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April 24, 2015

Corporate Careerist Blacks Work Twice As Hard, Are Twice as Maniacal and Servile Just to Get Ahead?

Corporate Careerist Blacks Work Twice As Hard, Are Twice as Maniacal and Servile Just to Get Ahead?

While discussing on Facebook the report that Attorney General Loretta Lynch is making police morale, as opposed to police brutality, her top priority, a friend made the following observations:

Point blank, I have been surviving on this Earth for 42 years and finding a way to maneuver in the lower levels of corporate America to just make it in this world for a couple of decades now.


That being said, what I have found is that black people who try to achieve success in a Western society predicated on white supremacy and superiority are even more maniacal in their actions since they don’t have white privilege to rely upon to rise up the corporate ladder.

Hence, although black folks say that they have to work twice as hard as a white person to reach the same amount of success (which is true), they also must be twice as good at all the other things that make the white collar world, such as twice as much of a backstabber, twice as servile to people in positions of power and twice as hard on black folks in proving their allegiance to the basic tenets of white supremacy. The fact this woman has already planned on making a tour of these police precincts as a means of solidifying her place as top cop proves my point since none of her white predecessors felt the need to do the same thing…

What do you think? Do blacks who want to get ahead behave even more callously than their white counterparts due to the absence of white privilege?

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12 thoughts on “Corporate Careerist Blacks Work Twice As Hard, Are Twice as Maniacal and Servile Just to Get Ahead?

  1. Roderick king says:

    A very true statement. It’s part of the Stockholm syndrome that black and other minorities face in assimilating American culture. This isn’t just confined to black people alone. It also is a problem in the sports and entertainment industries in America as well in other western countries. Assimilate or be fired. That is the message unfortunately.

  2. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    This doesnt  affect “other minorities” such as Asians and Jews and Arabs because they figured out a long time ago that relying on the morality and kindness of white Anglo Saxon society was a fools errand. Black folks are still trying to prove themselves to massa. Other groups separated themselves economically from the dominant society , consolidated their power and then “reintegrated” themselves into the mainstream on their terms. At some point you have to stop complaining about how the dogs are crapping on your lawn. Dogs are going to do what dogs do. You need to get to work on BUILDING a fence around whats yours so that what the dogs do wont affect you. In the mean time you have a secure gate on that fence , allowing you to come and go on your terms.

  3. Roderick king says:

    I’m sorry but I’m going to have to disagree. The fact that over one million Hispanics classified themselves as white is an illustration of a underlining problem of capitulating to a pseudo power vacuum in America. It’s an identity crisis of being accepted by the dominant culture. Examples of this is why so many Asian women are in relationships with white males as opposed to white women in relationships with Asian males. Jews identify to the dominant culture in classifying themselves as white even though they at times are discriminated against. Jews also hold power in the corporate world in executive capacities that is just the way things are. I think it is an uphill battle to think the system that is in place can be dismantled there are powerful interest that would destroy any movement that jeopardize the status quo. Don’t count on politicians or corporate entities to balance the scales because they are at the root of the problems. Just take care of your family and the ones you love because that is all the power you have. These are Orwellian times and there really isn’t a true movement to counter the impact that money and incompetence has on our daily lives. To much bullshit has been allowed to go on and people are confused about what morality is in the 21st century. People applaud a president who has no problem killing with drones as opposed to killing with bullets. The fact that he is killing innocent people is lost in the argument. People have no problem following the lead of an FBI informant just as long as he’s black. I can give example after example of the hypocrisy we live with and the acceptance of the hypocrisy most people are comfortable with. It’s no wonder the attorney General has the views she does. She lives in America and to be upwardly mobile you must have blinders on the same way that the people you associate with.

  4. HANNIBAL the VICTOR says:

    Roderick king , you counter money with MONEY.  and you shouldnt be banging your head against the wall , trying to dismantle “the System”. Black folks need to understand how the system works and then leverage that understanding into POWER. You can either complain about the rules of the game or you can jump into the game. SPECTATORS complaining about calls on the field never WIN anything. PLAYERS DO.

  5. BlackRobbb says:

    Of course you have to work twice as hard as whites when you are in a position to have to beg whites for jobs and acceptance. Do what the Asians did and build/create your own sh*#.

  6. vampirehunterg1 says:

    HANNIBAL the VICTOR Spot on as always!

  7. Roderick king says:

    To compare black people and Asians is ridiculous. There aren’t 40 million Asians in America for one point. Also Asians have had commerce comming into their communities from so many resources. How many Asian restaurants are there in a city near you they drawf black restaurants by a mile. Just sticking with the restaurant example ask yourself why so many people go to Asian restaurants compared to black restaurants. Could it be the neighborhoods these restaurants are in. Could crime be a contributing factor in why black restaurants struggle and Asian restaurants flourish. The illusion that somehow overnight the black economy will bring about the change needed to address the underlying problems is a fantasy and simplistic. It’s a knee-jerk reaction to a series of complex questions. Just to compare an ethnic group like Asians who are small in numbers but create so much revenue through a range of businesses is just ridiculous. Just like people comparing Jews and the amount of revenue they create compared to black business ventures is laughable. There is less than 17 million Jews in America. They can create opportunities for their people because there are so few of them but they have the resources that can make a difference for themselves because of their small numbers. The same can be said about Asians. There are more black people in America than Asian and Jews combined. The question is how do you with such little resources compared to the Jewish and Asian communities create the wealth necessary to combat the poverty a third of the black population is living in. Take away the government assistance and you cripple large swaths of the black community. Compare that scenario with Jews and Asians they would still flourish. We really need to get real and not put fantasy in the debate about economic security in the black community. Platitudes are for fools and shortsighted people. Remember we are 40 million black people scattered throughout America with some serious internal problems in our communities.

  8. queenofmeanest says:

    Roderick king 
    Sooner or later she is going to realize that by selling her soul to the devil for less than 30 pieces of silver was not worth it.  She won’t say it out loud but she will realize what she has done.

  9. Watchful says:


    But, we can’t forget the role that the ‘referees’ play in the outcome of the ‘game’, too. IJS

  10. Watchful says:


    I’m sure she’s already realized that, queen … and I’m pretty certain she’s quite ok with it, too.

  11. RogerMadison says:

    Half of the headline is true — Blacks have to work harder to achieve similar outcomes in Corporate America.  That is a reality check for anyone in a power structure that is dominated by whites. However, I don’t believe that those who are successful become maniacal or servile.  I also don’t believe that the Stockholm Syndrome applies, as one earlier comment suggested.  We can’t have it both ways — We cannot seek upward mobility within the system we work and have the goal of destroying it at the same time.  Most who achieve some upward mobility make efforts to reform the system from within.  It is not possible to be the leader of an organization and an anarchist at the same time. 

    I am reminded of the quote from Frederick Douglass, 
    “Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without plowing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

    The question is how to be an agitator from the inside to reform the system that we want to serve all of us.  Loretta Lynch, and many Corporate Career Blacks are also a part of our struggle.  All of us cannot stand outside the gates throwing rocks as the only agitation for change.

  12. BigWood1 says:

    I really appreciated the comment section of this particular page, we are fortunate to have bright and thoughtful brothers and sisters contributing to the conversation. In my humble opinion if we are going to drastically improve our fortunes and futures me must collectively begin to plan/ strategize to become major exporters. Just for a second lets remove the cost factor. There are several advantages to being exporters 1) 95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States therefore, there is a never ending supply of potential customers. 2) Exporting enables companies or an entire race of people to weather changes in the domestic economy. 3) Exporting helps small companies or an entire race of people grow and become more competitive in all markets. 4) Free trade agreements have opened up markets in Australia, Chile, Singapore, Jordan, Israel, Canada, Mexico, and Central America, creating more opportunities for anyone with the brains and the guts/courage to strike. Now, I’m not lightheaded to think becoming a major exporter will be easy, but think what will happen if we don’t get serious. Collectively, we have the finance and the brains to pull it off. We only need to develop the skill/knowledge and contacts. The question is Do We Have The Courage???

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