June 26, 2014 10:01 am

White High School Dropout Has Same Chances of Getting a Job as Black College Graduate

Probably the most pervasive myth in the American lexicon is that the U.S. is a meritocracy. The reason affirmativeblack_college action exists is to thwart the entrenched bias in education and employment, but now that neo-liberals and conservatives are leaning toward a color-blind approach, it is imperative that those on the forefront of these debates draw attention to rampant bias that still exists in the U.S.

When it comes to employment, a white high school drop-out has the same chance of getting a job as a black college graduate. That fact alone highlights the level of bias still present in the U.S., but it doesn’t end there.

According to ThinkProgress, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census researched how race impacts education and employment and the result should disabuse anyone of the notion that the U.S. is even close to becoming a post-racial society. The study found that a black man with an associates degree has the same chance of getting a job as a white man with only a high school diploma.

“At every level of education, race impacts a person’s chance of getting a job,” researcher Tom Allison told ThinkProgress. This fact is evidenced not only by the overall unemployment rate, but the unemployment rate for black millennials, which was 16.6 percent in May, as compared to 7.1 percent for white millennials.

What are all the factors contributing to a high unemployment rate for blacks?

The study attributes the employment gap mainly to hiring discrimination, high incarceration rates for black people, and African Americans’ lack of inherited wealth from past generations due to a long history of discrimination. Less inherited wealth results in low homeownership rates and high deficits among African Americans: While a college-educated white American has an average net worth of $75,000, a college-educated black American has a net worth of less than $17,500.

There is a bright light though, considering that, according to Rory O’Sullivan of the Young Invincibles’, blacks do much better when they obtain advanced degrees. As an example, “a professional degree gives a black male a 146 percent larger increase in employment opportunities than his white counterparts.”





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  • dex216sims says:

    This is exactly what being White gets you in this world, plain and simple

  • darkandlovely says:

    dex216sims Or more specifically, White privilege.

  • Watchful says:

    These damn ‘studies’ have been sayin’ the same damn thing for at least the past 30 years. The question is, what the hell r WE doin’ about it? And higher employment should not be the primary goal, business ownership should be.That is, if we’re serious about changing anything. If we can own enough of our own businesses and support them just like damn near every other ethnic group does then we won’t have to depend on them to hire us and we can begin to establish and sustain real wealth and power.

  • TonyDarnell says:

    Watchful Did you not read the article?! Whites control most of the wealth in the country to own businesses. They make up 74% of the country. In a country that is 74% white with whites in power positions, it’s foolish to think you can try to rise and create wealth from scratch especially when our people haven’t even had much of a history or background to create wealth!

  • Watchful says:


    Tony, I’ve come to change my view on the issue of us being able to create enough wealth on our own since I posted that comment, but thx for sharing ur views. I now realize that we have to have the wealth that was stolen from us by the white power structure in this country and I believe we must demand to have that wealth returned to us via reparations, otherwise we’re doomed bcuz we can’t, as u correctly stated, do it from scratch. That said, I still think we have to try, to the best of our ability, to begin to focus on developing viable entrepreneurial ventures when and where we can. I’ve posted the following video by Dr.Claud Anderson in a couple of other discussion threads on this site in which he explains exactly what we need to do and I wholeheartedly support what he advocates in this video.


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