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January 7, 2015

Sharpton Says NY Post Can’t Criticize Because They Met With Him Too

Sharpton Says NY Post Can’t Criticize Because They Met With Him Too

Sharpton snitch reporter

Over the weekend the New York Post slammed Al Sharpton for accusing corporations of racism, then silencing those protests once he received hush money. In his defense, Sharpton says the Post has no room to throw stones since they too have met with him on diversity issues. Also, as revealed by the New York Daily News, the Post’s parent company, NewsCorp, started donating to Sharpton’s National Action Network around that time:

In February 2009, when Sharpton was leading protests outside the Post’s Midtown headquarters after it ran a cartoon that many New Yorkers felt compared President Obama to a chimpanzee, Sharpton says he met with the Post’s parent, News Corp., to hammer out a deal.


“I met with Murdoch, he issued a statement, and we let it go,” Sharpton said. “After that they formed this diversity board where we were supposed to have input, then the board fell apart.”


Sharpton insists he wasn’t paid for his consultancy on that board, but he estimates it was “four or five years ago,” right around 2009, that News Corp. started buying $5,000 to $10,000 tables at his NAN events.  

Sharpton insists that there is no connection between the donations NAN received and his decision to end protests against the Post.

This, however, according to the Post, is a trend for Sharpton, who reportedly stopped protesting discrimination at Honda after the company agreed to financially support NAN.

“We support those that support us,” Sharpton wrote to the company. “We cannot be silent while African-Americans spend hard-earned dollars with a company that does not hire, promote or do business with us in a statistically significant manner.”

Only two months later, after the company began to support NAN financially, the protests ended.

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5 thoughts on “Sharpton Says NY Post Can’t Criticize Because They Met With Him Too

  1. darkesspreso says:

    Memo to Jesse Angelo, Publisher, The New York Post

    The New York Post is what i wipe my azz with when I run out of toilet tissue.


    is a criminal offense of obtaining money through coercion …..

    Making a Threat is sufficient to commit an offence ….

    Rupert Murdoch is far more unethical than All Sharpton could only hope
    to be

  2. KeithBussey says:

    Post been posting some racist article lately

  3. Johnw11 says:

    Al Sharpton is a pimp and a snitch. This con man has been pimping the remnants of the civil rights movement for years. He is a disgrace to real Black leaders!!!
    During his pimp/snitch career, he has worked for the worst right-wing political thugs in the country, including the Tea Party nut-job-trickster, Roger Stone (who financed the pimp-snitch’s 2004 so-called presidential campaign). The pimp-snitch was caught on video in the early 80s trying to cut a drug deal with an undercover agent, and when faced with arrest for the crime, he flipped and turned snitch. He remains a snitch to this very day. His official government snitch name is “CI-7.” Everyone knows that once a snitch— always a snitch.
    During his snitch career, according to various sources dating back to the early 80s  (Newsday,  HBO,, Smoking Gun, etc.) he has snitched on his mob affiliates, Black public figures, civil rights leaders, and tried to set up an activist for arrest.
    Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report has accurately dubbed the snitch “King Rat,” On “top of the heap in the sewers.”
    This piece of gutter trash’s (Sharpton) current role is to cause confusion in the Black community and attack all those Blacks who disagree with the Obama’s administration’s treatment of Blacks. When an issue arises that is controversial, such as the recent public lynchings of Blacks (beginning with Trayvon), his assigned role is to quell Blacks’ rage by leading them in circles and making excuses for the inaction of the Obama administration by claiming that new laws are needed by “congress” before the lynchers (lynches) can be arrested and punished. Such a claim is a bald faced lie and the con-artist knows it.
    Having caught on to his con game, young serious activists have told him in effect to “go and sit your snitch ass down!” 
    Few Blacks have ever followed him. A few more like him now because of his “fake” support for President Obama. I say “fake” because at first he was criticizing President Obama before they threatened to lock him up for tax evasion (he failed to pay appropriate taxes on the money he got from the Tea Partier Roger Stone, spending it instead on clothes, expensive apartments, perm juice and young THOTS).
    Given the sociopathic personality, history, and ongoing hustling / sellout behavior of this piece of gutter trash, no one should be surprised that he is selling out Blacks by covering up racial discrimination against Blacks for a fee. After all, that’s what con-artists do. They hustle to make a buck. Who gets hurt is of no concern to them — as long a s the hustler “gets paid.”
    If he has any idiotic followers out there who want to defend him, then let’s get it on. But be forewarned, before you open your obtuse mouth ((start typing), what I’ve said about the pimp-snitch was only an introduction.
    I say your leader is a pimp and a snitch!
    What do you say? Prove me wrong.

  4. Johnw11 says:

    I still have not had any of “CI-7”  Al (the snitch) Sharpton’s supporters defend him in discourse with me.

  5. Kid Funkadelic says:

    The next time a little black kid or an adult is murdered in your family why don’t you ask Bill Oreilly or Sean Klannity for help. People forget that this man was stabbed while he was out there marching

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