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June 25, 2014

Mother Claims Hospital Stole Her Son’s Organs

Mother Claims Hospital Stole Her Son’s Organs
Mary Anderson

Mary Anderson, Photo Credit: Philadelphia Daily News

Mary Anderson says although she retrieved her son’s body, several of his internal organs were missing.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Anderson received her son’s body, but his eyes, brain, and some other organs were missing. She says her son, Vance Anderson, was missing several organs after passing away from a lung condition in 2012 at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Jefferson confirmed that Anderson’s organs were donated for education.

Mary Anderson says she suspected that they would investigate her son’s cause of death, but not take his organs.

“They told me they took his eyes, heart, brain, pancreas. They took every organ he had in his body out of him. I said, ‘Why? Why?’ ” Anderson said. “I thought they were going to take a piece of his lung to see what he died from.”
Anderson has since filed a lawsuit claiming that the hospital stole her son’s organs without permission. She says they threw away her son “like garbage” after using his organs for research.
“They just threw my son away,” Anderson said. “I don’t think people know what they’re doing to their loved ones. Ain’t no way in the world, if they explained to me they’re going to take my son and experiment with him and throw his organs in the trash, that I would’ve consented to that.”
A spokeswoman for the hospital explained that “when performing complete autopsies, it is customary for academic medical centers, that are engaged in educating future doctors, to remove and retain organs and tissues for teaching and continued analysis.”
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9 thoughts on “Mother Claims Hospital Stole Her Son’s Organs

  1. Watchful says:

    Her son, and I’m sure many others. Kendrick Johnson and Ryan Singleton come immediately to mind, and I wouldn’t assume that they just threw his organs away like trash either. Organ harvesting is BIG business these days and I’d be willing to bet that our ppl r some of its most vulnerable victims.

  2. JaccTrippa says:

    yooo this is crazy! has anybody heard what happened to that white guy in AZ that was never arrested for dealing in body parts?
    i cant wait to see HC3 so i cant find out why white people are stealing all our organs. probably something related to Henrietta Lacks.

  3. MilitantPrince says:

    I have never heard any BS like this before in my life.Ho can you just take organs without consent. Was he even an organ donor. They should all be prosecuted and jailed.

  4. SundiataKeita says:

    MilitantPrince black organs are big news. read about Henrietaa Lacks, who had the immortal gene. also Hidden Colors 3 is coming out with a lot about them stealing black peoples organs.

  5. pentispy says:

    MilitantPrince You must be very young.  Most people don’t even read the papers they sign when they enter the hospital.  My husband listed himself as an organ donor on his driver’s license.  I had him remove that designation when he renewed it. Many of us don’t realize the risks associated with putting “organ donor” on your driver’s license.

  6. MarvinSRobinsonII says:

    This is a very common occurrence and is well documented by some of the most sophisticated INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST both domestically in the United States of America and globally.
    BODY PARTS are harvested, as a common routine S.O.P. ( Standard Operating Procedure), in our small “knowledge circles” we share this information and encourage others to check out the articles, journals, internet search engines, etc.
    In hopes that will come to grips, with REDUCING sense-less violence and homicides.
    PRAYERS and moRe PRAYERS to this family and all the others’ who may not still even have a clue, about the medical industries protocol regarding this issue.
    A more complex subject, than many are willing to consider, or include in learning moRe about: also consider ( nah- that would be too harsh ).

    Marvin S. Robinson, II
    QUINDARO RUINS/ Underground Railroad- exercise 2015

  7. LucyMcgoo says:

    LOL – body parts are worth more than trying to keep a person alive….
    Last year a cousin goes in hospital for heart attack 
    3 wks later they find full blown cancer 4 wk she’s dead….
    She worked with children and had required full medical and testing….CANCER was never found….. 
    Family not allowed to view body and had locked closed casket….. 
    Conspiracy or theft????

  8. sam_in_frisco says:

    pentispy MilitantPrince They may remove it from the license, but you need to contact the organ registry to get it removed officially. The DMV only signs people up, they can’t remove you from the registry though they might take that off of your license. If you don’t contact the registry and have them remove it, when you are in the hospital, the hospital will contact the registry, not the DMV, and you would still be a donor (in this case, your husband).

  9. sam_in_frisco says:

    LucyMcgoo It’s crazy how they are taking away all of our rights, the body does not belong to the government, but they lie and make new laws to prevent family from being able to find out what happened to the deceived family member. There is definitely something shady about this death, the very fact that they wouldn’t allow the family to view the body says a lot. Did you know that not only do they harvest the organs of a person while they are still alive, but they do it without anesthesia? I’ve heard other cases in which people went to the hospital for either mild symptoms or for accidents in which put them in a coma, and the hospital declared them dead, and went ahead to give them paralytic drugs to harvest their organs while they were still alive, and with no anesthesia. A lot of doctors and nurses have spoke out about this and some even abandoned the profession, you can do research on this online. The other thing that happens when you die at a hospital is that they will also harvest your skin, and any body parts that can be used; often times this is done at the same time that they are harvesting the organs of the person on the operating table with no anesthesia at all. A nurse spoke out about this and he is suing the hospital. Lots of evil in this world.

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