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June 4, 2014

“Nasty F**king N**ger”: Woman’s Racist Dollar General Tirade Goes Viral

“Nasty F**king N**ger”: Woman’s Racist Dollar General Tirade Goes Viral

racist dollar general

A YouTube video of a woman going on a racist rant in a Dollar General parking lot has gone viral. The user who posted the video claims that the woman’s outburst was triggered when he started his car.

During the incident, the woman is also on the phone with someone she claims is her lawyer.

“He’s got me on video tape and I’m still flipping the f*ck out,” she shouts. “I called you a n*gger. You’re a n*gger! Nasty f*cking n*gger!”

The incident occurred on Wednesday when the woman began cursing at a man in the parking lot. While the man is recording the incident, the woman says, “he scared my children.”

At one point, the man in the car points out that one of the woman’s children cursed at him as well.

The woman seems to allude to being a stripper when she asks the man in the car if he knows “how many cops have I stripped for?” She added:  “You ain’t getting far b*tch.”

“Tell him, dude. You will f*cking k*ll him,” she says to the person over the phone. “I will f*cking yank his ass out of the car… He wants to put it on YouTube because he’s a racist, because he’s a racist ignorant n*gger!”

The woman reportedly told local affiliate WBLK that she is not a racist but is bipolar.

“I’m not a racist,” she explained. “I have a black cousin.”

“He just pissed me off, I’m bipolar. Quite frankly, if you look it up, n*gger means an ignorant person. It has nothing to do with race,” the woman insisted. “But it’s OK for him to call me a cracker and a honky though. That’s racist.”

h/t: WBLK

Watch the video below:




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32 thoughts on ““Nasty F**king N**ger”: Woman’s Racist Dollar General Tirade Goes Viral

  1. Tipper2 says:

    This is WEIRD.  She called him the “N” word for starting his car…am I missing something?  Weird!  I don’t think it was right to film the kids, filming her priceless…she is totally looney tunes.

  2. KarenBaylis says:

    That heifer is no stripper unless she wears a paper bag over her head as part of her costume, to cover up that ugly face!

  3. Regrenee says:

    She is an ex stripper with NO CLASS and she has the NERVE to call someone DIRTY after every man has seen her COOCHI!!!  LOL!

  4. Regrenee says:

    Tipper2 He was playing LOUD MUSIC!!! Remember Jordan Davis and the CRAZY LUNATIC that shot him over LOUD MUSIC!!!

  5. NelsonKIngSr says:


  6. 1PMChannel says:

    Tipper2 He was filming the piece of crap who keep calling him the n-word.  She should have removed the kids but she did not.  She continued to act crazy in the presence of her children. She was a screaming lunatic and I am glad he filmed it.  She was psycho.

  7. 1PMChannel says:

    This woman was ridiculous and psycho.  She let her children watch her behave in such an immature manner.  She is so fortunate this man did not get out of his car and punch her in her stupid face.  Now the whole world can see what a loser she is.  Pathetic.  I applaud the gentleman who calmly filmed the situation.

  8. TinaRichards1 says:

    are the trailer trash kids mixed?

  9. TinaRichards1 says:

    1PMChannel Tipper2  and she’s the real n—–r!

  10. 1PMChannel says:

    TinaRichards1 1PMChannel Tipper2 I don’t use the racial epithet but I agree she was pathetic,  embarrassing and sad.

  11. Regrenee says:

    1PMChannel Tipper2 What do you expect from an ex stripper no class or morals, the USUAL!!!  NEXT!

  12. Regrenee says:

    TinaRichards1 1PMChannel Tipper2 No the N  word was a made up racist name geared toward black people during slavery.  She is scum and everything that deals with racism is scum of the earth and some people don’t even realize it.  This w h o r e could go to jail for making terrorist 
    threats, that is just how   dumb she is.

  13. markee2013 says:

    Repulsive racist scum ,dude should have shot her in the face.

  14. KevinDEaly says:

    I really should be appalled but I’m not….I had an incident where I went into a Walmart on the Kansas state line and a white dude (about my age or younger) was exiting the entrance side as I was coming in and we collided with each other.  The reason why I didn’t move out of the way and ran his pecker wood ass over is for two reasons he made no acknowledgment that he was going through the wrong door when he kept going and he touched me.  You cross the line when you take a borderline attempt at assaulting me and will defend myself again if anyone tries to be purposeful in putting their hands on me.

  15. Tipper2 says:

    KevinDEaly, you are correct.  When I am out shopping I encounter the following, I am walking down the aisle to the right and most whites will come toward you and instead of walking on their right of the aisle they cross over in front of you for you to move out of the way.  I encounter this all the time, makes me sick.  You walk up to a door you open it and the white person behind you will not grab the door as you hand off to them they actually try to squeeze through so you have to hold the door for them.  But, most African-Americans invite this respect and it starts at an early age.  Do this experiment…the next time you go to the mall, sit on one of those decorative benches outside and watch our young people.  They walk a few inches behind the whites in their group.  They are the first to run forward to open a door etc.  I am amazed at their actions.  It is good to be courteous but have respect for yourself.  Open a door for seniors and men for women, and use common sense for the remainder.
    Most whites feel entitled and they expect the “slaves to get out of their way or treat them as the ruler” they claim to be…sickening.

  16. RichSimone says:

    a special , extra warm place in hell awaits her…

    she and Jesse Helms can cohabitate…I hope she finds it cozy…

    How can anyone use such language in this day and age,,, in front of their children…sorry to be so blunt, but Jesus is crying his eyes out…’

    me, too…

  17. NelsonKIngSr says:


  18. Regrenee says:

    RichSimone She is getting what she deserves before she leaves this work not just in her wretched after life.

  19. KarenBaylis says:

    Regrenee LOL damn skippy!!!!

  20. Regrenee says:

    NelsonKIngSr If that is what it truly means why was this word ONLY USED TOWARD BLACK PEOPLE DURING AND AFTER SLAVERY? That is because white people were saying black people are ignorant and lazy.  That is how they defined black people do not be fooled by the white mans definition.

  21. NelsonKIngSr says:

    Regrenee NelsonKIngSr thats not what I meant, i meant that this the act of an ignorant person, and for the record, there nothing the white man can do to fool this 50 year old

  22. Now that was  INSANE Crrrraaaaaazy !! Good think he had the sense to start rolling a tape  and he didn’t just leave her to call and make a report on him after he walked away…that would have been dangerously scary because who knows what the heck she would have said he did or tried to do tho her and her kids… OMG…Thank God for Video America !!  Smart Man!!

  23. Regrenee says:

    NelsonKIngSr Regrenee GOOD!!!

  24. NelsonKIngSr says:

    Regrenee NelsonKIngSr HAHAHAHAHAHA

  25. Concerned Citizen 666 says:

    My White co-worker threatened to come and shoot folks at a National Park (Alcatraz) where I just quit…nothing happened. The supervisor who kept calling me all kinds of ni@@er was promoted twice in one year after that….welcome to Amerikkka!!! Please sign my petition.

  26. Concerned Citizen 666 says:

    This is a story that was just printed in the SF Weekly…we live, we survive the best we can…and we fight back….it’s either that or lay down and die like rats in a sewer…

  27. Concerned Citizen 666 says:

    Tipper2 I experience the same thing all the time. Sometimes they pretend they are spitting on the sidewalk o roughing with their mouths open, but they wait for precisely that ONE good m,omelet when you are less than a foot away to display these disgustingly racist behavioral patterns. I witness as they try and walk in a straight line as we approach from opposing ends even as I try and avoid them so I just stand still and dare them to walk into me…..I tire as they raise their voices as soon as they grt near you so you are aware of their presence….I was watching Django with my wife and at the scene where he says, “They ain’t never seen a ni@@er on a horse before”, I chuckled and the white woman sitting in front of me turned around and glared at me. I promptly chimed up, “I didn’t ask you to come and see Django”…..anyway I posted a link to an article reporting what happened to me at work on this thread and a separate one to my Change.Org petition against the racist company. Please sign my petition. I thank you.

  28. markee2013 says:

    Tipper2 I know exactly what you,re saying ,anytime i’m walking into a building and i’m about to close the door behind me bet your bottom dollar theres a white person sneaking up behind me waiting for me to hold the door for them like they feel entitled or something .I soon got hip to that BS now i dare them to try that shyte watch me slam the door on their head.

  29. AJWeberman says:

    markee2013 typical n response

  30. markee2013 says:

    AJWeberman markee2013
    No! a typical N response would be  that they would do nothing about it,All you whites think that black folks should sit back and lay down and forgive and pray for their enemies whenever we’re insulted,attacked,or killed, Honky don’t come onto a black forum trying to insult me.

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