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November 3, 2014

Tavis Smiley on Democrats Running Away From Obama: “Peter Only Denied Jesus Three Times”

Tavis Smiley on Democrats Running Away From Obama: “Peter Only Denied Jesus Three Times”

Tavis Smiley this week

Earlier this month, Tavis Smiley made headlines by admitting that, although Democrats need a heavy black voter turnout in order beat back Republicans in the Midterms, blacks don’t really have a good reason to show up for Democrats. Now, Smiley is again making news by highlighting just how unpopular Pres. Obama is, as evidenced by the number of Democratic candidates who are running away from the president. Smiley noted that these candidates may have a hard time getting out the black vote since they’re throwing the black president under the bus.

While appearing on “Face the Nation”, Smiley clearly expressed how he views Democratic candidates in relation to black voters

“In Kentucky it was discussed earlier you have a candidate who four times in matter of minutes wouldn’t even admit to voting for Barack Obama. You want his loyal base to support you, you give the president the Heisman, but you want constituents to vote for you. I mean, Peter only denied Jesus three times. The fourth time denial in matter of minutes but you want the black vote to save you again. You want Hispanics to save you again. I’m not saying that blacks and browns ought to abandon the Democratic party, what I’m saying is you’ve got to hold them accountable and maybe the lessons of what happens this year ought to start being reviewed now in advance of 2016,” said Smiley.

This echoes comments made by Smiley on ABC’s “This Week” not long ago.

“If you’re black or brown, other than helping to save the Democrats’ hide, give me three good reasons and you turn out the vote this time,” explained Smiley. “Now I’ll catch hell for saying that…No, I am not suggesting — I’m not suggesting that people ought to stay home and sit on their hands. What I’m suggesting is that neither party has focused clearly enough on the issues of black and brown voters to inspire them and motivate them to turn out in 2014. And we may see the same thing in 2016.”



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8 thoughts on “Tavis Smiley on Democrats Running Away From Obama: “Peter Only Denied Jesus Three Times”

  1. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    Travis is 100% correct, I’ve made the same comments and have been attacked myself. Some Blacks and others believe Black people should support the Democrats no matter how poorly they treat us and ignore our concerns. It’s insulting to think with Six years of Double digit UE and silence from the Democrats that they or the President would have the nerve to ask Black voters to support them. They would never conceive of asking White or Hispanic voters for support and their vote with those numbers. Why should Black voters accept it, along with the laundry list of excuses they have. Along with He President of Everyone mantra.

  2. Chris40 says:

    I hate it when Black people use that term “Black and Brown”  instead of looking out for their OWN group.

  3. Chris40 says:

    Tavis is right about holding candidates accountable, but with what? Black people (As a group) don’t have an economic base to get money from to give to candidates running for office. We don’t have an agenda for elections. Also, what are our issues that are SPECIFIC to Blacks. Since we don’t practice group politics, we gon lose every time!!!!  As usual, l will sit this election out!!!!

  4. ROBERT@atx says:

    I agree with you , I’VE been around HISPANIC’S my whole life and I know when they’re talking among themselves about their issues we’re never mentioned, but for some reason black people can’t speak of our interest without putting the ‘brown’ word in as though we have some relationship, when even the HISPANICS will tell you there is none, and it drives me crazy too.
    IT seems we always have to be at someones service!

  5. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    Chris40 avis is right about holding candidates accountable, but with what

    Our vote and the Democrats will be reminded of that tomorrow if predictions are correct. They cannot win without us, they better understand if they want to win in 2016 they better come to us with our issues and some solutions. We’ve shown them what we can do and will vote if we have someone to vote for. We were played by President Obama much to his dismaying the end.

  6. darkesspreso says:

    The Democrats are playing you for a political CHUMP

    and if you vote for them not only are you a CHUMP

    you are a traitor to your race.

    Malcolm X …..

  7. darkesspreso says:

    Memo to Tavis Smiley

    u want to hold President hobama accountable ….

    yet u will not hold Walmart accountable for refusing to pay a Living Wage
    or affordable Healthcare

    If hobama gave Travis Smiley some get out the vote money ???

    He would sing hobama praise ….

  8. LouisMurphy says:

    Black Americans have never had any reasons for trusting the GOP. But under a Democratic White Man born to a Jewish Mother, Black Americans gave their full trust to Obama twice and got nothing in return for it. Reminds me of slaves who now realize there is no difference in the political plantations of their Democrats nor Republicans masters. And still don’t know how to be independent nor free from the bonds of America’s last two plantations.

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