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September 25, 2014

Israeli Interior Minister Calls African Migrants “Illegal Infiltrators” and Vows to Keep Detention Center Open

Israeli Interior Minister Calls African Migrants “Illegal Infiltrators” and Vows to Keep Detention Center Open

Israel African Migrants

Israel’s High Court mandated on Monday that desert detention facilities that house African migrants be closed within three months.

In a 7-2 decision, the High Court of Justice ordered authorities to stop detaining African migrants at the Holot detention center in the Negev.

Although African migrants who’ve been rounded up and taken to these detention centers without so much as a human rights hearing applauded the decision, Israel’s Interior Minister fiercely opposed the court’s decision.

According to The Times of Israel, Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar said he could “not accept the verdict of the High Court,” since it would mean Israel “won’t have a Jewish democratic state because our borders will be overrun… with illegal infiltrators.”

Sa’ar now plans to pass new legislation to thwart the high court’s decision.

BreakingBrown reported on the illegal detention in July:

African migrants who entered the country illegally were ordered to leave their homes and jobs and report to Israel’s Holot detention camp. Although the Israeli government had promised to review applications for asylum, many of the migrants claim that they are being indefinitely held and the Israeli government is using the detention center to pressure migrants to voluntarily depart Israel to third party countries.

According to the Washington Post, Israel has taken other measures to keep African migrants out:

It has built a fence along its 220-kilometer (130-mile) border with Egypt, offered cash to migrants to return home, reached out to other countries to take them in and in many cases detained them.

“We cannot continue living in a cage in the desert, with no release date and no judicial review,” said a peaceful  in a statement, according to Vice. “We have no more tolerance to stay in prison, and we call on the international community to take care of us.”






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9 thoughts on “Israeli Interior Minister Calls African Migrants “Illegal Infiltrators” and Vows to Keep Detention Center Open

  1. WarrenKelley says:

    Wow, did not know this was happening.  Thanks for keeping us informed.

  2. EzraTaylor says:

    The nerve of an invading people telling another people that they are infiltrators.

  3. ROBERT@atx says:

    TAKE a look at the footage below of our nice JEWISH friends rally against blacks on ISRAEL!

  4. DebraDaniels says:

    Black Brother / Sisters,
    We suffer and remain oppressed, discriminated against, and under all manner of attack and destruction principally because of who we really are, the fact we do not know it, and therefore have no real clue about what it is we must do, why, when, and how. 
    The time is short given that America’, Europe’, and also worldwide financial / institutional power across-the-board is completely controlled / run by “…the children of their father Satan” as stated by Almighty God’ Son Lord Savior Jesus Christ and the end times have already long been launched and are here. Lying, greedy, perverted, murdering and completely desperate white people and many of their ancestors most with absolutely no blood ties whatsoever to the ancient Israelites have long always known, lied about, and tried to keep hidden and to destroy us because of who it is that we are really are. 
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  5. shbkyn45 says:

    What these Israelis fail to realize, blacks tax dollars help to keep them where they are, in the most dangerous location they could be, right in the heart land of their enemies, and they got the nerve to treat blacks like that.  They get more aide from the US than any other country, black people’s taxes.  If the day ever come when America can no longer provide them with weapons, it will be hell to go tell the captain.  Some say it may not be that far off.

  6. moshetalicohen says:

    As an ex-South African Israeli, I just want to say that Israel really needs to find a different way of evaluating asylum seekers.  Obviously every country tries to keep out illegal infiltrators (south africa keeps out Zimbabweans, US keeps out Mexicans), but Israel has a policy to grant asylum to those who cannot for safety reasons return to their home country.  The asylum seeking process at the moment is unclear and inefficient and this is the problem.  There are different Israeli groups trying to work to protect and advance the rights of these people who are fleeing their countries (some just illegally infiltrating to find work and some genuinely seeking asylum).  Please don’t see this though and think that it is Israel against Black People or Israel against African people.  There are many Black African Israelis who have legally ‘made aliya’ emigrated to Israel and are OBVIOUSLY full citizens in every meaning of the word.

  7. CrispusTurner says:

    shbkyn45 What we need to realize is that the Israeli people don’t control their own country, and the Zionist that control them also control our internal and external policies.
    If you look and our political system, all the leaders get their orders from the same family that has controlled Europe for over a hundred years.  This same family has brought our politicians, Supreme Court, Federal Exchange, as well as the entertainment business in this country.  
    The information is freely available to all.  If you haven’t done so yet, google the name ‘Rothschild’.  There’s a wealth of information on this trillionaire family and their quest to rule the world.

  8. CrispusTurner says:

    EzraTaylor They had great teachers.

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