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June 3, 2014

Black Florida Fire Marshal Suspended For Using “N” Word

Black Florida Fire Marshal Suspended For Using “N” Word

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Florida Fire Marshal Kevin Jones has been suspended for 10 days as punishment for using the “N” word during a planning call for the Welcome to Rockville concert festival. reports that co-workers who were on the call complained about Jones’ use of the “N” word during the planning session.

Jones was quoted as saying, “if those n— try to put more than that [20,000] in the [Metro] park, they will have to deal with me.”

A disciplinary letter detailing Jones’ suspension says he used the “N” word not once, but twice.  The letter goes on to say that fire and rescue employees will not use “racial, gender  or ethnic slurs” and that the city “will not tolerate inappropriate and offensive language.”

Spokesman Tom Francis acknowledged that Jones had been suspended for 10 days for using the racial slur.

Fire Chief Martin Senterfitt said he was surprised at the allegation since Jones has had so few complaints against him.

“Any use of the word in the workplace needs to be addressed,” Senterfitt previously said. “It’s absolutely inappropriate in the workplace.”

The head of the  black firefighters association, James Edwards, told News4Jax that the suspension was appropriate.

The city and firefighters union are already facing three pending discrimination lawsuits.


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4 thoughts on “Black Florida Fire Marshal Suspended For Using “N” Word

  1. Watchful says:

    It’s a matter of inappropriate conduct as a professional, especially for someone on a management level. I’m guessing he’ll think twice, maybe even thrice, b4 using that term in the future while on the job.

  2. turkey1 says:

    This word should not be used by anyone, when you use the word and you are and afro-American too, you are talking about yourself, since you are and Afro-American. Positions of power such as Managers does not excluded a person. The suspension  were appropriate.

  3. markee2013 says:

    Dumb ass should have known better .Theres nothing more retarded and backwards than black folks using the N word.They were right to suspend him.

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