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March 21, 2015

Cops Who Gunned Down Autistic Black Man Awarded Nearly $2 Million Dollars Each

Steven Eugene Washington


A jury awarded nearly 4 million dollars to two Los Angeles cops who gunned down an unarmed, autistic black man in 2010.

Officer George Diego and Officer Allan Corrales filed a lawsuit against the department alleging discrimination after fatally shooting Steven Eugene Washington. According to the lawsuit, their restriction to desk duty after the incident was a retaliatory act of discrimination against the two Latino officers.

The jury awarded $1.9 million dollars to Diego and $2 million to Corrales.

Chief Charlie Beck says the men were placed on desk duty because of potential liability, not racism.

In 2010 the officers confronted Washington, who had an IQ of 40, because he was walking with a blank stare.

The Daily Beast reported on the story in 2014:

In the case of Steven Eugene Washington, nothing more than a blank stare made him a target for police bullets. Two Los Angeles Police Department officers, Allan Corrales and George Diego, fired on the 27-year-old man with autism on March 20, 2010. The officers saw Washington walking alone with a “blank stare,” according to the account of one of the cops given in an internal investigation report. They apparently took that as a sign of suspicious activity, even though that can be a hallmark of people on the autism spectrum. When Washington reached into his waistband, the LAPD officers shot him in the head. Washington, it turns out, was reaching for his cellphone.

After the shooting, Chief Beck ruled that both officers had acted reasonably. Both officers kept their jobs and now, the killing of an unarmed disabled black man has turned them both men into millionaires.

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7 thoughts on “Cops Who Gunned Down Autistic Black Man Awarded Nearly $2 Million Dollars Each

  1. Watchful says:

    Under the global system of white supremacy(racism), I guess killing unarmed blk ppl can be quite profitable for some.

  2. soul60 says:

    Watchful – Very True but serious I am noticing when  telling other black people that this country,goverment has went into genocide,eugenics,population control mode.Many  black people  do not respond or will believe us  in telling them the truth.
    Many would rather stay trapped in the world of tv watching and other phony twisted so-called entertainment.

  3. Watchful says:


    To be honest, when it comes to our ppl this country has always been in genocide mode … they’ve just amped things up to a much higher degree bcuz they want to stoke the flames of racial animosity in order to get both us and white ppl to reach the boiling point and set off a race war which plays right into their agenda, part of which I believe is to ultimately implement martial law in this country. We need to respond appropriately, but not from a place of pure emotion.

  4. soul60 says:

    Watchful soul60 – Good point  but  we can see how the mainstream media has many distracted.
    ?? Have you seen this video yet on youtube Reveiled,The owners and rulers of this planet

  5. Watchful says:


    If that’s the one from Infowars, then no, I haven’t … but I’ll definitely check it out. I’m always interested in watchin’ any informative and insightful video content that helps to reveal what’s really goin’ on behind the scenes and who the real players r. Thx for sharing.

  6. soul60 says:

    Watchful soul60 -I am not sure where it came from.But overall I think this video sums up overall as to why black people are being done the way we are bearing witness today. Large numbers of black people in these urban communities need to have a copy to review while they are at home.It might wake them and might help some of us really unify and come together on  some type of proactive community front to create something new and big for some kid’s growing up now.

  7. Watchful says:


    Hopefully, that’ll be the case, Soul …. one thing that I’ve been hearing more and more of late from a number of different blk ppl is the concept of cooperative economics whereby everyone shares in the production and provision of goods and services for their community which helps to make life more affordable for everyone by keeping costs down. It means everyone, in some way, contributes and shares in the good times and the bad times so that no one is able to exploit anyone else economically. If something like that could catch on around the country, and the world for that matter, we might actually have a chance to unify and circumvent some of the more exploitative aspects of unbridled capitalism that r currently being practiced by those in power.

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