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June 27, 2014

63% of Americans Believe Blacks Are Mostly Responsible for Their Own Condition

63% of Americans Believe Blacks Are Mostly Responsible for Their Own Condition

Blacks were property during slavery, then there was Jim Crow, and blacks weren’t initially even included in the discrimination_chartNew Deal. We could go on to list the ways in which blacks have been systematically disenfranchised in America, including redlining, but somehow, a majority of Americans still believe that blacks who can’t get ahead are mostly responsible for their own condition.

A Pew Research poll found that most Americans believe that if blacks are struggling, it’s their own fault.

From Vox:

Nationally, 63 percent say “blacks who can’t get ahead are mostly responsible for their own condition” versus 27 percent who say “racial discrimination is the main reason why many black people can’t get ahead these days.” That’s more than two-to-one.

And it is even worse where conservatives are concerned:

Over 80 percent of conservatives say they agree that “Blacks who can’t get ahead are mostly responsible for their own condition,” while just some seven percent say that “Racial discrimination is the main reason why many black people can’t get ahead these days.”

Only “solid liberals”, 15 percent of the public, count racial discrimination as a primary reason why blacks can’t get ahead. Solid liberals are defined by Pew as “generally affluent and highly educated…Most say they always vote Democratic and are unflagging supporters of Barack Obama.”

This poll tends to explain the trend that we’re seeing in the Supreme Court with the Voting Rights Act and affirmative action. While writers like Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic are advocating for reparations, the majority of the American public seems to be telling blacks, regardless of what acts were committed against them, that the era of goodwill is over. We’re on our own.


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13 thoughts on “63% of Americans Believe Blacks Are Mostly Responsible for Their Own Condition

  1. Watchful says:

    Good! The sooner more of our ppl realize that we r and always have been ‘on our own’, then perhaps we’ll stop expecting for someone else to come to our rescue and save us. Like Elijah Muhammad taught … Do for self and kind … PERIOD!

  2. turkey1 says:

    Your thinking are pervert as a Black American, I grew up in the 1950’s, 1960’s and the 1970’s, how is a black man fault of where he is today. We have struggle from the lowest jobs, of what no one wants in farming, textile, and worst. We are Descendants of  misery and defeated in and economic climate, of the way it is today. Most black people think the laws were made for a black man back then, and to pull yourself up by your boot strings, but there were none. I hope you Kentucky Fried Chicken Babies, know the struggles still continues, date outside of your race, and see what most of society think about it. Join arms with your favored white American, as a co-worker, and see who they will believe when there is and issue on your job. As a Black American you are a none factor, when two white men are determining your faith your are dead, unless you have another white friend to vouch for you, we as blacks can only be valided by other whites.

  3. ROBERT@atx says:

    THERE is no doubt that this nation has done many things to inhibit our natural growth and development with the assassination of our natural leaders and the destruction of their organizations.

    THERE has also been some very criminal and under handed practices such as the very phony drug war and the prison industrial complex that followed.

    HAVING said that it’s still our responsibility at some point to catch on and stop participating in our own destruction; let’s just stop being fools and play team sport like everyone else ; this is not rocket science!

  4. Watchful says:


    Exactly, ain’t like the dominant culture in this country is suddenly gonna decide to do right by us. We need to just circle the damn wagons and start lookin’ out for our damn selves.

  5. turkey1 says:

    Speaking as a true example for myself. In 1974 I were Honorable Discharged from the United States Marines. Found a job in Law Enforcement in 1975. Work hard as a Police Officer, skipped the rank of sergeant and were promoted to Lieutenant, now that’s where the problem started, jealousy and envy, this being a Police Department of all white officers, each day from that point on I had to answer to lies constantly against me, accused of things I didn’t do, constantly harassed, after over 20 twenty years of working on the job, I fell on ice and permanently injuryed  myself. My Doctor were forced in returning me to work, giving me very little time to recuperate, driving to work on high doses of pain killers, with the use of my left foot only, because my right leg had a cast on it. Within four months they had forced the Doctor into signing the paperwork that I were permanently disabled, which made the Chief in charge at that time very happy, to remove me from a supervisory position.

  6. hiroader2 says:

    This is what happens when RAPED victims are embarrassed & ashamed to report a violation… The history of African America are filled with racist disparities of segregation laws and lawlessness between the years of 1890 to 1964…, Imagine they executed a 14 yr old for a crime he didn’t even commit… It’s stories & memorials like this.., That’s what our Black History Month should be about.., The lynchings, murders, legal disparities, unjust laws, lawlessness, incarcerations, vote disenfranchisement, This Pew Poll is an example /warning that African Americans are subject to the social, economic, judicial, lawless (ancestral) rapes of the past… To let this poll slip by without intelligent, well documented rebuttal.., Then YES it is African Americans fault for not “Keeping it Real”… Hiding its shame… they’ll continue to be a sick people… From 1885 to 1964 they’ve been molestation victims at every chance the Pew Pollsters got…

  7. Obsidian71 says:

    America has always been in denial about racism.   There are many non-black families that preach “everyone is equal” to their kids until things hit a bit too close to home and the daughter is bringing home the wrong color.   In essence white America doesn’t see racism if they don’t see blacks swinging from trees.   They see black despotism as part and parcel the results of laziness, poor decisions and more.  They rarely attempt to look for the root causes of such issues and thus miss systemic issues. 

    Blacks are not allowed to practice any form of collectivism beyond sports.  Every black group that isn’t manipulated by white control is demonized and destroyed.  Every major black organization today is vassal of white supremacy.  

    It is foolish to think that YOU have the power to improve your condition without causing much ire within the white communities at large.  They are very comfortable with the current racial hierarchy that puts them on top.    Whites are sown with anti-blackness at such a young age it’s difficult for many to even see inequality.  

    The mythology of a united effort amongst young blacks to play the “knockout game”  resulted in multiple states crafting harsh laws (despite the current laws being just fine)  in an attempt to further incarcerate and criminalize black youth.  Many have attempted to strip any protection from the minor black youths by making assaults that would have been sealed under minor records an adult offense and a felony.

    They are attacking your kids based on pure mythology and blacks have the nerve to sit around and bullshit like we actually have the agency to change our condition without retribution?     We would need to reject white assimilation and notions of white supremacy, embrace universal group economics and build businesses on a large scale.   That’s a LOT of work that’s going to take much more effort than feel good pithy comments.

  8. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    ROBERT@atx let’s just stop being fools and play team sport like everyone else ; this is not rocket science!

    That’s easier said than done. Many Black people do not the Super human strength as you do where they can overcome the psychological damage done  to them from racism, self hatred and anger.

    I find your comment ” let’s stop just being fools” one of the problems some Black folks have is just  as destructive as White racism.  Your statement does not afford Black people basic HUMANITY, tell me how do victims of abuse “just stop being foolish” without healing. The problem here is that you seem to think the feelings, generations of psychological, terrorism and racism should have no effect on us. I must ask you Why do you Hate yourself.

  9. ROBERT@atx says:


    MAYBE you misunderstood what I was trying to say; I was implying that we should pay closer attention to what we are doing and control the things we can.

    FOR example ; this black POTUS ; this was a trap we could have easily avoided if we had control of our emotions and paid close attention to politics; because nothing he’s doing would be a surprise if you knew where he came from; but we were foolish with our politics and now many of us are stuck defending this man.

    I probably could have chosen better words but that’s all I meant to say!

  10. BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    ROBERT@atx BlackheywoodHeywood I don’t defend President Obama, he is a POLITICIAN and must be treated as one. Many Black people DO PROTECT HIM to our disadvantage , because they will never be credible criticizing any other POTUS. After thinking about this President Obama is doing to us as we allow him to treat us.

  11. reedharp says:

    I am a sixty year old white guy, married to a person of color. I have always taken care of my own affairs, and have never been privileged in any way. I work hard every day, and nothing was ever handed to me. I think about my family, work for my family, sacrifice for my family. I am very conservative, and fair to anyone that I meet. My mind is not consumed with the plight of Blacks or any other group, but rather, the needs of those that I love, as well as my own health. I do resent the implication that those like me have pushed down Blacks, or have put restrictions on their successes. My family tree has no millionaires, no politicians, no industrialists, and no slave owners. My opinions are varied and sometimes harsh against certain behaviors, but I do not think all Blacks are thus and so. The rush to judge people like me from the Black Community is unfair. I have helped people all my life. I sometimes believe that the mindset of Blacks is myopic and too focused on what is fair and unfair in this life. No one that I know, regardless of color, has had a life where all is smooth and without struggle.

  12. CarolParks says:

    First, wouldn’t it be great to just judge people as an individual, instead of as a group? That’s what I hate the most. People are individuals, & should be judged as such.
    I think the part you may not understand, is American Society , treats Black people different. And when you are singled out, unfairly it builds up resentment, & anger. Black people are followed when they shop. They are stopped by the police for nothing, even when wearing a suit, & tie. They have to worry if they have a son, that a cop may do something to harass him unfairly. There was a documentary done years ago. It showed a white man, being turned into a Black man, thru cosmetics, & such, & then living like that for a month. It was very revealing & shocking too, how different he was treated. He came out of this documentary with a totally different respective.
    White people mainly do not understand, that from the moment you leave your house, you are under suspicion.
    You sound like a very nice person, but as the old saying goes…..walk a mile in my shoes….

  13. reedharp says:

    Thanks for the offer, but my own shoes are uncomfortable enough.

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