Woman Accused of Orchestrating Husband’s Death Released from Jail After Only 10 Months


Even as African-Americans languish in prison for nonviolent drug offenses, the justice system continues to extend an olive branch and revolving door to white offenders, even those who aren’t wealthy.

Texas teen Ethan Couch, the son of wealthy parents,  made national headlines when State District Judge Jean Boyd sentenced him to ten years probation after the drunk driving 16 year old killed four people. Then there was the duPont heir who escaped prison after raping his own 3 year old daughter. Now an Atlanta woman accused of orchestrating her husband’s death has been set free after serving only 10 months of her five year sentence.

Andrea Sneiderman, 38, was sentenced to five years in prison after being found guilty of nine counts of perjury in connection with the 2010 murder of her 36 year old husband, Russell Sneiderman. Andrea Sneiderman’s former boss, Hemy Neuman, was convicted of killing Mr. Sneiderman and during trial, prosecutors alleged that Neuman and Sneiderman had been having an extramarital affair.

The Georgia State Board of Pardons decided that Sneiderman should serve 22 months of her sentence and the judge granted her credit for the time she spent in jail and under house arrest. Prosecutors in the case had requested a 20 year sentence for Sneiderman.

During the investigation into her husband’s death, Sneiderman lied several times, delaying the investigation. Still, during trial she insisted that her only mistake was not telling human resources about her supervisor’s romantic advances.







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