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October 9, 2014

Obama Administration Moves From “Disregard to Dismantling” HBCUs, Says Writer

Obama Administration Moves From “Disregard to Dismantling” HBCUs, Says Writer


President Obama has taken criticism from the black community for his indifference toward HBCUs, but now that indifference has turned to hostility, claims JL Carter Sr. in HBCU Digest.

As Carter notes, when the Obama administration handed out grants geared toward minority students, the lion’s share of those dollars were given to predominately white institutions:

The Department of Education last week appropriated more than $171 million to colleges and universities nationwide to bolster college access and equity for low-income and minority students. Several dozens of colleges and universities received First in the World grants  to increase S.T.E.M. professional development for minorities, or smaller grants aimed at supporting Alaskans, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, African-Americans and Hispanics.


Of those dozens, just three HBCUs – Fayetteville State University, Hampton University and Prairie View A&M University, collectively received just over $3 million in federal support. Hampton’s FITW grant accounted for $3.5 million, while FSU and PVAMU received less than $250,000 each.

Although Obama talks a good game where HBCUs are concerned, he’s begun dismantling them, piece by piece, dollar by dollar:

But the president couldn’t hide his coolness towards HBCUs for long. Before his first term could end, his Department of Education orchestrated and authorized the great Pell Grant/PLUS Loan debacle of 2011. Two years later, he announced plans to tie federal aid funding to a new rating system, one which will punish schools for low graduation rates, student loan defaults, alumni employment rates, and other measures which fly in the face of the HBCU mission and profile.

As BreakingBrown reported in 2013, HBCU advocates are so frustrated that several threatened to sue the Obama administration in 2013.

The New Republic explained the importance of HBCUs in the black community: “HBCUs constitute three percent of America’s colleges but produce 20 percent of black graduates, 50 percent of black public school teachers and lawyers, 80 percent of black judges, and 90 percent of black BA’s in STEM fields.”

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12 thoughts on “Obama Administration Moves From “Disregard to Dismantling” HBCUs, Says Writer

  1. darkesspreso says:

    Tell the truth and shame this devil ……

    Historically Black College and Universities were created in reaction to
    De-facto Jim Crow

    Alabama Governor George Wallace stood in the doorway
    at the University of Alabama and vowed ???

    Segregation Forever !!!!!

    Under president hobama
    Ethnic Cleansing is going on @ HBCU

    Germany just made College Tuition Free for all including foreigners

  2. NickMcNeal says:

    The end game of education is to secure the survival of our people. That being said, our survival is not to be taken lightly, by reducing it to some non-sense quotes, historical events and blaming the President for the failings of a few of our HBCU’s. The issue with the HBCU,s not getting the funding they deserve is with The Department of Education along with their alumni and various benefactors.

  3. darkesspreso says:

    Memo to u sir ur just a gd fool !!!!!!!!!

    If this topic is above ur IQ try another hobby like crochet or knitting …

    Because of the Civil Rights Movement
    HBCU were giving special funding, under hobama HBCU has been target
    as too Black…

    Yet under former secretary of education Dr. Mary Frances Berry 
    in the Carter Administration HBCU tended to do better

    u  go along to get along Negroes …

    Afraid to speak up
    Afraid to stand up for r  people

    Make me sick !!!

    I don’t blame the president
    I indict this MF ….

  4. 1BrotherMack says:

    If President Obama were a graduate of an HBCU school, would he be President ? Harvard, or Howard ? Think about it, if a black man wants to dream big, he better go to Harvard !

  5. DebraDaniels says:

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    We suffer and remain oppressed, discriminated against, and under all manner of attack and destruction principally because of who we really are, the fact we do not know it, and therefore have no real clue about what it is we must do, why, when, and how. 
    The time is short given that America’, Europe’, and also worldwide financial / institutional power across-the-board is completely controlled / run by “…the children of their father Satan” as stated by Almighty God’ Son Lord Savior Jesus Christ and the end times have already long been launched and are here. Lying, greedy, perverted, murdering and completely desperate white people and many of their ancestors most with absolutely no blood ties whatsoever to the ancient Israelites have long always known, lied about, and tried to keep hidden and to destroy us because of who it is that we are really are. 
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    Think about it and act! You and your children are the actual descendants of the Most High Almighty God’ chosen people. Return to and obey Almighty God’ Covenant and Laws established for our ancient forefathers and us today as His People. Do this first to live righteously in good, strong, and unbreakable spiritual and physical strength under Almighty God’ protection, finally gather and unite together to both prosper and endure together against and fully separated from all evil powers and principalities of darkness including human evil until this evil world’ end fast approaching and the new beginning of Almighty God’ Kingdom in heaven and on earth.

  6. CCA_MARIE says:


  7. LoveAbundance says:

    Educate yourself… forget about Obama and the white mans handouts.  | get off the grid and live for free!

  8. DebraDaniels says:

    LoveAbundance ,

    Please kindly explain in great detail how you went about getting “off the grid / live for free!” and also please recommend greatest locations to move / also begin trying to do so. Keep in mind too that I hate freezing cold weather, dangerous threatening animals, but happen to love the ocean, river, lakes / woods, natural greenery, / at least being very close to if not right next to water, lots of trees, / I also live on low modest fixed income. I also well know how to protect myself, grow food, / how to swim. I’ve for some time often wondered given the coming inevitable collapse of the U.S. currency / worst hell breaking loose including marshal law / collapse of America / most especially black American’ citizen’ civil rights, access to money, food, / all other emergency needs / subjection to rampant, unlawful, / long detainment without legal counsel whether it’s best or not to remain living in Washington, D.C. one of the major USA urban cities where I was born, own home, / lived all of my life. I await your kind, hopefully timely, / highly informative reply. Thank you.

  9. LoveAbundance says:

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    Have a sweet day, Love

  10. ShawnMc1 says:

    darkesspreso dont be afraid , take that trip

  11. ShawnMc1 says:

    can someone tell me why the graduates aren’t donating any money to these schools, i hear the administrations in thise schools are horrible

  12. ShreyaGupta says:

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