bringing this to my attention..


  29. vampirehunterg1 says:

    junkbondtrader41 vampirehunterg1  You won’t find black people coming over to American Renaissance to correct white people because we don’t care.  Most black people are perfectly fine with whites believing whatever they want to believe. That’s why you don’t see blacks coming to white conservative websites to change peoples minds. It’s a waste of time. So why pursue it. The problems come when people like you come to tell black people how they should think. I don’t care about anything Jared Taylor purports on his site. He is nothing more than a knock off David Duke. So I won’t be going there to fact check all the bigoted statements that come from American Renaissance. You go there, do you ever fact check the stories? Or do you go there because it confirms your worldview? I don’t care one bit what the hell Jared Taylor spouts off about black criminal pathology. I don’t care about anything he has to say. I care about black people moving towards higher consciousness. I don’t have any interest in finding out about how conservative white people think. When I do, I need only turn on talk radio.  You seem to be somebody who sees themselves as a purveyor of righteousness. You feel it’s your self-appointed duty to enlighten us oblivious blacks. Am I getting close? From the brief exchanges I’ve had with you, I would surmise that you are a curious white male who wants to know black people but is far to awkward, bigoted or fearful to make a black friend. A guide if you will. Someone who could quench your racial curiosity.  If that is not your reason for being here, then I can only assume your mind is wired to seek conflicts with people you disagree with en lieu of confronting anybody in person. Maybe you are somebody who uses this site to validate your superiority complex. If that’s you my advice for you is to get a life.

  30. junkbondtrader41 says:

    vampirehunterg1 junkbondtrader41 My closest friend of 30 years is a black man.  You know jack shit about me, dude.  Which is the extent of your knowledge of basically everything else.  

    To answer your question, yes, I have fact checked Jared Taylor, and have yet to find an error, a misrepresentation, or anything that would make me doubt him.  But it is a convenient out for you to declare you don’t read American Renaissance, hence you can’t be required to give me an example of its dishonesty.

  31. junkbondtrader41 says:

    vampirehunterg1 junkbondtrader41 And if your comeback here is to cite something from Tim Wise, please spare me.  I’ve read it, and it is Wise who is dishonest, not Taylor.

  32. vampirehunterg1 says:

    junkbondtrader41 AMAC7210 eliwas999 Funny cause Robert Bauval a white Belgian says otherwise. Click it and weep.

  33. vampirehunterg1 says:

    junkbondtrader41 No I won’t sight Tim Wise because I don’t care.

  34. junkbondtrader41 says:

    vampirehunterg1 junkbondtrader41 Of course.  “Not caring” excuses you from answering inconvenient facts.

  35. junkbondtrader41 says:

    vampirehunterg1 junkbondtrader41 AMAC7210 eliwas999 There is no shortage of whites who think its chic to credit blacks with undeserved achievements.

    But yeah, “click it and weep.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  36. AMAC7210 says:

    junkbondtrader41 AMAC7210 eliwas999  LOL…Typical White Bastard that don’t know shit about African culture other than what they stole … To bad the evidence which they tried to discard and erase show otherwise… As for you please get you White Punk Azz of this site… That why the Black man has DOMINATED you since the earth has been created… Remember we made you and your forefathers….Ask the punk azz Pope why he worship the BLACK Madonna.. Ask the Europeans who couldn’t read living in filth and banging their animals about the MOORS (Black People).. Ask Alexander the Greek aka The Thief who came to Egypt which means black country aka Kemet to steal our shit. Even your white forefathers admitted that civilization started with Black people in the Nile Valley ( ain’t that a Bitch).. Look around this room and this earth everything has color with the exception of YOU.. That why the Creator made the SUN for US… I bet the SUN wears your AZZ out.. I bet your skin is wrinkle and stretch… That why you have to get a Face Lift to tighten that shyt up..The WHITE man envy our COLOR..SKIN… as well as our Genitals how many billion of dollars the WHITE man has spent to get our size GENITALS and yet you still have small ones… That why your wife, daughter, mother and sister wants a piece of them LMAO.. Your  fellow Caucasoid are tying to emulate US… but you can’t.. The CREATOR gave us Melanin which give us a distinct advantage over you and your azz can’t change nature and that’s f*ck you up. All these names Negro, Black, African were given to us by you… It is what it is but one name that you can call me is BIG DADDY!!! so recognize it. . My Son please move on.

  37. junkbondtrader41 says:

    AMAC7210 junkbondtrader41 eliwas999 I will stay here as long as I fucking well please.

    But THANK YOU for that unhinged rant, and discrediting yourself to the casual reader more in one post than I could do in several.

  38. vampirehunterg1 says:

    junkbondtrader41 vampirehunterg1 WTF!!!! LOL!!!! You did not just give me the I have a black friend spiel. OMG!!!!! You are right I don’t know you. I do know that you have nothing better to do than hangout on a black site and try to debate me. Thank you for the laughs.

  39. junkbondtrader41 says:

    vampirehunterg1 junkbondtrader41 I don’t “try” to debate you, I mop the floor with you.  That you aren’t bright enough to see that is your problem.

    Believe me about my friend, or don’t.  Couldn’t care less.

  40. vampirehunterg1 says:

    junkbondtrader41 vampirehunterg1 Not caring is an excuse? An excuse is a response without responsibility. I take full responsibility for my lack of caring. So it’s not an excuse. It’s a reason.

  41. junkbondtrader41 says:

    vampirehunterg1 junkbondtrader41 Yes, it is an excuse.  You have no facts to rebut those you encounter from me or on American Renaissance, so you declare that you “don’t care.”  As in, you COULD do it if you had to, but choose not to.  It’s bullshit.

    I know it, and you know it.  If I’m wrong, pick something and debunk it.  It’s not complicated.

  42. vampirehunterg1 says:

    junkbondtrader41 vampirehunterg1 It’s always funny when someone like you is trying to debate me then devolves into using insults and profanity to try to get a point across. All you have shown me is you like conflict for conflict sake. I have things to go do now that I care about. Thanks again for the laughs.

  43. junkbondtrader41 says:

    vampirehunterg1 junkbondtrader41 Sure, sure, dude.  Keep that false bravado up, you might convince your SELF.  

    The door is always open to back up your boasts.

  44. vampirehunterg1 says:

    AMAC7210 junkbondtrader41 eliwas999 Leave him alone. Let him waste his time and mind.

  45. junkbondtrader41 says:

    vampirehunterg1 AMAC7210 junkbondtrader41 eliwas999 Agreed.  There are better uses of a mind than stewing in the sewage I find on here.  Call it a weakness of mind.

  46. AMAC7210 says:

    Vampire I agree with you; I’ve been encouraging others to IGNORE this idiot but I broke down this time but it felt good to Blast his azz. I won’t entertain his comments again.

  47. Chris40 says:

    Black People Should Stop Getting On TV Saying They Forgive Killer Cops:

  48. Watchful says:


    No problem, glad u took the time to do a lil research on him. And u’re right, there is definitely a lonnnnng trail of BS going on and ALL the usual suspects r involved.

  49. eliwas999 says:

    AMAC7210, @ junkbondtrader can only troll effectively if we keep responding to IT. There is extreme POWER in ignoring someone . Just imagine if you were talking to someone and they didnt acknowledge you at all. They didnt talk to you or even look at  you. Black people on this blog are playing right into the white supremacists  hands by allowing IT to dictate the direction and flow of  discussion. This is a BLACK website designed for US by US. Lets act like it !

  50. junkbondtrader41 says:

    eliwas999 AMAC7210 As I have said more than once, you all will apparently never learn that I give not 2 shits whether you reply to me or not.  There is no wisdom to be heard from the vast majority of you, and I am not here to seek validation.  I’m here to put visible facts before the casual reader.  

    And by my count the number posts by twits proactively asserting they are “ignoring” me is roughly keeping pace with the actual replies.

  51. eliwas999 says:


  52. Johnw11 says:

    ROBERT JORDAN  Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

  53. Johnw11 says:

    @AMAC7210 Thank you.

  54. Chris40 says:

    Jason Black goes in on Judy Scott (Walter Scott’s mother)

  55. RickyboyH says:

    junkbondtrader41 AMAC7210 eliwas999 Ancient Egyptian is an African language. African people are black people, that’s not even up for discussion.
    Here’s a study on the genetic origins of the Amarna mummies.
    The Egyptians were as African as you can get, sorry mac, but your knowledge of history just falls short here.

  56. RickyboyH says:

    junkbondtrader41 vampirehunterg1 Ah, the “but I have a black friend/girlfriend/wife” defense. Never gets old.

  57. junkbondtrader41 says:

    RickyboyH junkbondtrader41 AMAC7210 eliwas999 You’re right, it isn’t debatable.  Your view is simply bullshit.

  58. BeachActor says:

    This woman needs to read or listen or watch some of the opinions of young black people in this country who are just tired of the victimization a black people by black leaders. He gets it! His name is CJ Pearson and watch him grow into a responsible politician. the link works
    Blacks can be racist too
    healing cannot begin unless you have forgiveness. this woman doesn’t have to forget but if she doesn’t forgive she’s going to be better the rest of her life toward everyone even her fellow black brothers and sisters. I don’t know the story but hopefully the cop was brought to justice if he truly was lying. sometimes they will be accused of lying as an excuse for of lack of responsibility from the victim

  59. Johnw11 says:

    BeachActor  I disagree with you. In fact you don’t seem lucid. I will not go to the website because I know what it is about (either a ‘Black conservative” nut job working for racists or an outright racist) based on three statements you made (1) Black leaders are victimizing Black people, (2) Blacks can be racists too, and (3) healing cannot begin unless you have forgiveness.
    First, white supremacy / racism is “victimizing” Black people. So-called Black leaders such as right-wing “Black conservatives”  and other so-called leaders such as Sharpton et al. are simply INSTRUCTMENTS of white supremacy and their victimizing occurs within their assigned roles as employees of one sector or another of the system of racism white supremacy. You can tell that ignorant CJ Pearson that racism is not an individual attitude but a system of domination and control of nonwhite people, devised and maintained by people who collectively declare themselves as white, known as “white supremacy = racism” (got it?).
    Second, since “white supremacy is the only racism in the known universe,” Blacks cannot by definition be racists.
    Third, it is not the responsibility of a victim to seek “healing.” That is the responsibility of the victimizer, if, and when, the victimizer seeks to make amends with the victim.
    It is the responsibility of the victim to seek justice! Victims who seek “healing” over justice will always be victims. There is not even a fairytale where this fact is not indeed a fact.
    Tell your CJ Pearson to enjoy his rewards received from racists, but how does he sleep at night knowing the harm he is doing by serving as an agent of racism / white supremacy which is destroying the lives of millions of Blacks daily?
    While Blacks cannot be racists, they can be psychopaths, and being one –defined as not having the capacity to experience guilt or shame, etc.– is the only possible way he could sleep.

  60. queenofmeanest says:

    I just finished a federal lawsuit against the local pigs harassing my children.  The city lost and now we are working out the terms of the settlement agreement. After I filed the lawsuit my family got calls from all of these chicken schit preachers asking my kids to drop the lawsuit or meeting them when they got off the bus from school asking my kids to pray with them and tried to teach them forgiveness etc.
    My children have enough sense to tell these plantation preachers were to go and how to get there.  My youngest daughter told one preacher that I normally do not disrespect my elders, however, since you see fit to disrespect me, my siblings, my parents and extended members of my family, I suggest that you take that schit up with my parents.
    During the trial, some rusty mouth raggedy haired black woman was speaking on behalf of the pigs and she was preaching that xtian forgiveness crap.  When my attorney started cross examining her, he ripped her to pieces and when he was through with her, he asked her if she would forgive him.  She said hell no and ran out of court.

    After the jury rendered their verdict, during the polling process, the question of forgiveness was asked.  The consensus from a predominantly white jury, said, why should blacks forgive people who trespass against them?  What about the black woman that preached forgiveness on behalf of the dirty cops but yet refused to forgive the attorney who made her like a fool?

  61. queenofmeanest says:

    I got my ammo.

  62. Watchful says:


    I’m soooooo glad u won that suit, queen … and I’m equally glad that u’re children responded to those pork chop eatin’ preachers the way they did. I swear, some of those xtian zealots r borderline psychotic which is y I keep them at a distance.

  63. Watchful says:


    I have no doubt that u’re well-armed, queen.  : )

  64. Johnw11 says:

    Chris40  I finally had time to listen to this tape. I’m glad I did. The most profound statement made by Jason Black is: “Even if he[the murderer] is found guilty, they’ll bring [the victim’s] family before the court and his family will ask the court to “forgive” the murderer, and seek leniency for him.” 
    That behavior as described is maladaptive and an ULTIMATE example of mental illness.
    In healthy behavior, the responsibility of seeking “healing” belongs to the victimizer who has to first sincerely ask for “forgiveness.” The victim’s responsibility is to seek justice; which absolves the victim of any “moral” responsibility to “forgive” the victimizer whether forgiveness is sought or not.
    But white supremacy has so damaged the minds of many Blacks to the extent that they function in an up-side-down, MALADAPTIVE, world wherein they SUPPORT their own destruction (murder and abuse).
    So pervasive is this maladaptive behavior, that even when some Blacks know better — they will still support white supremacy by seeking guidance from its instructs of propaganda, etc.  Some of the instruments from which they seek wisdom are direct (raw white supremacy) and others are indirect (“coons” pushing white supremacist narratives of denigrating Black movements).
    Thank you for this posting.
    And if you have anymore “coon trains,” please post. 
    Jason is a deep brother.

  65. queenofmeanest says:

    My mother would have said, let’s burning the city/town down.  My mother was not into forgiveness.  She was way too militant for that schit.

  66. queenofmeanest says:

    Roderick king 
    Don’t forget Houston, TX as well.

  67. queenofmeanest says:

    Watchful AMAC7210 
    Detrimental publicist at work.

  68. queenofmeanest says:

    Well stated.  I got my a$$ handed to me by m 14 y.o. today regarding this subject.

  69. queenofmeanest says:

    I did not realize until today as to how this forgiveness shit had an effect on our children and how these mixed messages are messing them up.  Read on. Remind you, my daughter is 14 y.o. and I did not deeply consider how today’s environment is affecting her and our children until this a.m.

    A friend of my 14 y.o. daughter is undergoing treatment for cancer at M.D. Anderson and Texas Children’s hospital in Houston.  My daughter came down with her friend for support and I came along for the ride.  While watching CNN and the Mr. Freddie Gray murder story I noticed the room becoming very dark and a major change in my daughter’s attitude.
    There was a black woman in the waiting room, preaching jesus and the art of not fighting and letting Jesus fight your battles and the art of forgiveness.
    I took my daughter outside to discuss her concerns, eventually we ended up at our hotel to discuss this further.

    My husband and I always taught our children on what to say, how to say it and to respect the rules of the home.  If they need to use profanity in certain situations, they’d better ask permission.
    I asked Denmark (she was named after Denmark Vesey)  what was wrong and she turned to me and had this look on her face as if she could have knocked me through a wall.

    Denmark said, that is due to my generation and the black generations before hers that is always teaching the art of forgiveness and where in the hell did forgiveness get us.  I asked her where did she get this attitude and she said look at Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, etc. look at what happened to them and will the same thing continue to happen to black people because we are always forgiving the white man for his criminal ways, ethics, morals, etc?

    Denmark wen to say, why is that blacks have to turn the other cheek?  Why is it that blacks have to turn over the wrongs to G’d and jesus and not allow us to fight our battles or we won’t get into heaven?  She said, to hell with heaven.  The price is too high for us to get into heaven. To hell with jesus and that xtian schit.

    How much longer do we have to put up with the disrespect, the demeaning of black people before God or who ever is in charge to step in and straighten schit out.

    How long do we have to put up with this schit before we really put our foot down and say enough?  How much longer do black people have to sell their souls in order to survive in whtie society?  HOW MUCH LONGER DO WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS EVIL?
    I told her that some whites do ask for forgiveness but they know the nature of today’s black people.  Whites know they can ask and will receive forgiveness and go back to what they are doing without any remorse.

    Denmark said, Mom, you and dad get it.  Mom, you almost took several bullets for us. Both grandmothers and granddads get it.  My uncles, your brothers and their children get it, but why can’t the others get it or why are they so slow in getting it?  Is it because Jerry Springer, Maury Povich and Wendy Williams have that much power over their minds?

    Why can’t black people get it.

    I did not say anything.  I could not say anything.  I let my daughter vent for several hours.  Her father was listening on the phone and he did not know how to answer as well.

    Do you think that our youth should be more vocal and not end up holding this anger in or should they carry this unnecessary burden that so-called black adults are placing on them?

  70. Watchful says:


    Exactly, queen.

  71. Chris40 says:

    Johnw11 Chris40 When “Coon Train 4” drops, I’ll post it.

  72. smittyboy7 says:

    queenofmeanest  You have a very smart daughter!

  73. smittyboy7 says:

    queenofmeanest  Your mother is a very smart woman too and I said that with much respect.

  74. queenofmeanest says:

    smittyboy7 queenofmeanest 
    Thank you.

  75. queenofmeanest says:

    Watchful queenofmeanest 

  76. queenofmeanest says:

    smittyboy7 queenofmeanest 
    Thank you.

  77. queenofmeanest says:

    smittyboy7 queenofmeanest 
    I have very smart sons as well.

  78. Johnw11 says:

    Chris40 Johnw11  I’ll be waiting.

  79. queenofmeanest says:

    I asked my children to listen to this and they enjoyed it very much.  They got the message.  My children soaks this type of message up.  Please keep posting messages like this.

  80. Watchful says:


    Great post, queen … I see we use some of the same alternative news sources.  Thing is, alotta our ppl won’t even believe that FEMA would cart their asses off to those concentration camps until it’s too damn late. Hell, it already may be too late.

    I know some here get worked up over Alex Jones, but he’s right on this issue. Ppl can dismiss this kinda info if they like, but they do so at their own peril.

  81. RWWR says:

    They don’t have to ask … we automatically forgive … and then pray for them.

  82. queenofmeanest says:

    Sad, isn’t it?

  83. queenofmeanest says:

    Sad, isn’t it?

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