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August 5, 2014

Religious Scholar Calls T.D. Jakes a “Charlatan”, Says He’s Twisting Jesus

Religious Scholar Calls T.D. Jakes a “Charlatan”, Says He’s Twisting Jesus

Religious scholar Reza Aslan recently took aim at prosperity gospel and anyone associated with it.tdjakes

While speaking at the 2014 Indian Summer Festival in Vancouver, the University of California at Riverside professor said the portrayals of Jesus in movies are mostly “fictionalized” representations.

Aslan then blasted prosperity preachers, pointing to Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes, as two of the worst offenders.

“The fastest growing Protestant movement in North America is this movement that is referred to as the prosperity gospel,” he said. “This is the gospel preached by people like Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes — and when I say people, I mean charlatans. The argument of the prosperity gospel, if I can put it flippantly, is that Jesus wants you to drive a Bentley. That is basically what the argument is. That what Jesus wants for you is material prosperity, and that if you literally give, you will literally be given tenfold. That’s not a metaphor, as it is in most churches. It is literal. You give me $10 and Jesus will give you $100.”

According to Aslan, Jesus never encouraged people to get wealth. In fact, he says, Jesus actually condemned wealth.

“This is as profoundly an unscriptural interpretation of Jesus that exists,” Aslan remarked. “I mean, if there is one thing that is just so clear cut and just not open to interpretation at all of any kind when it comes to Jesus’s message, it is his condemnation of wealth.”

Aslan says preachers are twisting the teachings of Jesus so that they can preach whatever message they want.

“And yet, not only does this version of Christianity exist, as I say, it is honestly the fastest growing version of Protestant evangelical Christianity in North America. That’s because Jesus can be whatever you want him to be, and the Christian message can be whatever you want it to be.”

Watch the video below:

h/t: The Raw Story

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78 thoughts on “Religious Scholar Calls T.D. Jakes a “Charlatan”, Says He’s Twisting Jesus

  1. MrTerrific says:

    The prosperity gospel is a big lie! Check out this book that exposes the lies of the prosperity gospel:

  2. ljmagnuson says:

    I totally agree … Jesus never taught people to get rich. He threw money changers out of the Temple, told people to live like God wants them to and their riches will be in HEAVEN. I don’t get where that translates into get rich and drive a Mercedes if you give the preacher 20 bucks. Sounds to me like a preacher trying to make money. Sorry to be so negative but this “prosperity gospel” garbage really annoys me. Most of Jesus’ message had to do with how to treat people, and about Heaven … not prosperity and riches.

  3. greeneink says:

    Fastest growing? LOL.
    It’s the fastest GROWN. It’s been going on since the late 1970s, early 1980s.
    Some folks just caught the tail wind of this movement that grew out of Frances Scovil Shinn and Smith Wigglesworth, as well as Norman Vincent Peale, the same white folks hellbent on using “jesus” to cheat Black folk out of money the same way their Roman buddies used “jesus” to enslave Black people in the 1500s.
    Rhema Bible Church, Broken Arrow OK, started this mess with Black people with those “camptown tent meetings” and it’s been rolling like a steamroller ever since.

    He (Hagin) twisted the gospel for money like Rome twisted it because of Europeans who were too lazy to do their own work. That’s where it started and Black folks just ate it up like regurgitated dog vomit – False prophets, False prophecies, False teachers, ear-tickling preaching –

  4. Ikwiata says:

    Jesus did not condemn wealth.  study the scripture in its context.  the gospel is about complete and whole prosperity – spiritually,  physically, and financially.  I’m sure someone is supporting Aslan ‘ s ministry.  God uses people to finance His ministries.  The money doesn’t fall from the sky.  People who give should do so from the heart and not to get money back; however, when you give financially from the heart it is returned to you, not always fnancially but God supplies all of our need.

  5. Michael mcduffie says:

    Amazingly ; how it’s always people ; who are broke; jealous or insignificant , who try to attack those; who are successful in their calling!! Get a life!!

  6. penny1951 says:

    I do not believe Jesus wants us to live in poverty. I believe He wants us to prosper here on earth, as well as in Heaven.
    There is nothing wrong with having material wealth –especially when you have worked for it.
    I believe in Joel Osteen because he is a man of God. Listen to one of his sermons.
    Where does God’s word say we are to live in poverty.I really want to know.

  7. ahemahem says:

    While I do agree that the capitalized version of Christianity is diversionary and needs to be reconsidered, Reza Aslan’s own credentials as a “religious scholar” have been under scrutiny, especially with the publication of his latest book where he bastardizes Christian history. Just my 2 cents. Sorry: I wish I could be more positive about this. And while I have respect for Muslim scholars it appears Aslan has a agenda here.
    As one (actual) New Testament scholar said, “Reza Aslan’s book is an educated amateur’s summary and synthesis of a particularly skeptical but quite long-established line of New Testament scholarship, presented to us as simple fact.”
    This is not to say that Aslan has nothing meritorious to say, but just that we should be wary.

  8. Michael mcduffie says:

    I don’t mind people’s prospective but I won’t allow u to bury ; 2 successful men of God in the Body of Christ because your insignificant in your accomplishments

  9. KeithBussey says:

    This guy got a point. Even tho I don’t like Reza Asian at all! He do have a point! I like Joel Olsteen but FUCK T. D. JAKES!!! He still got a point

  10. shajuan1955 says:

    Reza Aslan is full of it. He claims to be a Muslim but doesn’t even know the basic knowledge of the monotheistic religions. In one of his books he claimed that the Torah was revealed to Abraham. Any one who studies just a little of Judaism, Christianity or Al Islam knows that the Torah was revealed to Moses. He is the “Charlatan.” Not TD Jakes or Joel Osteen. I am not a Jew, a Christian nor an atheist; but, I would rather listen to T D Jakes and Joel Osteen before listening to Reza Aslan.

  11. shajuan1955 says:

    With the Name of The One True *G-D, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

    **WE have sent you (O Muhammed with) inspiration, as WE sent it to Noah and the Messengers after him:

    WE sent inspiration to Abraham, Isma’il, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes, to Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron, and Solomon, and to David WE gave the Psalms. 

    Of some Messengers WE have already told you their story; of others WE have not;- and to Moses The One True G-D spoke direct;- 

    Messenger. who gave good news as well as warning, that mankind, after (the coming) of the Messengers, should have no plea against The One True G-D.

    For The One True G-D is Exalted in Power, Wise.  But The One True G-D bears witness that what HE has sent unto you, HE has sent from HIS (Own) Knowledge, and the Angels bear witness:

    But enough is The One True G-D for a witness. Those who reject Faith and keep off (men) from the way of The One True G-D, have verily strayed far, far away from the Path. 

    Those who reject Faith and do wrong,- The One True G-D will not forgive them nor guide them to any way- 

    Except the way of Hell, to dwell therein for ever. And this to The One True G-D is easy. 

    O Mankind! The Messenger has come to you in truth from The One True G-D.

    Believe in him: It is best for you. But if you reject Faith, to The One True G-D belong all things in the Heavens and on Earth: And The One True G-D is All-Knowing, All-Wise. 

    O People of the Past Revelations (Jews and Christians)! Commit no excesses in your religion: Nor say of The One True G-D anything but the truth.

    Christ Jesus the son of Mary was (no more than) a Messenger of The One True G-D, and HIS Word, which HE bestowed on Mary, and a spirit proceeding from HIM:

    So believe in The One True G-D and HIS Messengers. Say not “Trinity” : desist: it will be better for you: for The One True G-D is The One and Only G-D.

    Glory be to HIM: (far exalted is HE) above having a son. To HIM belong all things in the heavens and on earth.

    And enough is The One True G-D as a Disposer of affairs. Christ disdains not to serve and worship The One True G-D, nor do the Angels, those nearest (to G-D): those who disdain HIS worship and are arrogant,-HE will gather them all together unto Himself to (answer). 

    But to those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, HE will give their (due) rewards,- and more, out of HIS bounty:

    But those who are disdainful and arrogant, HE will punish with a grievous penalty; Nor will they find, besides The One True G-D, any to protect or help them. 

    O mankind! verily there has come to you a convincing proof from your Guardian-Lord: For WE have sent unto you a light (that is) manifest. 

    Then those who believe in The One True G-D, and hold fast to HIM,- soon will HE admit them to mercy and grace from Himself, and guide them to Himself by a straight way.
    (Verses from the Holy Qur’an)

    *G-D instead of god which spelt backwards is dog. This is not a respectful to be used in reference to the Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

    ** WE, OUR and US are references in the Qur’an to all of the forces of power (Angels) created by The Creator. They are under the control of The Creator. They manage all creation. They are totally obedient to The All-Mighty G-D, and follow HIS commands without question

  12. Michael mcduffie says:

    U don’t have to curse?…but have u met or spoke to Mr Jakes 1 on 1 ?

  13. ahemahem says:

    shajuan1955 I hope this thread does not turn into a bunch of copying and pasting. 


  14. ahemahem says:

    Michael mcduffie Do you even know of his accomplishments?

  15. ZoeEllenBrain says:

    Michael mcduffie Successful and rich? Like Al Capone?

  16. slightlybrown says:

    If you read the bible you’ll notice that men like Abraham (Genesis 13:2), Isaac(Genesis 26:12-14), Jacob (Genesis 36:7), David (1Chronicles 29:28), Solomon (2 Chronicles 9:22), were ‘blessed’ with wealth… There is nothing wrong with a man/woman of God having wealth.
    Why wouldn’t God bless his own financially as well… God’s plan for every person is different and because He knows the very heart of a person, He ask some to give up their riches and follow him, their wealth will be in heaven. Then there were/are those He bless(ed) with riches because they were/are obedient and to shall they have wealth in heaven. And, we can’t judge a man without facts, and you definitely can’t judge the heart of a man because we are not God.
    -Just my opinion.

  17. MrTerrific says:

    We don’t have to meet or speak to anyone 1 on 1! The word of God teaches us to know them by their fruit, not by meeting them!

  18. MrTerrific says:

    While Rezan does not have a sound knowledge of Scripture, he has the commonsense to know that these prosperity preachers like T D Jakes, are false teachers who fleece the Lord’s people through their false prosperity gospel.

  19. eternalove says:

    Throughout the entire Bible, God taught the principle of wealth was to give.  You cannot be a force in any arena in this world without having influence (wealth).  Sadly, its required to have a legitimate and effective voice in how things are done.  Knowing that, its God’s will that we all prosper….financially, spiritually, physically, and mentally (3 Jn 1:2). Furthermore, these men are educated, have attained wealth outside the walls of the “church”,  and run very successful “seculiar” businesses.  What’s wrong with them teaching the same principles that got them where they now are?  It moves me that some are so critical of others that have a platform to make a difference and use it to empower those that are needing the truth.  These men speak what they know.  They both have testimonies of how following God’s principles and trusting God brought them to a place of favor.  Besides, who wants to follow someone who is broke?!?!?!  If you wanna flip it, it would profit Jakes and Osteen more to truthfully teach their impoverished congregations how to obtain wealth.  Tithing off of $100 is better than tithing off $1.  So, stop it with the talk of robbing the poor!

  20. Michael mcduffie says:

    My point exactly. ..Neither have u met Bill Gates …and both are tremendously smart, bless, and quite creative on their business adventures. …I met T.D.personally…he is a wise and skillful book writer… Movie ..producer…produce seller…and God loves a productive person.
    .1) Abraham (rich)-cattle/pharaoh riches
    2) Jacob (rich)-sheep/ Laban made him rich

  21. LucyMcgoo says:

    he helps some people and some people need something outside themselves to believe in… 
    So if he’s touching their hearts and they pay him for this — I am happy for them all.

  22. teejay07 says:

    Regardless of whether you like Jakes, Olsteen or Aslan, what does the context of the different messages in the Bible teach. Contextually Jesus was not rich, and most of his followers were not rich (and it’s not to say that being rich is “wrong”, but Jesus did have warnings about riches). Was Jesus contextual message about being rich? If that is the case then Jesus didn’t practice what He preached and most Christians would get a big fat F if they were graded on their Christianity (even if they display the good virtues of the fruit of the Spirit), and Black Christians would get an F-plus because there are more churches than beauty/barber shops in black communities, yet there is no wealth and way too much immorality.

  23. freethinker666 says:

    it’s all bullshit anyway …

  24. eternalove says:

    @freethinker666- I take it you don’t believe in God?

  25. freethinker666 says:

    eternalove no, i don’t believe in gawd, jeebus, the debbil, zeus, thor, aphrodite, mercury or any of the other tens of thousand “gods” man has created over the eons …

  26. eternalove says:

    So, your life has no meaning or purpose. You’re just here on this earth by chance.  Kill yourself!

  27. eternalove says:

    freethinker666 eternalove  – So, your life has no meaning or purpose or inspiration?  You’re just here walking, talking, and breathing by chance?  You should probably kill yourself.  What is life about if there is no purpose?

  28. freethinker666 says:

    livefyre, why is my response to eternal ove – or is it eterna love? – not showing up?

  29. freethinker666 says:

    since my last reply to you disappeared, let me re-post it:
    like you are hilarious!! being a slave to religion is no more necessary
    to give life meaning and purpose than money is. people who don’t
    believe in deities – and we’ve been around as long as there have been
    humans – have the same meaning and purpose to their lives as religious
    people (some of you, anyway): to live a good, productive and happy life,
    to help people, to raise intelligent, empathetic and compassionate
    children, and to hopefully leave the world a better place than we found
    it. … eternalove, if you truly believe you have to be ruled by
    religion or your life is meaningless, then you are a sad, pathetic human
    being who deserves our compassion and pity. i feel sorry for you.
    “kill yourself”? really? LMAO!! what are you, 12?! because your
    response reeks of adolescent angst and impotent rage that somebody would
    DARE live a happy, meaningful life without being a slave to imaginary
    beings made up by illiterate and primitive goat herders, which you
    obviously feel obligated to do.
    btw, does your mommy know you’re on her computer? and shouldn’t you be in school anyway?

  30. FireBreathingHeathen says:

    Let’s be clear, There is no ACTUAL VERIFIED proof that “Jesus” “Yoshua” actually existed.  The only Historical accounts of his life were written hundreds of years after he “lived”  For all of my black christian friends:  if your slave master wasn’t a christian would you be one?  Slavery provided us with nothing of value but for some reason this “religion” is pure and the folks who pervert it are somehow doing you a service….2+2 is never ever 5….

  31. KeithBussey says:

    There’s always a purpose in life if you don’t believe something. He’s here talking about this so there is a purpose so go kill yourself

  32. ahemahem says:

    FireBreathingHeathen  The existence of Jesus the Nazarene is presumed throughout the academy, from Stanford to Harvard to Duke to Oxford. Un-verifiability is urban myth.

  33. freethinker666 says:

    ahemahem FireBreathingHeathen presumed?

  34. ahemahem says:

    freethinker666 ahemahem FireBreathingHeathen That’s where the conversation begins as there is no debate on that point, and thus you have the Jesus Seminar and other quests for the historical Jesus seeking to determine the shape of his self-understanding and his place in culture.

  35. ahemahem says:

    Michael mcduffie Of course, and in fact I met him this past Spring as part of an academic seminar at one our local universities after the publication of the controversial “Zealot.”

  36. eternalove says:

    freethinker666 We’re not slaves to religion.  I don’t consider myself to be religious at all.  I’m just smart enough to know that no one is here by chance and this entire universe is not the result of a big bang sparked out of darkness.  In essence, you can’t get something from nothing.  And I’m not 12, I’m 15 and in law school. 
    No rage at all. I advised you to kill yourself to prove my point….that there’s life after death and you’ll find out soon enough.  We all will.  However, I haven’t completed my PURPOSE, so my time isn’t up. 
    Do you realize that every prophecy ever spoken in the Bible has either happened or is happening?  To what would you attribute that?  Do you know where your sense of being, meaning and purpose come from? Do you really believe that this imperfect, yet harmonic, life we live is just by chance?  I mean, just look how your body works, the universe aligns, the birds fly, the fish swim, etc, etc, etc.  How can you believe that there is no greater power beyond what we can fathom.  Or do you just believe what your tiny mind can concieve?  Trust me or not, there is more.

  37. FireBreathingHeathen says:

    ahemahem FireBreathingHeathen  Please don’t try to pawn presumptions off as facts.  The clearly is no historical evidence (the bible doesn’t count) as to the veracity of the life of “jesus”.  Tacitus and Josephus (the two most widely regarded “jesus” historians weren’t even born anywhere near the time he was to supposed to have lived.  Look1 Up in the sky….it’s a UFO (unverified Faith Object).  See here’s the thing with FACTS, They stand up to scrutiny and can be verified through first, second, third parties and so on.  We know Imhotep lived, because there is a historical record even a tomb.  why is the birth, death and resurrection of “the christ” such a common story among ancient folks? This same story has been passed down a gang of times.  Horus, krishna and others….

  38. freethinker666 says:

    eternalove freethinker666 i don’t have time to fully respond to your reply rught now, as i am still at work and should not even be on here. … but i will take the time to say this: if you truly are 15 and in law school, you really should be smarter than this. most people of exceptional intellect are at the very least agnostic, because they realize that religion in general, and the bible in particular, do not stand up to true intellectual scrutiny.
    i am surprised to realize i am actually disappointed in you …

  39. ClavellJackson says:

    The obscenity called the Prosperity Gospel is the result of the unholy mixing of religion and capitalism. It is a spiritual Ponzi scheme with the preacher at the top of the pyramid and the parishioners at the bottom. Church ain’t nothing but a business.

  40. Michael mcduffie says:

    Jesus is good..”.make Em jealous “….T.D.Jakes…..they mad; because your a successful black man in Christ Jesus…..I’m loving it …..

  41. ahemahem says:

    FireBreathingHeathen ahemahem I am not pawning. I am simply stating the reality that the world’s most advanced religious studies and philosophy departments are not reinventing that wheel. They presume the discussion begins farther down the road because it is so clearly substantiated. Because of 2 centuries of archeology, we are more certain now than scholars before us.

  42. ahemahem says:

    freethinker666 eternalove freethinker666 it appears that you have been in something of an academic ghetto if you don’t know that a substantive number of brilliant people, including Francis Collins, who headed the human genome project, are among those with faith.

    My siblings and I hold advanced degrees, some at the head of our classes, and we embrace faith. 

    It could be that the kind of faith that you’ve been exposed to seems shallow, and in that case I can understand your conclusion inasmuch as the arguments raised by most of my religious fellows have no appeal to me, either. 

    I think they would be better served by abandoning their fundamentalisms and just sharing how they are personally enhanced.

  43. voiceoftruthusa says:

    To be clear, Jesus never condemned wealth. He condemned the love of wealth. Remember he stayed at the homes of wealthy people, and a wealthy man gave up his tomb for the body of Jesus to be laid in.

  44. voiceoftruthusa says:

    ClavellJackson  Not all churches. Just the prosperity gospel churches.

  45. voiceoftruthusa says:

    FireBreathingHeathen  Nonsense. Christianity existed in Africa long before it popped up in Western Europe, so the Christian faith is very much for those of African descent.

  46. voiceoftruthusa says:

    FireBreathingHeathen ahemahem  If you don’t want to believe, then so be it. Don’t visit your pseudo-knowledge on the rest of us because it is clear you need to read other sources of history besides the anti-Christian historians you rely on.

  47. voiceoftruthusa says:

    penny1951  It depends on how you prosper. If your wealth becomes a distraction where you are more involved in the cares of this world, as Jesus warned about, then your wealth has become a snare to you. As long as you can maintain your focus on Jesus’ plan for mankind without getting distracted by the cares of this world, then I would agree with your first 2 sentences.

  48. voiceoftruthusa says:

    greeneink  What are you talking about? Not all black people are the same, and not all black Christians are the same. White people have nothing to do with our faith in Jesus Christ. Read the real history of Black and African Christian churches. But I do agree that SOME churches abuse the tithing law. Stick to that instead of the sideways criticism of blacks falling for the lies of whites. That’s a racist generalization.

  49. JayContreras says:

    voiceoftruthusa FireBreathingHeathen  No disrespect intended. Yes, you are correct the basic tenets of what is now known as Christianity began in Africa—but as African MYTHOLOGY & sun worship; not based on actual living people. Aset/Asar/Heru…Osiris/Isis/Horus..God/The Holy Ghost/Jesus…all are based on Kemetic Sun worship & mythology. The Sun of God became the Son of God. The 12 astrological signs became the 12 disciples, etc.The bible is allegorical & astro-theological in nature..Made literal while also deifying the white man by the Council of Nicea 325AD. And the brotha above is so correct..the crucified & resurrected christ figure existed in many other cultures prior to the Jesus reincarnation.This topic has been written about extensively over the centuries so it’s not news for those willing to consider it.

  50. blackheywood97 says:

    Reza Aslan  is SPOT ON, that’s one of the reasons I cannot allow myself to believe in the bullshit TD Jakes preach. He is not alone, it’s a damn shame how those charlatan and film flam people take advantage of folks I always ask American Black people “who taught us about Christianty”, the same evil asses who enslaved and brutalized us for centuries. Do you TRUST them?

  51. blackheywood97 says:

    voiceoftruthusa FireBreathingHeathen You do know African  slaves only had skin color in common,which was done intentionally when they were transported here from the Great Continent  . You also know since they didn’t SPEAK ENGLISH how did they “worship christ”.Just the suspicion of knowing how to read or write meant Death. So please tell me where did our Slave ancestors learn about Christianity from if not from this who enslaved them.

  52. ahemahem says:

    voiceoftruthusa FireBreathingHeathen ahemahem Hmm. It’s between you and the scholars that I have a choice. Let me think about that.

  53. Michael mcduffie says:

    I shop at walmart….eat at mcdonalds….and buy gas ….and every single of these companies make billions of dollars; all owned by European s…and no one says a thing but time a man of God ; Black even; seems successful; we jump on the bandwagon of the white man ice is colder!!!!..BLACK SELF-HATRED…AND JEALOUSY SPEAKS LOUD ON THESE POSTS!!KEEP DOING YOUR THING TD JAKES…..AINT NOBODY…MAD BUT A DEVIL! !

  54. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    Michael mcduffie He cannot be a man of something that does not exist. Who taught Black people about God, Jesus and Religion? Was it not the same savages who enslaved, brutalized, terrorized and psychologically damaged us. Yet you chose to believe them. smh

  55. hiroader2 says:

    The “speaker ” is WRONG and behind the times “Prosperity Gospel ” is NOT. the fastest growing Christian Movement in North America…, Conservative Christian Political Gospel is… In most regions of the country whether it’s the Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, or Northwest along with their conservative christian Gospel, their getting political conservative rhetoric to pray for… If you thought daytime conservative talk media was divisive .., It’s nothing compared to the late nite conservative brainwashing and Sunday right-wing liberal bashing in the lord’s name… This speaker must not have referenced this…

  56. CarolParks says:

    You must be speaking about Faux Fox Lies. The Five, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, & the rest of the bigoted scum. Anyone listening to that trash, is brain dead.

  57. KeithBussey says:

    DAWN OF THE DEAD at that KKK station

  58. hiroader2 says:

    @Carol Parks said… No, I’m speaking about the growing Christian political radio movement in the farming and ranching regions… These are Christian global & national religion concerns with conservative political ideologies… Some sindicated throughout the red Republican states, Some radio programming locally broadcasted… Yet it’s radio ministry on conservative policies it’s LARGE and it has Washington infiltration and representation as the Christian right-wing like Mike Huckabee & Rick Santurum… There’s noway prosperity Gospel can compete with this expanding media… If the United States has a Taliban or Al Quaida it would be the Christian right-wing convincing government policies on conservatism… It’s political cloaked with CHRISTIANITY broadcasted with radio church services and conservative sponsors.. It’s the modern Christian Crusades .., They’ve *made* their God & Jesus conservative right outside the metropolitan areas….

  59. Michael mcduffie says:

    Don’t worry my talk show will be coming out and when I make billions for and through Christ jesus; u can player hate all u want !!! I will continue to invade; impede and influence the 7 mountains of the world and establish God’s rule; reign and love on top of each one !!! And by the way ; I’m Black; saved and a Pastor !!!!!

  60. Michael mcduffie says:

    How much is a aslan book?

  61. CarolParks says:

    Ok, I get what your saying. But, I think the majority of people under the age of 30, are not religious, or as religious as their parents. But, this Christian Right Wing stuff, is part of the Fox Cable Networks political agenda. And the majority of Fox Cable viewers are over the age of sixty, so that won’t last forever. These Right Wing Extremist’s, have really messed up our country. And the amazing thing to me is how many people listen to that garbage. I think eventually they will die out, as they are against both the middle class, & the poor.

  62. CarolParks says:

    Lol! Couldn’t agree more!

  63. CarolParks says:

    @Michael Mcduffie,
    Much success! Don’t let anyone stop you.

  64. ZoeEllenBrain says:

    Michael mcduffie “when I make billions for and through Christ jesus”… so you’ll be donating those billions to him then? Not keeping them for yourself?
    You’d be the first to do so if you did.
    Still, it’s a sweet scam if you can stomach it.

  65. Michael mcduffie says:

    Zoe…money isn’t evil …it’s an neutral enlarger …who – ever u are in heart; mind and soul….This money (which we call evil; because others have it , and we want it ; and can’t get it; and too proud full; to ask those; who have it ; to mentor us; how to get it)…will expose it !!!! I’ve seen people who have hearts of a giver ; and billions; flow through them…and I also seen ; the cheapest and modest; act so cheap !!!!! THE HEART IS EXPOSE BY HOW U HANDLE money!!!!! PEOPLE; WHO THROW OTHERS UNDER THE BUS; BASED ON preconceived notions; based on media; hear-say; and never spoke too that person 1 on 1 …should shut the HEAVEN up !!!!

  66. Michael mcduffie says:

    People jealous; envious; and player-hating…because they want the same attention. ..and power !!! U ever notice how the Rich and powerful never respond to these acussations? …because there is a law called …empowering insignificane by my significance…!!!! TO IGNORE IT …PROVES MY WORTH/VALUE!!!!

  67. ZoeEllenBrain says:

    Michael mcduffie “I’ve seen people who have hearts of a giver ”
    So have I. None are preachers.
    There may be some – just as there may be camels small enough to pass through the eye of a needle.
    Which is a gate in Jerusalem just wide enough to pass an unladen donkey. I’ve been through it.
    Not completely impossible, in theory. As likely as an honest politician, or a pastor who’s read the Bible in its entirety, apocrypha and all, in the original koin.

  68. ahemahem says:

    ZoeEllenBrain Michael mcduffie This is more a reflection of your exposure than reality. The vast majority of pastors are bivocational. They work in the community with their flocks during the week, do weddings and funerals, and speak on Sundays, while holding down another job to pay the bills. 

    Apparently you didn’t know that.

  69. ZoeEllenBrain says:

    ahemahem ZoeEllenBrain Michael mcduffie How many of those have radio stations?
    How many boast that they are annointed profits – sorry – prophetsof God?

  70. ahemahem says:

    ZoeEllenBrain ahemahem Michael mcduffie

    A VERY small percentage. You’re fishing, but there are at least 100,000 pastors in the USA to every one who has a radio station. That’s being conservative.

  71. ahemahem says:

    ZoeEllenBrain ahemahem Michael mcduffie Did someone hurt you? You seem to have an axe to grind. 

    There are at least 10,000 pastors in the USA to every one who has a radio station.

  72. Michael mcduffie says:

    Y do men of God have to be broke ? Can they be successful businessmen ? Or businesswoman? WE SHOULD BE CELEBRATING….THEIR WISDOM!!!!! GOD DOSNT HAVE PROBLEMS…WITH MONEY….ASK THE JEWS?..THEY OWN…THE BANKS….; LAW FIRMS?…Their God’s Chosen people ? Rich and powerful. …now if a Black preacher rise to wealth. ..we call it evil????….Let’s not talk about Oprah. ….
    Stop playing hating….

  73. TonyJackson2 says:

    He talks about the misrepresentation of Jesus and shows Jesus as the biggest misrepresentation of them all. That Jesus was WHITE………Get The Beam Out Of Your Eye First Son!

  74. BeamerBeamer says:

    Michael mcduffie Surely you must know it will be easier for camel to get through the eye of a camel than for a rich man to get into heaven.  Study up on your bible.  Read about the money changers.  Many are called but few are chosen.

  75. BeamerBeamer says:

    Michael mcduffie Man of Christ, more like a man of himself.  Just think how many black owned business he could invest in the community with his jet.  His clothes alone could invest in educating our children, prison to home programs, after school programs to uplift the community.  This man is using money from the poor to make him rich.  For those who idolize money call him successful, but he can’t take it with him.

  76. Michael mcduffie says:

    U need bible School training. ..Jesus had no problem with people being rich..he had a problem with riches having people!!!…The rich man going through the eye of the needle …is symbolic of sacrifice s…being made through Christ …but if sacrifice s ..are made properly …There are a new set of riches on the other side of the eye of the needle (symbol of entrance into another territory)…U do err….
    Rich man couldn’t turn some of his physical assets. ..into ..liquid …and give some too the poor….HE WORSHIP..HIS RICHES….!!!!!….CHRIST HAD some rich supporters……..
    1) Solomon- rich
    3) Laban – rich
    4) Nicodemus – rich
    5) David – rich
    6) Job-rich…
    ……Role of the Rich is to freely distrute…but yet stay committed to Christ

  77. Michael mcduffie says:

    Everything u mentioned in your paragraph …Mr Jakes…already does that…..I personally know this (not just through media/player-haters)…and he dosnt have to dress like a bum and look poor to be a blessing! !!Give and it shall be given….don’t falsely accuse….dued to your partial views….or the black-balling from jealous or mean spirited media…………?? U ever notice that people who publicly attack others who are rich; never get this forum…to defend their success! !!! Have u notice?…because ignorance only has power …If u give it significance.

  78. lawgraceorg says:

    abstract from: “Let the Church of Jesus Christ Say “Amen” –Others Say: “Oh My”!”   
    Racism is NOT confined to skin color.  People who sit in pews besides fellow members have become MORE racist than people being pointed at!  Also, current protests some people are making about a Black Jesus show is for lots of people disingenuous. To many protesters the issue is regard is for personal esteem and social seals of approval for what their religion bestows on them before peers, business circles, and social arenas.  It is not at all about love for God and His glory.  And shame on even the (jail house?) ‘preachers’ who formerly were inmates, are not bothering to scratch the surface as far as what can be done regarding INCARCERATION and their families.  Moreover, it’s despicable what’s going on with all federal $$$$$ for “Let’s Make A Deal” preachers who pretend helping  people via federal and state funding, but actually becoming immensely enriched.
    (It’s common –and pathetically a foregone conclusion among lots of Black church-going people, that becoming spiritually, financially, and personally crippled (Psalm 55:12-14) by fellow church member is ‘one of those things’ if it’s business advancement. GAG!!!!)
    For some members, these can be their prisons: sexual confusion; insurmountable debt; suicide, homicide thoughts; medical conditions; jailed loved-ones; incest, molestation; domestic violence; BULLIED AT WORKPLACES; gambling; pharmaceutical, substance addiction; loneliness; AIDS –and some people’s troubles are linked to disconnect they feel at churches (unless they’re “prominent” in society!).  Ironically, fame seeking pulpit celebrities who climb social ladders by means of their –not God’s– pulpit pretty much are saying to their flock who can’t surmount their troubles: ‘good luck with ALL that’, and leave your money here!!!
    To non-clergy church goers and others who hasten to interject that people are in their predicaments because of their poor choices –the “GO ALONG, TO GET ALONG FOLK” who are selfishly “at ease in Zion”!  Much of the issue with people who assert the “poor choices” mantra, are those who make a practice of “passing by on the other side,”(-Luke 10:31-32) while looking away from hurting people with disdain. (And even worse: Or, are you among the shocking, shameless people who formed a nonprofit, and then obtained a skilled grant writer so you can tap in to those overflowing federal and state dollars –after all since people make poor choices; you should enrich yourself and your family with those funds by means of your favorite politician and courtroom judges!?).
    Moreover, those who –without knowing all the details– blame people for their circumstances must be proud of your wonderful selves for all your good choices –and possibly social connections or whatever you were blessed with that enabled your “respectability” –until your dirty laundry becomes exposed. Regarding poor choices –even if peoples’ choices caused their predicament, should someone’s grandmother or auntie be involved in an auto accident because someone was so overwhelmed with his or her sorrows he / she drank alcohol?  Also, should people who can’t find employment that includes DIGNITY so they won’t feel so oppressed they won’t resort to getting drunk or high or gamble or ultimately his / her disoriented thinking, result in their concluding the only CHOICE is home invasion? And would you please furnish your address for their next home for them to enter?! Alternately, would you offer your wisdom to your comrades about the value of dignity –even for “have nots”?
    Regarding the person who’s mentally distressed because life is too challenging, he / she should “get back with you when he gets himself together,” –right? And he should be avoided like an outcast -correct? As school shootings occur –society should be surprised; or blame “choices” after kids have lost their lives. Right?
    I also wish to convey the following statements to whoever is being labeled, “first lady”, and to married or unmarried women, and fits any of the following characteristics:
    •When you show up at your husband’s church or office, dressed in what you think looks good (and may / may not stand out above others), and as far as you’re concerned, people with problems could go see Jerry Springer, or enquire to “Madea,” you are a last lady!
    •When you cannot state when and how you evangelized or helped some of the above people when the spotlight was not on –or what that even means; if you don’t bother complying with Matthew 28:19-20, (but you invite “walking dollars” to churches so there’ll be additional contributors), you are a last lady!  
    •If you don’t isolate time daily to pray for your church members to have blessed lives, so that they can be God’s Kingdom builders and healthy support system to your husband, you’re a last lady!
    •When you cannot recall when you’ve walked the street or considered walking –since “he that winneth souls is wise” (not walked because it’s within your job description, and you’re on the clock!), as Jesus did, a first lady you are not!
    •If you get dressed for church with thoughts in mind of being seen, instead of simply enjoy looking nice; if you don’t hug people, or hold babies because you’re concerned about getting your clothes messed up, you’re not a first lady!
    •If you use your children for spying on your husband; giving reports of what they think they heard or saw; if you carry tales to drive who or what threatens you, you’re a last lady!
    • If you remain in the front of the church, or edifice gawking at audiences to see who’s who; if you don’t greet and interact with people as if they matter as much as you do and determine how you can help, you are a last lady!
    • If you think you can talk your husband in to doing what you want, someone else can talk him out of it. But God’s preacher will do what God wants, and for such that kind of preacher, God’s mission is not optional. . . “
     from: “Let the Church of Jesus Christ Say “Amen” –Others Say: “Oh My”!”

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