Two Moms Leave Kids Alone, One Gets Probation, the Other Gets Charged With a Felony

by admin | April 16, 2014 4:40 pm

This stark comparison making the rounds from Dave “Davey D.” Cook’s Facebook page [1] needs airing out: two mothers

A tale of two mothers…. The one with red hair on the left, decided to get high and drove for 12 miles with her baby on the roof of her car..By the time she realized her baby wasn’t in the car, it was too late.. The baby fell off and was found still in his car seat, fortunately unharmed…She was just sentenced and got probation..[2]


Meanwhile in the woman on the right was homeless and trying to get her life on better footing. She had a job interview and could not get anyone to watch her kids, so she left them in the car, with window open and went inside to do her job interview.. This mom was arrested and charged w/ a felony, her kids were taken away.. Both women live in Arizona..[3]

The above contrast is important because it shows that the American justice system isn’t just weighted toward the white and wealthy. Even the white and trailer park get away with only a slap on the wrist, while African-Americans receive the harshest sentence possible.  The underlying belief seems to be that white lives are worth redemption, so giving a white defendant a second chance is almost instinctive, whereas black defendants are guilty until proven innocent. There is no good will or any assumption of innocence where black defendants are concerned.

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