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July 28, 2014

Grandparents Can’t Retire Because They’re Raising Grandkids

Grandparents Can’t Retire Because They’re Raising Grandkids

cute-black-babyIs the nuclear family a thing of the past? A report in USA Today, which says that more grandparents are raising their grandchildren, seems like the nail in the coffin of the traditional two parent home.

The paper interviewed an unnamed couple in New Jersey who anticipated retiring, but couldn’t because they’re caring for grandchildren.

The Census reports that 4.9 million American children are being raised solely by their grandparents, which is double the number from the previous Census.

From USA Today:

“There has also been an increase in the number of grandparents who have financial responsibilities for their grandchildren,” according to Sharon Giacchino, program director at NORWESCAP. “We are seeing an increase in grandparents as a alternate type of child care. It is not spiking, but has been a steady climb over the years.”


Many times situations arise where a child can no longer safely reside with their biological parent or legal guardian. Mary Jane Di Paolo, assistant director of Community Child Care Solutions, said the state’s Department of Child and Families first looks for relatives and family friends who may be familiar to the child to provide care.

Giacchino also said that the economy is impacting the number of grandparents who are primary caregivers to children.

“Either because of divorce, widowed, separated, for some reason it doesn’t work out and grandparents step in as caregivers for the grandchildren,” Giacchino said. “Even in households where the parents are together but both work, grandparents have become caregivers.”

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13 thoughts on “Grandparents Can’t Retire Because They’re Raising Grandkids

  1. HAHA! says:

    They should have taught their children about human anatomy and that they have choices when it comes to reproducing???

  2. Watchful says:

    It’s unfortunate for the grandparents, but it might actually be a blessing in disguise for the children since, hopefully, the grandparents will be much more mature and responsible in caring for the children. Of course, with the U.S. job market, such as it is, there r probably more than a few young parents who simply lack the financial resources and/or are ill-equipped to adequately provide proper care for their offspring. Still, it’s a damn shame when many grandparents who should be enjoying their golden years are burdened with the responsibility of raising young children all over again.

  3. Regrenee says:

    But some of these people are raising these children not only because of single parent homes, but because something may have happen to the parents of these children.

  4. Maxinejoy888 says:

    This has been going on for DECADES, and black people should be TIRED of this. When one doesn’t do things in a proper order, chaos ensues.  Many grandparents are raising their grandchildren, from single parents–never been married to begin with. Many do not have education beyond high school. Those two situations, spells generational poverty.  I have neighbors dealing with this same situation on a daily. They spend more time with the grand children, while the parent is off making more babies, with another man.

  5. Maxinejoy888 says:

    Regrenee Yes, but very few! Usually, its because the child got pregnant at an early age, and never acquired any life skills….I see it ALL THE TIME!

  6. Maxinejoy888 says:

    HAHA! Please….some of the parents teach the children…but they will do what they want to do!!! When things aren’t done in a proper order (education, life skills, marriage, then children) EVERYONE SUFFERS!

  7. Regrenee says:

    Maxinejoy888 Regrenee But I have seen some of those parents also neglecting their teenage children with RAGING HORMONES!!  If you become a grandparent at a young age maybe a person needs to rethink what THEY did DOING WRONG!!  A lot of time these parents are CAUGHT UP IN THEIR OWN LIVES WHILE NEGLECTING THEIR TEENAGERS AND NOT TEACHING THEM ANYTHING AND EXPECTING THE TRASHY PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM TO DO IT!!  SMH!

  8. Maxinejoy888 says:

    Regrenee Maxinejoy888 Then they all get what they deserve!!! When you decide to have children, you must constantly be on them, like  a Sargent on a private in the Army!! Yes, you are correct! I don’t feel sorry for them one bit. If you don’t invest the TIME in your children, you will be investing MONEY and TIME in your grandchildren….and I am NOT talking about passing on property and money!!

  9. Regrenee says:

    Maxinejoy888 Regrenee The thing that WE have forgotten is to be SUPPORTIVE of others also.  The most IMPORTANT thing to have with children and young adults is COMMUNICATION! If you do not have that, no matter how strict you are, you have truly failed, and trust me I am talking from seeing things in my own family.  My brother had a daughter that had a child as a teenager because he was busy teaching the Bible but did not teach them how to live in this world daily(COMMON OR STREET SENSE was not big with him I guess)!

  10. Maxinejoy888 says:

    Regrenee Maxinejoy888 I understand. I am from a Jamaican household, they were strict, so I understand.  My older sister went through the same thing, so I knew that is NOT what I wanted for myself. Seen my friends go thru the same in junior high, and high school. 

    Oh well.

  11. Regrenee says:

    Maxinejoy888 Regrenee Let”s hope they will get through it alright!  MY BROTHER HAS THUS FAR, and his grand son is like his own but he is now 10years old so they have  8 more years to go!  But my brother will be retirement age by then.

  12. JanetWilliams1 says:

    Lots of black grandparents get paid by the govt to take care of their own grandchildren.

  13. BigWood1 says:

    In the Black community this issue will never get better only worst because many Black people encourage, accept and make excuses for bad parenting

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