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June 23, 2014

Black Miss. Preachers Persuade Congregation to Vote for Anti-Affirmative Action Republican

Black Miss. Preachers Persuade Congregation to Vote for Anti-Affirmative Action Republican
Sen. Thad Cochran

Sen. Thad Cochran

If Mississippi U.S. Senator Thad Cochran makes it past tomorrow’s primary, he may owe his win to black pastors who have been working behind the scenes to get him elected.

The New York Times reports that a dozen black pastors met in a store front church to devise a plan for convincing their members to support Sen. Cochran in the primary.

In explaining their position, Bishop Ronnie C. Crudup Sr., a pastor at the New Horizon Church International, said that “in tough times, you’ve got to do some unusual things.”

He added: “You’ve got to be willing to cross the line sometimes, and go over to some strange places for our interests.”

But what exactly are “our” interests? And since when has Cochran supported them? Cochran is rated at zero percent by the ACLU, indicating an “anti-civil rights” stance, according to He is also anti-affirmative action, receiving only an eleven percent approval from the NAACP.

Miss. Democrats are giddy at the thought of Cochran losing his primary to Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel since it could open the door for a Democratic win.

Meanwhile, Cochran’s camp knows it must expand its base and is looking to black voters to rescue their candidate.

“We’ve got efforts reaching out to black voters in Mississippi who want to vote for Thad because they like what Thad is for,” Cochran campaign advisor Austin Barbour told the Times. “Thad Cochran is someone who, even with his conservative message, represents all of Mississippi. He’s not some hostile screamer.”

The winner on Tuesday will face Democrat Travis Childers in November.

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14 thoughts on “Black Miss. Preachers Persuade Congregation to Vote for Anti-Affirmative Action Republican

  1. ElijahIsaiah says:

    And the IRS should STRIP these Pastors of their Non for Profit status. 

    Furthermore, Black Pastor have been doing this BS for decades. These candidates come to town, lie to the Pastor, the Pastor believes it, convince his followers to VOTE for the candidate, and when the Pastor goes to collect, the candidates doesn’t even remember his/her name.

  2. DanLee1 says:

    I’m so fed up with these “chittlin slurping, shuffling, me too massa, Negroes I could literally puke!

  3. ROBERT@atx says:

    IS it just me or have the black CHRISTIANS gone completely insane!

  4. Chris40 says:

    I wonder what are the interests of the Black congergations these Black preachers represent. Since Black church folk are stomping for Thad Cochran, what do they get in return. Seems to me, I got from this article,  these Black people got some “quid pro quo” goin on, when it comes to politics.

  5. DavidJones5 says:

    Let me get this right…black preachers are supporting a GOP candidate against a Tea Party candidate and the winner will go up against a Democrat in Nov?  You know those Sambo’s are getting paid.  I’m sure they won’t show their faces when it’s time to go up against the Democrat.  It would be entertaining to see them supporting Thad now and then switching their support to the Democrat in Nov.SMDH…

  6. zaidemeit says:

    It’s called, “Having a slave mentality.”

  7. hiroader2 says:

    I’m getting that L.A. Clippers owner in a L.A. black church again… I guess if “preachers can get its congregation to eat grass in Africa…., A****Mississippi preacher*** can get his congregation to support its own social demise….

  8. thinkiqnc says:

    It was an open primary run off. Black people crossed over because they preferred to have the Republican rather than the Tea Party candidate run against the Democrat who they intend to vote for in the general election. They figure angry Tea Party voters will stay home giving the Democrat a better chance to win.

  9. hiroader2 says:

    ALL jokes aside .., I’ve paid attention to conservative talk media long enough to know conservatives will cross party lines to support Democrats with more conservative campaign proposals.. It an political strategy commonly used to block a democrat candidate whom they feel they (democrat candidate) has a (too liberal) agenda …., it doesn’t mean those congregation members will take that support any further…

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