September 16, 2014 2:51 pm

Remember When Police Mistook a 12 Year Old Standing Outside Her Home for a Prost¡tute?

Police brutality is not a new phenomenon, as evidenced by the case of a Galveston girl who was beaten by police dymondafter being mistaken for a prostitute.

According to The Free Thought Project, on the night of August 22, 2006, 12 year old Dymond Milburn was sent outside to pull the switch after a breaker broke, causing the home to lose electricity.

While Dymond was walking, a van drove up and someone yelled, “You’re a prostitute! You’re coming with me!” Given that the young girl didn’t know who was trying to throw her in the van, she resisted and screamed for her daddy.

By the time Dymond’s father realized what was happening, the young girl was being beaten by officers:

Officer David Roark had his hand over the mouth of Milburn when her father came out on the balcony after hearing his daughter’s cries for help. The other officers, Justin Popovich and Sean Stewart, beat Dymond’s face, head and throat while their supervisor, Sgt. Gilbert Gomez, watched on in approval.

Dymond’s parents ran to the cops and yelled,  “That’s our daughter. She’s twelve.” then Roark answered “I don’t care if she’s twenty-two, thirty-two, or forty-six.” Police then kidnapped the girl and dropped her off at the hospital, where she was treated for numerous injuries, including to her face and ear drum.

As if that weren’t enough, police showed up at the girl’s school and arrested her again, charging her with resisting and assaulting a peace officer. Unfortunately, the charges weren’t dropped. Since prosecutors were only looking at the win column, the 12 year old girl was prosecuted.

The family filed a civil suit against Galveston police, but has not reached a settlement, reports The Free Thought Project. The officers in the case requested immunity and were never fired.

After the kidnapping outside her own home, Dymond, now 20, suffered from PTSD and nightmares.


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  • queenofmeanest says:

    I will always stand by this:  A GOOD PIG IS A DEAD PIG.

  • Sarahmina says:

    Is this for real? Why wasn’t this publicized nationwide? Where can you get more info in the status

  • jaycee1138 says:

    It wasn’t publicized because the media is the leader in racist reports. Yes,this is for real. Those thug cops knew this 12-year old child was not a prostitute. Theirs was just another excuse to brutalized a Black person (child.) I have said previously that Black women had better start watching their backs, because the thug cops are now coming after them.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    jaycee1138 I agree

  • TinaSue says:

    That’s just horrible what happened to that child.

    I will add, however, that Black people need to become aware of the sex trafficking of young girls by Pimps.  The average age of these girls are 12 and 13 years of age; . The Pimps often put them out on the “Track” to sell them for sex.  The Pimps also go after young women who have aged out of Foster Care to “turn them out.”   The FBI’s effort to put a stop to this is much more professional than what these silly Cops did. One of the new laws enacted by states is to treat these young girls as “VICTIMS” instead of criminals.

    Make yourselves aware of Modern Day Slave Sex trafficking of Children in America.   It affects our little Black girls more than any others.

  • MariaRory says:

    jaycee1138 yes they have opening more prison for women in the last five years then men.

  • MariaRory says:

    If I was the parents I would ask that the
    federal investigator also take a look at what length the chief and police
    officers go to cover their behinds. They are dragging  on the case …on purpose.
    So it’s more than just the police dept.

  • MilitantPrince says:

    MariaRory I never heard of this, but reading this now makes me want to just run outside and knock the hell out of the first white cop I see. This is absolutely un-heard of in the 21st Century. This is not the Jim Crow Era, yet we are witnessing the same crap that was done in that era. This is why I know that I don’t want any more kids, because these police officers are on a mission to kill as many black kids as possible. I know that I would either be in jail or worse. I cannot stand police, even the black ones. If there was this rash of black cops, killing unarmed white boys, white cops would be on the war path.

  • JayContreras says:

    What this sounds like is a foiled kidnapping. They got caught and turned it into a beating to cover their a$$es. I absolutely wouldn’t be surprised to find out a lot of black children & women being kidnapped are being taken by cops/crime enforcement. Mitrice Richardson’s case in LA was a case that was along these lines.

  • JayContreras says:

    TinaSue The FBI is probably involved. People need to know that what we erroneously think of as law enforcement are more criminal than the local drug dealer that they like to hype up. Historically, the FBI has been involved in assassinations of black leaders like Malcolm X & King, & more recently creating these fake stings of supposed ‘terrorists’; so why would we not think they aren’t involved in kidnapping young girls & women for sex or pedo rings. Sometimes, fact is stranger than fiction. Especially in a country known for making profit off of black misery and bodies.

  • TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue What you say about the FBI is very true. On the sex trafficking of children though, they have arrested over six hundred Pimps in the last two years, and rescued thousands of children.  Their focus on stopping this modern day slavery of our little girls has been good. If Eric Holder (a Black man) was not head of the Justice Department, I would be as worried about the FBI as I am about the silly Cops mentioned above.   The new Director of the FBI is focused on the sex trafficking of children more than the previous President. Bush Director was.
    I don’t trust law enforcement as a rule.   However, something is being done about this problem.   As Black people we are doing very little on our own.   I help out as much as I can..

  • mnurse says:

    Not having kids is killing our race your defeating the purpose. Just keep faith pray and keep an eye on not just your kids but all of our (black people) kids.

  • TheresadeBullard says:

    So you’ve never heard of this but you assume because the girl was black that the cops were white ?? It says NOWHERE in the article that the cops present were Caucasian , yet based on this you want to go out and commit a violent hate crime against an innocent white policeman wherever you live who is minding his own business and doing his job ? Sounds like YOURE the racist to me. People like you run out and do shit based on assumptions before even bothering to check yo facts , and then are bewildered as to why yo ass ends up in a prison cell. I’m not saying they WERE all white , but based on this article you can’t tell , and assuming is something only uneducated idiots do

  • JayContreras says:

    TheresadeBullard Project much? Who created ASSUMPTIONS based on race. Hell, who created race as a concept in the 1st place? Black people? And since you are here trolling..most of the incidents of police brutality are of WHITE policemen killing or assaulting BLACK men, women & children, so it’s purely LOGICAL to ASSUME this case is no different. When MOST of the incidents of police brutality involve something OTHER than predominantly white pigs, then we’ll start ASSUMING something different. Until then, you need to go troll elsewhere.

  • PhilOdinMargetts says:

    JayContreras TheresadeBullard While making assumptions is idiotic, in this case those assumptions happen to be correct. These policemen, or rather, these pieces of shit, were white.
    Nationwide, the rate at which black individuals are killed is three times higher than white individuals. This is a fact, not an assumption or an opinion. The fact is that black individuals are targeted far more often than white individuals simply due to the color of their skin and perception.
    This is unacceptable.

    However, I posit you this, Mr. Contreras, Mr. Prince. How is this completely UNJUSTIFIED targeting of an entire race any different than what you are doing? The answer to racist scum like these is not to become racist scum yourself. You are better than that.

    Instead, I offer you this:

    Galveston Police Department Telephone Directory
    Detective Sean Stewart 409-765-3665.

    I have already called and filed a complaint. I suggest you do the same if you truly wish to make an impact on this poor girls case (still in proceeding).

  • SeaTee says:

    This is an eight year old incident. I highly doubt anything will come of this now.

  • JayContreras says:

    PhilOdinMargetts You don’t want a true answer b/c you are HERE on a site catering to BLACK people telling US what we SHOULD be thinking & HOW you think we should be REACTING to systemic racism. That’s the height of hubris and sociopathy. HOW I react to systemic racism is NOT your call. If you don’t want to HEAR black people’s legit anger & hostility,then take your a$$ somewhere ELSE. Simple. Only an arrogant, delusional white boy would deign to tell a black person that my simply POINTING OUT RACISM makes me equally guilty of racism. But since the vast majority of you have a warped, demented, skewed vision of the world  this doesn’t surprise me. But if you REALLY were interested in eliminating racism, you’d be posting that bs you posted on WHITE SITES, not here. YOUR PEOPLE are the source of systemic racism. Again, pointing out racism DOES NOT equate to racism. There is NO moral equivalency between the 2. Try again. Too bad there is no cure for what ails you sickos. Nothing but death will cure that. And then maybe you can come back renewed. And even that’s debatable imo.

  • parabu says:

    Theresa, there were enough pictures posted of the officers who allegedly accosted this little girl. Since obviously YOU didn’t know this, I would suggest YOU research things before YOU post comments.

  • AnthonyTaylor says:

    JayContreras PhilOdinMargetts Pointing out racism is one thing. Saying you want to hurt the first white cop that comes along is another. You do us, and every other black person, no good if your only answer to this is a random act of violence based on race. THAT is EXACTLY how THEY want us to respond and how THEY EXPECT us to respond. All you do is give them the false justification to label us animals and treat our children like this. And FYI, there were a LOT of whites that put their life on the line to either free our people from slavery or segregation etc. How are you any better than a white bigot if all you can do is label and categorize every white person as the same racist trash?

  • TariqWilliams says:

    What type of mentality does it take for a bunch of grown white men to beat up a twelve year old little so called “Black” girl ?

  • TommyOwens says:

    JayContreras PhilOdinMargetts So you are basically saying “white people aren’t allowed here?”  If I had a site that “black people weren’t allowed” that wouldn’t be OK……..I understand now….

  • queenofmeanest says:

    TommyOwens JayContreras PhilOdinMargetts 
    Tommy you really need to get over yourself.  It is based on common knowledge and a lifetime of experience that whites will write posts supporting criminal and racist activity perpetrated by white cops against blacks and hispanics.
    I am not only speaking for myself but thousands of other blacks, we are sick of this type of schytt.  The proof is in the pudding so to speak.  The truth is in the mainstream media.  The truth is reality and people like you and Anthony are going to have to face that truth.
    Contrary to Anthony’s belief, not all black people like, love or respect cops.  The history speaks for itself.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    Did you see the picture of the little girl idiot?  I have friends that live in Galveston and they did not know this.  This was not reported in the mainstream media.
    So please do not not look for absolution because one of your white brethren committed a series of crimes?


  • truth_seeker25 says:

    JayContreras PhilOdinMargetts He’s just telling you to stop fighting racism with racism, which is what you’re doing. By the way, I think it’s wrong to assume racism is involved every time the victim is black. Are you aware that one of the officers, Sean Stewart, is black? Another thing I like about Phil’s comment is that he’s actually trying to do something about it. And when he suggests others do the same, you try to shut him down. So basically, whenever something as horrible as this happens, you’d rather have a bunch of black people rant and blame white people rather than actually going after the people that did it? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

  • James57 says:

    TommyOwens JayContreras PhilOdinMargetts You could not…I repeat, NOT, be more clueless. You sound like (or, rather, read like) any of the myriad FOX news hosts. I urge you to reconsider this fatuous argument

  • James57 says:

    TheresadeBullard Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Another myopic white person with a fatuous agenda. Theresa, this would be the time to shut your mouth

  • BigWood says:

    Black brothers and sisters, you must understand “These People” are your mortal enemy. Why do you insist on going to a brick building every Sunday and praying to your enemy as your GOD?? Wake up Black people, your enemy still views you as damn fools for worshipping them even though they kick your @ss on a daily basis.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    Thank you.

  • BigWood says:

    Black brothers and sisters, you must understand “These People” are your mortal enemy. Why do you insist on going to a brick building every Sunday and praying to your enemy as your GOD?? Wake up Black people, your enemy still views you as damn fools for worshipping them even though they kick your @ss on a daily basis

  • queenofmeanest says:

    The picture of the little girl is black.  Name what race of people in power would do something like this?

  • queenofmeanest says:

    Caucasian means black asian.
    Please find another label to identify yourself.  In the meantime, please tell me what other race of people with this much power to do what they did to this little girl and get away with it?

  • TheresadeBullard says:

    Bitch , I don’t have to find ANYTHING else to label myself with…not sure you’re aware of this but this is a democracy not a dictatorship. If you want to tell people what to do find a country that is. And as far as another race ? Ok , how bout this one…back in the day African tribesmen traded their own tribe members, men women AND children , away to become slaves here in America. .that’s how that girl came to be here in the first place , generations ago her OWN people sent her ancestors here to be slaves….those people weren’t white , weren’t policemen…so now what queenie dear ?

  • TheresadeBullard says:

    Oh and ps…CAUCASIAN MEAN FROM THE CAUCASUS MOUNTAINS. …RUSSIA, TURKEY , ARMENIA , ETC….not sure where you get BLACK ASIAN from but please find another dictionary to educate yourself with.

  • TheresadeBullard says:

    Black…Africans traded their own people to become slaves…so black…black people would , and have , done things like this..and since black people are policemen and presidents too, they have the same black people would do this….

  • TheresadeBullard says:

    Oh no honey , you don’t tell ME what time it is…and I’m just another myopic white person ? Ok , well you’re just another whiney little girl screaming racism where there is none…you know , while we’re stereotyping , cause apparently we are

  • TheresadeBullard says:

    No they keep idiots like you off the street corner WHORE

  • TheresadeBullard says:

    Allegedly…so wait , allegedly means maybe , but not for sure…so therefore it’s SPECULATION….I suggest YOU use a dictionary instead of trying to pull definitely out of allegedly , which ain’t gonna work honey…now y’all stop bugging me , I’ve got shit I DO care about going on….

  • TheresadeBullard says:

    And ps…I’m not white stupid.

  • room200 says:

    TheresadeBullard You ignorant racist bitch

  • queenofmeanest says:

    room200 TheresadeBullard 
    I guess the Barrio Yeti does not like herself or her race too well.  She claims that she is not white, but she is doing everything in the book to be “WHITE”.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    Actually, you are the stupid uneducated one.  You should have studied history instead of sucking on your teachers’ lollipop in order to pass your class.
    The original inhabitants of the “Caucasus” mountains were black.  The truth to the matter is that  Russia, Chechens, Armenians, and other Southern Russians are
    considered to have Black Negro origins and Caucasus Mountains
    people are classified as “black” and are discriminated against. 
    Blacks have lived in Southern Russia since prehistoric times and
    have occupied the Black Sea Region since the time of

    (2000 BC) when Africans dominated the region. 

    The new scientific genetic
    information derived from the Human Genome Project, an
    international effort to decode the information embedded in the
    human genome, confirmed to the world by scientists in the East
    Room of the White House (June, 2000).   We all evolved in the last
    100,000 years from the same small number of tribes that migrated
    out of Africa and colonized the world”.  “All human beings are
    99.99% the same at the DNA level and the remaining 0.1% genetic
    variation that exist seldom segregate in a manner that confirms to
    the racial boundaries constructed by social political means.””
    Therefore, the race of people that you hate so much are very much your ancestors.
    Get over it WITCH.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    Better yet, take a anthropology course.  Oops, you can’t do that.  Stupid racists like yourself cannot read beyond Dr. Seuss.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    Another lie from your lips to your paws.  Yes, you do have to label yourself.  Looking at your picture and claiming that you are not white, shows that you have a severe identity crisis.
    Look at yourself.  A tie dye blond, growing up in the Barrios, trying to escape the race category of Hispanic unless food stamps or some social service program is involved.
    Did you know that back in the day, Africans sold white swamp sows like yourself to white slave owners in America?  So that’s how you wound up in this country.
    There you are tie dye looking down your nose on the very race that enabled you to be spawned into this world.  Dying your hair blond because you think that blonds have more fun and that you would be a catch for some unfortunate young man.
    It is funny that you did not mention the Spanish enslaving your people.  Stealing your language, culture and religion.  So aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black?

    Such self hatred does not go well in your Barrio doesn’t it? 
    One more thing that you never realized O stupid one.  Africans/Blacks were here in this country about 3,000 years ago.  So the bringing of the African slaves to this country is only new to idiots like yourself.
    So not only I suggest that pick up a dictionary but do some research before you spouting off at the mouth about racism.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    I am not a whore, but you are.  YOU ARE A 3 Fs WHORE.  THEY FIND YOU, THEY F$^K YOU AND THEN THEY FORGET ABOUT YOU.
    It is apparent that you have to sell yourself so that you can supplement your food stamps and welfare benefits.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    Then slither on racist Barrio Yeti and move on.
    The posting about your Facebook account not only proves that you are racist, but you have been dressed down and shaved Yeti.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    Another lie about the abuse of this little girl.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    room200 TheresadeBullard 
    I guess that Theresa did not read the memo that Latinos/Hispanics are now considered white aka caucasians in Texas.

  • DwightLove1 says:

    Queen this is another case of self hatred when these Hispanics are trying to be someone they are not.What about the ones that are incarcerated?????

  • DwightLove1 says:

    This story reminds of the movie starring Samuel L Jackson called ” A Time To Kill” a young 12 yr old Black child was kidnapped and rapped by two pedophiles and we all know what happened after all.

  • queenofmeanest says:

    Good question.  I guess they will call themselves Hispanic when it suits them financially.

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