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September 25, 2014

Liberian Newspaper Accuses West of Manufacturing Ebola Virus

Liberian Newspaper Accuses West of Manufacturing Ebola Virus
Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

A writer for The Daily Observer in Liberia alleges that the Ebola virus isn’t a creation of Mother Nature, but of the West.

Dr. Cyril Broderick, Professor of Plant Pathology, outlined several reason which, according to him, lead to the conclusion that Ebola is a virus deployed by the West:

Reports narrate stories of the US Department of Defense (DoD) funding Ebola trials on humans, trials which started just weeks before the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone. The reports continue and state that the DoD gave a contract worth $140 million dollars to Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, to conduct Ebola research. This research work involved injecting and infusing healthy humans with the deadly Ebola virus. Hence, the DoD is listed as a collaborator in a “First in Human” Ebola clinical trial (NCT02041715, which started in January 2014 shortly before an Ebola epidemic was declared in West Africa in March. Disturbingly, many reports also conclude that the US government has a viral fever bioterrorism research laboratory in Kenema, a town at the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The only relevant positive and ethical olive-branch seen in all of my reading is that reported, “The US government funding of Ebola trials on healthy humans comes amid warnings by top scientists in Harvard and Yale that such virus experiments risk triggering a worldwide pandemic.” That threat still persists.

The writer then calls on African leaders to take the lead on protecting civilians:

Africa must not relegate the Continent to become the locality for disposal and the deposition of hazardous chemicals, dangerous drugs, and chemical or biological agents of emerging diseases. There is urgent need for affirmative action in protecting the less affluent of poorer countries, especially African citizens, whose countries are not as scientifically and industrially endowed as the United States and most Western countries, sources of most viral or bacterial GMOs that are strategically designed as biological weapons.

Some of the commenters derided the writer as a conspiracy theorist while other recalled a time when Liberians were used as lab rats by Western interests.





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115 thoughts on “Liberian Newspaper Accuses West of Manufacturing Ebola Virus

  1. ROBERT@atx says:

    IT’S good to know that our AFRICAN brothers and sisters caught on to this, but it’s a shame they didn’t learn their lesson from the AIDS epidemic because they didn’t stop these people from coming into their country and conducting medical experiments on their people.

    SIERRA LEONE has said that they shut down their foreign own laboratories hopefully the rest of the AFRICAN countries will follow.

    IF anyone is on facebook {which I’m not} please send DR BRODERICK the article below it will be useful to him in identifying the people responsible for this horrendous act and crime against humanity!

  2. TinaSue says:

    Remember the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment on Black people here in America? Remember those Scientists who did similar tests on South Americans?   Remember when the White Europeans were caught shipping their Nuclear waste to African countries?
    I believe the AIDS and Ebola are experiments by White Scientists/Doctors too.    It’s good to see Africans being aware they are being used as Guinea Pigs and Lab Rats.

  3. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue And black people HERE need to remember that eugenics/bio germ warfare continues against us in THIS COUNTRY too. We don’t have to look to Africa to see evidence of covert US govt illegal experimenting. Organ harvesting, MK-ULTRA, etc. If you are unfamiliar with the topic, Harriet Washington’s Medical Apartheid, is a good place to start. Also be aware that nano implants are small enough nowadays that they can be injected into a person via the head of a needle.

  4. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue  Thanks for the information. I’ll check out the Medical Apartheid.  I did know about the eugenics from a Afro Studies class I took in college.  
    I remember this White Journalist who said he had proof that AIDS was started by White doctors in Africa.   They were trying to shut him up.  They will be the ruin of ALL humanity (themselves included) by trying to eliminate us.   Idiots.
      When I saw the Russians inject and kill their spy traitor in London with something as small as a needle point, I perked up!

  5. ROBERT@atx says:

    I hate to say this but all the black websites missed the biggest story of the year on the subject of medical genocide right here in good ole AMERICA.

    JUST recently a whistleblower from inside the CDC leaked the information that the MMV vaccines were damaging black children and they knew it for years.

    IF I knew what I know now I would’ve never let any of my children be vaccinated!

  6. JayContreras says:

    @TinaSue–There is another high profile covert govt experimentation case that most people have heard of if you are of a certain age, but you may not realize the US govt was involved–the Jim Jones/Guyana Tragedy. It has been known for awhile now that Jim Jones was in fact on the CIA payroll & that it was a govt mind control experiment. Those 900+ black people DID NOT commit mass suicide, they were either shot or forcibly injected with something that killed them. Even though they were physically isolated in the jungle, had turned over all of their income to the People’s Temple & were basically being used as slave labor in Guyana while being held against their will, drugged and under extreme conditions of duress–they STILL couldn’t get those people to commit mass suicide; though that’s the lie that has been told for all these decades. You can look up the info online & also if you go to You Tube and look under the late journalist Mae Brussell’s name, you will find a ton of broadcasts she did on this & other topics in the 70’s. So this info has been known for some time. The CIA was apparently busy with mind control experiments (then & now) b/c the 1977 Frank Church Hearings also exposed their MK-Ultra mind control experiments on unsuspecting citizens using LSD, as well as exposing the infamous FBI covert program COINTELPRO. And back on the topic of bio-germ warfare–Dr. Robert Strecker & Boyd E. Graves revealed a LOT of compelling info pointing to the US govt requesting the creation of a disease I think either in the late 60’s or early 70’s (don’t quote me on the exact dates but you can look up Boyd Graves research into this online) that specifically had no ‘known human immunity’–curiously, Graves even found an offcial flow chart of a disease that fit the bill exactly and the flow chart ended around the same time that the 1st cases of AIDS were reported. There are also patents for the AIDS virus, as well as the purported cure so it’s not much of a stretch to think the US govt is behind the Ebola virus too.

  7. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I also wanted to comment on what you said about them being the ruin of ALL humanity, themselves included. Well, we see this clearly–THEY are the ones with worldwide negative zero birth rates. And the highest rates of suicide. And even with all of these diabolical lab created diseases–Africa still has the highest rates of fertility. Whatever they TRY to do to us invariably boomerangs & backfires but that doesn’t seem to keep them from persistently trying. But you are so right…it will be the death of THEM. Ultimately, I think black people will be fine but in the interim there will be some innocents lost which is unfortunate, but the war is ours to lose. We just need to be aware that there IS a war being waged against us. It’s undeclared, but it’s being waged nonetheless. We need to open our eyes and stop being so oblivious and naive.

  8. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue  Perfectly stated!
    I didn’t know about the Guyana involvement, but I had heard about the LSD experiments.
     Another aspect of government involvement is the surveillance. That white guy who exposed it and fled to Russia is only the tip of the iceberg. I did know about the spying on MLK and our other leaders. 
      I read the links you provided above, and it’s just amazing and SCARY!

  9. ole'skool says:

    If this is germ warfare, then the stakes are unconscionable. The West appears to be in control of the only vaccine to cure Ebola? No other country appears to have this vaccine. If this is the case, it’s worth millions, and millions of dollars, therefore the other countries will have to get in line to buy it from the USA. The likelihood of a second pandemic is real because the last occurred 100 years ago. Having said this, leaders of every country need not point fingers at whom may have caused this virus, they need to control Ebola immediately or risk pandemic worldwide, for Airplane’s are a blessing and a curse.

  10. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue Surveillance is JUST the tip of the iceberg. If people really knew what the US govt & specifically the military & the so called intelligence agencies were doing..they’d tear this mofo down. I will just say this & you can look it up yourself but be forewarned, if the above was scary, the other stuff will positively frreak you out–and it may sound Orwellian and sci-fi-ish..but this IS happening & some of this stuff is declassified and it’s been going on for at least a century–at least the ‘testing or research’ on it–If you look up Targeted Individuals, organized gangstalking, directed energy weapons, ultra-low frequency weapons, the FREY effect, Voice to Skull (V2S) or the Voice of God, Synthetic telepathy, psychotronics, John St Clair Akwei’s lawsuit against the NSA–the details of the lawsuit can be found online & you what you read will be alarming to say the least–this lawsuit is on the books, along with many others claiming the US govt is targeting them illegally, Punitive Psychiatry (which the US govt has basically co-opted, hence the reason we now have them trying to turn EVERY human behavior into a psychiatric or mental illness. If you are paying attention, you will notice that behavior that has been historically deemed normal for the avg person is now being deemed a ‘mental illness or disorder’–they want us to be as docile and out of it as possible and the best way to bring that about is to medicate the hell out of all of us-esp. black people. I always caution black people, esp in regards to their children-to read up on the so called psychiatric ‘industry’ and I call it that b/c it’s a business & ANY so called diagnosis made is purely subjective and not based on any independently verifiable biological tests like you can have taken with a medical issue, say for instance a brain tumor–you can have a test done to confirm and verify that you have a tumor–contrast that to a psychiatrist or psychological determination that you are schizophrenic–there are no biological tests that EXIST that can measure mental illness or show the difference between a ‘normal’ brain or a brain effected by so called mental illness. So whatever diagnosis you are being given, is purely subjective and that doctors’ ‘professional opinion’. And pharma pays BIG dollars to these so called professionals to peddle their drugs. Basically, imo, psychiatry is nothing but legalized drug dealing and of course, black people, as in every other facet of this society, get taken advantage of the most. So based on personal experience with a family member, I would caution black people to question everything and research ANYTHING thoroughly before putting it into your body. Never forget Tuskegee. It STILL happens everyday and I have seen this with my own eyes, this isn’t something I’ve heard. So I said all that to say that the US govt is pushing synthetic drugging or doping as a way to medicate and dumb down the population b/c that makes their job of control easier. Simple. But yes, onto surveillance–all I will say on that is look up the above terms and then if you can access You Tube, look up Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory TV Series Episode titled BRAIN INVADERS. This is basically a CURRENTLY running covert experimentation pogrom of the CIA/FBI that is targeting innocent US citizens. This is NOT sci-fi, it’s not paranoid delusions, it’s happening now & I believe MOST of the targets are black people. And as is their m.o.–it’s the usual suspects–US intelligence agencies, using DoD military grade technology. Most people don’t know the technology exists and if you want to hear from people who are actually being targeted, go to You Tube again and search under: Targeted Individuals or Organized Gangstalking. This is some NAZI crap that the US has been engaging in for at least a century. Black author Gloria Naylor, who you may remember as having written the novel, The Women of Brewster Place, which Oprah turned into a tv movie–wrote a novel, 1996, chronicling her targeting, so it’s not just ordinary people they are experimenting on. You can also hear Gloria describe the tactics used on her in an audio interview available online here:  Again, if you are easily freaked out you may want to not listen but I believe we as a people need to understand what we are dealing with. This isn’t simply about racism, it’s about EVIL and diabolical schemes and activities that are happening DAILY, hiding in plain sight AND the govt YOU PAY TAXES to is DOING THIS. IS funding this. Is actually PAYING people to come up with this NAZI crap. Gloria has dropped off the radar since this audio interview so I don’t know if she’s still being targeted, but based on what I’ve researched, she probably is.

  11. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue  I read the link that Robert (below) posted. I think it was written by a Japanese person.  It’s vey informative.
    I have to see the post you gave on Gloria.   I remember, vaguely, some Black people having been experimented on by the Military.  We have so many poor and uneducated Black people  who may become prime targets for “studies,” especially children, Ritilin and all the medicines.   When I hear the Media propaganda about Black women being Baby Mamas and welfare dependants, I think something is afoot-a priming, so to speak, for action to be taken.   I might add that Black women lead ALL when it comes to college enrollment.   Our young girls lead in terms of decrease in pregnancies.  Yet, the Media has this on-going smear tactic.   Black boys are smeared as being Thugs of these Baby Mamas who need killing.
      I was so shocked to see that White Police Officer get on TV and say that she should have killed that Black man when she had the chance–the Black man who beheaded a co-worker.   Does that mean she will kill the next Black man she encounters to prevent him from some perceived future crime?
      One last thing:  The COUNTR) you refer to.   Is that the FBI program that killed Fred Hampton and other Black Panthers?

  12. ROBERT@atx says:

    THERE is a patent on the EBOLA virus as well as a vaccine, but W . AFRICA was deliberately infected with this virus for the purpose of collapsing their societies and to internationalize the healthcare systems.

    IT’S a massive crime and the same actors the were involved in the A.I.D.S epidemic are here as well.

    THE CDC , the WHO and the large drug companies all of them were there on the ground during the outbreak.

    THE was no internet during the A.I.D.S epidemic and they were able to get away with it but this time is different .they’re cold busted!

    WE should use are black websites to expose these monsters not just for what they did to our brothers and sisters in AFRICA  but to warn we black AMERICANS because the CDC in deeply involved in this crime in fact one of the main doctors that was involved in the cover up in the A.I.DS EPIDEMIC has surfaced [ DR FAUCHI] in the video below.

    THESE are vicious war criminals that belong in jail and we’re allowing these same demented scientist to stick needles in our babies arms, think about it !

  13. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue The rabbit hole goes deep..deeper than I think most people care to know..and imo, middle-aged Black women are the primary targets of what is being called the Targeted Individual phenomena. And I personally believe it’s because 1) Black women are the most vulnerable of demographics and are less likely to be able to have any recourse–legal or financial when targeted by the govt. 2) Black women are more likely in this country to be poor, even the working poor without means to more quality health insurance or access. In other words, they are more likely to depend on public health facilities like emergency rooms or public clinics for health services & these agencies have historically been RIPE for covert govt experimentation. Remember the Tuskegee Experiment was sponsored by the Public Health Service. 3) I believe that part of the objective of the targeting is to gage how people deal with prolonged & extreme duress & stress (like the Guyana tragedy)..I believe I read somewhere (and again don’t quote me, you can  look it up yourself) that a study was done years ago that found that black women statistically were found to be best able to with stand long term stress–out of all the demographics they studied. I believe this current targeting is covertly studying the effects of long term extreme stress. Again, this is some NAZI crap and it is being paid for with YOUR tax dollars. 
    And you are right..hate to keep making comparisons to Nazi Germany but it’s a legit comparison–Look up Operation Paperclip to see why I say that. So like the nazi regime in Germany, the concentration camps came AFTER the general public had become desensitized to the oppression and targeting of Joos. This took YEARS to do but it happened. So once non jewish Germans became desensitized, it wasn’t hard to then snatch Jews off the street, strip them of all of their belongings & wealth and usher them to concentration camps. BLACK people need to HEED that historical lesson. We have forgotten what we are dealing with. The US has passed the NDAA, the Patriot Act, still has Gitmo open & nobody even mentions this anymore…all the while MOST people, including too many of OUR people, fall in line and look the other way. We apparently didn’t learn our lesson. And the bottom line is: Today it may be ME, and if they get away with it long enough..EVENTUALLY it WILL BE YOU. Bet on it.  Also, the FBI program I mentioned was COINTELPRO & yes, they went after social, civil rights & political organizations & individuals who they deemed a threat. Most were not even what we would think of as ‘extremist’–the NAACP, the SCLC, MLK, Malcolm, SNCC, The Nation Of Islam, The Panthers, pretty much ANY organizations that was seeking to bring about equality & parity in the US, was a target of this illegal covert FBI program. A lot of famous people were too that we know now were targeted, including: actor Paul Robeson & author Richard Wright (they were actually targeted by the CIA–Robeson was actually drugged by the CIA & was committed to a psychiatric facility and subjected to forced electro-shock therapy for a couple of years. It was revealed later that his doctors in that facility were on the CIA payroll. All of this can be looked up.) COINTELPRO is STILL in effect. They never stopped it. It’s going today. Another target: Sam Greenlee, the brotha who wrote The Spook Who Sat By The Door–& the movie–he said that the FBI basically went behind his back & stopped his movie after a week in theaters. They ruined him financially and this is another tactic they use for COINTELPRO–going behind your back & spreading lies to potential employers & even family members. Most people have no idea why people start distancing themselves & they can’t get employment. Most believe it’s them. That’s why I want people to be aware. Some of the things we internalize & think is OUR fault is actually actions that are going on covertly. And Gloria Naylor is a prime example that you don’t have to have what they deem as ‘militant or extremist’ political views; they still chose her. Now after having written all of this, I want people to know that though these psychos go to EXTREME lengths on these kinds of programs–they do NOT work. They fail repeatedly. Being forewarned is being forearmed. There are MANY incidents that have been in the news recently that indicate covert targeting–The Navy Shipyard Shooter, he said that he heard ‘voices’–probably Voice to Skull–as well as the black woman, Miriam Carey, who was shot in DC by the Secret Service–she also indicated she was being communicated via-‘voices’–there was also a case a few years ago–another black woman (see the pattern?)–in NY who drove her mini van into the Hudson River with her 3 children drowning with her–she also reported to her family that she was hearing voices that were describing what she was doing in her apt. So this is NOT isolated and they are NOT just doing this in this country either. A s. american former prez, can’t remember what country, maybe Honduras, said that while he was holed up in his presidential palace (there was a coup attempt)..he was hearing voices and some other strange stuff–there was also a report during the Gulf War that Iraqi soldiers were committing mass surrenders after hearing what they called the ‘voice of god’..this is documented. Basically, the US govt is testing out military technology that is supposedly created for ‘enemies of state’ on US. That should tell you how they view us.

  14. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue  Sometimes I think this site is being monitored, especially this particular story. After I type these long comments, it will not let me post it.   Then I have to re-do it up to three times!!
    I listened to the Gloria Naylor story you posted.   At first, I was beginning to think she has schizophrenia, because she exhibited lots of the behavior as such ( at one time, I worked in a Mental Institution).   Then, I Googled “COINTELPRO and was blown away by the tactics they used, including MURDER and the PSYCHOLOGICALl warfare.     
      They probably drove Gloria nearly insane with all the harassment.   It would be their aim to have people think she was crazy.   Her story really breaks my heart.
     Remember the two Black Olympian Athletes who gave the raised fists?   I saw one of them on a TV show not too long ago.   He was harassed so badly by the FBI until his wife committed suicide.   They really ruined him, (both John Carlos and Tommy Smith).   It was listening to him talk about what they did to him that made me believe that the evil the FBI did was horrendous!!
      The Edward Snowden  white guy who released those documents knew he had to flee.the country.   They (CIA/NSA/FBI)are still at it.
      To be signaled out for such horrific harassment while people think you are going crazy is really sad.  I feel so sad for Gloria Naylor and John Carlos.  So many of us have no idea of the sacrifice our fighters had to go through.

  15. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I had never heard about the harassment of Tommy Smith & John Carlos but it doesn’t surprise me. The people in the so called intelligence agencies are nothing but psychotic sociopaths with unfettered ‘power’ to harass as they see fit. COINTELPRO is a prime example of this. There are still many black & brown people languishing in prison, 30 & 40 years after being unjustly targeted by the FBI simply b/c they wanted equality for black people. Sundiata Acoli is a prime example. This man, who was arrested along with Assata Shakur, has been in prison damn near 50 years..he’s almost 80 I believe and it’s clear he’s in prison for his political beliefs, nothing more. And he’s not alone. Leonard Peltier also comes to mind. But yes, the ‘crazy canard’–it’s the EXACT same tactic that the former USSR used. It’s officially referred to as ‘punitive psychiatry’ and the objective IS to make the targeted person look crazy so that they can then be discredited if they start complaining or talking about their harassment.Russia used it for political dissidents that they couldn’t ‘legally’ go after & I believe this is what the US is doing now too. It is also reminiscent of another fascist regime–South Africa’s apartheid regime’s ‘banned person’ practice. All done covertly of course. Courtesy of the FBI/CIA/NSA/DoD, their contractors & local police depts are also in on it. And now after the inside job that was 9/11, they had a convenient excuse to pass the Patriot Act, the NDAA & many other draconian laws that make spying on the avg citizen perfectly ‘legal’. All under the ‘color of law’–even if you have done NOTHING illegal. This is the kind of society that people have allowed to happen–all without a peep. Just like Nazi Germany. And this is where military technology like voice to skull comes in handy–once someone says they hear ‘voices’, people automatically write them off as being ‘crazy’..but again, the Frey Effect, which the govt has known about for almost a century–can cause people to hear sounds and even words directly via the skull. Most of this technology has been declassified. The info is as close as a search engine search. 
    And I’m wary of the Snowdens & the Assange’s..I really think they are ‘controlled opposition’–think about it–the US govt letter agencies & their cohorts (mossad, MI6, etc) usually just knock off people who have REAL inside info..they certainly don’t usually allow them to hole up in foreign embassies for over a year–doesn’t ring true to me. If they could get to protected heads of state like Gaddafi, Hussein, Chavez & Arafat, you really believe they can’t get to 2 low-level white boys like Assange & Snowden? Not believable to me. And of course, most black people who are targets don’t have the means to leave the country and if they do speak out, they again, are summarily dismissed or ignored by most. We know that Tuskegee went on for more than 40 years. That says to me that these people have been shown BY US that if they choose to target us that they WILL and can get away with it and hence WHY they keep coming back again & again.  My hope is that black people wake up and realize that keeping quiet and going along to get along won’t PROTECT could be your or one of your loved ones tomorrow b/c the criminal network that runs this country has no qualms about committing the most depraved and amoral acts. They have proven this time and time again. I am of the belief in fighting back in the way that you can—but it’s just a matter of time before Rome II falls in on itself. It’s an inevitability. But when history is written, as least I will know that I raised my voice in protest and wasn’t cowering in the corner b/c I was too scared. Rarely do people who go along to get along ever get written about in history. And as far as your comments being monitored–IF you are online, you pretty much can guarantee that your comments are being monitored–especially, if you are on this kind of site. What I do is copy my comments before I push post so if they do disappear, I have them saved & don’t have to start from scratch. You probably have noticed that the govt trolls are also usually out in full force on sites catering to us. This is the orwellian world we have allowed to come to past. Until we get tired of it, it will continue b/c the criminals will not stop on their own. That’s the irony. They are committing the crimes BUT watching our every move. Sick.

  16. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue  I definitely believe this conversation is being monitored! I’ve never had so much problem posting on this site or other sites as I’m having with this conversation with you.   After I had trouble posting for the third time, I copied my post before posting so I didn’t have to start all over again with my thoughts.
    I’m also having lots of trouble with my computer “freezing” when I try to get on “BreakingBrown.” 
      Anyway, I don’t give a dam if they are following me!!
      Do you remember Geronomo Pratt?  Johnnie Cochoron finally got him out of prison.  He was victim of a set up too.  Peltier (the Indian), was a set up as well.  
     What’s the story with Sundiata Acoli?   I don’t know that story.   I do know about Assata Shakur.  Recently she was placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List by Pres. Oboma.   I was LIVID when Eric Holder did that.   I’ve always thought that Oboma was “controlled,” and his election to office was engineered by Jews.   It’s only after he was in office that I began to think this. 
      I notice how the Jews operate with George Soros providing the world wide finance for them.  They finally got Gaddafi.   I think that Jewish French President, George Soros, and Mossad worked together to kill Gaddafi,and engineer all the problems in the Middle East today.   Oboma is the tool being used to bring America’s power to bear in this scheme.  I think the Jewish policies are misguided.   Kind of ironic really.  I understand them wanting to protect their people, but not the way the way go about doing it.   Even in this country, they push White Supremacy more than the regular white people do–with their pursuit of blonde hair and blue eyes (exactly what Hitler wanted to deny them).
       Remember when the ADL placed the head of a hog on Jesse Jackson’s house to harass him after he made his “hymie” statement?   They probably did something to Gloria Naylor too.  
      Arrogance will be the undoing of people who think because they have all the technology, they can do such evil to those without the technological means to fight back.
      I remember reading a story where this white minister in Texas set himself on fire and died to protest the horros he had seen done to Black people.   He didn’t make news headlines by doing so.
      You might, however, be right about Snowden and Assange, but I still believe they may be rogues who eventually will be silenced/jailed or killed.
    P.S.   If I don’t get a response from you on Sundiata Acoli, I’ll know we are being trolled and hacked  lol

  17. JayContreras says:

    ROBERT@atx I agree with your assessment but what I find strange about this so called Ebola crisis is that there is NOT ONE verifiable pic of someone who is supposedly stricken with this hemorraghic disease online. In this age of the instant phone pic and selfies, you mean to tell us that NO ONE has posted pics online just to document what the disease looks like. We’ve all seen pics of AIDS patients dying. We don’t really KNOW for sure if there is IN FACT an Ebola epidemic. It could some other virus. We Don’t KNOW. And the mainstream media is not going to tell the truth. I know Africans have camera phones just like everybody else. Just one actual case of ONE patient with an obvious case of a hemorraghic disease shouldn’t be too hard to post online. WHY isn’t there even ONE? Could this be a US govt false flag? We pretty much already know the US govt created/funded AIDS, so follow the $ trail. If people are scared of an Ebola epidemic, that’s loads of $ for these US companies who conveniently hold patents on Ebola. Just sounds like another scare tactic and scam to make more money. And at the end of the day, that’s always their objective. And also..I’ve read online that Ebola mimics the old ‘scurvy’ disease & that the best possible cure is simple Vitamin C. I’m not a medical professional so I can’t guarantee it but I would research the info online & the symptoms, effects & treatment for scurvy and how Ebola is similar.

  18. JayContreras says:

    Oh I’m sure this site is being monitored. Like I said, I just make sure
    to copy my comments before i post so that if something ‘mysterious’
    does happen, I don’t have to start all over.
    Also if you think you’ve lost your comments, sometimes if you just hit
    the reply button again under the post you are responding to, you will
    see the comments box open back up & usually your comments are still
    there. i post so that if something ‘mysterious’ does happen, I don’t
    have to start all over. I do that on any site I post to b/c my comments
    are always ‘mysteriously’ disappearing. lol..Always keep in mind that
    the INTERNET is a military creation. Just the microwave and other
    technology that starts in military labs and then trotted out later to
    the general public. So since it was created by them, know that THEY are
    still controlling it b/c this here is a double-edged sword. Info that
    has been hidden for so long is available but there is also a lot of
    deliberate govt dis-info on here too. So believe me, they are always
    monitoring what is being written & if you post controversial
    comments that expose or are critical of the US govt, you may as already
    know that you are under a microscope. I don’t give a frick though. I
    don’t fear criminals who are so BRAVE that they cower & hide in the
    shadows. lol..It’s counter-intuitive to me.Yes, we also agree on
    Geronimo Pratt. The US govt had to pay him millions for all of those
    years of false imprisonment and he then moved to Tanzania, where
    curiously another former BP member had fled decades before. Can’t
    remember his name now, I will look it up, but there was a documentary
    about him, I think he was from either St. Louis or Kansas
    City…Williams I think is his last name..but anyhoo there is
    documentary that profiled him and his life in Tanzania..he opened up a
    community center in the small town he settled in and when Geronimo moved
    there, he gave this guy thousands of dollars to install a water tower
    so that the local people had clean, accessible water..Geronimo was there
    with his young new wife (I believe she was pregnant at that time) and
    he had himself a home built…and then of course, he, who was a health
    nut as I recall..died from a heart attack at a relatively young age
    after having survived prison for 20+ years healthy…that’s some
    straight up CIA crap. And same goes for Johnnie Cochran…he, along with
    Kardashian, developed brain tumors..but Johnnie before he was murked
    (like Arafat & Chavez..the US intel has in it’s possession a fast
    acting cancer–I believe they use it..look up the fact that several
    leftist s. american leaders mysteriously were also stricken with cancer
    around the same time as Chavez..what are the NORMAL odds of that
    happening? Let 4 or 5 US PREZs get stricken with cancer at the same time
    and tell me that’s NORMAL?) Anyhoo, back to Johnnie, at the time of his
    death he was working on bringing a reparations case against the US govt
    on behalf of black people. I’m sure that would have put him in the US
    govt’s crosshairs.
    Sundiata Acoli is one of Assata’s co
    defendants. Anybody who has read about her case, knows that they were
    convicted simply b/c of their political beliefs and membership in
    BP..that cop they were convicted of killing was probably killed by
    friendly fire, if anything. And certainly, Assata didn’t kill
    him.COINTELPRO again. Just like with Geronimo & Peltier and many
    others. The interesting thing about Sundiata is that he used to work for
    NASA before he joined the BP. You can look up his info online. 
    Obama. lol..don’t get me started. I never bought the whole dog &
    pony show about him. He was & is a bait & switch job. He’s
    simply imperialism in black face. All any thinking person has to do is
    look at the history of the US & white supremacy and ask themselves
    there is NO other reason for them to embrace them, now is there? There
    is NOT ONE CASE in history where they have embraced ANY black leader who
    was TRULY committed to equality and parity for black people. Give me
    ONE instance. I won’t hold my breath. So Obama was a bait & switch.
    He was this country’s Nelson Mandela. If you really look at his record
    while in ofc, you will have to acknowledge that he is nothing but an
    extension of Clinton & Bush..they are all imperialists and
    corporatists who have been at the helm of the shift of absolute power
    and wealth to the tiny top tier who run this country. People who don’t
    even for the most part LIVE in this country. The Rothschilds & the
    Rockefellers & the other criminal banker cartels et. al don’t reside
    here for the most part, so it doesn’t matter whether they tank the US
    economy. They got theirs and will continue to do so whether the US
    exists or not. His policies have been devastating for the avg person in
    this country and even more so for black people. Bush couldn’t have even
    gotten the NDAA passed. But Obama could b/c the CDC and by extension
    black people gave him a free negro pass. And AFRICOM? That’s only
    acceptable b/c a black-ish person is the figure head in the white
    people’s house so black people the world over have been lulled into a
    false sense of familiarity and safety. It’s still business as usual. And
    the business is ALWAYS maintaining white supremacy and global apartheid
    for them. He is just a useful tool. Just like uncle Clarence of SCOTUS.
    Just like the CDC. Just like these sorry African heads of state that go
    along with AFRICOM & the re-colonizatin of Africa.And Jews. Or should I say the fake jews..the ASHEKEnazis…sometimes things are hiding in plain sight. One more time: the AshekeNAZIS..I
    believe they change names and religions when it suits them. They are
    the ones who helm these multi-national criminal banker cartels that
    really orchestrate most of the chaos, death & destruction of the
    world. And whether they call themselves Jews or Gentiles, doesn’t
    matter–they are ALL white men. Believe that. And they all are about
    maintaining global apartheid at all costs and making as much $ as they
    can in the process. And of course, keeping black & brown people in
    our proverbial place in the interim. By any means necessar: Bio-germ
    warfare, the prison industrial complex, military technological targeting
    & spying on individuals, COINTELPRO, covert experimentation, proxy
    wars, and yes, even installing a black-ish prez to do their bidding.
    Nothing is off the table for these inbred psychological cripples. And
    they do all of this, while most of us twiddle our thumbs and are
    mesmerized by American Idol, football & the latest celeb gossip.
    It’s all distraction from keeping us aware of what is REALLY going on
    right before our eyes.

  19. ROBERT@atx says:


    I have to agree there is no explanation why we’re not seeing piles of dead bodies if we take the western press view of this story.

    I’M paying attention to the AFRICANS and they believe that the healthcare workers are the one that’s killing them there has been many cases of the people attacking them when they arrive, this is why OBAMA sent 300 troops instead of 300 doctors as the CUBANS have done.

    MY personal opinion is that it’s part epidemic and part psy-op designed to frighten the people and their governments into the arms of the U.N.

    IF you remember the A.I.D.S epidemic, ZIMBABWE and HAITI was supposed to have disappeared by now because they had the highest A.I.D.S infection rates in the world.

    THE story is still unfolding and I’M watching!

  20. JayContreras says:

    ROBERT@atx The american pressitute is trying to make these people appear paranoid and superstitious..when these people KNOW how the US & imperialism works. They are not stupid. What whites want us to do is to suspend our natural powers of discernment and intellect and TRUST that what they say is credible Naw, buddy. We’ve seen this play out over again and again. As PE so eloquently said: Can’t Truss ‘Em. So I’m definitely in agreement that YES the US and it’s proxies (as well as these NGOs over there, they need to watch them too)…are deliberately experimenting on AFricans just like with AIDS. It’s US bio-germ warfare. I have NO doubt about it. And so Africa needs to put all those fools out of the country. And Obama…is just a useful tool & shill. Nobody in their right mind who is really interested in averting an Ebola pandemic (if there is any such thing right now)..would be sending MEDICAL expertise and supplies NOT MILITARY..that’s a no-brainer for those still possessed with the ability to think independently. Something ain’t adding up, people.

  21. ROBERT@atx says:


    ANOTHER anomaly I forgot to mention was that W AFRICA is home to many other people than the native AFRICAN there are large numbers of LEBANESE and CHINESE and of course the whites have been there this whole time yet we have only heard of a hand full of whites being infected where is everyone else?

    THE bigger picture is this, they’re after the resources of our people most people don’t know of the recent oil discoveries of W AFRICA but they were about to become very rich if you look at the map of the recent oil discoveries and the EBOLA outbreak this will help us understand what we’re watching!

  22. JayContreras says:

    ROBERT@atx Yup, it’s ALWAYS about $. Follow the $ trail with the West and you’ll never go wrong. Never. And also Nigeria in particular is a target. Oil. Other energy sources. The largest economy on the continent. There has been a plan in place by the US & it’s interests to de-stabilize Nigeria by 2015. I’m sure you’re aware of this. Can’t remember what report this is from, but I read it some where. So it appears..their plans are going along…but you know what they say about the ‘best laid plans”? lol…Africans need to wake up and wake up quickly. Their so called ‘leaders’ ain’t worth a damn. And I’ve also read that oil has been discovered in HAITI..hence the reason the UN troops are posted up there, have put Aristide under house-arrest (after the US basically kidnapped him illegally several years ago & deposited him in S. Africa I believe)…it also appears that the UN troops have also been found to have brought the cholera epdemic to the island…they need another L’Overture, don’t they? lol..hell, we need one HERE, quiet as it’s kept.

  23. ROBERT@atx says:


    YOU’RE a well informed man the destabilization of Nigeria is in full swing they gave them the gift of BOKO HAREM.

    YOU’RE also correct about HAITI it’s sitting on vast oil reserve that stretches all the way to CUBA and recently CUBA just sighed a agreement with RUSSIA to develop it , next you’ll CUBA catching hell from these people!

  24. JayContreras says:

    ROBERT@atx I don’t know about well-informed. I’m just interested in my people where ever we are in the diaspora. And once you see the pattern, it’s easy to see how imperialism & global apartheid works locally, regionally and globally..always using the same tactics. Always. What happens to black men in Detroit will be the same as that which happens in Soweto or Rio or London. It’s co-ordinated and it’s systemic. Black people need to always look at the bigger picture and you will find that it’s ALWAYS the same players. The same interests and the same objectives. I don’t know if it’s b/c they are too dumb or lazy to change up, but it’s ALWAYS the same ol’ tactics and game.

  25. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue  Wow! What a good read your post was  lol
    I did the “reply”several times when it would not let me post.  My computer went to a blank screen and froze (smile).   I had to give up all together, and start anew.
      That link posted by Robert above about patenting the virus made me chuckle when I read it (although there’s nothing funny about it.)..
     Did you know about the white guy Journalist Greg Webb who first exposed the CIA behind trafficking drugs into the Black community?    I had always heard about it, but never got more information.
      I just read on-line where a movie about this reporter is coming out October12 called “Kill The Messenger.”  I watched a preview and read about what happened to him on “The Intercept.”  I’ll try to  post it for you on another post. It talks about how the CIA used the NY Times, LA  Times, and Washington Post to discredit hm.  (Not on that site) but I read that he finally committed suicide by shooting himself in the head “twice.”  Go figure.
     .P.S.  On PBS tonight is a program called the Black Pharaohs who conquered Egypt.

  26. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue

    I hope you can access this. It’s really worth the read.

  27. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    I’ll try again. Maybe you can type it in your Browser, or just Google “The Intercept.”

  28. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue Yup, I’m very familiar with Mr. Webb…there seems to be an epidemic of whistleblowers coming up ‘suicided’ or ‘cancered’…fancy that. lol…if you have access to You Tube, you should definitely watch Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory episode called Brain Invaders, as well Maafa 21 (about the eugenics/planned parenthood connection), The Culling..which talks about fluoride & other poisons being added to the water supply in american cities..also Agenda 21…there is so much crap going on ALL THE TIME. The devil in human form IS very busy.

  29. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I”m definitely going to read it. Thanks!

  30. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue  I read it. What it sounds like is the CIA doing damage control. They are painting it like other ‘independent’ investigative reporters/journalists went after Webb on their own, without any hidden or ulterior motives beyond ‘ferreting out the truth’..but they conveniently LEAVE OUT that the CIA is known to have paid moles and inside agents embedded in newsrooms across the world. So to make it seem as if these  so-called journalists were just doing their due diligence and going after Webb out of strictly sincere, journalistic ‘integrity’ is ridiculous –& I call major BS. They were more than likely REALLY on the CIA payroll and were simply doing their ‘jobs’. This movie would have never been made if it told the REAL deal. At the VERY least, the hounding & public smear campaign drove that man to commit the other end of possibilities..they did more than help push him over the edge. Based on their documented HISTORY, they probably LITERALLY threw him over the edge. Wouldn’t be the 1st time they worked overtime to neutralize a whistle blower or someone who doesn’t tow the line or parrot the official lies & propaganda.

  31. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    I too thought Oboma was being used to further the White Agenda, but everyone seemed so happy to see a half Black face, so nothing else mattered.  I began to think so particularly when Gaddafi was killed. Gaddafi had been alive until Oboma became President.   Later, I learned that Oboma’s “handlers” were mainly Jews who had Anglicized names.   Then I learned that the French President at the time was Jewish.   Could that be just coincidence?   I don’t think so.
    I do remember Sandiata Acoli now that you explain he was with Shakur.   I think Shakur is related to the Rapper Tupac.   I read a story in EBONY about Assata Shakur and the other Black revolutionaries living in Cuba, at the time Eric Holder put her on the FBI’s Most wanted List.  That’s another reason I believe Oboma is nothing but a puppet for the White Agenda.  Why aren’t they searching the deaths of those 33 Black people dragged from the Mississippi Lake along with Goodman, Scherner, and Chaney?
      I mistook the date that Black Pharohs program comes on.   It comes on Wednesday.  I always see some Black people talking about Nubians and Pharoahs, but I thought they were just not wanting to be Black and claim someone’s else’s history.   Sort of like some Black people who claim American Indian heritage.   But, this is suppose to be an investigative story.   So, I want to see what they have to say.
      I’m headed to You Tube to see Jesse Ventura’s Brain Invader’s  At one point, they were saying Ventura was “cookoo.” lol.
      I’ve read quite a bit about Planned Parenthood, Eugenics (while in college), and the sterilization of Black women and Puerto Rican women..  I had a Black professor who made sure we knew Black issues.
      Finally, do you know about the Black woman Heneritta Lacks, whose cells were harvested, used for various cures all over the world?   In the book about her, it states that those types of cells are found  in a small percentage of Black Americans ONLY–not Africans, Caribbean’s, S.A, Blacks.   Only Black Americans.   We are probably being tested and experimented on TO DEATH!

  32. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue  I think if people look at Obama’s record since in ofc, you’d have to be really naive to believe this man is anything but a shill for imperialism. Just look at history. The ONLY time this country has embraced ANY black leader that was for black liberation is when he’s safely 6 FEET UNDER…then they work to co-opt and manipulate his/her image to suit their agenda. Look at MLK. Classic example. They killed him but now they LUBB him. Couldn’t stand him while he was alive & a threat. That’s their game. Always has been. So to think that ALL of the sudden, they are embracing diversity and equality–only someone really daft and oblivious to US history, could possibly believe that. 
    And Assata isn’t actually related to Tupac, she took the name Shakur once she changed from her married/slave name: Joanne Chesimard. She was in the local NY BP at the same time with Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, so I think that’s why people think they are related, but they are not. BUT Geronimo Pratt WAS Tupac’s godfather. And another current political prisoner, Mutulu Shakur, is his step-father & the father of his younger sister by Afeni. Mutulu was convicted of being part of the crew that broke Assata out of prison. But you know how that is: doesn’t make it true. Mutulu had a long history of activism in the black community, was a homeopathic doctor who used accupuncture and natural healing in his practice & is a former member of BP too so COINTELPRO again.
    And if you are expecting the US govt to legitimately investigate old cold cases of civil rights workers–that ain’t happening. Hell, they don’t even want to investigate CURRENT human rights violations of blacks being killed wantonly by cops. 
    And yeah, Ventura is not everybody’s cup of tea but that show did expose things that mainstream media would NEVER touch..and again, anyone who is brazenly truthful is always painted as cuckoo in this society. But I just chalk it up to the nature of society nowadays. Since most people choose to be blind, deaf & dumb and ignore what’s right in front of their eyes b/c of fear; then those of us who are not afraid to speak truth are always going to be seen as crazy. I consider it a badge of honor. I feel I’m in good company. 
    And yup, I’m familiar with Henrietta’s Lack story..and there are many more whose story has yet to be revealed. The biggest story I’ve heard about in medical research according to Dr. LLaila Afrika is melanin. THey are desperately trying to create synthetic melanin & there is something called melanotan that is supposed to give someone who is melanin-challenged a year around tan–it’s a pill or injection I believe–and if you go to the msg board with info about it, and read the comments–you would think it’s like crack or something. Those people are clamoring for it. We’ll see how long that lasts before we hear about how it causes cancer or something down the road..that’s usually what happens with these synthetic drugs. The drugs are worst than the diseases they are supposedly made to treat. I personally believe in natural or herbal remedies. I think black people will find before it’s all over that the ‘old ways’ that our people abandoned for ‘western’ medicines have been to our detriment all the way around. And hospitals are nothing but testing grounds so prevention is the key. Ain’t no telling what you are being injected with when you deal with the medical establishment. Many of these hospitals and universities are infested with agents of the letter agencies. I mentioned before about what they did to Paul Robeson & he was famous & fairly well off so you can imagine what they do with poor, regular black people. We just need to be aware. That’s why I continue to speak out and will continue to do so.

  33. Johnw11 says:

    JayContreras ROBERT@atx  They don’t change because it works.
    But they’ve made some changes. They’ve installed a Black face as their “brand.” As a result, some Blacks now enthusiastically support their own oppression.
    They say “it’s no different from what the white ones did.”
    So they now support it.

  34. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    There’s something wrong with that Jesse Ventura video on You Yube. There was lots of dog and cat noise in the background, and other noise so loud and scary.   It scared the heck out of me.   I was beginning to think it was done deliberately.   So, I only watched about half of it. 
      Perhaps he is being followed and harassed on line?
       I remember seeing people who had been experimented on with LSD and other drugs by our Military.   Two of the “Targeted Ones” were a Black civilian middle aged  couple.   That was the first time I had ever heard of such things being done.
      About 15 years ago, I saw on the “60 Minutes”  show where the U.S. had this place in London, England where they recorded ALL telephone calls world wide of everybody.
       Last week, I saw on PBS Nova program a show on “Hackers.”   The U.S. and Israel, it was suggested, Hacked the Nuclear plant in Iran to disable their Nuclear program.
      I try not to put personal information on the Internet, because they have such unique tracking and tracing devices;  although they can find you anyway.
      Now that they have the first American Ebola case, they will want to give us all Ebola vaccines.   Not me!!  lol

  35. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    P.S. the Agenda 21 videos reminds me of a program I saw about non Africans buying farming land in Africa.
    The Maafa video is similar to the eugenics class I took in college.
      It’s amazing that we, The Original People, can be considered inferior.   to me, that’s like saying the branches of a tree is superior to it’s root.  Where would those branches be without the root?
      I looked up the melanotan and got a big laugh out of that.   Not only does it darken the skin, but gives a penis erection.    lol    I’m not surprised about the melanotan, because I’ve had so many Whites tell me how beautiful my sun tanned looking skin is (Black people too).
      Also, I got a big laugh out of MLK being LUBBED.  lol

  36. JayContreras says:

    Johnw11 You are oh so right. Just look at Africa. Same pattern. In order for global apartheid to survive & expand..they have to confer ‘honorary white status’ on more people of color. It’s a necessity.

  37. JayContreras says:

    Johnw11 You are oh so right. Just look at Africa. Same pattern. In order for global apartheid to survive & expand..they have to confer ‘honorary white status’ on more people of color. It’s a necessity.

  38. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I’m sure all the noise is deliberate. That particular video has been deleted & re-posted I don’t know how many times so I’m sure they are doing it as a deterrent to people watching it. But if you can get thru it or even find another version of it by just typing in Brain Invaders, Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Episode in the YT search engine, maybe there is a better copy posted. There are always more than 1 version available. But yeah, they definitely try to bury it. 
    Yeah, the specific program run by the CIA was a mind control experiments utilizing LSD-they actually had watch houses that they set up with prostitutes and had them bring johns to the houses and would lace the unsuspecting johns drinks with LSD & watch the activities via 2 way mirrors. Again, this is what citizen’s tax dollars are WASTED on while you have all these homeless and people living in 3rd world conditions in this country. That is beyond amoral–it’s criminal. There is also a case of Army veteran James Thornwell, who was deliberately & covertly drugged with LSD..his life was ruined. You can watch a profile of his story that was featured on 60 minutes on You Tube–
    I always caution about dealing with the medical establishment. There isn’t ANYTHING that cannot be treated with herbs imo. Even herbs like tumeric have been shown to be beneficial for the prevention of cancer.  And most people don’t seem to think about the fact that all allopathic or western medicine does is cover up symptoms–it never goes to the cause of disease. But that’s just my opinion.

  39. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue LOL..they don’t consider us inferior. That’s just the programming they give to the underlings and shills. But those in ‘power’ know we are anything BUT inferior. Think about it: You don’t expend as much energy as they do in keeping us from knowledge of ourselves and competing on an even playing field, if you truly believe YOU are superior. That’s counter-intuitive. You do that if you believe the EXACT opposite. What white global apartheid is, is a way to artificially protect & prop up white people. I liken it to a zoo environment. Could zoo animals survive in the wild? That’s truly survival of the fittest. What we live in is a contrived, manufactured environ set up to achieve pre-planned & desired results. Get rid of the artificial/manufactured barriers & we would easily see things flip. It’s not like what we see currently is ALL of world history. Black people have forgotten who/what we are & what we have achieved. We see ourselves thru the skewed prism of others’ vision. We have ruled on this planet much longer than we’ve been in our current situation. We have in fact, forgotten more than others could ever know. History is cyclical. And the pendulum has been swinging back OUR way for a long time. It’s just a matter of time. Everything they claim as their culture & achievements have been borrowed or appropriated from ancient African and/or Kemetic culture. If you look at the symbolism rampant in this culture: the US govt shield, the layout of DC, the symbolism on the US dollar bill, the Washington monument is nothing but an egyptian tekken, all of the mystery schools, mystery science, these secret societies-all rip-offs of egyptian concepts, even organized religion–is based on egyptian sun worship & mythology. And this is why egyptology was created–to make sure that the only accepted narrative about egypt was from a european/eurocentric point of view. Tellingly, there is no corresponding romantology or greektology.
    And yes, the melanotan is I’m sure just one synthetic attempt at creating melanin. I’m sure there will many more. This is a sun planet & so think about why chemtrails are being sprayed? Why the need to poison the soil, the air, the food & the water? I will leave others reading this to contemplate.
    And yes, lubbed. As soon as he was safely 6 ft under, they happily embraced him & went to work on co-opting his image & legacy to their liking. With Malcolm, instead of embrace, it’s about smearing..making him homosexual in death b/c they realize that most black people have been affected by trauma-based programming & they hope we will reflexively reject him, like the Panthers. So again, I say, WHO goes thru this much trouble,expense & energy on those they see as innately inferior? lol…do you go thru this much energy & thought on controlling your pets if you are pet owners? Do you spend nights & days fearing the day Fido will overtake your home? lol..of course, you don’t. If you are sane, anyway.

  40. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I wanted to add this right quick: When you view the video about James Thornwell on YT, you’ll see links to Paul Robeson’s CIA’s a direct link to Part 1, there are 2 other parts that talk about the fact that Paul Robeson was drugged in the same year as Thornwell and that it’s possible that Thornwell was drugged to get an idea of what could happen to Robeson…again, this is the SICK, NAZI crap YOUR tax dollars finance…and don’t think this has STOPPED…what motivation would they have to stop? There are people, most esp black people who are still being targeted and used for covert experimentation TODAY.

  41. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    It was so horrible what they did to James Thornwell. I could barely watch that painful video.   Do you know if his lawyer was successful in winning the 10 million dollar law suit?
      Although I watched Part 1 & 2 of the Paul Robeson videos, it’s not clear to me the end results of his poisoning.  Paul was a brave man; very intellectually gifted too.  Not to mention that beautiful voice.
      Some people are so evil.   I can’t image doing such things to other human beings, no matter what the government authorizes.  I think they did the same things in South Africa–crimes against humanity.  I think they tortured Steve Biko to death.
      I’m not going back to Jesse Ventura’s videos  It traumatized me to listen to those dogs barking, cats creaming, and doors slamming.  Jesse’s days may be numbered.
      I can’t wait to see the Black Pharaohs program tonight.
      Are you sure you will not put away your herbs and take the vaccine shot now that Ebola has surfaced in America?  lol

  42. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    I forgot to ask if you know of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  I was surprised to learn that they are now listing the Nation of Islam and Black Panthers as Hate Groups.
    At their web site, they have a “Hate Map.”  If you click on any State, you can see lists of the Hate Groups.
      I have my suspicions as to why the Nation and Panthers have been added. I think it might have something to do with who has joined SPLC and bring in more money.  If you follow me…?

  43. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I’m familiar with SPLC but I really haven’t paid much attention to them & any ‘hate group list’ that has groups created to legitimately fight against systemic racism & oppression, isn’t worth me looking at. But it’s the game being played: the false moral equivalency of systemic racism & those POINTING OUT & FIGHTING AGAINST systemic racism. As if they are the same. And if you are talking about Ashekenazis joining SPLC or more pointedly, probably running it…lol..not surprising. They are trying to criminalize anything we do to protect ourselves or organizations that look out for our best interests that aren’t about the accepted begging, crying and praying they’ll be trying to criminalize our breathing patterns. Wait for it. lol..

  44. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    Your guess is perfect! I’ve been watching such patterns.  The Nation and Panthers have to be careful they don’t end up like Arafat and Gaddafi.
       It angers me when outsiders try to punish and separate Black people, and get us to follow what is deemed appropriate for us.   Who better than ourselves to make that decision?.   It only engenders hatred.   But some people think they know how things should be done, how to run EVERYBODY’s life.   If you don’t tow the line, surreptitiously you will be put on a list, or your living means denied.   And you wonder why there’s such hatred for you?
      Also, I always thought it was silly of the PLO to ask the European doctors to check and see if Arafat had been poisoned.   It’s like asking the fox to watch the chicken house.
      Eventually, all people will become aware, and all hell is to pay.

  45. Johnw11 says:

    JayContreras Johnw11  Right. But the “conferred” status is only for the time that they  are needed to be used.

  46. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I don’t think they need to kill members of the new panthers or the Nation..they thoroughly infiltrated them decades ago. The NOI is not what it was in the 50’s & 60’s. If you come into contact with them out & about, you can tell. Half of them don’t even speak to you. And they were about black economic autonomy. FBI infiltration changed all of that. They used to own farms and all kinds of businesses, that is not the case any more. And as far as The New Panthers…the original BP won’t even endorse them..that should tell you all you need to know about them. COINTELPRO again. I sound like a broken record but I believe the US govt learned that in order to head off any legit revolutionary fervor they only needed to covertly infiltrate and join the movement and place agent provocateurs inside. They have been doing this for decades. So black people & any other progressively minded people need to find a way to decentralize progressive/freedom movements. Think Viet Cong. We still are talking about a national ‘leader’–those days are long gone. You have one acknowledged leader, if he’s taken out, then where does the movement go? Look at the leaders of the black & black freedom movements–once they killed or co-opted the so called ‘leaders’, what happened? Where are we now? We got a lot of cash bought c–ns who are only concerned with their own selfish interests while black people’s collective condition hasn’t advanced beyond mere surface improvements. I think many people have pointed out the stats that black people as a collective have lost ground in pretty much every social/economic indicator since the selection of Obama. Same thing with the majority of black south africans under Mandela’s presidency. It’s the same game being played worldwide: putting a black face on imperialism. They are trying to hold on for as long as they can and this is the new ploy.  And as far as those who ‘think’ they are going to be forever in ‘power’–every dog has it’s day. That’s why they are forever busy plotting & scheming. Always looking over their shoulder, waiting for the other shoe to drop. So, can you imagine on surface having more money than you can ever spend in 50 lifetimes & supposedly ‘run’ the world but you have to do it thru continuous murder & mayhem? That’s just another form of hell imo. It certainly ain’t paradise, that’s for sure. There is a price for everything and I wholeheartedly believe that how you get something is how you lose it. And I believe this is what is always foremost in their minds.Even if they don’t acknowledge consciously. But it’s inevitable. And I don’t think they care about our hatred of them..we can hate them all day long, as long as we are just TALKING and not doing, they could care less. When we start ACTING like we know our worth and that our lives are gifts from God & no less sacred than anybody else, then we’ll see changes. It’s just like dealing with a playground bully–crying, begging, and praying & trying to appeal to the non-existent conscience of a bully never works. That encourages them, if anything. Black people are trying to deal logically with a pathological mentality. And we see how successful that’s been. lol..

  47. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    When I clicked on this site, there was music playing.  Did you hear such?
    Anyway, your analysis is spot on. HOWEVER, I think all the scheming will backfire eventually. Look what’s happening in the Middle East.   Eliminating those leaders and trying to put chosen people in place has opened up a can of worms.   As a result, they have more disgruntled people to deal with world wide.   It’s not going to stop anytime soon. 
      There is no point in trying to reason with such a diabolical system. People who suffer under this system will eventually take all of that fine education America gave them and turn it back on them (aka Al Queda).  
      I recall seeing two White men talking on TV about 20 years ago.  One of them said something that stuck in my mind to this very day.   He said, “We don’t know how to get along with other people.”   That’s the truth; but they would want to kill me if I tried to tell them the same thing.   Dr. King said we will live together as brothers or perish together as fools.
    P.S.   I just finished watching the National Geographic investigative show of the Black Pharaohs of Egypt.   They were actually the Black Sudanese people called Kush.   Now I understand what I see posted on the Internet and other Black web sites by some Black posters.  It was 2,600 years ago.  They explained how that racist Archeologist, 100 years ago, didn’t want to believe Blacks built pyramids, etc.

  48. TinaSue says:

    Johnw11 JayContreras 
    People will not remain stupid forever.  Let them keep playing that same hand. It’s arrogance.

  49. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue When you said you heard music, you mean for or some other site I posted a link for? I’ve never heard music here. None of this is going to end well for them. The handwriting is written all over the wall. Anybody who can only obtain ‘power’ thru constant chaos, death & destruction, will not keep it. They are just trying to stave off the inevitable. And really, black people don’t have to do anything but sit back and watch them crash & burn. It is destined to happen. Again, history is cyclical. And ALL-CIA-DUH. lol…& now ISIS..even in creating their villanous alter egos, they have to use our historical mythologies. 
    As for not being able to get along with anybody…at least they are consistent. lol..but I have to say this: they are a numerical, tiny minority & they couldn’t get away with what they do without the  global majorities’ complicity.
    Black Pharaohs..they know those people were black. If the Sphinx doesn’t tell the tale, I don’t know what does? And the fact that there is nothing comparable in Europe that these supposedly ‘white egyptians’ left. If the sphinx, the heiroglyphics & even the eyewitness accounts of their contemporaries, doesn’t keep whites from insisting that they were white–then it shows clearly that psychosis is a helluva drug. And what’s even worse is that we continue to argue about it when it’s clear what the truth is.

  50. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    I had typed a long reply to you, only to have it “disappear!” I didn’t even get a chance to copy it!!
    Yes, I was referring to the music heard on this site.   I’ll try again to type what I said earlier.

  51. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    I’ll try again, but I’ve forgotten most of what I said earlier. I hope I can copy this to maintain what I initially said.
       I was talking about the Black Pharaohs and how “physically” beautiful the Sudanese people are.   When I saw those Black Sudanese wrestlers and those gorgeous Black bodies, I was done!  lol  lol
      I wish Black people could understand how Georges our bodies are and how beautiful we are as people.  Those Sudanese are black as cold and so beautiful.   I love it!!!
      I would add the beautiful black bodies of the Black athletes, but I can’t get beyond the plantation “Bucks” when looking at them.   that’s a whole other story.
      Have you seen the Sudanese Super Model Alex Wek and her Super Model Niece?   They are drop dead gorgeous   Another West African actor Damoun Honsue? has that African beautiful body too.
      All of our Black Media has been bought off by “them,”– BET, ESSENCE, mostly EBONYE, etc.   ALL of the Media is controlled by “them.”    I think that includes the Hispanic Media too, that is owned by immigrants from the Spanish Inquisition who migrated from Spain to Mexico to the U.S.
      I cancelled all of my subscriptions and told friends to do the same for these non-owned Black Media.  Some Blacks have yet to understand what has happened.   I will no longer support anything by those Blacks who sold us out.
      Arrogance, arrogance, arrogance.   I saw that Boomberg man trying to push his “agenda” and do the gun prohibition.   I’m sitting and laughing to see him take away these White people’s  guns from them.   lol   Talk about arrogance… lol
      I don’t have all of my thoughts from my initial post, but this is the gist of it.

  52. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I’m not sure what the outcome of Thornwell’s lawsuit was, I think he did win but the amount, I’m not sure of..and he’s not the only lawsuit for covert experimenation..a group of canadian citizens sued the US for performing experiments on them at McGill University, under the MK-ULTRA program that was helmed by Dr. Ewan Cameron, who was also on the CIA payroll. This cretin also headed the World & American Psychiatric Associations for some time–which is why i caution people when dealing with the psychiatric industry in particular-it’s completely infested with CIA contractors and shills. 
    And yes, I think you will find the same tactics used by all of these fascists regimes–people don’t like to think about it or admit it–but most of the criminally insane governments like apartheid Israel, apartheid S. Africa & even Nazi Germany–all learned from the US. This is the original apartheid regime & we should never forget that. 
    And yup, I definitely agree they tortured Biko to death & I think the US is currently using the ‘banned persons’ practice that S. Africa used at that time–they are just doing it covertly. But same objectives. 
    I understand about the Jesse Ventura video..a lot of people complain about the background noise–like I said, there are several other versions on YT, they are always deleting them and someone reposts it..but it definitely tells the truth about what is going on with the US govt covertly targeting innocent citizens all over the world with military technology against their will.
    And I would never submit to any vaccines that the US govt is issuing. Like I said, it’s a personal choice, but from what I understand, Ebola is like scurvy & vitamin C is purported to be the remedy. But I would encourage everyone to research further for yourselves.

  53. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue Believe me, I used to have disappeared comments all the time too, but I copy them quickly so even if I’m not done, I have something to work becomes habit, especially when you realize that they can disappear at the drop of a dime. But yes, I so agree..the Sudanese..that blue-black skin is just luminescent–it’s absolutely beautiful. And Alek Wek is beautiful, I’m not familiar with her niece though. I also think Lupita..I can’t think of her last name but the one who played in 12 years a slave–is the most beautiful sistah! Everything about her is so beautiful and regal. I think she’s Nigerian. But yes, when I look at that skin color–i think that we are looking at God. The most powerful force in the universe is the black hole so I can see why people fear it. We are the human form of that power & force. Once more of us realize that, we will ascend back to our rightful place. Imo, this is all just a test..something that we have willingly submitted to..I believe in reincarnation and that all happens on this plane that is pre-planned and agreed to. To me, it just represents polarities and extremes. The biblical story of Cain & Abel played out. When we’ve learned the lesson we agreed to, things will rightfully balance themselves. But even believing human mind is’m like how much longer? And you noticed that too–that ALL of our media has been bought and co-opted by white companies? In the 80’s & 90’s there were so many black owned mags..I remember the one that George Curry helmed, can’t remember the name, that I liked in particular..there were many both in print & online–now most are owned in part or wholly by Time Warner, it seems. I do think Linda Johnson is holding on by a thread..but I could be wrong. Cathy Hughes supposedly runs her companies, but from some of the content, esp NewsOne & TvOne, I tend to doubt it. But then in their deranged minds, even our narrative has to be controlled by them. Can’t have us telling the truth from our perspective, now can we? They want to be able to control all conversations & what is passed off as truth. I think it goes beyond arrogance–it’s a form of psychosis. Sociopathic psychosis. If you look up the characteristics of a sociopath, you will recognize the way the white collective has interacted with people of color historically. And there is NO cure for that kind of psychosis. Not on this plane anyway.

  54. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    See f you can click on this link and see Alex Wek’s niece, Ataui Deng.  Just WOW WOW! 

    Lupita is Kenyan, and yes she is drop dead Gorgeous!
    I’ll talk later, I have to finish work.

  55. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    Speaking of the Media…I’m not too familiar with Cathy Hughes, although I know who she is.  I think I read where TVOne and News One was White owned. I think all Media is owned by one White “ethnic” group.
    I read that Kitty Kelly book about Oprah, and was surprised it said Oprah’s ethnic White lawyer took home $100 million whereas Oprah took home $80 million in one year.   Aren’t lawyers suppose to only get 10% of deals they do for you?   Anyway, I think Oprah is doing better than other Blacks who are being “leeched off of.”
      Linda Johnson sold 40% of EBONY and will probably lose the rest.  ESSENCE and BET are totally White owned.  Even on-line they follow us and gobble up what we create so they can make money off of us.  And we give it to them!  Whenever I find a Black has sold out to Whites, I stop supporting the brand.  If I want to buy White (and I do at times), I’ll buy White.
      A year ago, I looked on-line for a Black doll for my little Black girl.   There was this Black woman “fronting” for this company that was owned by a “ethnic” White man.    lol    He was selling Black dolls with Kinte Clothing, etc.  lol   lol   These people are too much!  lol   I had to keep looking for a known Black manufacturer.
      At least some Black women/men are fighting back in the hair industry.  The Koreans and Indians were taking in billions from us.   I’m glad to see more Black women going Natural.
      Everybody wants our money, and we foolishly give it to them.   We could be well off if we didn’t do that.  They consciously scheme to take money from us; but we should be smart enough to take control of our financial destiny.  I know that when we have Blacks who try to do such, they have a strategy to prevent it.  Still, we can do it if we plan our own strategy and support each other.
      Have you seen the Black Shopping Network Site?   I’ll have to see who actually owns it before I go shopping there.
      I liked the comments in your last post.   I agree, and I don’t worry about things.   I was raised on The Ten Commandments, which I live by, although I’m well over the religiosity aspect.  I don’t believe in pie in the sky.
      Do you know the Black American film maker Gordon Parks?  He made “Solomon Northop’s  Odyssey” years ago (12 Years A slave).   I saw it on PBS.   It was so disturbing and painful; so I did not want to see the remake that came out recently “12 Years A Slave.”

  56. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I agree, she is absolutely beautiful..and Lupita..all i can say is the ideal of beauty for me…and the fact that she wears a natural is the icing on the cake. Beautiful, African Queen.

  57. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue TVOne may be majority owned..I just know the content of network seems to veer towards ‘cooning’ more than anything. I respect her history though but maybe she felt to operate with the ‘old boys’ network she had to..but I’m not impressed. And Oprah is in a stratosphere all by herself but you know if she’s a billionaire, then whatever white people are making money OFF OF HER are trillionaires, many times over..Oprah is smart but she, like a lot of these black entertainers will only go but so far in their support and pushing of a black agenda. She will stay her friend Tyler Perry. They love when black people play the non-threatening, christian or religious mammy & uncle ben stereotypical prototypes. Have you heard about how Danny Glover hasn’t been able to get anyone in Hollywood to bankroll his proposed film about the Haitian revolution? All those negroes with supposed $, and NO ONE has the funds or clout to get it made? Telling. I think he should go to Nollywood to get it done. 
    And you know, I’m totally about supporting black biz..and it’s funny you mentioned about black people fronting for white owners b/c I just read on the site & they profiled a sistah that is selling black dolls at walmart stores. She told her story & told how she was sellling some other product in their stores and THEY approached HER about creating black dolls..she now has them in 3000 stores. I wondered when I read it, who’s manufacturing them & how many black people are they employing? 
    And it goes without saying that we are the cash cow that keeps on giving. I liken us to a pimps’ ‘bottom’ know the word–people who can’t even speak english get off the plane and know to go STRAIGHT to the hood to set up shop & get rich off of black’s like a revolving door..doesn’t matter whether they are black or white that says something about US..after Reconstruction & Black Wall Street & the solid economic success we had before  so called integration, it’s obvious that we have as much ability as anybody else but there has obviously been a shift in consciousness that keeps too many of us choosing to devote our talents to those outside of our community instead of building up our own separate economy. If we did that even TWICE the rate we do it now, we could employ so many of our people who are continuously unemployed & under-employed. I’ve heard of Gordon Park’s PBS movie that was made years ago but I’ve never seen it. I was familiar with the book though. Gordon Parks was a master storyteller. 12 years a slave was probably one of the most depictions of slavery that I’ve seen besides Sankofa & Mandingo, and though I love looking at Lupita, I think the sistah who played the role of Eliza (forget her name but she’s also African I believe) was so much more riveting and imo, she should have won an oscar for her portrayal.

  58. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    One quick question…What’s the name of the story where the Black woman sells her doll at Walmart? I didn’t see it on the Financial Juneteenth.   In a month or two, I may have to buy another doll (for Christmas).
    I did see another very interesting story about Black Radio and the Media takeover at the Financial Juneteenth site that I MUST read.  Media is such a powerful tool, and without any Media of our own, our children are being mislead to act like coons and mammie.   No Black activism is allowed.   They wouldn’t be able to make money off of us.  This is deliberate strategy. 
      We have overcome before though.   Wee just have to get our act together, like the Black Wall Street.   Nothing was more devastating to us than Integration.  I could see pushing to integrate hotels for traveling purposes, and maybe some other things.  Beyond that, we didn’t need Integration.  We only needed to improve what we already had.
      I was surprised to listen to a video (about a year ago) of MLK where he was encouraging Black people to do business with one another (Buy Black).   Have you seen that video?  I didn’t know he was of that persuasion. 
    P.S. Were you able to see the photo of Alex Wek’s Niece Ataui Deng?    Absolutely gorgeous!!

  59. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    See if you can see this link. Put him an Ataui Deng together–unbeatable!!   lol

  60. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    Another thing… They call it Rock. I saw it’s Blues.
    Rock with your Daddy.  lol   Take a listen.
    See if you can access it.   get a hold of the pink suit while listening.   lol

  61. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I think her name is Dr. Lisa Williams, here’s a link to the article:
    I agree, media control is paramount. A lack of black media ownership extends to radio too. The FCC changed it’s rules so that there are only a handful of white owned companies that basically control the media: print, radio, tv & of course, online.  But there is a bright side–the internet has provided a way for alternative viewpoints and news to be accessible. I don’t even bother with the ‘mainstream media’ anymore to get news..I usually go to PressTV or some other foreign news site to find out the 411 for what’s going on here & to see how the rest of the world views the US. It’s illuminating & not pretty. 
    And I agree with you, desegregation was the worst thing that happened to us–i won’t call it integration b/c that’s definitely not what happened. Schools are just as segregated as they were in 1954 & though I understand the mindset for support of desegregation; we couldn’t have foreseen the psychological toll that going into hostile ‘learning environs’ would have on kids. Nobody has ever measured that as far as I know. At least during segregation, black teachers for the most part, felt like they had a vested interest in their students development–I believe that’s the exception nowadays, although there are still committed teachers.
    And are there ANY major black-owned hotel or motel chains? There should be a national directory of black-owned businesses. Like a Black Telephone Directory like Ameritech puts out. Or maybe one by city..but something that people can subscribe to & advertising can pay for the publishing. I’m always looking to support black biz. Especially a black-owned grocery store..that would be great. Or a black owned toy store with only toys catering to black children..these sound like simple things but as far as I know, you’d be hard-pressed to find these kinds of stores locally. At least where I live. 
    And yes, I did see the pic of Alex Wek’s neice–she is absolutely beautiful. I love their skin color!

  62. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    Thanks for providing that link. We don’t have a Walmart in my area (citizens protested it); but we do have Targets.  I’ll look for her brand.
    At the same site, I’ve been reading the story about the Media ownership.   I went to their site and saw lots of good stories about the Media and how Black activist voices have been shut out.   One story is about the how our Music was taken over by Clive Davis after a study they did to do just that.
      Each of us could be millionaires from Black Music alone, if we controlled it.  Our Music is the most exploited thing ever.
      Did you see the documentary “Slavery By Another Name?”  I had a relative who got caught up in that new form of Slavery (the Chain Gang).  It was painful to watch, but it gave me a better understanding of what happened to him.  He was never right after that experience.
      Was the magazine by George Curry named Emerge?  The magazine that foretold the problems we would have with Justice Clarence Thomas?
      Another thing that is happening is with Black people who don’t tow the White line, as in the story on this site about the black woman who was banned from speaking at Morgan State.   There was a similar story last year of a Black college president who was forced out of his job.  There are Whites behind this; and it infuriates me to no end. They want to tell us what we can think, who we should associate with, how we should live.   It’s no wonder people resort to violence.  I don’t know why the hell they can’t mind their own business and let other people make their own decisions.
      Did you see that the Police now have video tracking of everyone’s license plates?   Does it ever end?  We may be able to use the Internet, but there’s tracking there too,
      I had thought of doing a Black directory, but I’m rather busy with other things.   I might eventually do so though.  There was a such a Black State Directory where I live, and I used it all the time.  After the Internet, it ceased to exist.
      Now that they think Howard University Medical Hospital may an Ebola case, they are asking us not to eat Bats or Monkey Meat.  lol  Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  63. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    By the way, there are quite a few Black Food cooperatives across the country that have started.  Slowly, we are making progress.

  64. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue Didn’t you know? We are STILL on the plantation, quiet as it’s kept. The parameters may be less visible..but they’ll DEFINITELY let you know when you have gone where you ain’t supposed to be…it’s like that invisible electronic ‘fence’ that they invented for pets, remember that? As a black person, go into the wrong neighborhood, at the wrong time and see how ‘free’ you are..Trayvon & many others found this out..but then again, we apparently ain’t safe in our own neighborhoods either. Black people don’t want to admit it: But we are nothing more than prisoners of war. I don’t care what the ‘official’ line is: they have always viewed us with fear, suspicion and hostility–as if we are the enemy in their midst (thru no fault of our own but they tend to conveniently forget that part) that they expect to betray them as soon as we get the opportunity. Of course, their activities and treachery against us just make it justifiable in my opinion & they must agree because they certainly fear it, whether they admit it or not–but their actions say so. Especially with all of the documented instances of experimenting on us, spying on us & hyper-policing us–it all points to subconsciously believing that the treatment that we have received historically warrants a betrayal. B/c they KNOW deep down that if the shoe were on their foot & we had of done a TINY fraction of what they have done to us–they would be FOREVER plotting & scheming against us. They certainly wouldn’t be talkin’ this ‘It’s over. Forget it’ mess. Guarantee it. But I know most black people are busy trying to prove their loyalty. I don’t feel any loyalty to a people/govt who has proven since the genesis of this country, that they don’t respect our basic humanity. I just live here. That may seem extreme to some but this country has treated black people like WE have committed some grave crime against THEM instead of the other way around. I’m like Muhammad Ali: This country has proven itself to be my enemy when I seek true freedom & equality. I don’t need to go overseas to find some manufactured ‘enemy’. Believe me, if I had the means, I would have left YEARS ago. Oh yeah, I forgot to include a link to this video. Maybe you’ve seen it before. It’s about an older black man who was subjected to radiation experiments as a child & the experiments went so far that he ended up living the rest of his life with an actual hole in his skull. It’s heartbreaking and shows you HOW diabolical these ‘beings’ are and have been through out their dealings with us:

    As far as the music ‘industry’–just another avenue to pimp us & our culture–I remember reading about several black heads of record companies who were planning on going in together & creating a black-owned, independent music distribution company and coincidentally (OR NOT)..they all became the objects of a federal racketeering probe–of those involved–Irv Gotti & Damon Dash are a few–all were either acquitted or found not guilty (except that cretin Suge Knight)…but you can imagine how much $ they had to get off of to fight those charges–so as long as we are coonin’ & grinnin & performin’–and they can pimp us-in some form–apparently, old habits die hard. We were brought here to make them rich and BY GOD, that’s what we are going to do–whether we like it or not. lol..and the prison industrial complex is just another aspect of this mentality. It is sick and parasitic BUT we are made out to be the supposed albatross around the economie’s neck. It’s projection, pure & simple.
    And yes, I think the mag was called Emerge. I really liked it and don’t know if George Curry is still in the game, but I would assume he is.
    Oh, so now we EAT bats & monkey meat? I guess that’s a step up from the AIDS mythology that we were having sex with monkeys & that’s how the virus supposedly jumped species. Can you imagine? They actually PAY freaks to come up with this stuff?

  65. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue That’s good to hear. I’m going to check to see if there are any locally.

  66. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    This video is so heartbreaking. Bless his soul.  I’m glad though, that he is not bitter, because that would ruin what happiness he could still enjoy.  I try to live without bitterness too, because when you stop to think about the evil done to our people…..well.
      As I said before, my relative got caught up in the Chain Gang when he went to another state to visit a sick relative.   He was held on a trumped up charge.   I didn’t fully understand it until I saw the documentary (last year?) “Slavery By Another Name.”  It was a concerted effort to imprison Black men and force them to work in mines in Alabama and elsewhere, or even picking cotton.
      My relative finally escaped and returned home–never the same again.
      Before I saw “Slavery By Another Name,”   I had only read about one other Black person having the experience of my relative.   It was the Bluesman Willie Dixon.  I read his autobiography years ago.   He was headed out of Mississippi when he was picked up on a trumped up charge, and put on the Chain gang.  He described how horrible they were worked.   One man tried to escaped.  So they caught him and “sicked” the dogs on him, and the dogs tore him to shreds right in front of all the other Black convicts.
      Long story short, Willie Dixon finally escaped and went to Chicago where he became a well-known Blues bass guitar player, like with Muddy Waters and all the others.
      When the War came on, people were being drafted, and Willie Dixon was drafted.  BUT, Willie raised so much hell and told them he WASN’T going anywhere to fight.   lol   They left him alone because they didn’t want him influencing the other Black people.
      I think I saw George Curry at one of those sites I visited while following the Media stories and Black music.   Lots of good stories on the site.
      I ordered the book “Medical Apartied.” 
    I have to know what’s going on (or what went on) no matter how painful it may be.
      I didn’t see those particular Black dolls at Targets today.   Maybe after Thanksgiving. 
      I chuckled at some of the comments people made on sites thanking the CDC for telling us not to eat bats and monkey meat to avoid getting Ebola..

  67. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    One other thing…I just read the other day where this Black grandmother in Alabama won her case against this Prison Industrial company that she didn’t even know was behind everything. Tthey had put her in jail because she couldn’t afford to pay her traffic ticket after she lost her job and her home going into foreclosure.  She said that was happening to so many other Black people. Apparently, they use poor Black people to ticket any way they can to provide funds to the City.  I think it was the ACLU that brought the law suit.   Now, the city has removed the Prison Company. 
    Can we Slaves get a break?

  68. Linda212 says:

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  69. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I’m sorry to hear about your relative. Sounds about right. We were brought here to enrich whites ‘by any means necessary’ & they aim to make good on that. lol. one of my relatives fled the south & never went back…I don’t know what he was fleeing but I’m sure since it was at the turn of the 20th century, I can guess it was probably something similar to what happened to your relative. Nothing ever really changes in this country. Tactics may be altered or updated; but the objectives are always the same. And yes, the gentleman that was irradiated & ended up with a hole in his head was without bitterness..but he was also without justice..and he died that long as we demand no justice & in effect, by not protesting & going after those who continue to abuse us–what I think we are co-signing is their thought that our lives and well-being are to be disrespected & dishonored at will..there is no price to be paid…we see this ALL the though I understand not wanting to focus on’s hard not to .especially since it on-going. Not like it’s ever stopped. It pisses me off to no end & they’d like us all to forget & forgive but it’s telling that they really act like we’ve committed crimes against THEM, instead of the other way around. Truly psychotic. I think the best thing for me to do is always focus on devoting my life to doing what I can to fight against it. Using whatever talents and intelligence I have. I consider myself a truth warrior and so I choose to fight in the way that I’m able. Until there is absolute justice for us, I won’t be satisfied. Imo, there are too many who couldn’t fight for me to just let it pass or forget about it. We deserve justice & to live as God intended–with full human dignity and rights that are afforded any other human being. I don’t think that’s too much to expect. And it’s the least we should demand. Too many previous generations died without realizing that simple wish.

    And thanks for the referral to Slavery By Any Other Name..I’ve heard about it before but I’m going to make a point to check it out. Same ol’ game–criminalize the things we do & eventually criminalize US so that they can continue to profit from our black bodies & free or damn near free labor. Why some of us STILL don’t get this, I don’t know.
    Have you read Michelle Alexander’s ‘The New Jim Crow’?–it’s pretty much the same topic. I personally think she didn’t go far enough b/c it’s really the ‘new plantation’..jim crow is putting it mildly.
    The story about the blues artist you mentioned reminds me of the movie about Etta James (Beyonce played her. Can’t remember the name of it.) and some other blues artists, I think they were on Chess Records in Chicago? I may be wrong..but I remember in particular the one male artist who was beaten bloody by the cops..and I remember reading about so many of those artists who died broke b/c they were taken advantage of by unscrupulous record companies–I can see why so many of them turned to drugs, booze and taking out their frustrations on their women (not that I ever condone hitting or mistreating our queens)..I think Ike Turner & James Brown epitomize that kind of thinking. What’s so funny about us as a people though–or maybe I should say, so remarkable–is that we are the kings & queens of taking lemons & making lemonade, lemon merinque pie, lemon custard & then using whatever peels are left over to create a concoction that heals the heartburn from eating all those that is what galls other people about us–no matter what is thrown at us, we catch it and eventually turn it into a useful tool. That takes a kind of ingenuity & genius that I think only comes from melanin. lol..

  70. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue There should be a law firm that only does class action lawsuits on behalf of us. They’d never be broke. I can think of several that I’d be a litigant in. There are so many hidden ‘black taxes’ that we pay b/c we are black & just don’t think about b/c they are accepted as just a part of life here. It’s BS. I really don’t understand why we pay taxes, frankly. There is a sistah, a former IRS agent, Sherry Peel, whose story is fascinating..she discovered after leaving the IRS that there is NO law that requires federal income can watch a YT interview with her here

  71. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue The parasites are always finding ways to make money off of us, aren’t they?…despicable..

  72. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    This site is acting up again. You still didn’t hear the video playing when you sign on?  Maybe it happens to me because I’m a beginner at this site.  My posts disappeared just now, before I could copy it.   Anyway, whatever…
       I saw Michelle Alexander on the PBS talk show, Charlie Rose, talking about her book for an hour.   At the time, I had just recently watched a PBS program about the unfair incarceration of Blacks for drugs.   So, I did not order her book.   I was burned out and couldn’t take anymore.   Sometimes, you have to take a break, then go back.
      Later, I read Connie Rice’s book “Power Concedes Nothing.”   She’s that Civil right’s lawyer with the NAACP, and a committed fighter for Black rights.   (Yes, she’s a cousin  of Condoleeza Rice.  They seem opposite in their outlook.
      I have the DVD of the movie Beyonce made of Etta James’ life, and I read Etta James’ autobiography.   I remember the scene in the movie with the Policeman.
      I read a lot of books.  I’ve always done so.   Then I  have to take a break.   I have 18 books currently, of which I’ve read 13 in the last three months.   I’ve always loved reading.   Some of the books I lose interest in and don’t read.  At the same time, I order more that interest me.  Last year, I read 10 books in one month during July.   lol 
      A month ago, I ordered “Wench,” a book about Slave women who were taken from the South to Ohio by their Masters as their Mistresses.   I had heard the Masters did this, and some sent their Mulatto children to college there.   I wanted to know more about it, so I bought the book.  The “Wenches” were plotting their escape.
      Do you know of Josiah Henson (aka Uncle Tom)? Tthey had a program on PBS where the archeologists did a dig at the place where he was held as a Slave in Maryland (Time Team America was the name of the show).   I was surprised to see a photo of him, and the interview with his descendants.   I’ll see if I can post a link for you.
      I too wondered why Blacks don’t do more Class action law suits.   I brought this up with friends when we were discussing the smear campaign in the white Media against Black women.  I sign their on-line petitions, but I think we should do a class action suit against them.  
      We shouldn’t wait for the Congressional Black caucus to do anything (They should be leading the charge!!).  BUT, I read a story on this site where they are saying the CBC is voting for militarizing the Police!!     They are nothing but a bunch of dummies, as Fred Sanford would say.
      Did you know that Whites now have an epidemic with heroin/cocaine addiction?   The Governor of Vermont said they can no longer ignore this epidemic.   Looks like the chickens are coming home to roost–all the crack cocaine funneled into the Black community is backfiring.
      Do you know Nina Simone?

  73. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    Can you see the photo of the real Uncle Tom, Josiah Henson? I watched the video too, and was surprised of his true story.
    I’m checking out the link you provided about the private companies.

  74. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    I read the link about those private businesses exploiting the prisoners. I remember seeing this same story in an  interview of the first Mother on a News show.  I think it was part of another story about Pay Day Lenders and how States were trying to close them down.   It was on PBS.   One Black man borrowed $2K from the Pay Day Lender, and ended up having to pay back $30 thousand for that loan!!!
    Part of the thieving Bank group was this Indian man, who was working for the White bank owners.   He said he knew it was wrong–stealing from the Poor.   He had this huge Mansion he lived in that was built in the shape of the White House.   The reporter was telling how there was huge money to be made from Poverty and Poor People.
     Again, where is the Black Caucus, and what exactly do they do, or ever did to focus attention on Black issues and try to unite us?
      By the way, I saw your comment at that story.

  75. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue Yup, I’m very familiar with Nina Simone. And I will read the story about the real life “uncle tom”..amazing how truth can be perverted..his legacy has been twisted to mean something totally different from what it should uncle tom means the opposite today of what it should mean and I believe that all elected officials and those who are paraded around as black ‘leaders’ have all been bought & paid for. I recall that someone like Maxine Waters USED to always be known for speaking up–but it now appears they must have something to hold over her head b/c she’s been as quiet as a church mouse. Basically I believe that’s what happens in DC–they find your price and/or weakness & lord it over you to keep you in line. I wonder how much Maxine Waters went for? Or Charlie Rangel? Or John Conyers?…pitiful. If we wait for them to speak out on behalf of the avg black person, we’ll all be dead and gone. Imo, ain’t none of them worth 2 cents. And white people have always had  a problem with illicit drugs–coke, meth..they smoke or sniff it AND WE fill up the prisons for non-violent drug offenses. It’s the american way. Oh, I watched Slavery By Any other I’m extra salty..which of course, I knew I would be..Your family member wasn’t profiled, were they? I thought about what you said when I was watching it. Interesting that 1 side of my family is also from one of the states where peonage seemed to be really popular. Have you heard about the German experiments on Namibians like 20 or 30 years before they did the same thing in camps with the Jews? There’s a doc on YT about that too. There is so much stuff that they just are not going to teach us in schools & that I’m just now learning as an adult. What is weird to me though is that these ‘beings’ are ALWAYS seemingly documenting their crimes against humanity as if they are proud of it BUT act offended when we point out what THEY have documented. Does that sound sane to you? All of the atrocities we know about we know about b/c THEY documented it. It reminds me of the fact that serial killers like to keep souvenirs from their victims & in the same way, lynch mobs liked to cut off ears & penises of their victims & happily pose for pics that they then sent as postcards. More evidence of a persistent, consistent psychosis.

  76. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    My computer virus detector warned that a “malware” attempted to invade my computer, and I had lots of problem trying to post the last post to you.
    My relative was caught up in the peonage system.  I was young, but I recall how he became an alcoholic drinking lots of Moonshine trying to cope.  I didn’t understand at the time, but now I do.  My Mother and Father grew up in the Jim Crow era in the South, and they told us some horror stories when they thought we were old enough to deal with it.
      In recent years, I had a relative who was “deadly” profiled.
      I watched the entire video of Uncle Tom on PBS. It’s on that site I gave you.  It’s true, according to the video, that his legacy has been twisted.   He was actually a hero.   I enjoyed seeing his descendant in the video.
      I asked about Nina Simone, because of the controversy surrounding the Hollywood movie that’s being made about her in “Blackface”   I signed the petition on-line  I had suggested to one of the petition organizers that we organize a protest at the movie theaters when (and if) the movie comes out.  As a result of the on-line petition, the movie producers have problems trying to get the movie out.
      I didn’t know about the Germans experimenting on Namibians.   I do know a lot about Hitler’s Nazi Germany.   The Jews make sure everyone knows with the movies and documentaries they make.   I think I’ve seen them all.  The most disturbing was seeing the lamp shades they made with children’s skin.   It reminds me of the “picnic” lynching of Black people where they cut off body parts..
      I think we are amazing survivals to have endured (and currently endure) what this country has dealt us.   Once we get our act together and refocus, we can still overcome what we are dealing with now.   I just saw a segment on CBS Sunday Morning about the unfair sentencing that is now involving WHITES.   They wouldn’t be talking about it if it weren’t for the Michelle Alexanders.   I rarely watch the commercial networks, except for CBS Sunday Morning or “60 Minutes.”

  77. JayContreras says:


  78. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    WOW!  that’s incredible.. It was a long read, but I was curious.  I was particular interested in the part about the Flu shots, because they come around every year telling people to get them.  I never get them and I tell my friends not to get them either.
    I had no control over the shots my parents got me when I was young, but I don’t do shots as an adult.
      A friend of mine went to the doctor last Thursday about a persistent cough she had.   the doctor told her she has Bronchitis and prescribed an expensive medicine for her.  she said she’s going to continue with her Vicks salve and the honey and lemon she was using, because the symptoms seem to be going away.   I encouraged her to do so. 
      A while ago, I saw on the news where the Pakistani Taliban was killing those medical workers who were trying to give their people Polio shots.   The Africans should have done the same thing.   It doesn’t matter if it’s some of your own people who are working with the CDC or WHO.   There were Black people working with those White doctors on the Tuskegee project, and look what happened.
      I mentioned earlier about the coping mechanism of the man with the hole in his head.  I’m very empathetic for our people in any way they choose to cope.  I don’t know if he had much education, and “Jesus” may be all he knew.  I personally don’t believe in the pie in the sky, but there may not be anything else some of our people have.  It breaks my heart that after 400 years, we have to go through what we do.  I often think of my relative and the horror he suffered.  We didn’t know at the time what you and I have been discussing.   So, he suffered his silent tribulation alone.  Guess I should stop talking about that before I start crying (:

  79. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue Yes, it will either break your heart of make you angry or alternate between the 2. I tend to lean toward pissivity most of the time b/c crying isn’t gonna help. If sharing info can keep some of this from happening to even one of us, then that’s a start. Roaches tend to scatter in the sunlight. But then again, these are a resistant strain, so we’ll see. lol..At least when it comes to cooking up diabolical schemes & plots. And yeah, the common cold–they can supposedly send a man to the moon yet they cannot figure out how to cure that? Yeah, right. It’s just a moneymaker & they are not trying to give up that profit. I agree with you, I NEVER get those shots/vaccines. The last time I did it–over 20 years ago, I got sick as a dog & vowed never again. Again, I just don’t trust the medical establishment as far as I can throw them. These govt experiments could never get off the ground without their complicity and help. Especially, in public hospitals where low income & black people populate. You’d do better with herbs & supplements or home-made remedies. People may snicker but the ‘old folk’ were on the whole, much healthier than we are nowadays & they were rightly more leery and distrustful of whites and the medical establishment. Proximity is a great teacher. We have forgotten. And I did read about the Pakistanis killing polio vaccine workers. I also just read that polio cases have increased but that could just be a scare tactic to get people to submit again. Again, we are trusting the same people engaged in these covert pogroms to provide data & statistics. I also believe one of the African countries that has accused the west of bringing in Ebola, has had some cases of locals murdering western medical research lab workers. I don’t have any sympathy. When you do dirt, it catches up to you. I don’t know why people don’t get that simple concept. You may get away with it for a little while, but it’s coming.  And yes, I’m not a fan of organized religion. You can probably tell. For whatever reason, my mom, in particular, was never a believer & let me  forge my own spiritual path. I will be forever grateful for that. Less brainwashing to unlearn. But I realize my family is in the minority in the black community. And ultimately, I believe if it makes your quality of life better or makes you feel better, then more power to you. But the historical reasons it was foisted on black people should never be forgotten. I know it’s an emotional topic & I try to take that into consideration when broaching it; but it must be a part of the larger question of liberation. If it’s not about total liberation, then who is it benefiting?

  80. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue Yup, the Namibians were ‘test cases’ I guess for what they were planning for the jews later. Horrific.There’s YT video on it too. 
    Yup, one of the most memorable pics that was seered into my brain at a young age was the pic of Emmett Till in his casket. I saw the photos in either an old issue of Jet or Ebony when I was little. That sight remained in my head all through out my childhood. Even though that was decades before my birth, I still realized the significance of it & that by the grace of God, that could be me. I remember reading about the Scottsboro Boys & reading a novel that really affected me as a teen, I think it’s called Black Boy by Richard Wright. His autobiography. I’ve always been a student of our history and had always instinctively known that what we got in school history class, wasn’t the whole story. It’s also ironic, that a LOT of my early history lessons came from old issues of Ebony/Jet. Good ol’ Mr. John H. Johnson.
    And yes, I heard about the Nina Simone movie with Zoe Saldana I think her name is? That’s going to be interesting. There are so many other black actresses they could have gotten to play her. The same sistah I mentioned before who played Eliza in 12 years a slave would be magnificent & she definitely more closely physically resembles Nina than Zoe ever could, even with prosthetic noses. I wonder what her daughter thinks of it? And that’s the ultimate irony of racism: when you systemically and continually deny the humanity of one particular group, eventually that denial is going to boomerang back to your doorstep. It never fails. Whatever this system does to US, eventually ALWAYS finds it way to white people’s doorstep. Always.
    And black people’s resilience is what has others in awe and in fear of us. lol..I KNOW we are going to be alright. History is cyclical and this is temporary. I think you can tell more about the character of a people by how they act in times of complete vulnerability and despair than when times are good and easy. We are troopers and survivors. If I had to choose again & again, I’d choose to come back as nothing BUT black. lol..

  81. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    I saw only one video on YT about the Germans in Namibia, and the audio wasn’t too good.  I got caught up watching other similar videos at that site.
     I think there was a movie named “The Constant Gardner,” starring George Clooney?  A co-worker told me she saw it, and it was sad. I think she said it was about these drug companies experimenting on Africans.
      I too read Richard Wright’s Black Boy and Native Son.  I also knew of the Scottsboro Boys and the photo in Jet magazine of Emmett Till.  In Jet too, was the story of this white man who was stopped by Police, and they found the cut up bodies of two Black young women in the trunk of his car.
      Nina Simone’s daughter is not pleased about the White woman making the movie about her Mother.  She says the man they have Nina having an affair with was homosexual, and a suppose affair was inaccurate.  Zoe Saladna, who is Dominican, should never have signed up for that role.  She does not have an understanding of Black American history.  Had it been a Black American woman, she never would have let them put her in Blackface–on one of our heroines to boot!!!  Nina fought against Blackface by  being active in the civil rights struggle.   The struggle was against all discriminations.
      I don’t know if you are aware of the story the CDC had put out about  fifty percent of Black women (supposedly) having Herpes.  Anyway, they were even broadcasting it on radio.  Some Black women heard it and “demanded” that the CDC prove it.  turns out, there wasn’t any such study.   What they were given was some study they had done of two or three hundred Black poor women that they said were LIKELY to contract Herpes.  They got you too–lol.  they published that 80% of gonnereah cases are Black men.  Those people are so ridiculous!   But, we have to stand up to the smear from the White Media who take “studies” such as these and run with it.  If you pay attention, even some of the Black Media are being used to spread these so-called “studies”    But, lately, I’ve noticed the Black Internet Media back away from carrying these “studies.”  seems they are becoming aware they are being manipulated to participate in their own self smear campaign.
      I saw on the 60 Minutes program yesterday where these Doctors spoke out against the Drug Cartels who are charging patients up to $90-125K a year for Cancer medicine.  Medicare has to pay any price.   But, people who are not on Medicare, but are Middle class are going broke spending to buy the medicine. 
      Although it’s not funny, but I did get a chuckle out of you taking that shot and getting violently ill–lol  During the LBJ campaign for re-election, I believe it was, they decided to make sure the elderly got their Flu shots, as a campaign strategy.  That flu shot was killing the elderly all over the country, and they had to stop it.  I was young at the time, but I remember it.  That’s why I don’t take Flu shots or any other type of shots.  If I catch something my immune  system will probably fight it off.  I’ve only had four colds in my entire life, when other people catch several colds on a yearly basis,  Good Genes.
    Oh, did you see where that HBSC bank in England was caught laundering drug money and funding terrorist groups?  The have no moral “stop” conscience.  UNCONTROLLED GREED.

  82. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue Well, I think that is the consistent thread of imperialism/capitalism–unmitigated greed & being parasitic in nature. EVERYTHING is a hustle or a money-making scam. Even in death they are trying to pimp us. There is never enough. Never enough $, profits or ‘stuff’. I liken people who helm most of these corps & even in govt/leadership positions as empty vessels or psychological cripples. They will kill us all in their blind pursuit of more ‘stuff’. I guess I came here questioning: Why the majority of the world population allows it? What keeps us sitting on the sidelines watching like it’s a spectator sport & we have no say? 
    Your story about the dude with the dead women in his trunk reminds me of the Atlanta Child Murders. I’ve always felt that they railroaded Wayne Williams. From what I read, murders continued even after he was jailed. Oh, I just thought of another good read you may be interested in that along the same lines. He tells the fascinating story of how so many of the hippie singers/groups were actually kids of military intel officers (Jim Morrison, the mamas & the papas, etc). A lot of them didn’t have ANY prior musical  talent or interest but ALL got record deals & they all seem to end up in Laurel Canyon area of LA around the same time, where there was also–get this–a secret CIA research lab hidden in the hills of the LA suburbs. The story is riveting & surreal. So what I took away from it is that the US govt manufactured a counter culture music scene in response to the legit one that black america had ushered in..I guess they didn’t want their white sons & daughters to get too out there so they created a ‘manufactured’ counter culture movement via the music scene:  The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation by Dave McGowan
    You can also look up his series of articles titled: Programmed to Kill where he says that based on his research that a lot of these serial murderers are parts of cults that the intel agencies are controlling & financing & they knowingly are killing on behalf of the US’s not just some random white serial murderers for the most part. It’s part of an ongoing govt pogrom. Of course, I can totally believe it. I wouldn’t put anything past these maniacs. (I can’t find the link but if you google it, you should be able to find it. I’ll continue to look for the link tho)..
    And I’m not surprised about the studies–again, like I mentioned before, we rely on stats from the same freaks who are covertly running all of these secret pogroms targeting us. It’s interesting that they do them in secret, yet they end up documenting them & somehow they are always released to the public domain. What are they trying to tell us? Why do it covertly & then allow it to become public? If they could keep tuskegee secret for 40 years, then they can keep a secret so I wonder why ALL this stuff is coming out & what is the objective?

  83. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    I think that Laurel Canyon site is “bugged” just like the Jesse Ventura site. I didn’t hear dogs barking, cats screaming, and doors slamming; but the site did reek havoc on my computer.    My computer froze and I couldn’t even shut it down…long story, but I finally got off the site after dismantling my computer and doing a re-set-up.
      The parts of that link that I managed to read before it froze reminded me of what several people told me about the 1960s.   During the 1960s, Blacks were talking about Black Pride, Black Power,etc.  At he height of this “Pride” movement, the White woman was brought into the picture to distract Black men and create division between the Black man and Black woman; thus shutting down this Black is beautiful, Black power movement.  They said these White females used to distract Black men were Las Vegas Whores, and it worked.   Many Black men ended up marrying them–not knowing they were Whores.   They were so eager to get the “forbidden fruit” the White man always denied him. 
      I was told this by both Black men and Black women.  It makes perfect sense to me.    From what I was able to read on the link about Laurel Canyon, the interruption of the Black Pride movement seems a perfect distraction from Black people fighting for their rights.  Black people got off track as a result.
      On another topic.   Wile following a link you gave me on “Financial Junetenth” I came across the story on the Black shopping Channel and how they received $250 million dollars in their venture.   I thought I had posted it in my “Favorites” because I wanted to return to it and read the story so I could tell friends and family about it.   First, I wanted to see if it were actually Black owned (which it seemed to be).  Not just “Black fronted.  For some reason, it’s not in my “Favorites” as I thought I had put it.  Are you familiar with the site?   I tried to Google it–to no avail.

  84. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    This link of Lebron James
    Are you familiar with this Racist photo of Lebron James, comparing him to King Kong? When I was in college (years ago), I remember this Black man student did a story in our Black newspaper about King Kong is suppose to represent a Black man.
    In these two photos, you can see the only difference is the baseball bat in the old photo, and the basketball that Lebron James has.  So the old Ape (Jackie Robinson) had a baseball bat.   The new Ape (Lebron James) has a basketball.

  85. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I’ve never had a problem with the site with the Laurel Canyon story. I’ve read the whole series & never had a problem. I actually got the link from some other site so I’m not sure what’s going on with your computer. But hopefully, you have an anti-virus program running at all times. I would never provide a link to any site that I can’t myself access without any problem. And there is plenty of spyware/malware out there so definitely be careful but again, any link I provide, it’s a site or article that I have visited myself with no problem.
    I saw that info about the black shopping channel & I also couldn’t confirm whether it is actually wholly black owned so I won’t be buying anything there & the fact that it was infused with THAT much cash rings alarm bells for me. Especially, when most black businesses can’t get small loans–so a quarter of a billion dollars? lol..yup, that sounds plausible.

  86. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    I do have the anti-virus program on my computer.  It’s only those two sites I’ve had lots of problems with.  I was thinking someone might be trying to discourage new visitors from those sites.  Then again, it might be my Internet Provider trying to scare me into purchasing additional anti-virus programs.  There is always some scam going on with these companies trying to trick you into buying something you don’t need.
      You are probably right about the Black Shopping Channel. I wonder where they got the money from.   There is another site that says to buy Black from Black companies.  
     I received my Medical Apartied book.  A brief browse looks interesting.
      I’ve been looking for more information on whether that Grand Jury in Ferguson will be dismissed.   One of the member’s friend had posted on Facebook that that the Jury was unable to find cause to charge the Police Officer.   She wasn’t suppose to be talking with friends about what’s going on.

  87. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue Yup, I’m sure those sites that offer info that is contrary to the official govt narratives would probably be harder to access, but like I said, I read that whole Laurel Canyon piece, along with Programmed to Kill & I didn’t have any problems. Now Atlanta BlackStar..i have problems with ALL the time..FB erases my comments as soon as I post them..that’s why I got into the habit of saving they did me a favor with their stupid selves. I was also reading up on the 2 stolen elections in 2000 & 2004 b/c of some other story I read that referred to them. I had almost forgotten about many black people were totally screwed over during that election. i had a friend who told me some stuff about how they were stopped on the way to polls by the cops & held up waaay too long for something that trivial. I wonder what happened to that bimbo Katherine (forget her last name) in Florida & that other fool, Kenneth Blackwell in Ohio? I wonder how they were ‘rewarded’ with their work?

  88. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue  I look forward to hearing how you like the book..maybe ‘liking’ is the
    wrong word b/c I’m sure the info will upset at the very least. I also
    wanted to ask you about what you think about the possible ebola scare
    being cholera instead? I’m sure you read that the UN troops in Haiti
    were found to have brought cholera to the island? This current ebola
    thing seems suspect to me. No pics & ebola had always been described
    as a ‘flesh-eating’ disease. It seems the current incarnation is
    something totally different.

  89. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    Well, I began reading the Introduction o Medical Apartheid and almost put it down as I may not be able to cope with it.  But, once I got beyond that first horrid Slave experiment, it seemed a bit easier.   However, I’m sure there’s more horror to come.
    Yes, I had followed the Cholera story in Haiti brought by the UN Troops.  Remember when the AIDS was found in Haiti?  It was stated at the time that some White Canadian and American Homosexual males had traveled there to have sex with boys.  it seems they took this AIDS to Haiti.   Haitians took it to Africa.   I had always thought the White male Homosexuals were targeted for extermination with this AIDS the same as Blacks being targeted.
      Later, I’ll try to read that Laurel canyon story again.  Seems all of these stories are connected in some way.
      A while back, I signed the on-line Petition requesting the FCC to prevent the IPs from taking control of most Internet services.  The Petition was sent to Congress People.  Seems the Internet  Services will become owned by one or two Conglomerates just like the traditional Media.  We’ll have to pay more too, with less services provided once Comcast and Verizon own everything.  Already the cost is ridiculous.

  90. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    Who was Kenneth Blackwell in Ohio and what did he do?
    I did know about the Katherine  woman in Florida. After that stolen election, I was surprised to learn the shenanigans taken place to prevent Black people from voting.   The are doing the same thing now with the early voting changes that was put in place to accommodate Black people.   also, the ID requirements.  Also, Uncle Tomas helped the Supreme Court gut the Voting Rights law.  I wonder what’s the hell wrong with Clarence Thomas.  That was a deliberate strategy by Bush and the Republicans  to put a Coon like Thomas on the Supreme Court.

  91. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    P.S.  When I tried came to this site, music commercial began playing for Verizon–my Internet Provider, and some other commercial.  The previous music, days ago, I did not understand.  It only happens at THIS site.  (Not including the Jesse Ventura site and the barking dogs) .  And you never hear anything here?

  92. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue Blackwell was the Ohio Secretary of State during the 2004 SELECTION & he was basically acting in the same capacity as that Katherine chick in Florida–overseeing the massive voter fraud & disenfranchisement of black voters in Ohio. 
    Uncle Clarence is a brain dead shill. He’s happy enough to have a long term ‘secure’ position & have his sorry name in the his-story books but he ain’t worth 1/2 a cent. Coon for life. That’s really what role he serves.  Just shows up and collects his paycheck. The funny thing is and what a LOT of us are unaware of is that Thurgood Marshall supposedly was an FBI informant too. It’s their standard operating procedure–the ONLY way that black people can make it to those kinds of positions is if they have been vetted and proven to be loyal to maintaining white supremacy & the status quo. You think ‘massa’ ever gon’ let Nat Turner near the big house? lol..not gonna happen.

  93. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue Yes, the net neutrality bill I think it was? You & I know that like with everything else, that tiny, criminally insane cabal that controls pretty much ALL of media & what info we the sheeple have access to–they are NOT going to continue to let alternate views/opinions proliferate online so that people can actually make up their own minds. There has to be some kind of control exerted. Even if it’s subtle and covert so that people don’t revolt and abandon the web. But be assured, they are going to attempt it. I think even now, that some sites are blocked from certain IP addresses. I’ve gone to Yahoo search engine before & have had a msg telling me that my computer is blocked from accessing that info. lol..these people are the scariest, most insecure rogues I have ever seen. Or not seen I should say…because they are SO scared, they stay in hiding & make sure we don’t know who they are or what they look like. All up in OUR kool-aid but make damn sure we don’t know what they are drinking. lol..Anyway, I don’t have much faith that a vehicle that the US military created, will remain what it has been up to now–a treasure trove of once hidden info & alternate views & opinions. And Africa is slated to become the new boon in the next 20 years or so…they are NOT trying to let them negroes know what’s what…that would end their unfettered access to all their natural resources if the masses of Africans KNOW what the FUKUS axis has been doing & in particular, the US.
    And Ft. Detrick, MD is busy, it appears. What is now known as AIDS started out in the primarily white, gay communities in major cities after the NIH sponsored some Hepatitis C studies that specifically requested homosexual males with multiple sex partners. In every city that the NIH sponsored these ‘studies’, the 1st cases of GRID (gay related immune disease) cropped up. AIDS didn’t even show itself in Africa until a few years AFTERWARD when the WHO sponsored I think it was a massive malaria vaccine. But the AIDS mythology has become that it STARTED in Africa from black people eating monkey meat & having sex with monkeys (the green monkey at do they get these freaks? Probably in Hollyweird. I think they are inter-connected)…but the evidence and the body trail says something else..and we all they have been after Haiti since that revolution…and now since they’ve supposedly discovered oil know they are posturing to totally take over that island. I feel for those people. They need to go back to voudon practices or whatever helped them during the 1st revolution. I’m only partially joking.

  94. Watchful says:


    I don’t think it’s bcuz they’re dumb or lazy, I think it’s bcuz they know that that same game plan continues to work effectively for them and until we can figure out how to checkmate them they’ll continue with that same game plan.

  95. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    Heaven help us now that the Ebola man has died in Texas. They will want to vaccinate all Black people! 
    You mentioned the oil discovered in Haiti.   I never heard of that.   Do you know of a link where I can find more info on it?   I did hear and see a program about the oil discovered in Ghana.  It seems the Oil Companies are looking for other places besides the Arab world because the Arabs are now cutting their heads off.  lol  The Oil Companies are always a step ahead planning their next move in case they can’t control the people in said country.
      Their culture has been pathological since Slave days.  Being fed that culture for so long, they have no incentive to change.   They are so enshrined in those beliefs and ways.  It amazes me when they refer to Black people as being lazy.   They seem to actually believe it.  These are the same people who brought us here to do their work because they were “lazy” and didn’t want to work; hunted us down if we tried to escape being worked to death.   Burned down our towns (Black Wall Street) when they saw us succeeding on our own and prospering.  After breaking up our families during Slavery and afterwards during Jim crow Chain Gang, they accuse us of not taking care of our children or families.   Whew!
      At some point, the world will begin to wonder and ask questions why is it that supposedly Black Americans can’t succeed (although I know differently).
      This Medical Apartheid book is getting more and more interesting and good reading.

  96. JayContreras says:

    Here are a couple links that discuss not only oil found in Haiti (apparently DECADES ago but the US decided to hold off until ME oil reserves were depleted or access untenable..) But also discuss that Haiti is also rich with other energy sources, like no wonder the UN Troops have been posted up there & they kidnapped & now have Aristide under house arrest..Poor Haiti..I’m telling you, Voudon..they need it now more than ever..and I’m only partly joking.

  97. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue Sis, they are simply projecting. All that talk of what black people are or are not. It’s projection. That is all. And MOST of the world’s riches & natural resources sit under the bottoms of we ‘dark hordes’, unfortunately, in their eyes don’t think about the end game. They just eat & burrow away. Black people have provided a consistent hosting for going on millenia now. They have been sucking our proverbial tit dry for so long they wouldn’t KNOW how to do anything else. When you find a nut, you crack it, right? But that nut couldn’t be cracked without our complicity. I again, liken it to a pimp. The pimp senses who he can & cannot manipulate. He is drawn to certain types & once he gets into her head, he convinces her that she NEEDS HIM, not the other way around, which is the truth. Black people have been programmed to believe the game these historical pimps have been kicking. Once we wake up & realize that WE DON’T & NEVER HAVE NEEDED THEM & it’s the inverse–then fortunes will change for the majority of the planet. Just a matter of time. Nobody plays the fool forever.

  98. AlexanderWilson says:

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  99. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    Wow! That is good new.  They have Gold, Silver and Oil.  I had never heard about this before.  I was a bit concerned when I read the Canadians “acquired ALL of the shares of a Haitian firm.”  What does that mean?  They will rob the Haitian people blind? The Haitian’s can’t catch a break since they whupped ole Massa’s ass.  lol  lol   They gave Napolean a taste of his own medicine.
    I read a good book by Isabelle Allende about Haiti a couple years ago.  I think it was “Beneath the Sea.”  I forget the name because I gave it to my Haitian neighbor to read.   It was so good.
      I hope the Haitians can benefit from their resources and move forward.  They deserve it.
      I was reading last night about the contributions some Slaves made in Medicine as “doctors” in this Medical Apartheid book.  I can’t wait to finish it.  It’s painful to read at time, but very interesting.  
      Do you know about the new National Museum of African American History that’s scheduled to open on the Mall in D.C. next year?  I think it’s next year opening.   My Family Reunion is in Maryland (nearby) at the time, and a scheduled trip is planned to the Museum.  I can’t wait to see what they have to offer–maybe Slave artifacts too. 
      I was watching “Finding Your Roots” the other night, and Anna D. Smith’s ancestor was a well to do Slave who buried Civil War soldiers at Gettysburg.   they found a photo of him.  He probably fared better than other Slaves because he was obviously a Mulatto.   Not all Mulattos did well though.

  100. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 

    That’s true about us not needing them.  But, they have “convinced” us and the rest of the non-white world that we do. They are good at that, and it works.  It’s psychological.  lol

  101. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue It has worked for the past 4 or 5 centuries but that’s a tiny drop in the bucket of how long black people actually ruled on this planet; as we all should realize–every spell is eventually broken, every lie exposed & truth dashed to the ground will eventually rise. This is a chapter in our long history. It’s not the beginning & certainly NOT the end or the last word.

  102. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I don’t know how ‘good’ it is now that the vultures & parasites smell profits. It may end up being the worst that could possibly happen. In an equitable world, this would be excellent news but we can see the probable scenario about to be played out across the ocean in Africa…but then again, Haiti is home to the very 1st successful slave rebellion & free black nation. Maybe that strength & revolutionary fervor just needs to be re-awakened? Now THAT would be excellent!

  103. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    The more educated Haitians can learn from the experience of the South American countries who had their environments destroyed and minerals exploited. The Chavez man of Venezuela fought for his people   (I hope they didn’t give him that cancer that eventually killed him). 
    I had to re-watch that PBS Nova series about “Surviving Ebola” last night.   I wanted to see what the Scientists were saying about that “possible vaccine” of Zemap that they are using and   They tested it on 100 monkeys and said the monkeys were cured.  There were people whose own immune system overcame Ebola.   They were following these Africans and taking blood samples.
     This Medial Apartheid book is something else.  It’s quite detailed.  I had heard of most of the things written about, so far.  Some things were new to me.   I remembered the case of Ota Benga, the circus, and the CIA Mosquita experiments.
      I went on-line to read chapter 12 of Marvin Gilmore’s new book.  He’s a 90 year old Black man who fought in World War 11 and came back to fight in the Civil rights Movement.  I like reading stories like his; so I “reluctantly” ordered the book.   I say reluctantly because it’s always a White ghost writer who makes money off of the.  I’m sure there are Black Ghost writers.  But, it’s always that “ethnic” White man who’s making money by writing the book.

  104. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue Have you heard of Dr. Joy DeGruy-Leary & her book Post Traumatic Disorder Syndrome? I read it years ago but just ran across some of her YT videos..I LOVE this woman. She breaks it down. I’m going to include a link to some of her lectures & she also mentioned a book I had never heard of before, Breaking Rank by Norm Stamper, he’s a former Seattle police chief who basically spills the beans on the police culture & the rampant racism. I’m ordering this book b/c it’s rare for white cops to step over that blue line & tell all..she said he lives on some island somewhere on a mountain..I’m sure she was probably exaggerating but she said he knows they are coming for him & that he gets a lot of death threats..I’m sure he does. They expect us to tell on them but they rarely expect their own to blab. lol..

  105. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    That talk was really, really good! I think I listened to one of her lectures on another Black site sever months ago. I’m going back later to listen again.   I need to know what she briefly mentioned about the Cop who threw the Black woman off a bridge because she refused his sexual advances.
    The book by the White Cop seems to be really a bombshell!   There was similar revelations in the “Power Concedes Nothing” book I read by Connie Rice.
    P.S.   Was the lecture a part of “TED?”  I’ve heard of TED before, but only went to the site once to follow a talk about racism given by the Black woman who married George Lucas.

  106. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue Yes, I LOVE her. There are many videos with her speaking & on Gil Noble’s Like It Is…I love hearing her speak. She’s a great speaker. Also I mis-stated the name of her book, it’s Post Traumatic Slave Disorder Syndrome..have you been to Africa yet? That’s on my bucket list–to visit the slave corridor where they were held before they were forced on ships..I’ve heard from so many different people how conscious-shifting it is. And I don’t know about Dr. DeGruy has been on TED. And I’m definitely going to get that book by the former cop, it does sound like a bombshell. Hope you are ‘enjoying’ Medical Apartheid, if you can call it that.

  107. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I saw this article about companies that use prison labor–that loophole in the 13th amendment (that says that slavery is hereby abolished EXCEPT for those duly convicted for a crime) really was a good thing for them, what a coincidence?

  108. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    Slave labor is exactly what that is!!! That loophole will not be removed unless we protest and demand it be removed.
      Since I had a relative who got caught up in the peonage (Chain Gang), I understand what’s going on.   Our people are still being railroaded into the prison system.  It’s beginning to include more Black women as well.   That’s really destructive to our community.
     It’s been 400 dam years; can we ever get a break?!!
      I had to take a break from my Medical Apartheid book after reading about the Black man lynched in New Hampshire; and the White doctors who came to claim “parts” of his body for medical study.   The disappearance of Addie Mae Collins body (Birmingham Church Bombing victim).   I needed a break!!
      I found a link for Craig Peyer and Cara Knight (1986 Cop murder/Black woman student).   I was really curious about that (being a Black woman myself).   You may know about that Oklahoma Cop recently who raped the 8 Black women.

  109. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    No, I have not been to Africa “yet.” It’s on my bucket list as well; exactly where you mentioned!!   After tracing my African ancestry however, I might have to change the destination visit
    A neighboring church went on a trip to Africa, but I didn’t know they were going at the time; so I missed out.
      Speaking of the Black Church.   Many of us use it as a “Social Place for Gathering” and making connections.   To gather with each other and get a respite from the hell of living in this country.  As far as the pie in the sky and waiting for Jesus to deliver me, I don’t buy that one bit. lol lol.

  110. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue I can understand..isn’t it interesting they never take a break? The good thing is that every action results in an equal & opposite reaction. Funny you should mention the cop killer–that’s one of the things that that former cop Norm Stamper says–that some of these freaks join the police dept SPECIFICALLY to prey on people, specifically, sexual predators. And it’s obvious from all of these recent back-to-back incidents of police murders of young black men, that there are many cops who are nothing but predators & bullies. Makes sense. I think most cops or those attracted to crime enforcement (yes I meant to call it that) have noggin problems or are psychologically twisted or stunted.

  111. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    What’s “noggin?”
      I think the killing of Black males by White Cops in rooted in their cultural fear set forth since Slavery.  All that sexual prowess, etc, etc, sexual inferiority, etc. I can’t post it here;but I had a White Policeman say something to me once that was extremely reveling (not to him, of course, but to me–yes).
     You do know that it’s not just Black people who are brainwashed, right?
      Black Church…..It did teach us moral values, which seems to be lacking in some of our people today.  As a Black person, I grew up in the church, BUT.  Once I grew up and went off to college, many things changed.   I continued to attend church for the fellowship and “community” it provided.   I never could understand many of the teachings, being the “inquisitive” person I am.   They told us that we would be enveloped in a cloud and taken to heaven when Jesus returned.   Then they said Jesus would come back and establish his kingdom on Earth and rule rightfully.  I couldn’t figure this out.  Here I am up in the clouds while Jesus in on Earth.   lol   I’d miss out!!!.     Then they told us that Jesus was the Son of God.   Then they said Jesus WAS God.   You can imagine how confused I am by now…rotfl!  Anyway, I just took it all in stride and took from the Church what I needed most–communion with my fellow Black people.  Thus it is to this day.  I don’t take it seriously.  I do get to experience the emotional toll racism and living in this county has on our people. 
      I think I will order that Cops book and probably read it at a much later date.  Despite the heartache this knowledge provides, it’s always good to know these things.  I always provide this knowledge to ALL Black people within my reach, which are quite a few.

  112. JayContreras says:

    TinaSue You owe me no explanation on the church & it’s historical relevance. Though I don’t subscribe to any religion, I do understand the historical significance of the black church.But all in all, I think the institution has failed to reach out to the communities they exist in as a whole & to younger generations. And they on the whole (in my opinion) seem to reinforce the hypocrisy of the status quo instead of acting in the tradition of challenging it; in the spirit of the MLK and the like. So I think of the traditional black church in the same vein as traditional civil rights orgs & most black elected officials–they are the gatekeepers, the boule, the proverbial ‘house negroes’ who keep watch over the masses (or try to) to make sure we don’t get too ‘extremist’ or too ‘uppity’. 
    And yes, I realize that WE ALL ARE BRAINWASHED. And hence why I don’t believe whites as a collective will EVER voluntarily change–b/c in their mind, whether they admit it consciously or not–the current system as it stands now, benefits them. They may want to tweak it a lil bit and change a few things; but the basic system WORKS for them.

  113. TinaSue says:

    JayContreras TinaSue 
    Dang!  I didn’t make it to Church today for that pig feet dinner they are selling after service…lol I don’t attend as much as I use to, but I try to make special occasions.  I think it’s rather unfortunate though that hardly any young people attend anymore.  The moral values taught in Sunday School is better than what’s being taught on TV, Facebook, Hip Hop videos.  Parents don’t always teach their children what Church taught us.
      As we get older, we can depart from Church if we so choose.  In college, I was taught by this White professor that the Bible was “Fairy Tales.”  lol   That’s very different from what my great Aunt in Oklahoma taught me.   She insisted that I always join a Church wherever I went.  I did.  Remember when Blacks migrated from the deep South to the West after the Civil War?  (My great Aunt).   Not all Blacks did.
      We entertained one of my former co-workers/friend today.   I was telling him some of the things I had been reading in the Medical Apartheid book, and he was shocked.  We live within walking distance of one of the hospitals where some of the stolen Black bodies were dissected.  He was shocked, because he once worked at a lab where autopsies were done.   This book is more time consuming to read; unlike others that I can breeze through in two or three hours. 
     You know, despite every thing that has happened to us–is happening to us–, I’m optimistic about the future.   We were sidetracked in the 1960s, but many realized those errors and are beginning a discussion that will put us back on track.

  114. AngelaJohnson3 says:

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