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October 9, 2014

Watch: Israelis Chant “N*ggers Go Home” and “Go Back to Africa” at Anti-Migrant Rally

Watch: Israelis Chant “N*ggers Go Home” and “Go Back to Africa” at Anti-Migrant Rally

Israel protests

According to a recent report, Israelis took to the streets to protest a High Court ruling to close the country’s Holot detention center. African immigrants were rounded up and taken to the desert cage as part of the move to purge the country of African immigrants, described as “cancer” on Israeli society by Likud MK Miri Regev.

As BreakingBrown reported, in a 7-2 decision, the High Court of Justice ordered authorities to stop detaining African migrants at the Holot detention center in the Negev.

According to The Times of Israel, Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar said he could “not accept the verdict of the High Court,” since it would mean Israel “won’t have a Jewish democratic state because our borders will be overrun… with illegal infiltrators.”

In a video posted to YouTube this week, protesters can be heard yelling a phrase interpreted to mean “N*ggers go home” and “Go back to Africa.”

During previous protests calling for expulsion of African immigrants, several Israelis were arrested for beating Sudanese residents, Haaretz reported:

Following the protest, hundreds of people assembled in the main street of the Hatikvah neighborhood. Several protesters smashed the windows of a grocery store that served the migrant workers community, broke the windows of a barber shop and looted it.

Police arrested 17 people during the protest, with some of them detained while beating Sudanese migrants. Those arrested will be brought in before the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on Thursday for an extension of their remand.

Watch the video below:


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18 thoughts on “Watch: Israelis Chant “N*ggers Go Home” and “Go Back to Africa” at Anti-Migrant Rally

  1. Sarahmina says:

    Remember,  THOSE WHO STAND BY AND SAY NOTHING WHILE THEIR NEIGHBOR IS BEING ENSLAVED, WILL BE NEXT!!!!!!  The Jewish people experienced one of the HORRORs of HORRORs, and YET some would do the same to others.  How pathetic is that for ANY HUMAN BEING.  GOD’S favorite people?  Not the GOD I know!!!

  2. Jonhlee01 says:

    If anyone doesn’t belong there and are illegal infiltrators it would be these white european fake Jews.These people love to talk about how they will never forget and history is doomed to repeat itself.. Clearly they have forgotten and history will repeat itself. These racist hypocrites wonder why they are the most hated people on the planet.

  3. ljmagnuson says:

    This is TERRIBLE. For people who have experienced things like the Holocaust, Spanish Inquisition and a few other atrocities in their history … they should KNOW BETTER. Very sad. Same for the situation betweeen Israel and Palestine. Isrealis should know better there too, and find a way to include them in Israeli society. I’m sure something can be done other than rain bombs down on Gaza, etc. Sad. Sad. Sad …. and the perversion of justice is one of the worst of Evils in God’s eyes too!

  4. ljmagnuson says:

    Sarahmina  I totally agree. Many have forgotten the horrors of their OWN past, including slavery under the Pharoahs of Egypt. Standing by while others are abused and mistreated is NOT acceptable for a Jew!

  5. SantiagoSharif says:

    That was just a story not based on a historical fact and historicaly these people are not the hebrews of the bible they are europeans which explain they illegal occupation in the area along with their open racism that the so called UN world leaders constantly ignore

  6. lostinthewilderness says:

    Black Folk betray their own…..

  7. ROBERT@atx says:

    IF you read JEWISH newspapers[which I highly recommend] you’ll discover that no matter what nation a JEW is residing in their loyalty belongs to ISRAEL and not the country of their birth.

    I never would have believe this until I read their own words and even after they gain control or influence over the host country as they have here in AMERICA they still rule as JEWS whose loyalty belongs to ISRAEL and not as members of the society which they belong,

    THERE are many signs to determine if you live in a society ruled by JEWS but the main one is you’ll be living in a police state because they turn the police into well armed thugs and the prisons into gulags.

    THIS is why our position is no different than our PALESTINIAN brothers in GAZA because we’re now being ruled by the same people.

  8. ROBERT@atx says:

    THE most ironic part of the treatment that the illegal aliens are getting from the ISRAELIS is that their JEWISH AMERICAN brothers are the leading advocates of illegal aliens here in AMERICA.

    IF you think about it the HISPANICS have even less political power than  black’s have  and there is no way they could get the government to leave the border open and then get the government to provide the illegal aliens with all the goodies and protection that the illegals receive once here.

    IT would take immense political power and the HISPANICS don’t have it but the JEWS do and they admit to it.

  9. EasyJesus66 says:

    Really????  Where were these hooked nosed scumbags before WWII? Isreal never belong to them. It wasnt their land.. They took it….Perhaps those Africans should of told those Kikes to Go Back To Europe.

  10. atodds says:

    Way to lose the moral high ground with a racist rant of your own.

  11. yehuel says:

    The False jew whom with the help of the Evil White Empire of America and Europe stole the lands of the True Hebrews the So- Called Black People in America which is the Tribe of Yudah and the rest of the 11 tribes are in the Middle-East to this day! The Palestinians are only care- takers of the lands until we return- Fact! Those Israelis has never claimed to be Hebrew Israelites. And will damed to a quicker flight to Hell if they dared to! And to -atodds- an empty head without knowledge- you nout qualified to be my water boy! Back off! Revelation 2:9 and chapter 3:9 calls out the false jew for who they are-synagogue of Satan! And Gamal Nassar quoted in Time Magizine. That the jews will never be able to live in peace, because they left Black but came back white! Yahweh thru his Only Begotten Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh revealeth knowledge to his angels! These are Trully the End Times- Judgement Day!

  12. yehuel says:

    Now let`s speak on the True Holocaust ! The real Children of Israel the tribe of Yudah- The So-Called Black People of America. 96 million of the my people died in Slave Trade- 96 million compare to maybe 6 million jews! The Slave Passage was financed by these same false jew who wants the world to feel sorry for their but they are directly reresponsible for the murder 96 million Black Hebrew Israelites! Their efforts were in fact a plan to kill off Jacob children to steal back thr birth rite that did not or was not promised to Esau! The false jew are the tribe of Esau. The other twin born to Rebecca wife of Isaac-Esau came out red and hairy and Jacob smooth skinned. Fact. Brothers. One white and the Blessed twin Black! The false is the fanince machine behind the efforts to Destroy his twin Brother to steal the Promised Birth Rite from Jacob! Jews read the Book of Obadiah. Read your Future! Yahweh is angry with the wicked Everyday!

  13. dedav2222 says:

    This is evidence that the true source of racism is dominance. The Jews in Israel are imposing their will and beliefs on the Africans. They now see the Africans in the same way that the Nazis saw their ancestors.

    Dominance can raise its ugly head anywhere and in any form. In this case the once victims of dominance are now its executioners.

  14. yehuel says:

    Again Sir. dedav2222. The false jew will try to covet up their true Id. As the synagogue of Satan. Relevelations 2:9 chapter 3:9. They will be destroyed as well. Yahweh is Angry with the Wicked Everyday!

  15. atodds says:

    Always amusing to read the lunatic writings of the certifiably insane. Please continue…I can use the laughs.

  16. FrancoMiccolupo says:

    So you got a video of about 50 dumb racist Jews ranting their hate. Any idea how many Ethiopians, Eritreans and Sudanese Israel took in?…don’t get fooled…don’t judge a people by a few. It’s horrible when it’s done the other way as well. Let’s not fall in the trap and give peace a chance…over and over till it’s achieved.

  17. MorganaLeFay says:

    FrancoMiccolupo I’m sorry, Franco, but racism in Israel is rampant. This is not the work of “a few”. There are people at the very top, including Netanyahu, who approve of this hatred and aren’t afraid to show it either, since many countries around the world support Israel without question. I support peace too, but that cannot erase the levels of racism directed towards Africans in this region.

  18. MorganaLeFay says:

    Israel should be confronted for its own sins as well. Their reputation for brutality and racism cannot be covered up by ideological dreams and speeches. The sufferings of Africans in Israel has gone on for too long, and people should speak up about it.

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