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June 17, 2014

Scathing Documentary Calls Out Greedy Megachurch Pastors and Their Sheepish Followers

Scathing Documentary Calls Out Greedy Megachurch Pastors and Their Sheepish Followers

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by Yvette Carnell

In a bombshell trailer for the documentary “Black Church”, produced by Moguldom Studios, a methodical case is made against black megachurches, detailing how they’ve acted as predatory leaches on the Christian black community.

“You boast that you serve me, but in truth you serve your own ego,” says one person when asked about the role of megachurches.

Another person interviewed for the documentary points out that the gospel of prosperity is a complete fraud.

“The gospel of prosperity says once you accept God as your savior, you will become in his favor and whatever you touch will turn to gold. That’s a complete lie of the gospel,” he says.

“Churches have bills to pay and the only way to take care of this is to make sure that members are giving.. properly,” explains another man.

Another point made in the documentary is that mega-churches take in 10 percent or more from parishioners, but don’t distribute that money back into the community. “If that were the case, Atlanta would not have a poverty issue,” one man says. Atlanta is, of course, home to two of the biggest megachurch hustlers of all time–Creflo Dollar Jr. and Eddie Lee Long.

The plague of mega-churches in the black community is striking when you consider alternative uses for tithes. Instead of paying for the pastor’s Maybach, some of the money in the black community could be used for venture capital to start black businesses, or to fund charities that help those who’ve been hit hardest by the economic downturn.

Now, however, instead of using black dollars to build the black community, mega-churches use those dollars to build a brand, which, if successful, is turned into a slush fund to finance the lavish lifestyles of megachurch pastors.

Watch the clip here:


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3 thoughts on “Scathing Documentary Calls Out Greedy Megachurch Pastors and Their Sheepish Followers

  1. Watchful says:

    Yup,’ Pimps in the Pulpit’ is just what they r. Y’all xtians had better wake up.

  2. toyag says:

    The pimp and the ho

  3. AkbarLewis says:

    We are not white, we are Black and have something very different to offer because of it. Church is a big part of our lives only because of the Black Experience in this country not because of our skin color or our African roots. The Black Church is studied in seminaries it is so unique to our experience in this country. I only pray that “racism and white privilege” will become courses not just heated arguments or polite discussion or electives. We never analyzed what Christianity was to real ex slaves. We have been building our churches like capitalists and this has hurt us in and out of church. A good book to read is “Black Theology, Black Power” by James Cone PhD. We never really included our Black experience as a way to know God, just our humanness, so Black Liberation Theology espoused by Cone never caught on. I too have written on Black Liberation Kinesiology from the 1968 Olympics, where Tommy Smith and John Carlos stood for Black Power, but this power was not an anathema to God Power. God is on the side of justice through our real experiences though. God was for our demonstrations of rebellion, however we chose to fight it. 
    We allowed non-violence to become a way of life, and not a strategy for change, which meant we kind of settled into what legal battles we had overturned. This was not real justice because we were not given any land or reparations, so we learned to go to church for everything and listen to fiery sermons, but not seek liberation or care about social issues that were systemic and structural. Our church became our centers and this is not bad its just that we should have recognized that our church would be “our everything” and build them not as churches but as Centers. We tried to be Black and capitalist without addressing our Blackness and dealing with what that would mean to us as we sought God. We never deprogrammed our slave (mentality) we felt pressured to desegregate the schools and restaurants instead. We are now the most consumer driven people in the country, not only that but we buy disposable goods more than any other people group and have been for at least 7 years and counting. 
    We can be capitalist outside the church, but when it comes to the members we need to build them up from the inside out and stop avoiding Black issues for God issues and spiritual issues, work them together as one. We are losing the capitalist game inside and outside the church. We need more than Black business now, that was what we needed 50 years ago now we need something from within to break the cycle of slavery that has never been broken and release a better vision for Black people that others could follow. It might be called socialism, but we are too smart for that we would call it something unheard of but the results would be astounding. If we have a Black Church, we already have the nucleus, and Black people give and give to our churches so they need to be the “windows of heaven that pours out a blessing that they won’t have room to receive.” 
    How else is that scripture going to work? If the “wealth of the un-churched is stored up for the churched” then we have to find that wealth, and start being the ones that supply the financial needs of the saints. Think like a Black person, not a white capitalist, its ruining our most powerful institution. Black churches were never going to be like white churches, so stop trying! We neglected our LGBT community in the 80’s into the 21st century being holy, while our men and women were dying?! Now we need to embrace our transgender community and stop being so holy and out of touch. Don’ build another church, build Centers and slap a cross on it f you want to but it’s time to grow up out of the 60’s and stay relevant. 
    We work for the system, bring in our tithes and offerings and only one man gets to be “blessed, highly favored, and empowered to prosper?! White churches can afford to pay tithes and offerings the way they do, they have more privileges than us and that translates into them having more money left over after their tithes and offerings. White congregants have more money than us why is that? “Is God a White Racist?” (a book title from author William R. Jones 1973) Quit pretending that these racial inequities do not exist and change the way we church and change the course of our slave past! White Christans and White sinners have more capital than Black people whether they love God or not, so ether God is a White racist, or we are not getting what he is saying to our experiences as Black people.

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