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October 2, 2014

MSNBC Pundit Calls Pres. Obama “Lazy”, Blames First Lady

MSNBC Pundit Calls Pres. Obama “Lazy”, Blames First Lady

Barack and Michelle

The MSNBC pundit who once spoke eloquently of how Barack Obama sent a thrill up his leg is now accusing the president of becoming lazy and laying blame on First Lady Michelle Obama and the president’s closest adviser.

On Wednesday’s episode of MSNBC‘s Hardball, host Chris Matthews said Obama was getting lazy and “cut off from the country”:

Let’s get tough here. Is this the problem of a second term that presidents get lazy, intellectually lazy, and cut off from the country and they start picking deputies for jobs instead of looking for the best people? The lazy thing to do is somebody leaves, you promote their deputy. This is, I think, part of the endemic problem of second terms. They don’t go out and mix with people, find new people, new hotshots to fill these jobs. They just keep promoting the person whose turn it is and they’re not as good as the person they picked the first time…

Then Matthews accused adviser Valerie Jarrett and Mrs. Obama of encouraging laziness, even though the first lady is not directly involved in policy discussions:

Kennedy went out and met people like [Robert] McNamara and [Dean] Rusk and he went looking for them and he put them into the best slots he could. And he talked them into it, he recruited people he didn’t even know [and] he recruited them. Presidents should go out and look for people. They should be practicing affirmative action all the time in leading or else they get atrophied into that little world of people like Valerie [Jarrett] and Mrs. Obama and you’re just listening to the same voices all the time.

Was Laura Bush ever brought into a discussion about George W. Bush’s many failures as commander-in-chief?

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2 thoughts on “MSNBC Pundit Calls Pres. Obama “Lazy”, Blames First Lady

  1. jamalA says:

    Chris needs to get his head from underneath Hilary’s skirt. A similar conversation came up on Crooks & Liars a mth or two back.

  2. DonWarren says:

    jamalA I never did like his show.  I bet you I will not watch it.  By the way, how could he make such a accusation.  He acts like he lives with the president.  I think he did that because his show rating is tanking.

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