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June 2, 2014

Donald Sterling Attends Black Church and Receives Round of Applause

Donald Sterling Attends Black Church and Receives Round of Applause


by Yvette Carnell

As some readers will remember, awhile back I criticized the manifestation of Christianity in black political movements. There seems to be, among some black Christians, a desire to magically and instantaneously forgive even the most egregious crimes committed against black Americans.

Take banned NBA owner Donald Sterling for instance, who was not only caught on tape admonishing his girlfriend for bringing blacks to the games, but also discriminating against blacks in housing. None of that stopped a black church in Los Angeles from giving the racist billionaire a round of applause when he visited their church.

CBS Los Angeles reports that Sterling visited Praises of Zion Baptist Church on S. San Pedro Street and Senior Pastor J. Benjamin Harwick welcomed the elder racist with enthusiastic applause.

“Stand up brother Sterling, we’re going to give you a round of applause,” Hardwick said.

The pastor says he didn’t invite Sterling but was instead approached by the billionaire.

“He didn’t invite him. Sterling, we did not call Sterling. As members of Praises, Sterling came to us, asked our pastor, we took a vote on it,” Muki, a church member,  told CBS Los Angeles.

Of course, the pastor preached about forgiveness during the sermon.

“We love all of God’s children regardless of your race, creed or color and we want my friend to know we are praying for you.”

During an interview with CNN, Magic Johnson, who Sterling mentioned during his racist tirade, also told Anderson Cooper that he would pray for Sterling.

“It’s sad. It really is. I’m going to pray for this … man,” Johnson said.

Asked about the sermon, Sterling said “[It was] beautiful, I loved it.”

In 2006 the U.S. Justice Department sued Sterling over allegations of housing discrimination in Los Angeles and Sterling eventually paid $2.7 million dollars to settle the suit.





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29 thoughts on “Donald Sterling Attends Black Church and Receives Round of Applause

  1. david19082 says:

    I wonder how much of a donation (payoff) the pastor received from Sterling for this public relations stunt. Probably as much as the NAACP.

  2. BelovedTanika says:

    This is amusing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ gthoh kneegros please

  3. Watchful says:

    To be expected.

  4. jdpremae says:

    david19082 There was no donation. A man of God reached out to another human being as any real holy man would do. All of us perfect people who have never used a hateful racial comment in the heat of anger should move on. The world has many other issues.

  5. MorganaLeFay says:

    Shocked at the base-low self-esteem amongst many of our community over in America.

  6. MorganaLeFay says:

    Sorry, accidentally posted my comment.

    What I meant was that I am shocked at this display of low self-esteem from amongst black people in America. I am literally sitting at my computer with my mouth gaping open. 

    First of all, I am completely bewildered at how and why Donald Sterling even decided it would be a good idea to go to a black Church in the first place- let alone somehow coerce another black person to do his bidding in light of his disgusting and open hatred of our race. Then I am beyond disgusted that yet another African-American allowed himself to be bought by an open racist and allow this bigot to trample over the House of God (and no, I am not even a Christian). And even if he could technically go there of his own accord, no one at least asked him to explain the meaning of “Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself”!

    Secondly, I am shaking my head at the black Church feeling that they have to preach forgiveness, but Donald not even taking it upon himself to ask US for our forgiveness for shaming and insulting our race and our people. The pastor is keen to suck up to this man who referred to black people as “beautiful black bodies”, who says that we aren’t good enough to rent his apartments because he thinks we smell, who was disturbed by seeing us with his mistress. At no point does the pastor ask Sterling to apologize. It doesn’t occur to this pastor that Sterling’s televised appearance offered no remorse for his disgusting statements, only begging other team owners to let him back in for “one mistake”. (He obviously can’t count).

    No, apparently it is sufficient to “pray” for Sterling, and everything will be alright. And yet African-Americans are still generating income for men like Sterling (although those take care to hide their racism), and are the lowest group of people on the economic ladder and dragging behind in all socio-economic indicators. But that is apparently alright, because this pastor is “praying” for Sterling. 

    And we don’t seem good enough for an apology.

    As Yvette says, the manifestation of Christianity clearly isn’t guiding the thoughts and actions of this congregation. I have nothing against followers of any religion, but this is just ridiculous. Pray for the guy after he has shown REAL penitence, and gone out of his way to atone for his sins. Until then, I wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole. 

    Or maybe I have too much self-respect.

  7. MorganaLeFay says:

    Many other issues- such as the housing discrimination that prevented African-American tenants from renting property. All thanks to Sterling.

  8. MorganaLeFay says:

    Watchful Sadly yes.

  9. MorganaLeFay says:

    BelovedTanika I don’t find this funny at all. It seems the number of black Americans willing to see out even in the glaring face of hatred is bigger than I thought.

  10. MorganaLeFay says:

    david19082 Sterling thinks of us as tools in his bid to resurrect his image.

  11. PamelaFoster says:

    A round of applause for what?  Showing blatant racism… people can be so crazy.  You can forgive but doesn’t mean for you to act like this guy is some type of champion for African Americans because he isn’t.  This was all a publicity stunt.  I bet he went home laughing saying “all you got to do is give a n____ some money and they will kill their own mama”.  What a shame.

  12. markee2013 says:

    Bloody makes me sick,does’nt matter what some asshole says or does to black folks,stupid black folks are always ready to forgive.They’ll roll out the red carpet for just about any scumbag.Donald Sterling is just using the black church to score browny points with the media and to clean up his image.

  13. jdpremae says:

    MorganaLeFay He was invited by a man that practices forgiveness. “All thanks to Sterling”. He’s our only problem in housing? Why can’t we move on from this? I’m Native American Indian and I honor Dr. Hardwick for opening up to communication. It fixes all. Hate fixes nothing.

  14. Count Raoul says:

    Well obviously the author and most who comment have their priorities a bit askew.  At least if they are a Christian.  Being Black is more important than being Christian.  Jesus forgave the Romans who tortured and crucified him.  Rather odd I suppose for those of you who see forgiving Sterling as so heinous.  Doesn’t make Sterling right.  He’s a racist.  But the preacher offers forgiveness.

  15. markee2013 says:

    Here we go ! All black folks seem to be doing these days is kissing their enemies collective asses.What that preacher should have done was to expose him for what he is infront of the whole congregation a disgusting racist piece of shyte ,Sterling is only using the black church to re-establish his image in front of the media ,what that preacher did in giving Sterling a round of applause was obscene and boarderng on mental illness in my books.

  16. david19082 says:

    jdpremae MorganaLeFay Both of you are in denial. Racism is a serious issue as well. If you choose to move on then that’s your right as a non black person. But please stop marginalizing what this vile hateful man is.

  17. david19082 says:

    MorganaLeFay david19082 He thinks of us as FOOLS not tools to resurrect his image.

  18. BelovedTanika says:

    @MorganLeFay no its not funny im just not suprised, what I find amusing is the pastor being a house kneegro another sell out for the donation that donald will be giving the church. O trust me i know its bigger than we can imagine.

  19. LaRomeArmstrong says:

    I agree with you 100 percent Markee 2013 ,Black folk’s are  always quick to forgive everyone ,but themselves, not to mention I am sure he through  a nice  chunk of change in the plate which made forgiveness even more popular at the church.

  20. LaRomeArmstrong says:

    PamelaFoster  your comment rock’s  pamela

  21. LaRomeArmstrong says:

    MorganaLeFay  your comment Rock’s MorganaLeFay

  22. Sherburn says:

    Just another sign of the times…our so called black “leaders” (religious or otherwise) continue to be a joke and should have 0 credibility… Black people as a group are going to have to seriously reevaluate things (replacement of our so called leadership and creation of new organizations/institutions)

    …we all remember Sterling received an achievement award from the NAACP after paying the largest housing discrimination fine in history (and they were going to give him another award before this last scandal broke)…of course church leadership was paid off (like the NAACP was) by Sterling to give him good publicity/cover and help his current PR problems.

  23. Sherburn says:

    jdpremae david19082

    No jdpremae there was a payoff (I’d bet on it :-)…That’s definitely how Sterling operates (he has a history) and (unfortunately) that’s how way to many of these “men of God” choose to operate also.

  24. ROBERT@atx says:

    I guess the good news is we didn’t hear the names AL, JESSE or the NAACP , since they have all been exposed MR STERLING was forced to find some low level jack leg  preacher to hide behind, hopefully this is the end of the race hustling professional shakedown artist.

  25. jdpremae says:

    You all should spend some time and read some of Bob Marley’s quote’s. We should be united as a nation. To love and forgive each other is God’s truth. Pastor Hardwick is a true holy man. He has done so much for the people of South East Los Angeles. I pray for all of you with Hate in your hearts. It won’t make you happy. God bless you.

  26. Watchful says:

    While I agree that Sterling deserves all the criticism he’s received, I also think he’s merely a symptom of a much larger issue, in fact, THE issue, which Dr. Frances Welsing has referred to as “the big white elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about which is … the system of white supremacy.’

    We shouldn’t allow ourselves to become distracted with all the hype surrounding Donald Sterling when the real issue that needs addressing is the much more pressing issue of the global system of racism/white supremacy and all that it entails. I think it’s a mistake to get caught up in the hype surrounding the actions of one racist while losing focus on the system that created him and has allowed him to get away with his racist behavior for all these many years. Do any of us here believe that he’s alone in his views on black ppl, even among the other NBA owners? Sterling is a self-proclaimed jew and so is almost every other NBA owner, do u really think their views on black ppl differ much from his? I’m sure they view their black players/employees the exact same way Sterling did. Condemning Sterling might make some of us feel better, but at the end of the day it won’t change a thing as far as the system of white supremacy is concerned. The system will remain intact until we figure out how to neutralize or systematically dismantle it.

  27. pentispy says:

    markee2013 markee2013  Most of the black churches are still preaching 4th century lies to their people.  Many still think they are gentiles when Genesis, the FIRST book in the bible, chapter 10, leaves no doubt that the people who most of us are calling Jews are the real gentiles.  The people we call Jews are primarily ashkeNAZI!  They know this.  Many of the black churches are committing an abominable sin by having the blind lead the blind! 

    For a better understanding, read Genesis 10 and Deuteronomy 28.  Ask your pastors sand listen to their silly explanations.  I did.  They are telling you what “somebody” told them.  Guess who?  Why believe me?  I am an old black woman who can read with understanding.

  28. ROBERT@atx says:


    I understand what you’re saying but you also know how far behind our people are and it’s been over the last few years that the lights have finally came on and the everyday black person is starting to see what we are actually facing.

    THANKS to the internet and brave people like YVETTE it’s just a matter of time before we all find the same page at the same time and then the solutions will follow.

    LET;S all just keep communicating as though this a family discussion and also keep exposing the traitors among us and we will soon see the new organizations form

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