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February 27, 2015

Yvette Carnell: Byron Allen’s Lawsuit Exposes Al Sharpton as Hustling Street Preacher [Video]

Yvette Carnell: Byron Allen’s Lawsuit Exposes Al Sharpton as Hustling Street Preacher [Video]
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BreakingBrown Founder, Yvette Carnell


In an interview with the right wing Daily Caller, Byron Allen went in on Rev. Al Sharpton for being a “pawn” for his “white masters.” According to Allen, Sharpton took a “chicken dinner” payoff in exchange for remaining silent while Comcast discriminated against black media owners.

Allen, chairman and CEO of the production company Entertainment Studios, joined with the National Association of African-American Owned Media to file a $20 billion racial discrimination lawsuit against Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Sharpton’s National Action Network, the NAACP, and the Urban League. All of the listed organizations have taken “payoffs” from Comcast, according to the lawsuit.

In the scathing interview, Allen called Sharpton “illiterate” and said Comcast paid Sharpton “so he doesn’t call them racist.”

“Why is Sharpton on TV every night on MSNBC? Because he endorsed Comcast’s acquisition of NBCUniversal. He signed the memorandum of understanding back in 2010,” explained Allen.

In the video below, BreakingBrown Founder Yvette Carnell explains why, regardless of how you feel about Allen, this lawsuit proves Sharpton is and has always been a fumbling street preacher who is more interested in cash than justice.


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49 thoughts on “Yvette Carnell: Byron Allen’s Lawsuit Exposes Al Sharpton as Hustling Street Preacher [Video]

  1. MonicaWright says:

    You ain’t got one bit a sense sister

  2. Solomon007 says:

    PREACH YVETTE CARNELL, SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!! Thank you for proving COMMON SENSE is not ENTIRELY EXTINCT in the black community and thank the lord your common sense is combined in media outlet form. I googled Byron Allen before half these people knew who he was this week. He is one of my blueprints of success in 100% owning a media company, like his Entertainment Studios.
    Traditionally in tv someone makes up a story, a network buys it for $1 million, finance the story into a pilot and try to make $2 million or more selling commercial break space to advertisers. What Allen does is make the show hiumself and goes sell commercial space himself cutting out the middlemen networks. Combined with talent that is how he got his $2-300 million bucks SELF MADE.
    AND EVEN WITH ALL OF THAT HE CANT EVEN GET A SEAT AT THE TABLE? NO PARTNERSHIP? NOTHING? HE HAS TO SUE FOR A SEAT?!? UNBELIEVABLE!!! The fact he is suing for $20 billion tells me, he should be a billionaire by now if Comcast and Time Warner and other media distributors were HONEST and FAIR in their business dealings, especially with African American media. SHARPTON SOLD US OUT AND HE IS NOT EVEN WORTH A FRACTION OF BYRON ALLEN, A DAMN FOOL!! If you going to sell people out,  AT LEAST MAKE A GOOD DEAL, WHAT KIND OF NEW FOOL IS THAT?!?
    But black people kill me, especially some black women cause they want to say he has a white wife. HOW IN THE WORLD DOES HIM HAVING A WHITE WIFE MAKE WHAT HE IS SUING FOR LIES?!? Negroes bring 100 FEELINGS TO THE TABLE AND ZERO FACTS. And this is why we in the condition we in, overrun with feelings, zero facts, zero strategy and plenty of ego sprinkled with denial to go around for decades.
    The fact they could win $20-30 billion dollars, can translate into job creation and opportunity for ALL MEDIA involved people, not to mention BETTER IMAGES OF BLACK PEOPLE AND ACCURATE NEWS MEDIUMS for us. But people cant get past his white wife to realize their is a bigger picture as to what is happening to us,, in this CHESS GAME OF LIFE!!

  3. DavidJones5 says:

    Yvette, funny how Allen accused NAACP, Urban and Al….but somehow you ignore the other two and blame Al?  SMDH…this type of mess is why you will never grow in your career and why your blog site is worthless.  You and Boyce are nothing but two self hating Sambo’s…angry and jealous at AL for getting a job on TV.  Not to mention both of you were happier than a pup with two tails about the rumor that Al’s rating are dropping and he might be moved to the weekend and lose his show.  Funny how you and Boyce were on video last week saying Al got the job on MSNBC to be the attack dog for Obama and not one word about Comcast. Now you’re saying we should listen to Allen that Al got the job because of Comcast.  You and Boyce deserve one another…two jealous, crab in the bucket, angry Kneegrows suffering from Willie Lynch Syndrome.  Sometimes you can say and write some brilliant articles…but like Boyce your hate seems to always get in your way and block you from taking the next step for people to see your gift.  I lost what little respect I had for you on this one.  You say not to attack Allen personally about his wife etc..then you spend the entire time in the video personally attacking Al and his reading skills?  LOL–SMDH.  While pointing a finger at Al about being full of sh*t–maybe you should take a look at yourself.

  4. zaidemeit says:

    I found his absence, in the ‘thick’ of the Ferguson uprising, to be very ‘Loud’. We got Don Lemon instead, and you know how that turned out.

  5. RonBryant says:

    DavidJones5 This is the dumbest , idiotic ,and brainless comment I’ve heard in a long time.David , please give your brain a rest.

  6. DickJohnson2 says:

    Wow!  Carnell?  #Geesh  on another note:  #ThereAreMoreYouthThanOldAndSharptonDontHaveTheyEarSoHowHeARaceLeaderHeACRNewscasterNow

  7. Johnw11 says:

    RonBryant DavidJones5  It’s sad: the degree to which some people like Davidjones5 resort to petty ad hominem rants in order to reinforce their own denial of the truth. You say David should give his brain a rest, I’m thinking (on the other hand) that his brain has been “resting” too much. After all, when neurotransmitters — those brain chemicals that interact with neural-electrical processes to produce thought — are “at rest,” that’s when no thinking is going on. 
    Since he cannot see the con-game being played by Sharpton, then it is obvious that his brain has been “resting” too much already.
    Obviously, I agree with you regarding the idiocy of his comment. Indeed, the article is very critical of Comcast, but appropriately focused mostly on it’s topic matter — the selling-out (pimping/ hustling/snitching) of one Al (“CI-7”) Sharpton, known by younger Blacks as the “Perm-Pimp.”
    I also find it interesting that people like David are quick to bring up the “Willie Lynch” syndrome in response to Blacks exhibiting cultural responsibility by pointing-out the harmful agents who operate under the cover of leaders, civil rights advocates, “Blacks firsts,” etc., in Black America. The idea of evoking fallacies, platitudes, and bromides like “jealousy” and “Willie Lynch” is to fatuously claim that those Blacks who call-out those agents who/that work against the best interests of Blacks are being “divisive” by calling them out.
    But such an interpretation has nothing to do with what is euphemistically called the “Willie Lynch syndrome.” The so-called “Willie Lynch Syndrome” operates via external forces “shaping” and “reinforcing” trivia “differences” among Blacks in order to keep them divided along those lines, e.g. height, complexion, economic status, etc. Willie Lynch has nothing to do with Blacks engaging in appropriate analysis that identifies sell-outs, con-artists, etc., who make their living by ripping-off other Blacks. 
    To believe that Blacks must be united on everything, even if that means accepting in unity things that are bad for us, is the apex of insanity. It is like believing that if the whole group in order to be unified (eyes closed, armed stretched out in front of themselves sleep-walking style), is being led by harmful Black agents off a cliff, when those who see that a cliff is ahead attempt to warn others of the impending danger, in their warning efforts, they are practicing “Willie Lynch.”
    It’s sadly nuts.

  8. DavidJones5 says:

    Johnw11 RonBryant DavidJones5 
    If you’re talking behind my back then you’re in
    a perfect position to kiss my a**!  Work on your reading comprehension Jethro…where did you read in my post support of Rev. Al or denial in his con game?  Unlike you, I understand he is no different than Boyce and Yvette….self hating Kneegrows acting like crabs in a barrel.  My post is about the hypocrisy and jealousy in Yvette and Boyce that idiots like yourself are too blind to see.  Funny how you couldn’t refute what I said about all the attacks directed at Rev. Al although several other organizations were involved in the lawsuit.  Yvette and Boyce manipulate you feeble minded Kneegrows like puppets on a string to play along with their self hate due to suffering from Willie Lynch/Crab Syndrome.  You say it’s sadly nuts?  I say you’re what you eat…so lay off the nuts!!!!

  9. DavidJones5 says:

    RonBryant DavidJones5  You say this is the dumbest comment you have heard in a long time? 

    Wow I can tell that was the smartest thing you’ve ever said. And trust me
    that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!  Then refute what I said, Jethro. 
    I would insult your intelligence, but that would mean you
    had some to begin with.

  10. DavidJones5 says:

    Solomon007 LOL….OH so all of a sudden Allen is concerned about the black community? LOL…funny how we have never heard him say anything about racism…but suddenly he wants to file a lawsuit against black organizations?  Allen has never spoken out publicly in support of the black community…so why is the color of his skin now important?  Oh..i get it…white man decided to do business with others blacks instead of him and he feels he is a more suitable Kneegrow than the others? one is falling for his b.s…Rev. Al already said he looks forward to the lawsuit so that he can tell what Allen secretly tried to get the black groups to do under the table. I would feel more comfortable if someone would put a lid on that crab bucket…you crab Kneegrows kill me.

  11. Howardaka says:

    Thank you so much, your reply was head on.

  12. me112233 says:

    Wow, Al Sharlaton is a fraud? White people pointed that fact out a long time ago, and stupid n-words just called the white people a bunch of racists. It is a well-established fact that Sharlaton won’t protest if he gets a “donation,” but if he’s not paid off, he makes a scene. In other cases of alleged discrimination, Sharlaton only comes and protests if paid by someone to show up. Put another way, Sharlaton is simply a race hustler, and what really cares about is getting money in his pocket.

  13. High Crimes says:

    I’ve watched Al Sharpton since 1982, long before he became a house-hold name and I’ve never been impressed with him. He thrust himself into the lime-light after the 1986 racial murder of Michael Griffith (Google; Howard Beach Racial Incident) when a group of African American clergy, along with several local politicians, met at a Brooklyn church to strategize on how to respond to the murder. Reporters were not allowed into the church and the people at that meeting vowed to not make a statement to the reporters. When the meeting was over, everyone in attendance quietly exited through the back door. All, except a pudgy unknown character named Al. Al went through the front door and was surrounded by reporters. He made statements in defiance of the agreement, exasperating and greatly annoying the others who threw up their hands in disbelief. Al Sharpton was born. He used the media and the media used him. Sharpton is in fact a race hustler. Yet as strange as it may seem, Sharpton would not be who he is if white racism was not prevalent in America and white folks fail to acknowledge this fact. When it comes to racism in America, whites are the greatest architects.

  14. Plantsmantx says:

    DavidJones5 Solomon007 f

  15. Plantsmantx says:

    I watched the video on YouTube, and I’ll leave the same comment here that I left there:
     Ok, I’m at in this video, and I already have to stop it to correct something. She says Sharpton is being sued by Byron Allen and “other black-owned media”. That’s not true. The only media company suing Sharpton (and Comcast) is Allen’s Entertainment Studio Networks. The lawsuits also list something called the “National Association of African-American Owned Media”, but that’s not a real organization. It has no members or affiliates, and is “headed” by the general counsel of Entertainment Studios Networks, who isn’t black, by the way.
    She keeps mentioning the fact that Allen is worth $200-300 million, but what does that mean to black people, in and of itself? Here is something else you didn’t hear in that video. Of the eight cable channels Allen’s company owns, not one is black oriented. Take note of the prominent use of the phrase “black OWNED media” by Allen and company, and the avoidance of phrases like “black-oriented media”. Ask yourself why that’s the case. I think it’s the case because out of all the content on all those eight channels, there is only ONE show that can be described as “black-oriented programming”. 
    Byron Allen’s company isn’t the only cable content producer that Comcast (or AT&T, or DirecTV, the companies he sued back in December) has turned down. They’ve turned down “white owned” companies too, yet Allen claims they turned him down because he’s black. Once again, take note that he’s never said they turned him down because he produces black-oriented content, because he doesn’t produce any to speak of.  He accused Sharpton, the Urban League, etc. of exploiting race, but he’s doing the same thing. 
    I have to hand it to him or whoever came up with the idea of hanging this lawsuit on Sharpton, though. It’s a slick PR move- unethical and dishonest, but slick. He gains the support of black people who won’t look deeper into the matter, black people who don’t like Sharpton, black people who are beyond impressed that he’s worth so much money…AND right, anti-black whites who despise him and non-conservative black people in general. Slick.?

  16. Plantsmantx says:

    DavidJones5 Johnw11 RonBryant
    I don’t know if Allen’s charges of Sharpton, the Urban League, etc. being racially exploitative in this matter is true or not. On the other hand, I do know that Allen himself is being racially exploitative, because he’s doing it right out in the open. But because he’s baited the trap with “Al Sharpton”, some people are either blind to what he’s doing, or don’t care because…”Al Sharpton”.

  17. Chinee123 says:

    Oh shut up!! Shame on you. So what are you proposing and why is Al Sharpton the target? Whenever an influential black person steps forward, there is always another black person trying to break him or her down in the name of “black people feel, think or said…” Speak for yourself and who cares what Byron Allen says or thinks.

  18. Plantsmantx says:

    DavidJones5 This seems to me to be more than a little reminiscent of Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearings, when a lot of black people instantly jumped on his side without knowing who he was or what he had (or hadn’t done). Do these people know that the other plaintiff in this lawsuit isn’t really a person or a real organization, but is a fake org created by Allen’s company? Do they know that he runs a less than token amount of black-oriented programming on his cable channels?

  19. Plantsmantx says:

    Solomon007 Allen has the wherewithal NOW to do everything you talk about regarding the creation of opportunity, better images for black people, etc. Is he doing those things?

  20. I can appreciate the fact that Byron is bringing a lawsuit
    against Comcast for whatever reason he feels justified in doing so, but to
    include Al Sharpton and other Black organizations is ridiculous.  To even suggest that Al Sharpton can
    influence any programming decisions at Comcast is just stupid.  Yvette is an Al Sharpton hater, as well as an
    Obama hater and anyone else who aligns themselves with the President.  BTW, who is Al Sharpton?  People like Al Sharpton only exist because
    the majority of black people refuse to, or are unable to think or act for
    themselves. This article should have
    produced some proof or significance as to why a law suit of this magnitude
    should even be taken seriously, but instead it’s only a character assignation of
    Rev. Al Sharpton.  Carnell wants to be
    considered as a serious journalist but there is nothing I’ve ever read from her
    that indicates it.

  21. hiroader2 says:

    No grassroots, No agendas, No representation (folks getting checks)… , .Aside from the paid-to-play players Name a representative “producing results”…. The whole representative(s) thing is bigger than Sharpton…

  22. DavidJones5 says:

    Plantsmantx Well said!!!!!

  23. DavidJones5 says:

    Plantsmantx DavidJones5 Johnw11 RonBryant …I think you nailed it in your above post. Again, well said….take a bow!!!

  24. Johnw11 says:

    DavidJones5 My goodness, you sure raged at me. You accused me of “talking behind” your “back.” Frankly, that raises some concern because I don’t know you to talk behind your back. I always thought that in order to talk behind someone’s back, one would first have to know the person, say one thing to the person’s face, and then go to others and say negative things about the person when the person wasn’t present.
    At least that’s the way we”feeble minded” people understand it. I guess you smarted minded people understand it differently. No problem — I fully understand — everyone is not as smart as you. Which is why those less smart than you are don’t view disagreeing in open-public internet dialogue with someone they don’t know as talking behind that person’s back.
    I would, however, if you don’t mind, like to raise a few points with you and the other “smart” people regarding the behavior of the pimp/ snitch Al (“CI-7”) Sharpton who you obviously strongly support, while accusing others of being “Kneegrows,” and “crabs in a barrow,” and whatever outdated, irrelevant bromide strikes your fancy: simply because they face reality and warn others about the con-man’s damage to the African American community.
    I have already explained the meaning of the so-called “Willie Lynch Syndrome,”  and how it is 100 % UNRELATED to the role you seek to assign it. There’s no need to repeat it again. After all, with your great reading comprehension, I’m sure you understand perfectly well. At least you will when your higher and lower consciousness become reintegrated in about two years or so. And that’s not my intent here.
    Al Sharpton has a long history of pimping and playing the civil rights movement. Allen’s allegations against him are not new. In fact, when he supported the Comcast/NBC merger (at that time against the wishes of other organizations named in this article), those of us who keep informed about such matters were fully aware that he’d done it for HIMSELF in concert with President Obama. What we didn’t know, but later learned (with our dumb selves) is that the con-man had convinced those who initially opposed the merger to support it. Since the whole scheme was orchestrated by “CI-7,” that’s probably why he was the focus of the article.
    I’m simply surmising, I didn’t write the article.
    What I do KNOW is that anyone unmindful enough to follow a person whose 2004 so-called presidential campaign was paid for and led in full by a leader of the Tea Party named Roger Stone, is in no position to lecture anyone about Willie Lynch. Moreover, it was this same Roger Stone who led the effort to deny tens of thousands of Black people’s votes from being counted in the Gore vs. Bush 2000 election in Florida. Stone led the Supreme Court’s efforts to have the “hanging chads” counting stopped. I don’t know if you are aware of this or not, or even if it matters to you. But if you don’t know, and would like to know, just Google the subject. According to the New York Times, Stone is such a s right wing nut that he has a huge tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back.
    Despite Sharpton’s complicity with the leader of the effort to deny Blacks the right to have their votes counted, Sharpton now leads marches supposedly in support of Blacks rights to vote. He is a master con-man.
    Sharpton has “hired” himself out to some of the most anti-Black right wing politicians ever in New York and elsewhere over the past several decades. (Just Google the subject.)
    Sharpton is also a confirmed snitch. He even has an official government snitch name — “CI-7.” Sharpton is reported to have snitched on his mob associates (according to Smoking Gun) and  “the mob, Black personalities, and civil rights leaders” (according to
    I could go on and on for nearly two days nonstop revealing the crimes  “CI-7” has committed against Blacks.
    Even currently, he leads efforts to ensure that the lynchers of Trayvon, Eric, Mike, and others not be punished. All the while he ingratiates himself to the lynching victims’ families, claiming to support justice.
    But how could he be in support of justice, when he tells lies that a “new law” is required to prosecute the lynchers when, in fact, no new law is needed? The same law that Bush Sr. used to prosecute the lynchers of Rodney King is still on the books. The same law that was used by previous presidents to lock-up lynchers of civil rights workers in the 1960s and 50s is still on the books. There is no “higher bar” now than there was then. Sharpton is a conning-snitching liar when he tells intellectually vulnerable people that a “new law” is needed, and he knows his mouth is lying when he says it.
    In closing, recently there have been numerous revelations (none of them surprising to me) of Sharpton’s taking money in exchange for his not protesting racial discrimination against Blacks.
    If you wish to follow CI-7 without knowing, or caring, that he is a con-man — that’s fine. But you have no right to resort to irrelevant, meaningless, out-of-context bromides in a fanatical attack on others for having the sense to think, and the decency to share their observation with others.

  25. Johnw11 says:

    Plantsmantx  I must say that was a sharp observation you made about Clarence Thomas and a lot of Blacks jumping on his band wagon without knowing who he was. I have often made that analogy myself, but in a different context.
    Question for you. How long had you known President Obama before he ran for President? What do you know about his actual policies? Why are Blacks the only group that has not received anything from him? Why is he the first president in over 50 years who has refused to prosecute lynchers of Blacks? Why is he trying to destroy HBCUs and everything else Black?
    Why is it that you can make SHARP observations about all else, but when it comes to President Obama and his flunky  CI-7, you are suddenly unable to think critically?
    Why is this?

  26. Moonbeam1999 says:

    Plantsmantx FYI: ‘PROGRAMMING’ is as much a matter of the influence the media’s content has as well as a lack of meaningful content. There should be more choices by the 21st century than twixt watching hustlers & Uncle Tom’s represent an entire race. Is this about money and network mogols? Or, more of our humanity at stake?

  27. Moonbeam1999 says:

    High Crimes AMEN.

  28. Johnw11 says:

    zaidemeit  It is my understanding that he was run out of Ferguson by Blacks who told him that he is a snitch, and they would not allow him to quell their movement by leading them in circles as he’d done with Trayvon, Troy Davis, et al.. In order to spite them for not following his “leadership,” he called Mike’s funeral a “ghetto pity party.”
    Shortly before that, he was run out of Alabama by Blacks while he sought publicity for what he called an enactment of “Freedom Summer” — the historical Black voter registration drive of 1964. I’m told that some Blacks understood he is a “snitch” and they didn’t feel comfortable discussing their movement plans in his presence.
    Given the damaged snitches have caused to Black movements historically, that was a wise decision on the part of those who refused to discuss strategy in “CI-7’s” presence.

  29. Roderick king says:

    I think most black people who support al Sharpton only do so out of seeing him on television and that iswhere the problem lies. If you base your opinions of a person by how many times they appear on your television screen then you are part of the problem. Somehow black people got the impression that in order to be relevant you have to be seen on television and that your movement will get its message across to the masses by being on television. That’s called advertising and it doesn’t get to the root of racism in America. People think a two or three minute segment on the evening news will address the racial division in America . So-called civil rights leaders are more focused on how many television cameras are at their protest and what kind of sound bite they can come up with then giving solutions to complex racial problems. We as a people buy into the conditioning of our minds each time we allow sound bite protest to pass as doing something to address the issue of racial discrimination. We don’t follow up the sound bites by people like Sharpton and his ilk to see what exactly are their motives. We don’t question the networks when they only allow a few voices from the civil rights movement to be heard. Its like they control the narrative and focus of racial problems by excluding other opinions then those they know they can control. Its like they make superstars of the civil rights movement by choosing who they will allow on their networks. And the few people like Sharpton who have a platform will not have guest on their shows that doesn’t fit into their niche of activism because they enjoy the perks of being a superstar in the civil rights game. We as a people have dedicated activists workin hard to make a difference in their immediate communities. I don’t think there is a such thing as a national movement. I think that term national movement is a smokescreen to hide the fact that there are more militant voices in our community the media is willing to acknowledge. Sharpton activism is mainstream and ancient its time has come and passed. There is a profit margin that comes with that type of activism. But a more militant point of view is spontaneous and threatening and is something the media trys to cover up. I believe every oppressed person has a militant side to their personality and will display it when backed into a corner of no options for a future. That’s just human nature. To deny our collective anger gets us nowhere and it doesn’t move society forward. We can’t continue to ignore our lack of real progress in the area of racial justice and equality. Its time we as a nation got real.

  30. Johnw11 says:

    Roderick king  “We don’t follow up the sound bites by people like Sharpton and his ilk to see what exactly are their motives.”
    That statement is the most profound point made in this discussion.
    Indeed, if those supporting Sharpton (and others) out of ignorance would do even a modicum of critical thinking they would see that he is a fraud of the worst kind.
    Take, for example, his fake “sound bite” claim that he seeks justice for the lynching of Trayvon, Mike, and Eric, et al., but that claim is a salient LIE as evidenced by his telling what he hopes are gullible people that a “new law” is needed before justice can be brought to bear on the lynchers.  He tells this lie in order to obfuscate and cover-up for the Obama administration’s refusal to prosecute the lynchers.
    In fact, NO NEW LAW IS NEEDED and Sharpton knows it.
    How can he seek justice while at the same time enabling injustice regarding the same matter?

  31. Plantsmantx says:

    Johnw11 Roderick king What does all that have to do with the lawsuit Byron Allen has filed against Sharpton, the NAACP, the Urban League, Comcast, AT&T, and DirecTV?

  32. Plantsmantx says:

    DavidJones5 Plantsmantx Thank you. The way a lot of people are reacting to this is just…weird. I’m struck by the things they seem willing to overlook in their lust to see Sharpton taken down.

  33. Plantsmantx says:

    Moonbeam1999 Plantsmantx Is this lawsuit that Byron Allen has filed about our humanity being at stake? Man, I damn sure hope not! If he wins, I don’t think it will have any positive effect on the character of black-oriented TV programming. He didn’t file the suit for that purpose.

  34. Plantsmantx says:

    DavidJones5 Plantsmantx Johnw11 RonBryant Let me commend you for being rational on this subject, because there seems to be a whole lot of irrational reactions. Why do so many people lose it when Sharpton is mentioned? That’s a whole ‘nother subject, LOL.

  35. Plantsmantx says:

    Johnw11 Plantsmantx What does this lawsuit have to do with President Obama, or even Al Sharpton, for that matter? I think the fact that I’m trying to look at what is happening specifically around this lawsuit, and not losing it because Sharpton is one of the several people and entities included among several defendants is proof that I’m thinking critically. I have criticisms of both Sharpton and the President, but I don’t see how they’re relevant to this situation. That’s especially true in the case of the President. 

    If I I didn’t know anything about the President’s policies; if I felt that black people haven’t “gotten anything” from him; if I thought, like you, that he is trying to “destroy everything black”…why would it or should it dictate that I throw the weight of my opinion (which doesn’t mean much, obviously) to Byron Allen’s favor? That’s a real question, not a rhetorical one.

  36. Plantsmantx says:

    DavidJones5 Plantsmantx …case in point of what I’m talking about at the end of my comment up there. In an interview on CNN yesterday, Allen said  “They are murdering us on the street and murdering us in the boardrooms.” . Now, I doubt that he’s saying that the police are murdering black people in boardrooms, and I doubt he’s suggesting that Comcast is killing black people on the street. When he said “they”, he obviously meant “white people”. Yet, I’ve seen not just white people, but hardcore anti-black whites completely overlook that statement because he put the “Al Sharpton” bait out. It’s crazy. 

    On the flip side of the coin,I’ve seen a lot of black people overlooking the fact that he’s equating Comcast not doing business with him with the killings of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner… again, because he put out the “Al Sharpton”  bait. “Journalist” Karen Hunter interviewed him, and prior to the interview, she solicited questions for her to ask him on Twitter. I tweeted “Ask him if he thinks it’s appropriate or respectful to equate Comcast not doing business with him to the killings of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin…”. She blocked me. Crazy.

  37. anthony4422 says:

    Let the games begin. I say this sarcastically, but there is nothing more amusing than seeing the Black Bourgeois (regardless of political affiliation) fight over: 1.) entry into master’s kingdom and 2.) bread (or in many cases crumbs) from his table.  No matter what happens with this lawsuit, I conjecture with intelligence and common sense..that the condition of the masses of Black people in this country will not change one iota.  Wealthy (termed used loosely) and extremely well-connected Blacks, generally speaking always have, and probably always will, care only about themselves and people like them.  I don’t know Byron Allen personally, but let me go out on a limb and say that at Entertainment Studios, the percentage of Blacks working there is probably small, and the percentage of Blacks in management/executive positions is even smaller.  I would predict the same for all of the other so called “100% Black owned” media companies.  And for those that do have a decent percentage of Blacks working, I would again conjecture that they consist of the Black folks Lawrence Graham writes about in his book “Our kind of people”.  But the minute one of them is wronged by the truly wealthy folks (such as Roberts from Comcast), they are quick to want to use the racism plight as their rallying cry.  And when I say this, I am not just specifically calling out  Bryan Allen. Obama is a part of this just as well.  His crew consists mostly of  “chosen people” and Boule/Bourgeois protecting master’s kingdom Blacks.   I can’t really put Sharpton in that category, because for a dude who is only siphoning $750k from master’s table, he needs to get his weight up before he can be promoted from minion to crumb catcher.

  38. Roderick king says:

    It has everything to do with the issue. Sharpton made a personal deal with comcast not to upset the applecart. For a man who have made statements in the past about the lack of diversity in the corporate sector of America why didn’t he bring out the point that Byron Allen made about the disparity of funds being paid out to white programers as opposed to the crumbs they doled out to black programmers. A few million compared to billions is the elephant in the room. Either Sharpton and the naacp and others don’t know how to research and are incompetant or they are looking at their own bank accounts and are looking for a windfall. When you are put into the position of advocate it is your responsibility to be armed with all the facts when negotiating a deal that affect so many lives. I think Sharpton is over his head and people in power know that he’s just a small time hustler that has a platform. He can lowballed into capitulation as evident in the chump change they are paying him at MSNBC. It’s like a mid level drug dealer who thinks he made it because now he can buy a new Toyota but his supplier meets him driving a Benz. That’s al Sharpton in a nutshell. He knows he’s got enough people fooled that he can continue the facade and that enough people will come to his defense because he is a professional victim. But people are waking up and he fears that. He should just take his winnings and just retire from the spotlight because in won’t be pretty if he continu es to be found out as the fraud he really has become. Once an informant always an informant.

  39. Plantsmantx says:

    Roderick king Allen sued AT&T and DirecTV back in December. Not many people cared, or cared to take Allen’s side. Why? We know why. 

    You’re accusing Sharpton of shady dealings, but you’re not really condemning those shady dealings, you’re condemning him because you think he didn’t demand enough money for performing them. I’m seeing that attitude from a lot of people who’ve taken Allen’s side, and I think they’re moved to do that because Allen is worth $300 million, and because he’s bold (and shameless) enough to go for the REAL shakedown gold. How trustworthy are people who display such an open admiration for amorality?

  40. Plantsmantx says:

    James Alexander Hey, he really, really feels justified in doing so. In his lawsuit, he claims that his right to contract with Comcast has been violated. Yeah, that’s what I said- his right to contract with them. He’s either got a helluva lot of nerve, or he’s insane, or both.

  41. OaklandBoy112 says:

    A Couple of Thoughts: 
    1) We are a nation of laws, and as such legal cases must have evidence…not just hearsay.
    I’m hoping that Mr. Allen has some kind of evidence to back up his claims, because if not then this case should be tossed into the “Frivolous Law Suit Trash-bin.”  
     2) This whole thing stinks and seems really petty and ratchet!
     Seriously…when I heard about this my jaw dropped to the floor.  But if Donald Trump can try and sue Bill Maher for calling him the offspring of an orangutan, and Republicans can try and repeal Obamacare 30+ times then I guess anything can happen.  IMO this seems like a personal beef that should’ve remained at the Barbershop (where’s Ice Cube when you need him?…LOL).
     3) Mr. Allen’s timing could possibly be worst.
     Considering all the stuff that went down in 2014, and Rev. Sharpton’s involvement in alot of that stuff I just don’t think its wise or productive to try and attack him right now.  Why now Mr. Allen???  Doing so really only makes people belief that Byron Allen is the real TOOL of the white establishment.  And nobody likes a hater.
     4) Sharpton and Obama: Right-wing Punching Bags
     These 2 black men alone draw 90% of conservative outrage.  Considering how bad this past year has been for the Black Community, I just don’t see what Mr. Allen expects to gain from this…except a pat on the head from his Republican buddies.  I voted for Obama twice not only because he was black but because the alternative was worse.  Which is why I’ll continue to side with Sharpton.
     4) Who’s Byron Allen???????
     I think this speaks for itself….LOL!!!

  42. OaklandBoy112 says:

    Plantsmantx James Alexander No he’s not insane he’s just following the lead of his Republican brethren.

  43. Plantsmantx says:

    OaklandBoy112 Plantsmantx James Alexander He does seem to be following their lead in some ways, but on the other hand, Republicans don’t go usually say things like “They are murdering us on the street”. Republicans say everything they can do deny that. He may well be a Republican, but first and foremost, he’s the worst kind of rank opportunist who says whatever he thinks he has to say to get what he wants.

  44. Christilina says:

    When I saw the article in the Washington Post about this lawsuit I was amazed because I have been fighting Comcast et. al. for years (Pro Se) and have similar complaints (and was contemplating whether or not to publish a letter I’d written about my own experiences  when I came across the Byron Allen lawsuit).  Main differences are that  I have no help or money and I am a black female.  Comcast is well connected and has connections in high places. And with that, there are two black  judges assigned to my case and what I have been put through would make your jaws drop!

  45. lalalee0305 says:

    Grew up hearing a quote like this ” you can fool some of the people all the time and, all the people some of the time…” which gives me an understanding of the reason that it has taken so long for many people in the BC to realize this about Sharpton.  Really, why is he still relevant and, has he ever accomplished anything for the greater good of the BC.  Like always, people in any community need to stand on their own two feet and not look to wolves posing as sheep to solve the problems.

  46. Kid Funkadelic says:

    Eddie Murphy is worth $85 million and Byron Allen is worth $300 million. That should tell you something. Tyler Perry has a studio and Spike Lee and John Singleton don’t.  People are using Rev. Sharpton as a strawman. The next time a Black kid gets shot, call Byron and see what he can do. Remember Byron’s mother has money too. She’s almost as rich as he is. Eddie has actually made a movie with an all Black cast, Byron does ratchet Judge shows.

  47. YonahEl says:

    I’ve always had a problem with Al Sharpton. I did’t know about this lawsuit, but I can certainly relate. I am insulted when I watch Al doing such a horrendous job on MSNBC and I think everyday, “I could do better than that. ” What the hell did he do to get that show.? Now, I know.

  48. lostinthewilderness says:

    All Black People are Hustlers for the establishment!!! Now the question is how many other Black Folk do you assist? Do you sell each other out? Do you help with bogus program? Do you help educate seriously educate…….

  49. mwrlife1210moneyteam says:

    Dec 10, 2014
    To: All Means to survive 1/5 police tactics and durability
    case of emergency survival
    From: Mr,section code ten karat bars, (Mr Micah
    Tanzanian Children’s Fund
    9 Waterhouse Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    tel: (617) 913-3763
    : 74-3087284
    All the
    technology that quarantine the mindset in the black community has access its
    1/5 rights beyond police jurisdiction.
    The mindset re analyze how the patrol to drivers
    peace corp mission . The permissionto
    to ticketpost you to pay fines and
    penalties.You maintained the drivers
    gift horse money to poor aimed at blacks.We mustaccess a commandpeace corps traffic related precedence your
    treated 1/5 of person. White police officers comprehendinsensitive tacticsthat leave 1/5 of your possessions to
    underserve privilege. When it comes to quarantine to monopolyaddressingtraffic exerciseswere 2/3
    They do elimination of all traffic data you’ll see
    1/5 imbalance ofrelated precedence in
    black people lives. As soon as we here something against the police you turn
    you phone :on /silent/ airplane: mode then offthis retribution of any wrong doing.We need the retribution offair highway safety acts commission under
    police 1/5 police tactics its highly unrecognized federalover citing indoctrination to
    therejudgement hit the reality inertia of real community
    policies as fair with over all statistical achieved through the use of hi-tech headsets, in conjunction with computer-driven generators which emit inaudible sound waves or harmonics that affect the RNA covering of neuron pathways to the subconscious and unconscious mind.
    “Virtual Reality” optical devices are sometimes used simultaneously with the harmonic generators projecting pulsating colored lights, subliminals and split-screen visuals. High voltage electroshock is then used for memory dissolution. Programming is updated periodically and reinforced through visual, auditory and written mediums. Some of the first programming themes included the Wizard   of Oz and Alice and Wonderland, both heavily saturated with occultic symbolism. Many of the recent Disney movies and cartoons are used in a two-fold manner: desensitizing the majority of the population, using subliminals and neuro-linguistic programming deliberately constructing specific triggers and keys for base programming of highly-impressionable MONARCH children.

    Name: micah muyhktahlif
    Phone: 1888
    City: adventura
    State: Florida
    Comment: gantry TV talk show host Byron Allen is
    taking on Al Sharpton, President Obama, and the most powerful media
    corporations in the world in a battle to spotlight the crisis at the heart of
    American race relations. It’s a daunting mission. But for some reason he
    doesn’t sound scared.
    Allen told The Daily Caller that top media interests are actively freezing out
    and in some cases destroying black-owned media companies — and they’re paying
    Reverend-turned-MSNBC host Al Sharpton to give them racial cover to do it.
    As for Washington politicians like Obama? According to Allen, they’re bought
    out by the very same interests, and they’re playing a part.
    Allen, 53, is the chairman and CEO of the production company Entertainment
    Studios, which joined with the National Association of African-American Owned
    Media to file a $20 billion racial discrimination lawsuit this week against
    Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Sharpton’s National Action Network, the NAACP, the
    Urban League, and former FCC commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker. Allen and his
    fellow plaintiff also filed a $10 billion suit against AT&T; and DirectTV.
    Read more:
    Federal judge has ordered a $20 billion racial discrimination lawsuit against
    Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, Comcast and Time Warner Cable be
    reopened less than two weeks after it was dismissed.
    Judge Terry Hatter issued a ruling Wednesday reopening the suit filed by Byron
    Allen’s Entertainment Studios Networks, Inc. and the National Association of
    African-American Owned Media (“NAAAOM”). 
    “We will not stop until the discrimination stops and we achieve true economic inclusion,”
    Allen, the founder, chairman and CEO of Entertainment Studios, said in a
    statement to TheWrap. Also Read:
    Al Sharpton and Comcast Come Out on Top in $20 Billion Racial Discrimination
    Mark DeVitre, President of NAAAOM continued: “We will continue to vigorously
    pursue Comcast and Time Warner Cable, who spend approximately $25 billion
    annually licensing cable networks with less than $3 million going to 100
    percent African-American owned media.”
    The lawsuit, which also named the NAACP, was filed in May by the National
    Association of African-American Owned Media and Entertainment Studio Networks.
    The co-plaintiffs claimed that the defendants were blocking equal access for
    black-owned networks.
    It stated that the groups collaborated to make Comcast/NBCUniversal appear to
    fight for diversity, but instead kept 100-percent black-owned networks out of
    the mix. One of the payoffs, the plaintiffs alleged, was the MSNBC show
    Sharpton hosts, which they say MSNBC owner Comcast gave to Sharpton in exchange
    for his signature on diversity agreements.

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