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June 26, 2014

As White Supremacy Annihilates the Black Community, Why Do So Many Black Men Remain Obsessed with Homosexuality?

As White Supremacy Annihilates the Black Community, Why Do So Many Black Men Remain Obsessed with Homosexuality?

by F. Palmer

As someone who holds no animus to any member of the LGBT community for their residence gay_dads.jpgin this group and also a black man who works in the death grip of white supremacy to earn enough to survive and help out my family and friends to the best of my ability, I must say the following towards any black or African man who believes that gay men are weak by nature and less than a “real man” due to a perceived natural servility and acquiescence of a s*xual nature that is extrapolated out to all other human interactions:

Memo to all black men, the greatest sign of our collective servility in the white mind is not our sexual identity of a homos*xual nature or anything else. It is the BLATANT obsequious nature we exhibit in every other aspect of our lives as we traipse off to work everyday to prop up a system that has been committing genocide on black people across the globe for centuries now.

If you got the average white person to list the reasons why black people are naturally inferior, homos*xuality wouldn’t even make the list. It is a preoccupation TOTALLY in the black male mind. Using prison as an extreme example, it wouldn’t be the homos*xuality that is practiced in prison by ALL people in any place, be it by force or choice, where white judgment would reside, but that we allow the state to imprison our children at increasing rates and sit silently while the adults are institutionalized to the point where that is tragically becoming our NORMAL existence.

Even during the hallowed days of African freedom in the mother land to our most miserable days on any plantation in the Western world during the African diaspora, the homos*xuality of the African wasn’t the reason that the European designated us as beasts of burden. It was the fact we were and are Africans…period..end of story. I defy ANYONE to find a justification in the long history of white supremacist screeds of anglo subjugation of the African being our homos*xuality or perceived effeminate attributes. Because if you do believe the bullsh¡t about there being no homos*xuality in Africa before the European, then you must admit that the disgust and revilement of us didn’t emanate from homos*xuality since your argument is that it didn’t exist. So to sit back now and think that is on the docket of things that represent our animalistic nature to anglo society is f*cking ludicrous.

The fact that black men continuously harp on the fear of being perceived as “weak” due to this idiotic focus on homos*xuality being synonymous with black men in the white mind, is sickening since we are two-legged swine and soldiers policing, imprisoning and killing black and brown people in all corners of the world, helping to build bombs and munitions to decimate non-anglos without a care, assisting in every type of parasitic relationship between the Global North and the Global South, handmaidens in the destruction of the Earth itself and innumerable other endeavors which makes it plainly clear that it hasn’t sunk into our thick collective souls that this is what REALLY makes the usual white man laugh at us, while shrugging his shoulders at our s*x lives. If anything, the only reason the average white person would want more black folks on this Earth is to profit off our misery that has always been comparable to a child burning ants with a magnifying glass for personal amusement.

Yet, Negroes will isolate their existence to this non-issue in the white mind to the detriment of everything else of REAL importance in the greatest mass delusion in society. The constant current harangue of black men shouting they aren’t gay is akin to a boy incessantly telling his father he is strong.

Then, in a sign of total dismissiveness that is above the child’s head where he placates the boy’s entreaties with a smile and encouragement that masks inner laughter about the childish musings, white men snicker behind the back of black men and roll their eyes. I am waiting for the day that black men start making this part of their general introduction to white people since we are fixated on their views of us as these s*xually feminine or masculine individuals , “Hi, my name is James and I am not gay”…The same Negro who preens with pride with sh*t like ‘Once you go black, you never go back’ or the MYTHOLOGY of the size of the black genitalia is the same mfer who becomes angry at any slights against his manhood with homos*xuality being the greatest one and having ALL of this encompassing the greatest sign of SELF-DEBASEMENT where the black man has turned himself into the very animal we have always said we weren’t in our own f*cking mind.

Although a person who is guilty of helping to contribute to this system myself to whatever degree, even if it is for altruistic reasons such as helping out as many people as I can financially as long as I can until I can’t take it anymore or the white man I work for has no more use for me, I can still say the above since I not only hold no animus towards the LGBT community, but align my liberation efforts with theirs in removing the shackles of oppression from all of our lives in whatever area they may reside.

F. Palmer’s blog posts are a new feature at BreakingBrown for sharing a black man’s painfully honest, bullsh*t free observations.


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4 thoughts on “As White Supremacy Annihilates the Black Community, Why Do So Many Black Men Remain Obsessed with Homosexuality?

  1. jjoirene83 says:

    Why is this author obsessed with the Black community (Black men in particular) not accepting this gay agenda, like homosexuality is normal and has always been normal in the Black/African world. This gay disease is not normal and was never an acceptable practice in Africa. This shit only began to spread when Africans came in contact with White people. Hell! White slave owners were even raping/sexual assaulting not only black women, but black men ( Buck Breaking). These fucking Gays as well as this author F. Palmer ( Who I believe is a gay black men or a feminist) is trying to replace the black family with this White Supremacist behavioral abomination.

  2. AnunnakiNichelleFerguson says:

    jjoirene83  You read the article and still had something stupid to say. Kill yourself. You’re more worried about gay people than white supremacy and you’re a simple0minded, weak-minded idiot for that.

  3. jjoirene83 says:

    AnunnakiNichelleFerguson jjoirene83 Let me guess! your either a lesbian or a transsexual right? Tell me something can you refute anything I said besides calling me names? or are you going to continue with your stupid comments? can you prove that homosexuality is African, can you prove that it’s normal? I’m not making it an issue the LBGT community is (bty: It isn’t even a black organization) My only concern is the Black Community, not the Gay community. It angers me when Homosexual’s and Transsexual’s/Lesbian like yourself try to make comparisons, or say stupid shit like: “Gay is the New Black”. We are talking about HOMO’s trying to pass as a real family using children to do so, idiot’s like yourself and the author promoting this sick shit, when we should be promoting healthy and normal families that consist of a Father+Mother=children: this is life that other mess will only lead to distraction/destruction.

    Now look! I know you like to eat pussy or your a HeBitch that like’s to suck dick, but keep your sick agenda’s in your bedroom and away from the rest of the black community. Thanks!

  4. soul60 says:

    jjoirene83 AnunnakiNichelleFerguson – How come so many black people  regardless of whatever they are claiming deep down are so scared of the slavemassa.
    This agenda is being used a tool of genocide,eugenics and population control.
    massa boss is planning to stay in power period.Even if it means in getting rid of as many of black’s as possible.

    This is regardless of all our debates and arguing on a intellectual level.
    slavemassa does not care at all.

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