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November 25, 2014

Protester Interrupts Don Lemon: “F*ck CNN”

Protester Interrupts Don Lemon: “F*ck CNN”

Don Lemon Ferguson protester

Mainstream news has done a poor job of covering the Ferguson protests and Lemon, who said last night that he smelled marijuana, is among the greatest offenders in that regard. Instead of acting as a straight news journalist, Lemon routinely editorializes. Last night Lemon lamented that the protesters were not following President Obama’s instruction to remain non-violent and on several occasions, expressed personal opinions as opposed to objectively relaying facts on the ground.

At one point, Lemon’s reporting was interrupted by someone who didn’t have respect for Lemon or his network.

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4 thoughts on “Protester Interrupts Don Lemon: “F*ck CNN”

  1. ole'skool says:

    The entire Police Department of Ferguson MO should be disbanded because there’s No longer any trust between the community and the local law enforcement. Trust must be earned, trust must be, validated and honored not forced on people that fear the wearers of uniforms! Begin a petition to rid the Ferguson MO POLICE OFFICERS of Ferguson County once and for all !!!

  2. hiroader2 says:

    At &)% percent of the city’s population the people need to change the entire city and county’s STAFFING infrastructure.. . Even it’s grand jury doesn’t reflect /represent the community’s population… If “limited ” government increases “States Rights” African American community’s like Ferguson better grab hold of their local government infrastructure or settle for these “apartheid paneled” corrupt officials…. your-city-ur-government….

  3. ShawnMc1 says:

    hiroader2 are the people getting educated to run for those positions ? are the youth passing the qualifications to become police ? are the people voting in the area?
    are the kids graduating high school in the area ?

  4. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    Uncle Don Lemon is doing what he does best, denigrating Black folks for the pleasure of  White racist and like minded folks.

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