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May 27, 2014

Argument Over Clothes Leads to Teen Fatally Shooting Brother, Then Himself

Argument Over Clothes Leads to Teen Fatally Shooting Brother, Then Himself

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Teenage siblings routinely argue over clothes, but rarely do those arguments lead to a murder suicide. Friends and relatives of two Miami teens, however, say when one brother tried to wear the other brother’s clothes, the result was fatal.

Steven Odeus, 14, fatally shot his brother Stanley Blanc, 16, then committed suicide. The community came together on Monday to mourn the brothers who passed away late Sunday evening.

“It started off as a small petty argument over clothes that escalated into a fight,”  Marc Blanc, the victims’ 18 year old brother told CBS Miami.

“Stanley wanted to wear Steven’s clothes, Steven didn’t want him to,” said friend Kedner Louis.

The brawl erupted at the home of the teen brothers in the New Haven Gardens public housing community. Family members were able to pull them apart initially, but tensions flared up again once the teens were outside.

“Right before my eyes my brother just shot my other brother,” says Blanc, who lost both his brothers in the shooting. “I heard my second brother die because he shot himself.”

Witnesses are struggling to understand why Odeus shot his brother then ran to a parking lot and took his own life. All they could do was gather and pray at the vigil held on Monday.

“In my mind, I think he didn’t really mean to” said Blanc. “That’s blood, nobody wants to kill their own brother. At the same time I got mixed feelings about a lot of stuff right now.”

Blanc also has a message for others.

“I’ve been crying a lot,” said Blanc. “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I want people to know, love your kids, love one another, don’t sweat the small stuff.”


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2 thoughts on “Argument Over Clothes Leads to Teen Fatally Shooting Brother, Then Himself

  1. ROBERT@atx says:

    OTHER than the most obvious thing of keeping guns out of the hands of our children we have to also know that they have been enveloped in a culture of death and the most effective way to fight this is the hardest for any of us to do and that is stop watching TV and the movies as well as quit listening to the music because it;s designed to do exactly this!

  2. BradyBibbs says:

    grew up watching gunsmoke, the untouchable and many  others never thought about violence to that level.  had parents who instill the value of life and respect for others.

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