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July 18, 2014

What Dwight Howard Teaches Us About the Worthlessness of Modern Black Celebrities

What Dwight Howard Teaches Us About the Worthlessness of Modern Black Celebrities

Dwight Howard palestine

by F. Palmer

In this Vox article, Dwight Howard tweeted #freepalestine and then after only 15 minutes, deleted the tweet and issued the following apology for sassing the establishment:

“previous tweet was a mistake. I have never commented on international politics and never will.”


“I apologize if I offended anyone with my previous tweet, it was a mistake!”

An exclamation point for your @ss. Actually shouting it as if the white man was holding him down and putting the whip to his back. He’s basically saying “I will never think about talking back again white man!!! Please forgive me!!!” Much respect to Kunta Kinte because at least he took awhile before he finally broke down and said Toby. The acceptance of the white man is ultimately more powerful than the whips, chains, branding iron and castr@ting knife of lore.

Howard’s Israeli former teammate defended Israel and helped put Howard on blast, so even though Howard is the “man” on the team, he still had to bow down to this cat I don’t even know and have never heard of.  This goes to show how all things outside of the sphere of what happens on a f*cking unimportant field or court, these Negroes will bow down to the whim of any white man to be seen as the good Negro.

And not far behind him is another big Negro from the NY Knicks, Amare Stoudemire. He tweeted ‘Pray for Palestine’ and although he has some type of nebulous Jewish heritage which has nothing to do with supporting Zionism, he backed the f*ck down and deleted his tweet also.

And the thing is that they have less heart than a little bit because their money is GUARANTEED, so, for however long their contract runs and if the economy holds up, they can basically say whatever they want, at least regarding issues like this, and face no financial repercussions whatsoever in terms of their primary income. Hell, I am a working stiff and although I am just a low level cog in the machine, I still take my life in my hands in writing on here or any place else. The ONLY thing that will get me caught up where I could potentially be destitute or dead is speaking HONESTLY about the present manifestations of white supremacy.

You can even have an open and honest conversation about capitalism and not face any issues. Although it liberal, Michael Moore even made a documentary questioning capitalism and made a lot of money off it. BUT try being a black man and questioning WHITE SUPREMACY in this world. Sh!t will get you fucked up with a quick. Anybody doubt this, go up to the typical white person and show them this conversation and see what kind of response you get. I would love to hear about it.

So, these Negroes won’t even step out as far as my lowly black @ss is willing to step out…and they are allegedly the black folks who have power?! These are the Negroes that the black community bring to our schools to talk to the kids and to our churches as examples of success? How many times have I seen one of these athletes used as the barometer for black success in this world with the intimated position that WE made it because of an athletic career that lasts only about 10 or 15 years?

So what is the end result of their “power and success”? A Negro imploring white people not to consider him one of the “bad ones”…GTFO…I keep hearing so many black men shouting out the need to be acknowledged as men like a child wanting to be seen as a man by his father. Invariably, most of these same individuals will point to any number of these athletes as examples of this most prized of things called black manhood.

Well, if cats like this and the recent actions of Lebron James going back to Cleveland after the white man who owns the team talking about him as if he were an animal and the fans calling him everything up to and including a no good, ungrateful n¡gger, then I truly believe that Negroes need to sit the f*ck down and really think about an assessment of what this search for acknowledgement of black manhood means. Because in my estimation, this sh¡t is even below watching Bill ‘Bojangles’ play a servile flunky being dictated to by a little white girl Shirley Temple in those homages to ‘racial harmony’ of yesteryear, but at least that was fictional celluloid. This is sadly all too real.

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8 thoughts on “What Dwight Howard Teaches Us About the Worthlessness of Modern Black Celebrities

  1. MichaelWilks says:

    Cowardice at its best.

  2. david19082 says:

    That last line comparing this to Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson andShirley reminds us that it’s always been this way. This is nothing new when it comes to wealthy black athletes and entertainers. There are the few exceptions like Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown etc. But most athletes fall into this weak cowardly category.

  3. JaccTrippa says:

    us black men taking an L everyday. these white folks are fenna go bad on us and negus wont know whats going on till its almost over.

  4. Chris40 says:

    Couple of weeks ago, I watched a 5 part documentary about the AFL (American Football League)  on youtube. In episode 2, there was a segment on the AFL Black player boycott. Peep this and watch from 50:41 to 57:01. Those brothas held it down!!!!! Maybe Dwight Howard, and those Black players from the LA Clippers should find out about Black athletes causing a pro bowl game to be moved from New Orleans to Houston TX.

  5. Black Femme says:

    My compliments F. Palmer on this exceptionally truthful and meaningful piece. Yep, as Black folks we are in plenty of trouble.  Our men are in bad shape mentally, physically, financially and emotionally and thereby not able to provide the myriad of support that our Black women need.  The Negroes that are, as you discuss are usually unwilling.  The white supremacists are encouraging Black women, particularly the educated, to date outside of the race.  That will strike a death knell for our race.  The women have been holding it up…. For those who think this is all coincidental, you need to read more…. I am not a Muslim, but the only real leader that we have out there now is Minister Farrakkhan. So, people you need to stop letting the “white supremacists powers that be” tell you to hate on him and LISTEN…..

  6. AnthonyAllen says:

    These cowards have never been and never will be my measuring rod for manhood. Coons is exactly what they are.

  7. WalterOliverNeal says:

    These new Uncle Toms should make Handkerchief Head Clarence Thomas Proud!!!

  8. Watchful says:


    I really can’t think of a single black pro athlete today that had the testicular fortitude that those bruthas demonstrated back then.  

    Just like these bruthas had Muhammad Ali’s back when he stood strong and refused to be drafted back in ’67.

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