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April 20, 2015

1.5 Million Black Men Are Missing, New York Times Reports

1.5 Million Black Men Are Missing, New York Times Reports

Black men are sometimes referred to as an endangered species, a comparison that irks even some black men, especially those who don’t take kindly to being compared to a spotted owl. A New York Times article which found that 1.5 million black men are effectively missing from society is sure to reignite the debate over whether the American black man is endangered.

These ‘missing’ black men aren’t on the back of milk cartons and they haven’t been kidnapped. According to the Times, they’re missing from society because they’re either dead or in jail:

In New York, almost 120,000 black men between the ages of 25 and 54 are missing from everyday life. In Chicago, 45,000 are, and more than 30,000 are missing in Philadelphia. Across the South — from North Charleston, S.C., through Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi and up into Ferguson, Mo. — hundreds of thousands more are missing.

They are missing, largely because of early deaths or because they are behind bars. Remarkably, black women who are 25 to 54 and not in jail outnumber black men in that category by 1.5 million, according to an Upshot analysis. For every 100 black women in this age group living outside of jail, there are only 83 black men. Among whites, the equivalent number is 99, nearly parity.

This data aligns with a recent Brookings Institute study, republished in under the title Why Black Women With College Degrees Can’t Get Ahead, which found that educated black women have a tougher time becoming upwardly mobile because they can’t find a black man with a similar academic background. This also means more black women never marry:

Marriage rates are lower among black women compared to white women, even among those with a college education. The proportion of black college graduates aged 25 to 35 who have never married is 60 percent, compared to 38 percent for white college-educated women.

Many black women who do marry end up marrying “down”, which, according to the study, has a negative impact on the potential for upward mobility:

If we narrow our focus to those college graduates who do marry, the race gap remains clear: compared to whites, black college graduates are much more likely to have “married down,” in terms of education. White, married college graduates are slightly more likely (11% versus 8%) to have a better-educated husband (i.e., with post-graduate qualifications).

The real point here is that the death and incarceration rate among black men is tearing the black community apart. The question we’re left with is.. what are we going to do to change it?

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21 thoughts on “1.5 Million Black Men Are Missing, New York Times Reports

  1. vampirehunterg1 says:

    Here is what we can do to start. Let’s bring back standards. Women are the standard bearers of society. When women demand more they will get more. So once women stop settling, men will have to start achieving. We have to come to a place where we are working towards becoming more family oriented than self oriented. In short we have to get old school. We need some “soul power”.

  2. Watchful says:


    Well said.

  3. junkbondtrader41 says:

    “Missing,” huh?  Not incarcerated or dead due to their own poor choices, just “missing?”  How does that happen, like alien abduction?  What an absurd way to frame the problem.  But it’s the New York Times, it’s what they do.  

    This does catch my eye, though:

    “Many black women who do marry end up marrying “down”, which, according to the study, has a negative impact on the potential for upward mobility:”

    Just for kicks, let me ask.  Why is it only a problem for black MEN to be “missing?”  I mean, if the black crime rate is so illusory, and it’s only a function of “racist” cops putting such a heavy presence in black neighborhoods that they over-arrest black men, how do the WOMEN manage to stay out of jail??  Seems to me if you’re determined to arrest large numbers of people just for being black, you ought to bring in some females, too, right?  But apparently, enough women are staying out of trouble and finishing college to allow for this relative surplus of educated black women, leaving them with lots of educational inferiors to wed.

    If you come back angrily and protest to me that black women aren’t being arrested in the same numbers as black men because women don’t commit crime at the same rate as males … then that “whooshing” sound is the whole freaking point and answer to your complaint about why more blacks arrested than whites flying right over your head!

  4. junkbondtrader41 says:

    Watchful vampirehunterg1 I agree. 

    Now, THAT is some scary shit.

  5. HasandaStevens says:

    I take ‘missing’ as in meaning, ‘not taking part in and being a part of every day society’. Many of our Black Men are in prison because of overzealous prosecutors, lying witnesses and career hungry detective/cops, as per the many that are being released and convictions overturned after spending decades in prison for crimes they were later shown to have not committed! They all do do belong where they are but some do.
    As for being dead, how many were killed by other young black men?

  6. Rick Manigault says:

    We should look in the mirror on this one, those men are gone because of slogans like “get the guns of the street” or even worse “get the drugs of the street”, The smartest most hardworking black men are supervisors in prison sweat shops where they maintain order and decrease the value of labor for the American worker. Non violent offenders fill for profit prisons because WE wont admit that everything we have done over the past 40 years has been dead wrong.

    Who currently offers a solution to the problem? not Hillary or any of her associates, the last 3 presidents were heavy users of  Cocaine and Cannabis but we only have one candidate even willing to address this issue, that’s why black men will continue to be enslaved for profit.

  7. Rick Manigault says:

    “Black lives matter” is a government creation that mocks the lives of dead blacks in order to further a very sinister agenda, t shirts and slogans are being used to divide the US population while a heist is taking place on the other side of town, focus on stand you ground and other odd political fixations lead me to believe that this group is nothing but a psyop to keep blacks from demanding justice.

    “Black lives matter” so stop this upcoming war in Iran because I have 6 family members that are active military who could die, ‘black lives matter” so stop bringing in powerful heroin into the country and dropping it in our neighborhoods.

  8. Watchful says:

    Rick Manigault

    If I coulda, I woulda ‘liked’ ur comment 100 times, Rick.

  9. thinkitthru says:

    vampirehunterg1  “When women demand more they will get more”? “Once women stop settling, men will have to start achieving”? This reads as though Black women are the ultimate cause of the state of Black men: 1) If THEY had just upheld higher standards over the years, Black men would be in a better position today; 2) If THEY had just refused to stand by their Black male friends and family members during tough times, the Black men would have toughened up and fared better in the long run. 

    What about: When Black women start marrying up (or at least on par) – regardless of the man’s race – we will see them continue to move mountains, make history, and be happy. (Black men will figure it out when they figure it out.)

    It’s rare to see this option proffered. After all, Black women aren’t supposed to marry outside the race. At the same time, Black women aren’t supposed accept a Black man with shortcomings since that gives him no incentive to change (because, apparently, his incentive will never come from within). And Black women aren’t supposed to make the Black man feel emasculated by trying to help him get himself together (because REAL men don’t need help). And let’s not forget the Black woman who keeps the family running while he’s out getting himself together only makes matters worse by making him feel like he’s not needed, not a real man. 

    It seems Black women are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  10. MACKJR says:

    We are in the last age of mankind the unwanted  black man in America have been under attack in this country for over 400 years. At one time the NEGRO race prospered in this country college educated or not. we all know the flow of guns and drugs will never stop coming to the dumping grounds. Take notice where people of color live around the globe they all have high negatives just like the black people in America, HIV, AIDS, DRUGS, etc. Where are the real voices on the national stage speaking out about these issues? the agenda for the NWO will not be stopped. The dumping grounds in America are headed for lock down then all of America will be next death, chaos, and confusion is coming. Their will be no rapture or last second miracle as being preached by the NWO preachers, think for your self for the time of man has run out.

  11. junkbondtrader41 says:

    The above article is ground into a fine dust by this piece!  And rather than jumping on the ALL CAPS or !!!! keys, how about addressing what it actually says??

    The New York Times had a long editorial-screed over the weekend titled “Forcing Black Men Out of Society.”

    It’s a predictable lament: The racist war on drugs has unfairly imprisoned large numbers of black men, and this has made it harder for them to get jobs when they get out, and it has made it impossible for black women to marry and so they instead have children out of wedlock. What’s more, the fact that so many blacks go to prison reinforces racist stereotypes, so that African Americans can’t get jobs even when they don’t have a criminal record, and even face racism when they are still children by the way they are disciplined in schools. “Deindustrialization” helped pave the way for all this, presumably because it was the difficulty of finding honest work that led so many African Americans to choose a life of crime. The Times concludes by suggesting — as I said, it’s all very predictable — that racism is also to blame for “the many grievous cases of unarmed black men and boys who were shot dead by the police — now routinely captured on video.” 

    The solution? Well, the Times doesn’t say, but since it all stems from the war on drugs (“nonviolent drug offenses”), then I guess if drugs were legalized then racism would end, employment would skyrocket, and out-of-wedlock birthrates would plummet. 

    This is all nonsense, a combination of bad facts and bad logic. 

    Reasonable people can differ about whether the war on drugs has been a good idea and what can be done to improve law-enforcement policies in this area, but to suggest that it was racist in conception and has been systematically waged in a racially discriminatory way is simply false. If the government had announced that it had no problem with people selling heroin and crack in the ghetto, would that have been welcomed by African Americans? Have the police turned a blind eye to the trafficking in “white drugs,” like methamphetamine and prescription opioids? 

    If a disproportionate number of those arrested for drug crimes are black, it is because a disproportionate number of drug criminals are black. It is not true that all groups use illegal drugs at the same rate, and in any event it is not for using drugs but for selling them that people are typically sent to prison. 

    The illicit drug use rate for blacks is 11.3%, whites, 9.2%.  ( ) 

    And for more info, here is the always-scary Jared Taylor! 

    Again, how about dealing with the FACTS he presents and not attacking him personally? 

    And the charges of racial bias these days are generally limited to drug-law enforcement, since even extremists acknowledge that “black men do have much higher rates of violent crime [than whites].” And the overwhelming majority of those in prison are not there for drug crimes. 

    But let’s assume for the sake of argument that there is widespread discrimination in drug-law enforcement. What should be done about it? Here’s the suggestion I gave last year, and it can be implemented immediately and at no cost: 

    Step 1: Do not use, buy, or sell illegal drugs. 
    Step 2: If you belong to a racial or ethnic group that you think is targeted by the police, then especially do not use, buy, or sell illegal drugs. 

    The Times is also wrong to argue that the reason black children are disciplined at higher rates than other children is because of racism, ( ) and its suggestion that unarmed black men and boys are “routinely” shot by the police is libelous. 

    But, most fundamentally, it is absurd to suggest that high black incarceration rates have led to high black out-of-wedlock birthrates. This is a classic instance of confusing cause and effect. Youths, especially boys, are much more likely to get into trouble if they grow up in a home without a father — and this is true regardless of skin color. Conversely, locking up a male does not cause a female to become pregnant.  

    The Times is right that, to the extent racial stereotypes linger, they are now driven by the perception that African Americans are more likely to commit crimes and have other social and cultural failings. But the paper exaggerates the extent and results of that stereotyping, however, and ignores the single most important way to combat them: For African Americans to stop having 71.5 percent of their children out of wedlock. That, and not the legalization of drugs, is what would cause economic well-being among African Americans to skyrocket and their incarceration and discipline rates to plummet.

  12. Queen Edwards says:

    EXACTLY RICK! Both your statements are on point! U0001f44dU0001f3fe

  13. greeneink says:

    Did you count the ones who aren’t missing who are abusive, abandoning, living down below, and basically are NOT missing and are the biggest cause of homeless and impoverished Black women and children? Because there are some men who are not missing whose children are living in homeless shelters and collecting food stamps, also — and that is not D White Mann’s fault. It’s their own.

  14. greeneink says:

    Rick Manigault If I were a druggie or drunkie like you, I’d ask what the hayell you are smoking or what you are crunked out on. Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with any “government.” You addicts make stuff up and next thing you know, all the idiots you can fool are running all over the place repeating your fear-mongering hatred as if it’s true simply because they don’t have the sense enough to figure it out for themselves. 

    Away with you and your BS “diagnosis” about Black Lives Matter. As usual, folks who say stuff like this have no clue and are on that “divide and conquer the Negroes” high you can’t seem to come off of.
    #lush #letch #skizzo #drunk

  15. greeneink says:

    Watchful Rick Manigault   If I were a druggie or drunkie like you, I’d ask what the hayell you are smoking or what you are crunked out on. 

    Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with any “government,” you little schizo-paranoid delusional addict.
    You druggies go around making up “wakka flakka awketty bawker” chit in your wild heads and next thing you know, all the idiots you can fool are running all over the place repeating your fear-mongering hatred as if it’s true simply because they don’t have the sense enough to figure it out for themselves. 
    The whole nation is being run into a ditch by some delusional five year olds who got their ice cream cone slapped out of their hand by someone they called the n-word in kindergarten and thinks the whole Black race is supposed to spend eternity paying for it. You Dr. Evil-chasing paranoid idiots.

    Away with you and your BS “diagnosis” about Black Lives Matter. As usual, folks who say stuff like this have no clue and are on that “divide and conquer the Negroes” high you can’t seem to come off of.

    Go take your Prozac and come back after you got some danged sense in your noggin.
    #lush #letch #skizzo #drunk #methdruggie #cokesnorter #horseshooter

  16. Watchful says:


    U refer to others as ‘five year olds’, yet it is u that made the completely ad hominem reply. SMH

  17. Rick Manigault says:

    greeneink How can my race survive such ignorant patterns of thought? You are ready for Hillary. 

    Black lives matter is a George Soros funded group of idiots. The purpose is to make a mockery of police brutality and divide and concur a country that should be of one mind when it comes to police abuse. I will link to proof of the disgusting behavior within BLM.

  18. Rick Manigault says:

    greeneink You can read articles so you can’t be a complete idiot. 

    BLM is founded on and absolute lie. Mike Brown is a complete hoax and the DOJ sent professional trouble makers to Sanford and Ferguson to start a race war. Every action they take makes us look bad and that’s not by accident. Why are groups of whites traveling with BLM attacking police and leading death chants? Walking into restaurants and provoking citizens only serves to make that movement look foolish and by extension people who care about unarmed men getting executed.

  19. Rick Manigault says:

    greeneink Self hating black women, you should form a support group with Peggy Hubbard and Conservative black b1tch.

  20. RichHenderson says:

    what is “marrying down”?    Id like to hear this explanation.

  21. DennisBrown3 says:

    Did I hear someone say start a race war? Really!!

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