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August 28, 2014

Yvette Carnell and Dr. Boyce Watkins Discuss Rev. Al Sharpton’s “Ghetto Pity Parties”

Yvette Carnell and Dr. Boyce Watkins Discuss Rev. Al Sharpton’s “Ghetto Pity Parties”

Boyce and Yvette2

In the following video, BreakingBrown founder & Your Black World contributor Yvette Carnell discusses Rev. Al Sharpton’s eulogy for Michael Brown with Dr. Boyce Watkins.

If you missed the eulogy, Sharpton said black folks are “sitting around having ghetto pity parties rather than organizing and strategizing.”

“Blackness was never about being a gangster or thug,” he said. “Blackness was about how no matter how low we was pushed down, we rose up anyhow. Blackness was never surrendering our pursuit of excellence. When it was against the law to go to some schools, we built black colleges and learned anyhow, when we couldn’t go downtown to church, we built our own AME church and our own Church of God in Christ. We never surrendered, we never gave up.

“And now we get to the 21st century, we get to where we got some positions of power. And you decide it ain’t black no more to be successful. Now you wanna be a n*gga and call your woman a ho. You lost where you come from. We got to clean up our community so we can clean up the United States of America.”

Watch the video below:


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42 thoughts on “Yvette Carnell and Dr. Boyce Watkins Discuss Rev. Al Sharpton’s “Ghetto Pity Parties”

  1. BlackRobbb says:

    Sharpton, Jackson and the rest of these poverty pimps do nothing more than trade on the vulnerabilities of black people. They’re enemies of the people and do nothing more than profit from socioeconomic misery.

  2. BlackRobbb says:

    Instead of Al Sharpton, Yvette Carnell should have a show on MSNBC.

  3. milliondollars says:

    Why either or?  Sharpton has experience and the wisdom that comes from that. Carnell has youthful enthusiasm that should be encouraged.  Dr. Watkins was brilliantly diplomatic and tactful in this video.  Why doesn’t he get a show?

  4. High Crimes says:

    BlackRobbb And what do you do for your community besides complain about others? Are you a registered voter? Have you volunteered to work with the youth in your community. Just because you disagree with Sharpton and Jackson, you don’t have to villify them. Peace.

  5. Chris40 says:

    BlackRobbb Na!!! Black people should leave that mainstream media alone!!!! Yvette and Dr Boyce do good doing there own thing owning their own Black media!!!!!!!

  6. gayedgerhoover says:

    Boxes of matches and Gasoline necklace for the Black Misleadership Class
    Now that a ghetto pity party …….

    Obama receive 98% of the black vote, and this negroe  repay u by shipping
    the most military weapons to local police in this nation history.

  7. jamalA says:

    gayedgerhoover Actually, that started under Bill Clinton who ramped up all these policies under the faux war on drugs, chasing the skirt of the so-called angry white male.. all this did was effectively complete the wet-dream of the southern strategy. But their right we need more of a activist involvement to counter this condescending paternalism.

  8. ROBERT@atx says:

    THIS year has been a year of revelation but not in religious sense but the things that were in the dark has come to light . the NAACP and AL ‘S stories were things many of us didn’t know or want to admit.

    I hate to be the one to say that the worst is yet to come because when we black people find out the depth of the betrayal of our so called leaders these people will be risking their lives just showing their faces around us.

    JESSE just had such a encounter with two of our warriors during the protest in FERGUSON, they caught him in a McDONALDS parking lot and I just hope he was wearing adult diapers because the look on his face say’s he dropped a few!

    THIS will be the fate of our so called leaders

  9. BlackRobbb says:

    Chris40 I agree with you on that, Chris.

  10. BlackRobbb says:

    milliondollars Sharpton is a poverty pimp, nothing more. Intelligent black folks tuned him out years ago.

  11. BlackRobbb says:

    High Crimes I do more than a silly Uncle Tom like you! Instead of following hucksters like Sharpton (rememberr Tawanna Brawley???) and Jesse ‘Laying On The Hands’ (onto 17-18 year old congregants), how about we identify these hustlers for exactly what they are.

    The problem with black folks like you is the fact that you are willing to follow anyone with the same complexion as yourself, whether their character is above reproach or not.

  12. Johnw11 says:

    Al Sharpton is a pimp and a snitch. Who is he to question the behavior of Black people when he has been snitching and selling out Black people for decades?
    He is also a hypocrite. He correctly criticizes the so-called rap culture for calling women “Hos,” but then works with them to have his book published by the producers of “Lil’ Wayne,” Cash Money. According to a report on the Doug Banks radio show, he was seen earlier this summer “smoking weed” at Puffy Combs birthday party.
    Also, according to The Smoking Gun article that came out in April of this year, wherein his official snitch ID (CI-7) was revealed, it was reported that as recently as 2010 he was working with a known drug and gun runner trying to get a TV show called “Judge Sharpton,” although he is not a jurist, and, in fact, is a drop-out. The guy (whose name I do not recall at this moment, but will find the time to re-research it if anyone insists) was on trial for not only drug smuggling, but supplying guns to rappers via a musical instrument case. I’d read the accounts of the trial, where the information was discussed, before the Smoking Gun piece broke.
    A short time later, Sharpton was given his show on the lowly rated MSNBC as a reward for his siding with the Obama administration against other so-called civil rights leaders in the Comcast /NBC merger deal.
    Sharpton should be the last Black person to scold other Blacks (Obama style) about the Black tradition. What does the Black tradition say about snitching? What does it say about Blacks who collaborate with the status quo to prevent socio-economic justice for Blacks,  as CI-7 has done over the past 6 years? He has even gone so far as the attack other Blacks for advocating for help for suffering Blacks who were/ are being ignored by the Obama administration. What does the Black tradition say about that recreant behavior?
    It is hard to imagine the insensitivity of this hypocritical buffoon, to stand before a grieving family and community and scold Blacks about “ghetto pity” and not making a movement, when he was there to quell their movement.
    Perhaps his anger was rooted in the fact that he was rejected by the Ferguson masses.
    He was unsuccessful in his efforts to quell their movement, like he’d done with Trayvon Martin and Troy Davis, et al.. Therefore, Attorney General Eric Holder had to come and do Sharpton’s job himself. That does not look good on Sharpton’s performance appraisal. And that is most likely what motivated his scolding of the people.
    Please don’t get me started about Al Sharpton.
    It is said that the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s was given impetus by two historical events; the 1955 murder of Emmitt Till in Mississippi, and Mrs. Rosie Parks’ refusal to give up her public bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama, also in 1955.
    My question to those who think that Sharpton is a leader who is “doing something” is this: how many incidents have we had since Sharpton has been on the scene that could have led to movements? And why did they not do so?
    It is because Sharpton did his job well and ensured that they did not lead to a meaningful movement with a competent strategy and clearly defined long-term goals via step-by-step objectives. Instead, he has run from one incident to the next, talking loud, then dropping matters until the next incident, on and on, over and over.
    Sharpton got rich while African Americans got poorer.
    Unfortunately for him, however, Blacks in mass (the overwhelming majority have never followed him from day one) have peeped his hole card not only in terms of his being a pimp and snitch, but that he is a movement destroyer as well. That’s why he was booed and ignored in Ferguson, and recently run out of Alabama by Blacks. 
    I would love to be a fly on the wall when he is called to the Big House and scolded for his poor performance in Ferguson.
    I bet his response will be nothing like that bellicose bullying he gives to Blacks who disagree with him. He will be meek as a lamb.
    His only words will be, with head lowered: “Sorry boss. At lest I took their minds of making future trouble by focusing on their own faults at the funeral.”
    Depending on the boss’s mood, he might be told: “Since your belly is no longer big enough to catch it, you’d better not let any of that damn perm juice fall from your head onto my rug. Raise your damn head!””

  13. BlackRobbb says:

    jamalA gayedgerhoover Started under Blow Job Bill, but attenuated under Barrack The Magical Negro.

  14. BlackRobbb says:

    gayedgerhoover These dummies never learn! Not just 2008 did they drink the Cyanide-laced Wyler’s, but 2012 also!!! And now while they writhe on the kitchen floor in their final moments of life, they sit up to state “Well, Obama didn’t usher in these policies — they actually started under Bush Jr.!!!”
    There simply is no antidote for stupidity.

  15. GiveGodAllGlory says:

    A eulogy is for the life celebration of a person and bringing souls to Christ on the day of the celebration, not a RALLY CALL of what black folks should be doing and think they can do. This is not the first time we have heard the crap. While Sharpton is trying to establish himself as a current black leader and hooping and hollering a bunch of rhetoric to keep people hooping and hollering, and showing ignorance, we need to be kneeling and praying. If Ferguson had knelt and prayed in front of those stupid lying albino police and the police did what they did, other albinos across the world would come to their aid including newly joined ISIS members that will be coming back (and we know that they let albinos in everywhere) to wipe out albino Congress, police and even media, since we know that the American albino is the most hated in the world.

  16. cinque423 says:

    Lets be honest, do you really think Al Sharpton is smart enough to talk to Obama one on one???  We are not talking about Dr. King, we are talking about Al Sharpton. A preacher who has never had a church or a following. I don’t even think he has any formal education.

  17. BlackRobbb says:

    Jackson and Sharpton are nothing more than pimps with soap boxes. It’s long past time for the people to yank the soap boxes out from under these snakes.

  18. AllenShaw says:

    Boyce, I believe you should continue your role as a voice
    against the music you talk about. However you should not attempt to discuss the
    matter with a person who has such strong views as Yvette!My take of her position is that the music may
    be bad but it pales in comparison to the problems she sees!
    Yvette one of the problems I have is the discussion of
    national politics. You and many others say there is theft on Wall Street that
    people are crooked or crooks however I have never actually read any article
    that explained just what the problem is or was.You stated that some type of action was taken against Blacks, I believe
    in housing. Could you articulate just what the action taken was and how it
    differed from all of the other individuals that suffered do to the housing
    I will look forward for your full explanation or you
    referring me to anyone who has not generalized the subject.
    If you are referring
    to the loss of funds due to the failure of the stock market, could you explain
    how anyone lost their money, unfairly when they were advised constantly that
    they were investing in a risky market? No one was required to sale their stocks
    when the bottom fell out of the market, many did not and their stock values are
    returning. A reminder to you, the stock market has been going up and down since
    it was first started. Fortune have been made and loss.
    The thought that somehow individuals are going to make
    enough money to retire without the assistance of the government is folly. No
    charity will ever be large enough to be of any real value for the masses.
    If you are saying that the President was responsible for the
    lack of education of individuals and he is responsible for the charter schools,
    you are either very naive or you are trying to fool someone. Charter schools
    are a result of both White and Black flight from the failing public school
    system, which was caused by an idealistic attempt to educate every individual
    equally. This is a separate subject and cannot be given suitable time in this
    response to justify or outline the failures.You would need to gather some educators who represent both sides of this
    matter and have a discussion about the merit of keeping individuals in a
    controlled environment long after they have no personal interest and are
    gaining nothing by being there!
    Only 21 states have more than 10 % of Blacks, 18 states have
    less than 5 % Blacks. If the federal government employees were removed from
    some states they probably would not be any Blacks. So when a person takes into account
    “States Right” we are left with a dilemma. The 23 states that failed to accept
    the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Funds are the states that contain the majority
    of Blacks. The same states have some of the worse prison systems.
    Now, “did Rev Sharpton have a right to say”? The question is
    was Rev Sharpton invited to speak at the funeral of Mr. Brown? The person who
    invited Rev Sharpton was aware of the positions that he takes therefore what
    Rev Sharpton expressed was acceptable. Your question was or should be is what
    Rev Sharpton correct. I did not hear his speech, however I believe firmly in
    the freedom of speech, therefore anyone who does not agree with him should get
    a “Bully Pulpit” of their own!
    In spite of the fact that Mr. Brown’s funeral was broadcast nationally
    and over four thousand people attended, it was still a private affair. What was
    said there should not be considered public fodder!
    Those that don’t agree with Rev Sharpton should explain why
    what he said was wrong, not just that he was wrong. Come up with facts that
    dispute his position.
    Do what you two are doing – Debate the issues honestly!
    Please, encourage your readers to resist calling others liars,
    traitors, Uncle Toms and any other derogative terms. It is not helpful and
    changes nothing!
    In the end all Blacks are going to move forward or be
    impacted equally by the actions of other!
    Blacks really are not the same as crabs in an open barrel!
    Where none will escape!

  19. BlackRobbb says:

    AllenShaw Isn’t only showing up in the Black Community when there’s a young black male lying in the streets dead at the hands of a white police officer a form of a “ghetto block party”?

    I think both Dr. Watkins and Ms. Carnell are both right, but Ms. Carnell is more right. Here’s why:
    (1) The Reverend Sharpton is a socio-political opportunist, nothing more. I pass the National Action Network from time to time on 145th Street in Harlem and I see nothing inside but a couple of dust-covered tables and metal folding chairs. It’s a faux socio-political organization that does absolutely nothing that’s tangibly good for the Black Community.

    (2) Rap music can be removed from our community and our people would find other means of entertainment that are culturally vapid. Rap music is an issue, but is not THE issue. The real issues are the lack of meaningful and gainful job and educational opportunities in our communities. Not enough affordable housing is available in our communities and gentrification is still a serious issue, especially in a city like New York.

    (3) Mr. Sharpton isn’t as “progressive” as he pretends to be because if he were, and if he was really about socioeconomic progress for people of color, he would not have been allowed to have his own show on MSNBC. He acquiesced to the powers that be in order to get that show — he radically toned down his rhetoric. The jogging suits have been replaced with $800 suits and expensive ties. Take a look at an interview he did several years ago:

    This is why I tend to lean more towards Ms. Carnell than Dr. Watkins. Dr. Watkins has a perspective that doesn’t always address the fact that these so-called “black leaders” sell their souls and capitulate to the very forces that are bent upon keeping our people in a position of exploitation and dependence.

  20. Johnw11 says:

    Yvette Carnell is one sharp sister. I am particularly impressed with her ‘to the point’ analysis and articulate delivery of cold facts. For example, her explaining that  Black people are in trouble and there is no one speaking for us. Those with responsibility to speak for us, elected and unelected media appointees, have sold out.  Neoliberal, racists policies that deprive Blacks of both indispensable social and economic survival rights as a group and as human beings prevail unchallenged by the Blackmis-leadership class. . 
    The racists policies deprive Blacks economically which causes poverty and the social symptoms that it breeds. So-called negative hip-hop is simply a symptom of racism and therefore is lesser a priority than rectifying racism itself, which is actually the cause of hip-hop in the first place, since whites are the primary producers and distributors of it. And do so while prioritizing their agenda and not the agenda of African American culture. Also, the claims (of Sharpton and other mis-leaders) that hip-hop causes whites to react in racist ways towards Blacks is ridiculous. Racism existed long before hip-hop.
    Dr. Watkins, on the other hand, is correct in pointing out the harmfulness of hip-hop in its promoting / expanding fratricidal behaviors among African Americans. Clearly this is a problem. A very big problem. Not only does it promote negative values and fratricidal behaviors, e.g., violence and misogyny, but it is an instrument of total Black cultural destruction.
    In my view, it is often not fully considered that cultures consist of  more than a group’s beliefs and aesthetics, etc., but its iconic personalities also. So when so-called hip- hoppers begin attacking and literally denigrating Black cultural iconic personalities like Emmitt Till (Li’ Wayne) and Harriet Tubman (Russell Simmons) one knows the full spectrum assault is on. The use of selective Black cultural genres (music and cinema) to destroy the whole of Black culture is the political twin of using selective Black mis-leaders like Sharpton to destroy the possibility of a real Black movement.
    This is a very serious crisis.
    But is it more existential than economic justice? In other words, is it more important to focus on hip-hop than racial justice? Is it more important than ending policies and practices that take the life of Blacks with impunity (so far) like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and the 1 killed every 24-28 hours based on research by the Malcolm X Grass Roots Movement.  And the massive unemployment and unlivable wages suffered by more than half of Blacks as a collective. That is where I see a difference in views between these two obviously competent thinkers. 
    My own position is that it is more important to focus on the cause of the problem than its symptoms. In that regard, I agree with Ms. Carnell.
    Her analysis takes into account broader systemic relationships between policy and its effects (economic and sociopolitical)  on African American communities. Dr. Watkins’ analysis, while equally systemic, is confined systemically, to one unit of the problem, while Ms. Carnell’s focus is broader in scope and more grounded in “root cause analysis,”  that is, getting to the root (cause) of a situation in order to solve the problem inherent in it and formulate guidelines for managing the problem going forward..
    In one response to the presentation, a commenter (AllenShaw) questioned Ms. Carnell about things so widely known that one would think anyone engaging in a discussion of the topic would already know. 
    At any rate, unlike when stating a fact that is not widely known, it is not required that a speaker or writer provide references when citing an already well known fact.  Few facts are more well known by anyone even marginally informed than the fact that Wall-Street banks targeted Blacks with rip off mortgage schemes. Anyone who still doesn’t know this fact despite it’s being widely known, and would like to know, can simply do an online search (one doesn’t even have to go to a library anymore for most information).
    This quickness to argue without knowing, and an outright  resistance to becoming informed, seems, unfortunately, to be all too pervasive among Sharpton’s and President Obama’s supporters.  
    Who in the world, for example, with the volition to argue about the matter, doesn’t already know that the Obama administration’s educational policy (known as Race to The Top) is based in closing public schools, and replacing them with charter schools,  despite the fact that most charters perform worse than the closed non-charter public schools they replace. The purpose, of course, is to transfer public education and its multi-billion dollar budget over to billionaire hedge funders / venture capitalists.  (This information is also readily available online, requiring only the will to know.)
    Another thing I’ve observed about Sharpton-Obama supporters is they tend to “rationalize,” in other words, make excuses in order to defend the illiberal behaviors of the two.
    Mr. AllenShaw’s nonsensical defense of Sharpton’s shameful conduct at Michael Brown’s funeral is a perfect example of that tendency. He claims that Sharpton had a right to insult the very Blacks who were protesting in the streets against what has been widely described as “militarized” forces, in their demand for constitutional justice not only for Michael Brown and his family but themselves as well. To prevent a future occurrence. For Sharpton to denigrate them as “ghetto partiers” was disgustingly condescending. Was this millionaire Black mis-leader subconsciously, or consciously,  calling the funeral itself a ghetto party? 
    Mr. AllenShaw attempts to rationalize that Mike’s family gave Sharpton permission to say theses things. But why would this, or any grieving family seeking justice, give permission for the very people fighting for their cause to be insulted? Moreover, why, and what kind of person, would take advantage of a grieving family, assuming that the family did give permission for Sharpton to do such a immoral thing?
    Since the claim that the family gave permission, if true, is not widely known, it is precisely such a case where references are required.
    In this regard, I’m sure Mr. AllenShaw can provide a reference to substantiate his 
    claims that Mike’s family gave Sharpton permission to insult their supporters and neighbors.
    Although there are far more Obama supporters than there are Sharpton supporters, when combined they could be categorized as Sharpton-Obama supporters. Whether they are Sharpton-Obama supporters or single Obama supporters (there are almost no single Sharpton supporters), they are generally nice people. They are simply misinformed and therefore frustrate those who interact with them by their denial (refusal to accepts facts) and rationalizing which causes decision-making to be based in faith rather than fact regarding politicians and media appointed Black” leaders.” 
    This frustration has often led to some, in response to them, making rather strong remarks wherein nouns are thrown around. But this happens on all three sides of the debate. I say three sides because so-called  “Black Conservatives” have an argument grounded in their right-wing paymasters’ narrative, which is totally unrelated to the dominant African American narratives of Sharpton-Obama supporters  vs. non-supporters.

  21. AllenShaw I agree with you very strongly!!…Well said and thank you for speaking in such detail and full coverage.

  22. Johnw11 says:

    BlackRobbb AllenShaw  BlackRobbb, I agree 100 % with your excellent post. Sharpton is a snitch and a pimp. It is sad to encounter people who don’t get that fact. Like  typical con-artists, he weaves and squirms and evades in this video. Nevertheless, his guilt was evident not only in the expressions on his face, but his illogical evasive explanations as well. 
    All objective accounts by journalists and investigators declare him guilty of being an active associate of criminal organizations like the mob and he participated in their street level activities of extortion and intimidation, etc.
    He was “flipped” into snitching after being caught on video attempting to make a drug deal to distribute crack in Harlem during the early phases of the crack epidemic.  
    The video secretly recorded by an undercover federal agent shows Sharpton wearing a cowboy hat, a big long cigar him his mouth, hair hanging down to his shoulders like the drug dealing SuperFly movie character. He nods affirmatively, and speaks cautiously, but affirmatively, to the agent’s drug deal offers. (The video is available on line).
    From that moment on, he has been used as a snitch against his mob associates,” Black personalities and civil rights leaders.” (Those seeking more details should do an online search of the topic “Al Sharpton is  snitch” and “CI-7.”)

  23. BlackRobbb says:

    Johnw11 AllenShaw I’ve always known that Sharpton is/was nothing more than a rat/weasel/pimp POS. The fact that so many black folks swear by this immoral piece of dirt is deeply troubling. 
    The FBI did to him what they tried to DMX’s character in ‘Belly’, but DMX’s character had more of a conscience than a worm like Sharpton ever could.
    As it turns out, the far right/neo-cons were right about this man years ago — he’s a poverty pimp/race hustler/slimy opportunist of the lowest order.

  24. Johnw11 says:

    BlackRobbb Johnw11 AllenShaw  Don’t forget he worked for the “far right/neocons” before he got his current position with the Democratic party.
    Also, not many Blacks support Sharpton. Only those like AllenShaw who probably support CI-7 because he thinks CI-7 supports President Obama.
    After all, you and everyone else see how UNINFORMED Mr. Allen Shaw is. Asking for references for information that is so widely known that even birds probably know about it.
    It is so sad. It really is.

  25. BlackRobbb says:

    Johnw11 It’s beyond sad, brotha. People like you just described remind me of the slaves who were freed, but always found their way back to the plantation. They got very use to someone’s foot in their ass and felt odd when that foot was removed.

  26. Johnw11 says:

    BlackRobbb Johnw11  We have to be careful about claiming  that “slaves” went back to the plantation after being freed. Many who’d escaped returned because life was more hellish in the north than south. Just like now, they were refused work and many starved.
    What’s going on as I see it in the minds of blind Obama supporters is they mistakenly believed that his election “freed” them from centuries of being considered incompetent and less than human, rejected by American society. 
    Many mistakenly believe that his election will usher in a brighter future for their children. They are  not paying attention, because if they were, they would see that it means a worse future for their children, with the increased unemployment suffering (no end in sight) and the over $300 billion in wealth lost, wealth that Blacks will be unable to pass on to their children.
    They never think that 5 -10 years from now, poor children will not be able to go to school at all because they will not be able to afford the tuition. There will be no more free education (public schools) because President Obama is turning the schools over to Wall-Street.
    Nevertheless, these Obama (and even Sharpton) supporters are under the control of very powerful psychological forces. These forces manipulate their minds to such an extent they do not believe in facts at all unless they can find a way to make the facts fit within their nonfactual beliefs.
    They do not seek facts and deny them when facts are presented to them.
    They have no shame in being uninformed. They think it is cute. “I agree,” they say, to something ignorant and think they are being cute and smart.
    If you plan to continue trying to inform them, you must have patience.
    Remember, millions have already awakened. The remaining sleeping ones are the slow-minded ones (I say that with no disrespect intended). Many of them might never wake up. Not because they like being slaves, they don’t; it’s because they are brainwashed.
    Remember run away enslaved Blacks were never brainwashed, or they would never have run away in the first place.

  27. BlackRobbb says:

    Johnw11 The “slow” ones choose to believe this fictionalized version of events because the factual account is far too painful and would illustrate just how vapid  they were in 2008 and 2012. What’s galling is that some of these folks are actually college educated!!!
    When we speak of Slavery, it’s not a reach to say that we are no witnessing a sanitized version of it:
    (1) Prison-Industrial Complex
    (2) Mass incarceration (free labor) of men of color
    (3) Social Pyramid with Wall Street and its various corporate pimps at the very top
    (4) Mass gentrification of historically African-American neighborhoods
    (5) Brainwashing (with corporate messages delivered through so-called popular music)
    (6) Game of Crabs (pitting light skinned blacks vs. dark skinned blacks, house slaves vs. field slaves, black women vs. black men). When you look at it, it’s like a game of chess.
    Much of what we are seeing is nothing more than a reenactment of past scenes in American History with the “Actors” wearing better clothes.

  28. Johnw11 says:

    BlackRobbb Johnw11 I agree. You left one other thing –appointing snitches as our leader.

  29. Johnw11 says:

    BlackRobbb Johnw11  You left “out” other thing, I meant to write.

  30. Watchful says:


    I don’t see Yvette selling her soul and selling out her ppl just to get her own damn show on MSNBC. Besides, they’d never give her show in the first place knowing the stances she’s taken in defense of her ppl.

  31. BlackRobbb says:

    Johnw11 They can’t “appoint” anyone unless we comply and let them.

  32. Bert C says:

    When was the last time that voters registration, and  local politics been  BIG TICKET issues for the  talking heads.  There are other people out there to talk about other than the Usual Suspects.  If Martin and Malcolm were alive they would be speaking truth to POWER.  As I think back I can’t remember these men saying anything bad about fellow brothers and sisters, but  spiritually Martin and Malcolm had reached a higher level than most…they live on.  In fact when Malcolm was told that he should consider having bodyguards he refused them, saying he didn’t want   to get into arm battle with his brothers(paraphrased). 

    All of this energy spent on Rev. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who has been around for over 40 years each, and has done some good things and some things not so good like all of us.  Take the positive and leave the rest.  People aren’t stupid, I don’t need talking heads telling me who to listen to or not to listen to.  One thing that Malcolm said that has stayed with me. ” Don’t believe everything others say, find out for yourself.”

    Lastly, Blacks keeps confirming this to me, and I’m nearly 70 years old, and I’m going back to my activist days beginning in the sixties.  BLACKS ARE EQUALLY. AND QUITE WELL CONQUERED. 

    VOTE!!!          LOCAL POLITICS!!!

  33. High Crimes says:

    BlackRobbb High Crimes Sad.

  34. High Crimes says:

    BlackRobbb High Crimes Damn!!! BlackRobbb, you had me for a moment! Your moniker, “BlackRobbb” is a ruse! You are actually an imposter! Nothing more than a white person who is trolling on this site! Get Outa here!!!

  35. High Crimes says:

    A word to the commentators on this blog, “BlackRobbb” is a caucasian person who is masquerading on this blog. Beware.

  36. JayContreras says:

    BlackRobbb  Al Sharpton & Jackson are poverty pimps BUT so are MOST of the boule/gatekeepers who are elected to supposedly serve the interests of black people. And at least neither one of them hold political office–what can be said for ‘cash bought coons’ in congress or all of these corrupt, do-nothing mayors and other elected officials who don’t do diddly squat for black people but skin & grin during election time & you don’t see them any other time. Most of these hustlers are just mimicing white people–who have made pimping & hustling black people into a fine art. Unfortunately, too many of US have watched closely and learned well how to treat or should I say mistreat & use black people for their own gain.

  37. BlackRobbb says:

    Bert C Vote for who, hucksters like Obama and John Conyers??? I see why so many folks don’t vote.

  38. BlackRobbb says:

    High Crimes So anyone who speaks out against black characters who exploit black people isn’t black? Your reasoning and logic are beyond ignorant. Maybe it’s the weed and Hennessy messing with your dwindling brain cells.

  39. BlackRobbb says:

    JayContreras Those that abuse or exploit their own people are obviously devoid of social conscience. Obama falls under this category, as do the tired members of the Congressional Black Caucus. But these people get into office primarily on the votes of black folks, so this begs the question: When will our people stop falling for the ole okie-doke???

  40. Bert C says:

    BlackRobbb JayContreras You are confusing me a little Black Robb when you say”Those that abuse or exploit their own people are obviously devoid of social conscience”.  You mentioned only Blacks  under this category;  You need to include Whites who are  FAR worse than any Black could every be in the destruction of this country and their people.  History shows us while Black politicians do what Politicians do, Whites goes further.  I remember in the Union case in Pa., which was so contentious that one of the Union member running for president of that Union (Jablonski) not only  was killed, but his wife and child.  It was all political.   While we may call our Black politicians to task, we have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that they should turn from their ways.  Whites do not think this way, look at what they have and or still doing to Native Americans and Blacks.  I was a little off topic, felt the need to say this.

  41. jamalA says:

    Point too anything in John Conyers, advocacy where that’s even remotely true, he’s the one who proved how easy it would be to have Bush & Cheney sitting in a federal prison for treason & that’s just one?

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